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  • Anonymous

    Why are you wasting time with this?  Anyone who follows Farrakhan (a) isn’t going to change their mind (b) aren’t worth mentioning (c) are clinically insane.  You are feeding the fire by constantly putting them out in public.  They crave the spotlight and they need it to thrive, don’t give them satisfaction.

    • Mr L

      ZZt…you are right about farrakhans followers, but facts and information give decent situational assessment, know thy hazards, have a compass, stay informed etc. Farrakhan is an extremist and thrusts racial dangers and challenges into decent communities like injecting viruses  under the skin. I would never turn my back on creeping destruction. Certainly to let it grow without disclosure is raising Rosemaries baby. 

      • Anonymous

        I agree that he is ruining communities, but if you listen to him you know instantly how he believes. You don’t have to dig very deep with him or his followers. We have to offer a reasonable alternative, and back it up with facts. We aren’t winning the debate by exposing someone who has long been exposed as a violent racist. It just seems repetitive and pointless to me. If you follow Farrakhans ideology, chances are you thought that way for a long time. One of his followers would watch that video and think he was fantastic. Don’t give him exposure, that is what he wants, he thrives on negative publicity and convincing angry blacks that they only bash him because they hate blacks. Just ignore him, most people don’t agree with his filth, and the ones who do did long before Louis Farrakhan came along, he just said what they already believed a tad bit more articulately.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Nicholas/100000223943437 Frank Nicholas

          ztrain- What reasonable alternative would those fools listen to? They are by nature unreasonable and hard of heart, the Bible speaks of such ones in the time of the end. These are folks Satan has won over to his mind set; you will NEVER convince them they are wrong.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not questioning that the people who follow him now are that way.  I tried to make that very clear, maybe I didn’t do it as well as I thought.  But, we have to make sure that sane people don’t start buying into that garbage.  We aren’t going to do that simply by bashing Farrakhan.  Like I said, his followers probably think the stuff he said in that video is fantastic, so it is doing nothing but preaching to the choir.  Show how that attitude has been harmful to America and elsewhere rather than bash it.  Granted it deserves to be bashed, but that isn’t necessarily the most effective method.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carolyn-Lee/100002577537520 Carolyn Lee

    Muslim leader speaking in Huntsville, Alabama at A & M University (a predomately black college) promoting things he ought not to our young influencial students….check it out Glenn…..I live about 20 miles from their and it breaks my heart that it has come down to hatred and violence between races and religion.

    • http://www.facebook.com/khalidhayes Khalid Fields-Hayes

      First and foremost, if A&M has a done as it should and given these students an quality education they are qualified to sit before any man or woman and listen to ideas and with their intelligence analyze what is being said in order cast it away if it has no value or utilize if it has value. Much of what Min. Farrakhan said had value. He didn’t preach hate, he didn’t encourage hatred or condone any form of hatred. As he said that night, “this is my first time in Huntsville. If there’s racism and injustice here, you can’t say Farrakhan did it!” He spoke of self love, self pride, independence, black on black crime, healthy eating and living, employment, agriculture, and religion.

      Here are some of the things he said.

      “As a tree without roots is dead, a people without a tie to their history and their culture is dead…”

      “How are you so clear on loving others while you neglect to teach your people to love themselves….black on black crime, rape and robbery are on the increase….”

      “You’re walking around as if you want men to be attracted to your beauty instead of the intelligence of your mind…”

      “You’re he because your ancestors paid a heavy price. You must not betray your ancestors by playing away your time….”

      “There is no church, mosque, or synagogue that is more valuable than the human being…the hypocrisy in religion must end….”

      “We should be thinking about what we are eating….Grandma didn’t have no Mickey D’s, she KNEW how to COOK!….you’re dying of all these diseases because someone else is cooking for you!”

      Yes, he did make mention of Jews, he spoke on what Jews are taught in the Talmud in terms of land ownership and economic development and how we, as Blacks, should adopt the same mind frame.

      When Min. Farrakhan speaks of “the enemy” he isn’t implying white people. “The Enemy” is the powers that be in this country. The powers that sent countless young Americans to fight in an unjust war, the powers that allowed so many Americans to lose their dreams and homes, the powers that flood inner city communities with drugs, the powers that sterilized poor Southern whites and blacks in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s without their consent. I could go on and on but I think you get my point. 

      Farrakhan is far from a hater, he’s almost 80 years old and has given his life for the advancement of his people. You and others may not understand his love and that’s fine. It may not be meant for you to understand it. But I would like for you to gain your own opinion of the Minister by LISTENING to an ENTIRE speech. Don’t judge him based on sound bites.

      • Anonymous

        Hitler often bearded his hate with religion too. Didn’t make it any less hateful though. Islam is notorious for dressing their hatred up in religious pomp and calling it righteous. However it is still Islam and it’s still hatred and it’s still based on the premise of racial superiority which is clearly evident from years of commentary by Farakhan as well.

        How are most American Muslims converting to Islam? ~ Via the prison system. Funny thing is though the Nation of Islam is viewed and treated more as a gang than a religion within the prison system. This is certainly not because they are loving their neighbors.

        Keeping in mind that 80% or so of the residents of Detroit are Black, explain this: http://www.debbieschlussel.com/4353/exclusive-why-is-he-there-nation-of-islam-founders-son-flanks-kwame-kilpatrick-sentencing/

        Why does the NOI support a criminal that made a career of perpetrating crimes against his own people? If Farakhan and the NOI are all about love and lollipops, and not a criminal organization, wouldn’t the Black folks of Detroit be better served by the minister supporting them rather than the criminal who took advantage of their trust and used them for his own gain?

        I’m sure the people of Libya appreciate Lewey’s alliance with Qaddafi too. They killed Qaddafi themselves and literally ripped him a new one in doing so but I’m sure the good people of Africa who lived under Qaddafi’s brutal rule would probably agree that Farrakhan is a loving man of god!  Give us a break! This line is so tired at this point it’s disgraceful.

  • http://PalinsDirtyLittleSecret.blogspot.com/ FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof

    Want the truth on the entire administration and what the media is censored from reporting on? Learn the real deal regarding Obama and pals leaked at the link in my name.

    • Anonymous

       ive seen you before.. your link is ‘palins dirty little secret;; you dont fool anyone.

      • http://PalinsDirtyLittleSecret.blogspot.com/ FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof

        I’m not trying “to fool” anyone. You’re just trying to down play the truth leaking out.

  • General Kota

    Anyone who preaches hate for any race is not of God but Satan. Racist on both sides need to be drag out into the light and shown for who they are and what they are truly about.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michele.pfaff Michele Pfaff

    This man is a monster.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nelson-Stanley/100001260502194 Nelson Stanley

    Funny thing is ,he is always saying the white devil this ,the white devil that.Yet when the blacks in Africa were cutting off the arms of children and killing women and children, this pig remained mute. He remains mute about black on black crime . He really is insane and those who listen to him are feeble minded and weak and probably can’t read or they would have figured out who this fool is !! He is of the Devil and needs a pork oil bath !!

    • http://zapit.nu/226 JULIANNAROY

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      • http://twitter.com/DRJPace Red

         Then She Is employed. I guess you just post this drivel for free.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephan.bruno Stephan JackofClubz Bruno

    Now I hope Glenn reports on the system that made this man and others like him. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Nicholas/100000223943437 Frank Nicholas

      A weak perspective Bruno; if a man of conviction and inner strength is confronted by obstacles, he rises above it or goes round it, he doesn’t use it as an excuse for poor performance, disinterest or apathy. The sooner blacks quit blaming others and work within themselves the happier they will be. Whites already know there are inequities in life, we just move on and get it done. We don’t revel in our turmoil. Christian values improve men under stress, Farakhans message adds more grief, disillusionment and a sure fire way to end up dead. No “system” makes the man; the man makes the man, in spite of the system.

  • Anonymous

    Mate, you’ve got to send them all back to Africa. THEN we will all know the truth !!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5PK2VXU2SCOTVABMMRQVF7HT3Q denis d

    I think that when dealing with racial hatred why not just blow the door open about everything? Why is it that left wingers and even these alleged “great minds” like Professor LaMont Hill are not teaching the under privlaged that organizations like the KKK was infact created and put together by the Democratic party? Was it not Abe Lincoln who abolished salvery being the first Republican President? Was it not the Democratic party who supported and helped Margaret Sanger push and build her ideology of eugenics that not only helped “great” leaders like “Hitler” follow her doctrine and lets not forget Ms. Sangers “The Negro Project” of 1939. Why does it not register with liberals that when the US Government creates programs that give you something, they are followed by those little details that most lawyers warn people to read, you know “the fine print” and in turn creates legal slavery? I know that this word is very strong but when you look at what the liberals are doin that is exactly what is being created in the US. The more the liberals can get the American People to depend upon them, the more controle they have in the lives of people. IT would not shock me if we didnt see Obama try to slip by some new government handout with the condition that you turn in all your firearms to qualify for benefits.
    I have posted time and time again about Al Sharpton being on of the liberals great mouthpieces of racial hatred and to be honest it gets me heated to know any media network even gives this guy a voice and that includes Fox. The excuse of being fair and balanced is nothing more than propaganda when they invite a racist pig like Sharpton to give his words or hate. Look at this Trayvon issue. I have not hear the mention or heard President Obama denounce or send Eric Holder a memo to open an investigation upon the 13yo little boy who got chased onto his front porch, doused in gasoline, lit on fire and told by the 2 black boys “thats what you deserve white boy”. Where is NBC and their outcry against racial hate crimes? Where is the all the hate crime big mouths concerning this disgusting inncodent? Where is Al Sharpton talking about holding the police and family responcable for the actions of these 2 black shildren for setting a little boy on fire because he was white?  You know, my wife and I are going on 12 wonderful years of marriage and I look forward to as many more as the Lord will bless us with to be with one another. Our marriage is looked upon by people like AL Sharpton, Lamont Hill, the Black Panthers, etc….. as disgusting. Our 2 boys are the very same race our president is, Mullato. It’s a shame that I have to teach my sons that it’s not right to pick a race and claim it over the other because of what society says. I have to teach my sons that yes, our president lied when he allowed the media to call him the first Black president of the United Stated because to be honest, thats a slap in the face to all mixed race children in America. The way our president and the media is going you would think that very soon families are going to have to pick one side or the other based on the color of their skin. It’s beyond disgusting and heartbreaking. I served this country knowing darn well if I was called to lay my life down for the very freedoms I enjoy, I would have. This was the United States Marine Corps back during the immoral Bill Clinton years. I look at society today and honestly, I cannot even recognize this country as standing for the very things I was willing to die for at one time. These past 3 years have been 3 year to long. THis country has fallen apart and is going down the poll like I have never imagined. My only answer to justify all this is that God has allowed this to come to pass all in order that Biblical Prophecy will be fulfilled. While I am not a dooms dayer, it’s obvious to me and I would think to anyone who read Gods Word that when Christ said that the hearts of many will wax cold and that men will become haters of truth and lovers of themselves….. My Lord people, we had the Black Panthers on American TV put a 1 million dollar bounty on Zimmermann for his “capture” and being “delivered”. You have Mike Tyson who said in an interview taht George Zimmerman should have been tied to the bumper of a truch and dragged followed by his change of thought to a bullet in the head being better. Imagine for one second would you had this been a case of a white man being shot by a black man and then the KKK setting a 1 million dollar bounty upon the mans head? Yet here we are, President Obama silent as a mouse, no more claimes of who’s innocent child would be his, no denouncing what the 13yo little boy went through because of his skin color.  This people is not about my own person feeling, it’s not me posting it in the hopes to create more anger and add to the disgusting crimes commited by our president, media and has been sports figures and racist pig organizations, this is about asking yourself how much more are we as people, not American people but human beings, Gods creation, how much more are we going to put up with…….. Glenn, I hope you present what you have and it reaches the ears of those causing the problems in this society. God knows the very ones who cry racial injustice or hate crimes in many cases are the very one who create the situations that lead to it.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/6Y5IA6GLYPZUXBA6QV2FALC5XQ Denise

      this is the first time i heard about the story involving a white boy doused in gasoline. where can i find it? and, i agree. where is Holder in all of this anger and threat of violence surrounding the martin/zimmerman case? the silence is deafening! imagine if the panthers, who have a bounty out for zimmerman, and have said, in their own words:”we need to kill some cracker babies…an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” or, what if instead of black panther members armed with nightsticks at a polling place in the last election, it had been members of the kkk instead? a lot of the fault is also found with the Mainstream media who have enabled this type of behavior and failed to do their job because of the political ideology that they adhere to!! and the black leaders show no concern whatsoever by the hate coming from these groups…maybe it’s because, to some degree. they agree with it!!

      • Anonymous

        If your interested in the story of the young boy that was set on fire go to KMBC channel 9 in Kansas City . This story was swepted under the rug quickly it doesn’t fit the agenda !
        GOD bless

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonathan-Heath/100000848811132 Jonathan Heath


    • Anonymous

       Well, of course, they are absent when anyone but a black person is hurt.  Where were they when the I.C.E. agent was murdered, or people murdered here on the border by Mexican drug cartels?  I guess us “white folks” don’t count.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pamela-Liner/100003715632569 Pamela Liner

    Farrakhan is a moslem who is recruiting the black youth into his FRUIT OF ISLAM military..look it up and if you think they are not well organized then you have never seen his empire..Farrakhan is spreading his hate for the blue eyed devils everywhere with angry black moslem converts…there will be a race war on US soil if he has his way..look up their economic plan, they want the land for theme=selves with no whites allowed..it is on the http://www.noi.org website but they changed it to where you have to join to see that part of their scheme these days…it used to be in public :) WONDER WHY THEY CHANGED IT HUMMM lol

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/COUB2THRGG3ZFI67EQ6AX7R7UM Susan

    I am SO SICK of the “black” people saying “white” people are the evil and the devil.  I know the Bible and no where in it have I read the statement this man made about white people.  He needs to shut up or show the proof.  God created all men equal and yes, I know about slavery which I am truly appalled at but we live in a different century where equal rights apply to everyone.  There should be no threat of intimidation of the part of any race when applying for a job etc.  Get back to the basics of the Bible.  Love one another as Christ has loved you and stop bullying your way to get what you want.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5DIHRGFTVJ5PPXKS4EXXOMPYQY KeithR

    I think you guys are losing POWER.  Yeah, maybe?  Power concedes nothing unless a demand is put on it.  And we laying down DEMANDS today.  There’s a time and a season for everything under the sun, and guess what time it is now.  Y’all be good now, hear! 

  • http://twitter.com/tceeone Tony Curtis

    one word no one EVER ascribes to Farrakhan is LIAR !!!!!!!!!!

  • Roxi P.

    I don’t always agree with you but this time you’re right.  Farrakhan is not a man, he’s an antichrist.  His only goal is to turn people away from God.  He is the most dangerous antichrist we’ve faced yet.  The reason why he hates Israel so much is because they watch him and they know exactly who he is and what his goals are.  Nobody seems to question this man at all.  Like why is he able to travel to every terrorist country on earth uninhibited?  The NOI is a terrorist organization financed by extortion, drug dealing, gun running, intimidation, and God knows what else.  Sharpton is his willing subject.  You have to understand that Satan was the first Archangel.  So he knows more about us than we know about ourselves.  He understands that the black race, during slavery, although we our bodies were in bondage we never lost our souls, our minds, or spirits or our humanity.  THE LEGACY OF THE SLAVEMASTER STOLE EVERYTHING FROM THE WHITE RACE!  He knows we didn’t lose what makes us human so him and his sidekick have been trying to devolve us for years.  When he says that white people are devils with no souls do not that this literally.  He’s talking about what the legacy of the slavemaster did to the white race but you would have to have research what slavery did to the white race and care to know that.  When he says that the white race was created by a black scientist named jacub to destroy the black race he’s talking about himself and the fact that he brought on the conditions that led to slavery but not to destroy the black man but to destroy the white man!   Satan new that slavery would not destroy the black man but the burden of being taught that one is a superior being would destroy the white man because humans are not meant nor can be handle being supreme beings.  If you are superior than humanity is impossible!  Human feelings distorted or stifled, sense of self destroyed.  The demon is speaking in riddles because he is hoping no one would care about what the legacy of slavery did to the white man.  Well I did and I researched it. 

    Every, and I mean every ounce of energy went into keeping people in bondage.  White people did not have normal lives.  White woman could not even bond with their children.  Wives had to reconcile their religions beliefs about adultery with the fact that their husbands raped slave woman (and yes, they knew it was rape).  Slave owners and their families lived in constant fear and paranoia of slave revolts.  Slaves were not docile.  Black people fought it all the way.  Slavery distorted any feelings of kindness or caring a white person may have had toward someone he should consider property.  Slavery even made the white race hate their own poor people.  Slavery never really allowed the white race to feel what it really means to be human and he believes no one will figure this out.  White people were also slaves in the thirteen colonies.  They were called “indentured servants” but it was slavery and lasted around seven years.  White slaves died by the thousands.  Satan knows that he has to reduce the black race to victims or else someone might just figure this whole thing out.  I know how the satan works and all I needed was God to know there had to be two sides to this story. 

    MY WHITE BROTHERS AND SISTERS!  IT IS THE BLACK RACE WHO SHOULD HOLD YOU TIGHT AND SAY IT’S ALRIGHT.  YOU COULDN’T VOICE YOUR SUFFERING FOR FEAR OF BEING CALLED RACIST.  I AM FREE BUT YOUR BONDAGE REMAINS.  YOU WERE BORN for PERFECT IN THE EYES OF GOD AND SATAN DESTROYED THAT HUMANITY AND THAT CAUSED YOU TO DESTROY OTHERS.  My mother taught me to always be ambassador for my race.  She taught me that in talking to white people I couldn’t always make snap judgments about what came out their mouths.  Was it racist?  Were they repeating what they were taught or heard?  Did any black people ever hurt them?  I’ve meant white people who were wrought with guilt, white people who simply became blacker than me, White people who seemed to be robotically repeated something drummed into them.  I have at times been the first black person a white person has met after being taught that all blacks were bad.  More than once they told me they were taught wrong!  I witnessed the embarrassment and pain of white friends who wanted to take me to one of their special places only to be greeted by a racist saying “we don’t allow that here”.  I had one man almost choke a hotel manager who said that to me.  They couldn’t understand how I could comfort them when I was the one insulted.  But a white racist doesn’t insult me, ignorance never does but it tears you apart.  I was on the train one day in new york and a dirty, smelling, drunken white man said that black people where the color of shit.  I saw the pain and embarrassment on the white people’s faces on the train and I told that man “At least I’m not a dirty, ignorant, drunken racist”  you could never insult me but you did insult every decent white person on this train!  Everyone clapped! 

    White people always had to act “as if”.  White skin was never beautiful to you.  It was a weight around your whole spirit.  Even the pride was twisted to something racist.  I have grown up around white people since I was 12.  My experience with white racism is not even a blip on my radar.  I’ve been in small towns and met some of the most beautiful people and had the best time and been the only black in town!  Vanilla soul takes bravery and courage because even today it’s still not alright for white to dance to a different drummer.  I’ve met white people who’s parents threw them out of the house for listening to black music or having a black friend or not believing all blacks were bad even thought they themselves had never met any.  This is not hate!  It’s just that the term “pride” was twisted through out centuries to be contingent on how much you could hate and oppress others.  So use vanilla soul if that’s easier.  People say that they only show the bad side of others on tv.  This is not hate either.  You can’t show your humanity because you have to relearn how.  You have never been given the chance by anyone to just exhale and be just human warts and all, and its ok.  It is only by understanding what you suffered, that I understand what the antichrist is trying to do to my people.  If black people don’t acknowledge suffered far worse then they did then the antichrist will do the same to them that he did to you.

    Satan has no power to truly take your soul or humanity away from you.  Its there you just have to embrace it.  I always thought that Jacub story was strange.  But God showed me the way little by little and now other blacks need to under too!  Black are now under the influence of the antichrist and have been for some time.  I suddenly feel so badly about how black people blame you for everything.  Blacks also give me a hard time about my skin color.  I have had a hard time with blacks on jobs accusing me of being given certain opportunities because I was “light and bright”, but having the audacity to go to work and actually do my job well and take pride in it instead of sliding by, for daring to go to work on Martin Luther King day when blacks were giving the day off and whites weren’t.  They said I didn’t honor “our” leader.  I told them I did.  By rebelling against a divisive policy that MLK would have hated.  Truth is, MLK was not killed because too many blacks were listening to him he was killed because to many whites were.

    I have see white supervisors hire black people I never, ever would have hired simply because they were afraid of being called racist.  I’ve had to fire blacks because supervisors were afraid of lawsuits.  This is how incompetent blacks end up in offices.  I let my supervisors have it!  Hiring incompetent blacks because you’re afraid of a lawsuit takes jobs away from competent blacks.  Offices run by white racist are just as chaotic.  White racists always seem to hire the most incompetent whites they can find.  I’ve been called “oreo cookie”, “traitor”, “light, bright trying to be white”, brainwashed, etc.  Why, because I didn’t vote for Obama, think OJ simpson was guilty as sin,and God forbid, I’m a republican!  I didn’t name my child Donricka. I am of mixed race so I chose to call myself and American instead of an “African-American”, because I’m articulate, because I take responsibility for my actions, I don’t hate whites, I don’t walk around with a chip on my shoulder, and if I think you act like a nigger, your not my sister, because I have fired blacks that couldn’t do there job properly, all kinds of things.  You know what, fuck ’em.  White guilt almost got Reginald Denny killed.  How do you pull a man out of a semi?  I’d have gun that engine and they would have been picking up bodies from their to the end of south central!

    One last thing.  M13 on the our southern border is NOT a street gang!  It started in the 1980’s and although in the media every one is shouting about immigrant rights.  The mexicans coming in is just a smokescreen.  The real immigrants are al quada terrorists.  Imagine that, a paramilitary mercenary organization disquised as a street gang.  Only someone as diabolical as Farrakhan would come up with that one.  Coincidently, in the 1980’s Libya, headquarters of al quada gave Farrakhan a five million dollar interest free loan.  This country could be in big trouble.  White guilt, fear of being called racist, and blacks just wanting a black face in the white house we ended up with God knows who or what. 

    By understanding and forgiving the sins of your ancestor I save my own soul.  Other black people must know and believe this as well.  Blacks and others need to know that decent hard working people don’t riot.  Rioters are bought and paid for by the nation of islam.  Sharpton sends hired thugs to destroy his own people. 

    1.  White people and black people need to fight do away with hate crime laws.  All violent crime is hate crime.



  • Mark N Starla Traina

    NAAWP is concerned about the SAFETY of REVEREND AL SHARPTON and WISH him and his FAMILY all the BEST during this CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SEASON!


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