The Oval episode 1: “The Imperial City”

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My fellow Americans, today we are going to try something new.

I am going to sit here and say what we all know is true… but which everyone is afraid to say.

I am going to talk about what made this country is great… but why it is risking its greatness.

This is what our leaders should be doing. This is what our leaders are paid to do. This is why we give them advisers… and airplanes to travel the world… and beautiful offices, just like this one.

But they don’t do it. They won’t do it.

So I will.

Let’s start with a simple observation. Before World War II, before the New Deal, here is what Washington D.C. looked like. It was a backwater. A swampy, sleepy city where nothing much happened.

And that was by design. The founding fathers wanted Washington D.C. to be a city of inaction. Of limited power.

Today, it is the imperial city.

The Washington D.C. metropolitan area is the wealthiest area of the country. And yet it boasts only one industry – the government. Only one major employer – the government. And only one product – more government.

Today, we see Washington’s growth has cost us. While Washington blossoms, America is hollowed out. Its once great industries and industrial cities have emptied out. Block after block. Abandoned.

But in Washington, there is no recession. Home prices continue to rise. Unemployment continues to fall. This is a city on the move. And it is on the move in the only direction it knows: Up.

There is no such thing as a recession in government. When times are good, it gets bigger. When times are bad, it gets even bigger.

The leaders in the imperial city now call for more taxes, more tribute and more government. They are willing to strangle the last remaining signs of life and prosperity in the great heartland.

There is only one way out of this mess.

And it is this: We must stop looking to Washington D.C. for solutions to the problems we face at home and in our communities.

We must end our dependency on Washington D.C. We must look at Washington as the source of our problems… not the solution to them. When Washington comes to us selling their one product, which is more government, we will just say: No thanks. We’re not interested… and we’re not buying.

Simply doing that one thing will make a lot of things easier.

It will be easy to close federal departments and agencies. Empty them out.

It will be easy to fire federal workers, and see them apply their skills in the private sector. Things will work out for them.

It will be easy to go back to the work of rebuilding our communities without the distraction and red tape created by every new law and regulation that comes out of Washington D.C. We will simply do the work that needed to be done.

That’s where America’s renewal will begin. I wish we could take the time to unwind Washington steadily and slowly, but I am afraid we are running out of time. We have to simply cut the cord, and let Washington go.

I know that will hurt home values in metropolitan Washington, but that’s how these things go when you live in a one company town.

And if Washington can’t understand that, there are plenty of Americans who know what that’s like. And if Washington is willing to listen, America is ready to share what it knows about resilience.

We will talk more about that next week.

Thanks for watching.

  • Anonymous

    wonderful, so glad to see this being done.

  • Speaker Nightlight


  • Allen Thompson

    It would be nice to actually hear these words from the real Oval Office.  Semper Fi.

  • Anonymous

    Well said Glenn!!! MAY GOD KEEP THE REPUBLIC!!!

  • Don Bahn

    so sad but true, the end of the swamp started when air-conditioning was invented.

  • Robert Bowers

    Great Job Glenn. 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Good point Glenn – DC now resembles the old courts of Imperial City in China; where the emperor and his court remained out of touch with the nation around them as it crumbled many times in history. So it is with DC, as we have allowed it to become; the time is here and now for us to rebuild the nation from the community level on up, so we can save the nation once again.

    We will make America our own again, restore and refound her across the board; it will take time and God’s guidance and blessings to make it happen, and it will not be easy for the next generation or two to tackel and tame the debt and many of the out of control areas of the government completely.

    Yet the choice is at hand, eternal serfdom and darkness; or deal with the pain for a time and restore the country with the promise of greatness and hope plus freedom growing with each day.

  • Suzie Quee

    Thank God for you Glenn….I only hope that you will inspire a nation.

  • Carolyn

    Glenn, the comments are great, I am just not liking the set.  It rubs me wrong and trivializes the office of the president.

    • Allen Thompson

      Did you ever see West (left) Wing?  I only watched part of it once.

      • Carolyn

        Just because West Wing did it, doesnt make it right either. It just rubs me wrong. Glenn never does anything that rubs me wrong except this. Just my opinion

    • Anonymous

      I don’t agree Carolyn I think it may give it back some of its diginity.  The show the West Wing I believe trivialized the office. Someone has to step up.

      • Carolyn

        The only way to give dignity back to the White House, is to have a president who defends the Republic and the Constitution.  As I said, it is only my opinion and I always love what Glenn says

    • Cathy R. Hunnicutt

       It only makes what he is saying a lot more personal and I think American’s need this right now.

  • Connie Bevan

    Thanks, Glenn Beck. You hit the nail on the head!  Now Washington DC is the Imperial City! 

    And, let me add.  The Divider-in-Chief has crowned himself King, just like Napoleon.

  • Gert Kaiser

    Great job Glenn ! No one could have done it better !  Keep up the good work ! There are many of us supporting what you are doing ! God continue to bless you !

  • JimW

    Thank you Glenn

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Beck, this is what should be coming from our representatives in DC. What a shame a businessman who has been worried about our country since 2005 or before has to step up to the plate to do what those who work for us should be doing and saying. I hope you feel the same and shared this. I have shared it.

  • Adrianne Georgia

    May God keep the REPUBLIC.

  • Anonymous

    The speech was perfect, although it is with great humility that I make a suggestion. I don’t think you should add the music for emotion. Mr. Beck you are so good at making the correct point to the public without this added touch that your critics will use as a weapon against you. But then again, I am no expert, and its just my opinion. I personally feel you could give this speech on a street corner and still have the powerful message conveyed. Thank you Glenn, and like you said at the end- MAY GOD KEEP THE REPUBLIC!

    • Anonymous

       I totally agree with dropping the music.  Excellent speech.  Cut the tunes.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. Great text, Distaracting music.

      • Brendan Moellmann

        i think the music added itself positively  to the speech. good use of rack focus and expert hand held camera work. true the music was a bit much, but GB was only trying to appeal to his audience emotions, as well as their logic, and ethic. its just all round good speech making.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Yes, the music or other background noise must go! Because of the music, I did not hear what Glenn was saying. I heard him talking but could not understand what he was saying.

      Some of us have hearing problems that expensive hearing aids do not help. If people talk very fast like a machine gun, it is difficult to sort out the words.

    • Anonymous

       Ha- that was what I wanted to say… The music was distracting. One of my husband’s first comments was that the “cheesy music should have been left out.”

  • AnnMarie

    I love you,and,thank you…

  • Ronnie Fisher

    Washington looks a lot like Moscow!

  • Ronnie Fisher

    And yes great job Mr. Beck you Sick Twisted Freak! But Vegasdad’s right lose the theatrical sound track. And you have a Goodnight!

  • Anonymous

    Amen Glenn, and May God keep the Republic! 

  • Anonymous

    well done glenn…please lose the piano music..makes it hard to hear what you are saying…thanks!

  • Cathy R. Hunnicutt

    This is what America has needed for a long time. Instead of change and destruction. We
    have needed someone who is not afraid and will share their convictions. You made me feel proud
    that thank God someone in the media speaks without an agenda. Well done indeed. This brought back memories of when our country did have pride and compassion. Don’t let up.
    We love and pray for you and your family.

  • scottfree

    If this ia true, then why do you support a big bank supported and big government candidate like Romney. The big banks are hedging their bets by supporting both Obama and Romney so they win either way. You know this but I am starting to wonder about your motives these days and not supporting the only small government conservative candidate remaining, Ron Paul. He is the only one that can beat Obama and bring real change and liberty back to the republic of the United States of America before it is gone forever! I will no longer vote for what seems to be the lessor of 2 evils and will vote for no one but the true Conservative, Ron Paul!

    • Anonymous

      I to wish for a better canidate, but alas, Romney is the best we’ve got. Ron Paul has killed himself with too much isolationism. As Americans we must stand with Isreal and have a someone Sane Forign Policy.  I believe all of our troops need to be at home on our own borders, but we can never let someone for President in that Blames us for 911 or the mid-east problems.

  • Eugene Surratt

    Very well said Mr. Beck,


  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn Beck for you are our inspiration to be great once again. May God Bless and protect you on your very important mission.

  • Anonymous

    glenn beck’s warped description of history is laughable.
    City planners for D.C., from the very beginning, worked diligently to create a National Capital that was inviting and inspiring for its citizens and foreign friends while maintaining an aura of intimidation and strength to potential enemies.
    I, unlike glenn beck, am proud of D.C.  Its monuments, museums, memorials and other federal buildings are beautiful and strong.
    glenn beck should be ashamed for trying to use old movie technology to stage and belittle the lives of great Americans who, unlike glenn beck, made many sacrifices to help our nation.

    • General Kota

      Disprove it.

    • SoThere

      You never made any “sacrifices to help our nation”, you’re a Phony Soldier and a liar.

      You’re a liar and an idiot.

      • Anonymous

        I see another Liberal name caller without any facts.. Maybe you could learn what you missed in your altered History classes. But I understand that might require the intelligence to maintain a health debate on the Facts.

        • SoThere

          Please post your comments to the correct person David. Not to me.

    • Anonymous

      You love DC, maybe you also love the DC unions blocking Walmart from opening the 6 stores they planned to Bring 1800 real Jobs, not governent slaves to your glorious 9.9% uneployment sesspool of a town.

    • Anonymous

      I dont believe Ive ever seen a more warped, frustrated, ignorant human being. Why do continue to come on here and spread your BS? Nobody is buying. Try MSNBC. There are a lot of lazy fools on there. You guys could sit around and spew negative thought all night. It would be great!

  • General Kota

    Glenn 2012! That was a good speech Glenn.

  • RoyceG

    Glenn, nice speech, but it isn’t what I thought it would be. I think a President would be coming to the American people today in much the same way Churchill came before the British people during WWII rallying the troops to carry on in the face of overwhelming odds. We are, after all, at war with progressivism.  The President usually outlines the problems we face in a susinct manner and offers solutions to move us in a direction to ultimately solve  or overcome said problems. I know it is arrogant to presume to be Presidential and act Presidentially, but at this point in our nations history and at this time when the very Republic is in danger of falling like it hasn’t been in 150 years, it is time to risk being arrogant and restore the nature of the office to the Presidency. Continue to pray on it. God bless you.

  • Melva Flicker

    good speech, thank you for your time and for caring,and for sharing yourself with the rest of us

  • rob myers

    I’m thirteen years old and i hate what obama and the federal government is doing to this country every day of the week and how the media applauses it. Thank you Glenn Beck for what you are doing and I know that with God and the will of Americans all around the country we can come back to what our founders had planned for this great country. MAY GOD KEEP THE REPUBLIC !

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Rob! You give me hope. It is your generation that will keep the republic. Although I fear you will have to rebuild it after it is lost. God Bless You!

      • Caitlin Nicholas

        I’m 16 and GB…..I could not thank him enough for everything he’s taught me!


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    • FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof

      The biggest fraud is being perpetuated on the American people now who still think they elected a leader when all we have is a puppet taking orders after the coup and cover up.

    • Anonymous


      I don’t know many 13 year olds who are worried about where this country is heading as you are, it is my hope that we may still save our Republic I just hope we are not too late and hand off a disaster to your generation.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Caitlin. Keep the faith. Stay positive. You can change the world! 

  • Chris Hagan

    Loved it!

  • Chris Hagan

    Loved it!

  • Kelly Edmunds

    Just wasn’t right – I wanted a more presidential speech; I agree, mostly, with what was said but it looked and felt wrong.  I think “the oval” could work.  I didn’t like the speech (although I liked the message).  Maybe it was the distracting camera moves and angles, or the music, BUT I think it was the frame of the speech that was off.  I’ll share next time if it’s better – Love ya Glenn, you do so much for us with your time and treasure.

  • Anonymous

    GLENN BECK is my savior, I thank God for GLENN

  • Brenda Jones

    OK, I watched the video after reading everything, including comments.  I say, since too many have weighed in on such a mundane thing, keep the music. The musical score chosen is good (or did ya’ll just manufacture it that way?).  I see no distraction from the message by having the background music. I think it gives a compliment to the delivery of the message. Since you, Glenn Beck are stationary, behind a desk, and looking only forward, even though there are profile shots of you speaking at different times, AND as excellent as the message is, since you are stationary behind the desk, the background music gives “movement” within the delivery of the message.  I hope other viewers will understand that. No music would be like the teacher who does nothing but sit behind his/her desk lecturing lecturing to the class and expecting the students to pay attention and learn something/get what he/she is saying. Hmmm, NO! “Boring” is the label given to such a teacher.  Great job here. Don’t change to no music.

  • Enoch Rowden

    I agree with what Glenn Beck had to say, and the way he said it. It was a first run through but, along with the other comments, I personally think it would have carried more power if the background music was lower and it had less “artsy” camera shots. All in all. Spot on

  • Lana Oikle Shannon

    Good job, Glenn. God save the Republic…OUR Republic!!! :)

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    no, i’m not bying it, simply i’m not byingit.

  • NickDeringer

    Hmmmmmm….why was this different from Glenn’s monologues?

    Glenn, if you want to get the message to people beyond the GBTV audience he should rent some billboards on major highways with a short message and a link to GBTV.

    Just a thought.

  • Dorothy Denison

    My husband and I just watched the first episode of The Oval.  The music was very distracting.  Now that I can read the words here without the distracting music I sincerely appreciate what you had to say.  Please get rid of the music next time.  I don’t think they play music when the presidents speak from the Oval Office. 

  • M

    What we SHOULD be hearing from the Oval Office. Not a stuttering lying pencil-neck yammered on how evil America and the rich are.

  • Ron Pope

    Thanks Glenn, this is going to turn our country around. I only had to read the first few posts to see. The youth are listening and that is where you said you wanted to go with GBTV. You are no rodeo clown my friend, you have given a lot of people, myself included, “real hope” for the future. May God Bless and Keep You and Yours.

  • Marcel Mabson

    Sorry we have tired letting goverment begin out of the way, look at the industrial revolution, no regulations no EPA, free market worked. But how many people became sick because of polluation, how many died becasue of work conditions, how many people were paided almost nothing for a days work. Letting goverment go will not slove our problems, nor will letting the free market be free, why?. Because they will use the worker and he/she will never beable to be obtain money. You people can say all you want about “help yourself, depend on yourself”, but look at the US where people say “if you work hard, go to school” that you will make it. If thats the case explain 2008, explain 2010, explain 2012. All I say is that the middle class are what should run the country, the people that work 8hrs or more a day, that send there kids to college who try to save for just a few years of peace, not those with all the power and money.

  • Norma Jennings

    Amen and Amen….
    God bless America and her people…

  • Anonymous

    And to think you could have supported Ron Paul Glenn but you listened to those two Neo-Cons that sit next to you everyday on your radio show. Some how you are silly enough to believe you can have an Imperial Empire overseas and a Democratic free Republic in the Homeland. Well You Can’t. You some how foolishly believe you can undermine liberty on the one hand (The Drug War) but that you can keep it on the other (Your Checking account/taxes).

    You can’t

  • Mary

    May I make a statement?  Please run for President Of the United States.  You can clean house and get business at hand “taken care of” for the people, and with the people.

  • Eugene Surratt

    Mr. Beck,

    Since you have built the empty office I would ask that you speak a thing I would like to hear from my President (Instead of what he said ) about the Buffet Rule.

    To whit.

    When lately has our Congress had the time for such nonsense? They have been giving prefrential treatment to each other for years now. They take baths together even. Deals are made in cloak rooms and showers. Deals are made in halls and shadowed corners. Yet no deals come about upon the Floor of the Senate.
    Perhaps the very 1% might get through to these theives. But the 5% are denied access in the same amount as are we all.
    People such as Mr. Buffet can now buy the name of a bit of Legislation as though it were a building to be decorated with the visage of a vain Lord.
    I thank my House of Representatives that they have stood up to this outrage.
    Shame upon the Senate that you can not lay aside the avarice and behave as a Senator of the People of America should.
    We elect you to be patriots not theives.

  • Anonymous

    Until Glenn stops smearing old enemies (ones that don’t deserve it), I really don’t give a CRAP if he plays “pretend” president, and builds a fancy OVAL OFFICE copy to impress his fans (?) or what he says (he says stuff to sell stuff), I WILL NOT support his efforts to take money from older folks who believe in and trust this PHONY!.
    He has ignored advice from his fans and his staff, I assure you, he just can’t let the SHOCK JOCK ANTICS go, and he wonders why he has to worry no one is buying his Schitck anymore.
    He wants respect, but at the same time he shows he is regressing back to that same old drunk A$$hole he was when he bottomed out as a DIRT BAG.
    Should be DBtv, get it?
    I questioned his “worth” as a man, when I saw the ticket prices last year in Comedy show in San Antonio to meet him for over $500 (meet and greet).
    I bought two tickets (audience) for $190 for me and my daughter for the “ELEGANT ELIMINATIONS TOUR”.
    All the “funny” stuff was about his “CRAPPY SHOW and his eating habits!!!???
    I knew GBTV venture had one good shot with a good fan base to start, and he decides to offend about 30% of them the first 6 months, and the BS of A is stinko !
    HIs 5pm show has gotten better (taking advice I see from fans I see!!!), and has some of the old TV shows feel to it, but is in desperation, he has offended so many fans, and STILL DOES???
    Next time he HAS to go see a Doctor, and he will, GOD IS watching, make it a SHRINK !!!

  • Brandon

    I know all of this n have heard it over n over again. How do we make a major impact when they seem to continually ignore us? Now it is down to Obama or Romney. … I know I will never vote for Obama but is Romney gonna listen to us and be a real conservative. 

  • BarbaraS

    Excellent job as always Glenn!  You are such a gift to all of America! May God always protect you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    So glenn thinks he is the president now? how full of himself can someone be? the oval office? wow. you can make believe you are there, but will never be.

    • Huss Family

      No, he doesn’t think he is the President.  He has no desire to be the President.  But I guess the point he is trying to make is way over your head.  I have never seen someone more full of himself and more empty of any substance than the current pretender in chief who occupies that office.

  • MANAGOD Prostream Beatz


  • Anonymous

    First off, I beleive that a reduction in the size of the Federal bureaucracy is a general idea that should be part of  each administration. every federal agency should be forced to annually reassess  stafing with an eye to reduction, just like those of us in the businsess world have to do.

     But simplistic speeches, completely abject of any detail, accompanied by music, do not  move me. Sound Presidential enough for you? Hmmn; sounds like the Obama campaign ( different spin obviously); the Santorum campaign; just about any presidential campaign I can think of, except for detail guys like Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich who actually think about these things.

    GB’s simplicity is laughable however.

    “It will be easy to go back to the work of rebuilding our communities without the distraction and red tape created by every new law and regulation that comes out of Washington D.C. We will simply do the work that needed to be done That’s where America’s renewal will begin. I wish we could take the time to unwind Washington steadily and slowly, but I am afraid we are running out of time. We have to simply cut the cord, and let Washington go.”

    Really–where is the capital investment coming form Glenn? What red tape is preventing individuals and corporations from investing in America? The old trope about EPA and OSHA is so far off the mark. Sure it is cheaper to manufacture in China where until very recently, “pollute at will” is the law of the land and factory deaths are common. But about two generations ago, our country, through its elected representatives decided that clean air, water and land were values of our society. You want to turn that back? We also decided that drugs should be evaluated prior to market so that we at least knew the percentages of people who would be affected by deleterious side effects. You want to drop the FDA while you are at it? Where is the groundswell for this movement?

    Histrionics is what Beck is best at. It is very easy to blame the Progressive movement and the New Deal for everything. I beleive that was the platform of the certifiable lunatic Lyndon LaRouche who used to pay for an hour of TV each presidential election cycle.

    To suggest that Washington disappear is living in fantasy land.

    • Huss Family

      ???”What red tape is preventing individuals and corporations from investing in America”?  How about the highest corporate tax rate in the world?  How about regulations that cost American businesses over a trillion dollars to comply with?  How about Obamacare that even the CBO estimates will cost tens of thousands of jobs? Talked to many small business owners lately about how they’ve had to reconsider new hires due to impending Obamacare costs?  How about economic uncertainty due to current administration tax and economic policies that has caused jobs and capital to flee this country like never in recent history?  What about EPA regulations that cause mineral and resource development projects to wait 10 years to permit?  When they can do the same project in South America in 1 year?  You seem to buy into the “Republicans want dirty water and air”  and the “planet is melting” crap.  Get a clue.  NOONE is advocating trashing the planet.  I’m a Republican, and I’ve not met any other Republicans who don’t value clean air and water.  Talk to REAL scientists, not the IPCC. Rather than swallowing the MSM swill on creative political statistics, read some History and Economics.  If the Democrats are so out to save the planet, why do they encourage resource development and drilling in other countries (drill, Brazil, drill), just NIMBY??  Is this not the same planet?  We can have standards and accountability WITHOUT piling on more and more government agencies – you really think the FDA is looking out for YOU?  They are looking out for Big Pharma.  Know how many deaths happened last year due to FDA approved prescription drugs??   You really believe the EPA and the global environmental policy bludgeon is about saving the planet?  Know how many million African babies have died due to the environmental agenda?  Yes, the Progressive movement is ALL about control, control, control.  It hides behind lots of warm fuzzy slogans – which are nothing but smoke and mirrors and lies.  There’s a hell  of a groundswell of us out here who see through the corruption and the obfuscation and the political thuggery and are standing for sanity and liberty now.  Histrionics is an apt description for the irrational,  divisive, emotional manipulation I see everyday on the MSM and coming from Progressive politicians who depend on ginning up visceral hate, fear and anger to keep their agenda moving forward.  Reason cannot support it.  History and experience do not support it.   Keep trusting in Big Brother.  Swallow your mind numbing medicine, there’s a good boy. 

      • Anonymous

        My general reply is that GB is spinning a fantasy populist (popular within his community) idea that sounds great in theory to the converted but is completely devoid of reality. I beleive the Federal bureaucracy needs to be drastically reduced. (I am sure we could all come up with a few programs to cut form the Depart. of Ag. and Depart. of Education for example). I just do not believe that it will ever come close to elimination.

        More specifically in response to your comment:

        1. I daily get to deal with OHSA and EPA regs and their state equivalents in my business. Trade and Industry groups as stakeholders usually have had a positive impact on both the state and federal level of effectuating change or modification of regulations during the draft phase to make them more reasonable before theyare finalized. EPA regs and more importantly state initiated programs ultimately resulted in realized opportunity costs for reuse, reduce and recycle. I have seen first hand the downside of companies that ignore or skirt safe workplace requirements. Avoiding tragic losses of employees or their limbs is a cost all of us can afford.

        2. I have read several of the IPCC reports. The IPCC is a highly politicized organ that has violated scientific principles. and accordingly, cannot be taken seriously. There are legitimate scientists who have legitimate evidence on their side that man has contributed to minor climatic trends; I beleive the true argument is how much? There are a few legitimate scientists (independent of the coal, oil  and electrical utility industries) who question the impact of fossil fuels. I beleive the debate and its ramifications are not settled. Any of the CNN, MSNBC, Fox News talking heads, GB, Rush Limbaugh, National Review, The Atlantic Monthly, NYT, WashPO  are not qualified to render an opinion on the science and have political bias; so I discount what all of them have to say.

        3. As an adherent to conservative values, conservation and intelligent management of our natural resources has always made complete sense to me and note proudly that many Republicans historically have played a role in environmental conservation. That GB brandishes the early ones like Teddy Roosevelt as some sort of traitor, I think is misguided. I  also believe that the foolishness displayed by Ronald Reagan in his first three years in attempting to eviscerate the EPA and Michelle Bachman’s and  others calls to eliminate the EPA are irresponsible.

        4. On a local level, permit delays are usually the result of well organized opposition; it is incumbent upon the proponents of the permit to overcome that opposition through good advance planning and aggressive prosecution of the permit application. On Federal lands, the NEPA process has always been a long road. It is a statute that in my opinion needs to be revised. The impact of NEPA on the average citizen, however is minimal.

        5. I believe that the FDA looks out for the consumer and is indeed heavily influenced by big pharma, no doubt. The need for the agency however is obvious. I agree with you that the delays in bringing a drug to market has to be reduced and this should be a priority for every admininstration irrespective of party affiliation.

        6. I believe and have so stated here before that the Democratic Party is intellectually bankrupt. I think its future is in doubt. Its environmental lobby or wing contains a wide range of opinions; the Democrats would do well to ignore the extreme ones.

        I am sure we could have a spirited and more detailed debate should time permit some time. Cheers!

  • Angelica Linabary

    I am 16 and I love to listen to you on the radio. You are not afraid to say what is really going on in our nation and you are very open. I am thankful that they are still people out there that are not afraid to speak out for our nation. Thanks GB

    • FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof

       It’s amazing how much of the news is now orchestrated after the coup and cover up. Too bad the media is censored from reporting the truth about the last election. Sarah Palin was planted as McCain’s running mate with no intention of winning. Now unelected officials are making all the decisions.

    • Huss Family

      I am thankful that there are young people like you out there Angelica who care, and who “get it”.  Keep learning – keep speaking out – you are our hope for the future.  I highly recommend Hillsdale College’s free online course on the Constitution!  Learn…and then teach…

  • Anonymous

    I hope producers are reading. I offer loving advice. NO MUSIC and far fewer camera angle changes please!

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of BS. 

  • Anonymous

    President Glenn . . . sounds good to me.

  • Kevin Brown

    Agree.  Lose the Music. You don’t need it Mr. Beck. Never have,… or should I say Mr. Flapjack.  Quack quack.

    • Anonymous

      What does that mean? Are you making fun?

  • Bobbie Reynolds

    Keep up the good work Glenn and i pray that people will wake up.Thanks for your program.LOVE IT!!


  • Knight of Hope

    AMEN! Bravo!! God bless you, Glenn! I wept when I watched this. May God save these United States!!

  • Wayne Menger

    God bless you Glenn Beck!  I couldn’t have said it better.  May your “Truth Soapbox” awaken a sleeping Nation.

  • Anonymous

    The time has come for change we must change the attitude of the elected, in no uncertian terms they must come to know the will of the people, that “they” are not our “leaders” but only our “representives” until they understand where the power comes from there will be little change for they have become tainted by the power they have.

  • Anonymous

    Keep the camera head on, no music, move the flags into the frame and speak into the camera for the Presidential effect next time. We back your idea 1000%. Make the case from the “Oval”.
    Powerful idea and imagery.

  • David

    Glenn Beck for President!

  • Anonymous

    democrats/democraps are now and always been the dsa democrat socialist of america!
    democrats are of Venesuala! We Are A Republic By The Public, We The People!yeah ur rite,
    barack-hussein-osama oopsobama is just a puppet to the adviCzars of anti-American Marxists!

  • Anonymous

    it is our own fault that it came to be what it is now,way to many people take everything ,like our freedom and liberty’s for granded,not spending a second thought on what it took to have it,heck not even worried about to keep or defend it,way to many people “think” it always will be there,but it is only there because of all those brave men and woman in our armed forces that protects it for us.

    Its time to look back and once again learn from our founding father……
    THEY gave us a REPUBLIC,now it is on US ALL to KEEP IT

  • Randolph Michael Rodgers Jr

    Glen, i am 24 years old. I appreciate all you do for our country. I only hope that we haven’t lost the battle. I will keep praying like i do every day that God Restores Our Country to what our founding fathers wanted it to be.
    God bless you Glen, God bless this message, and God Bless America!!!PS: I do agree, drop the music. This topic is so important, but the likely hood of the liberal media actually responding in a positive way is probably not going to happen. They will most likely criticize this to death because of the photos and the music and the fact that you are in an duplicate oval office and completely miss the content of the message.

  • Les White

    This is worth taking the time to watch!

    Les White
    Co-Founder of Greater Phoenix Tea Party

  • Les White

    Please take the few minutes to watch this video!  It’s well worth the time invested!!

    Les White
    Co-Founder of Greater Phoenix Tea Party

  • Anonymous

    This administration is gonna be trippin’ over this caricature turned indelible heartfelt formulation.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck — You are the man!  Thank you for speaking the truth.  We need to reset ourselves to a more limited government, one that works for us again.     

  • Sharon

    Oval Office? Delusions of grandeur? What happened to the original humble Glen? 

  • Anonymous

    To the guy who challenged here about “what strangling regulations?” – how about the recent empiracal edict that public pools and hot tubs must have a handicap-accessable lift. Reporters staying at hotels are reporting that owners say their pools are closed due to not being able to afford the $30,000 or more cost to comply. I read directly from one owner that they have to close down their pool and hotub, though they’ve never had anyone complain or request to have access. Great, now children across America are denied the simple joy of swimming in a pool while on a trip. You and I know this isn’t what handicapped people want – the purpose is to cripple private business, which is a goal of socialist centrist crazies. Insane and evil.

  • Jerry Harrison

    very true

  • Anonymous

    my classmate’s step-mother brought in $16201 a month ago. she is making income on the laptop and moved in a $519000 home. All she did was get fortunate and use the advice given on this web page 


  • Anonymous

    Mitt Romney and Allen West 2012!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Mr Model President

    I doubt any of these ideas are news to you. But, for your eyes only, this email address also sent a post to The Blaze Oval article, and 3 related items to Markdown Partners

    Thanks for truth from Oval. Need more of same. I’ll be running round in ovals till next we hear from you

    Cut umbilical cord is fitting. DC current efforts to abort Constitution threaten all–world’s future on edge of chair watching you each week

    When time right for your answers–peaceful steps we can take–world must listen, as it did to Dr King, Gandhi, our Founders

    Plus your oval broadcasts during election season will get the other oval on the edge of ITS chair

    My career choices-actually as toolmaker for my Mentor-led to an interest in tangible tools aimed toward truth in:

    Thoughtful, harmonious, effective plans, productivity
    Unity-genius-intuition-wisdom developed from differing and opposing views
    Supporting self-change into exceptional for individuals and teams

    My Mentor was a genius in all that–this email is quick list reflecting his views on key elements in such snips. Including:

    Self-governance, problem-solving, planning, thinking, communicating
    Life management skills for all, begun at as early an age as parents recognize

    This holds for individuals and teams such as spousal-family-workplace-community-school:

    Self-discipline as individual or team
    Decision-making using values as criteria
    Develop-improve-apply intuition as individual-team
    Sing Founders’ song

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