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While Glenn was out on vacation, Van Jones returned to promote his new “Rebuild the Dream” book and comment on the Trayvon Martin killing. Of course, he instantly took the same position as many radical groups and organizations – which was to assume guilty until proven innocent. The only difference? He did it in his nice, new, “I love you, you love me” package. After all, this is the same guy who the New York Times called a “dream boat” a week ago. And while he didn’t make the overt calls to violence that Farrakhan and the New Black Panthers have done, he also did little to call for an end to the violent rhetoric and assumptions while police sort things out and determine facts during an increasingly scrutinized case. Instead, he said police won’t arrest George Zimmerman because Florida has a “Kill at Will” law. Is that going to be the new line from the radical left on this tragedy?

Glenn will be discussing Van Jones in depth tonight on GBTV – don’t miss it!