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On GBTV, Glenn introduced viewers to “The American Dream Labs”, the centerpiece of which is “The Oval”, a full scale replica of The Oval Office. Beginning Wednesday night, Glenn will begin to deliver the speeches that The President should be giving to the American people. And while no speeches were made Monday night, he did begin to restore some history when he placed a replica of the bust of Winston Churchill back in the office. President Obama had returned the bust to England even though it had been given as a gift, an action that Glenn saw as a slap in the face to one of our closest allies.

But why restore history? Glenn explained that his earliest memory of The Oval Office was watching President Nixon resign from office and his dad saying it was a mistake. It was a mistake not because Nixon was innocent, but because Glenn’s father said he was the only criminal in the White House who got caught and that he should stay there and finish his job. Glenn didn’t agree completely and believes that good men have held the office of the Presidency, but he did say that what happened in that office – good and bad – needed to be remembered, not erased or distorted. Nor should history and allies be discarded, like President Obama discarded the bust of Churchill.

The first speech from “The Oval” will be Wednesday on GBTV. Video of Glenn’s introduction to “The Oval” is below: