North Korea missile launch fails; Hotel of Doom still stands

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North Korea caused international outrage when they fired off a test missile, but they also caused themselves embarrassment when the missile failed less than 1 minute into launch. In denial, the North Korean government still decided to hold missile parades to celebrate. Glenn reacts & talks about North Korea’s failed monument to communism — the Hotel of Doom.

“North Korea had a rocket launch that kind of failed spectacularly. Kind of makes me happy on that one. Just a little bit,” Glenn said upon hearing about the missile launch.

BBC reports that “The official reason for the launch had been to put a satellite into orbit in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the state’s founder, Kim Il-sung. North Korea fired the Unha-3 rocket around 07:40 local time (22:40 GMT Thursday) from a site in Cholsan County on the western coast, according to South Korean and US monitors. It disintegrated after a minute or two, falling into waters 165km (105 miles) west of the South Korean capital, Seoul, the monitors said.”

The launch has universally been called a failure.

But don’t worry, the UN is getting involved, going so far as to criticize North Korea for the launch and call it a violation. Pretty harsh, right?

In an effort to pretend this never happened, the communist country unveiled huge statues of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-Il.

This, of course, brought to mind some other failed examples of communist propaganda, such as the huge yet unfinished Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, also dubbed “The Hotel of Doom”.

Stu explained that when South Korea was hosting the Olympics, North Korea decided “we need to do something as a communist nation to show that communism is superior. So they decided to build the largest and tallest hotel in the world. It’s this gigantic triangle, and it’s made completely out of concrete. It’s exactly what you think that communists would build.”

Stu explained that they built the skeleton of it but ran out of money – which is exactly what happens in communism.

“They couldn’t tear it down. They actually scrub it out of official photos of the city,” Stu added.

“Imagine living in that kind of society where you’re starving, and they come in and they build this giant,” Glenn said.

“I watched a documentary recently about North Korea, and they interviewed the people, and they don’t see it like that. They are so indoctrinated from birth that Kim Jong Il was in power. The documentary was specifically talking about citizens that have these basic eye surgeries that need to be done on the cataracts, and instead they go blind. They go blind for thousands of citizens they have no doctors that can perform the surgery. And so charities from outside of North Korea are allowed in very rarely to go in there and do these simple surgeries that restore these people’s sight. What do they do once they get out of these surgery. They run up to the photo of the Kim Jong Il. They praise these paintings of Kim Jong Il,” Stu said.

You can watch the documentary Stu describes below:

Photo of the building before construction resumed:

There is now a glass facade on the outside, but the building is still not open.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    First – glad that the missile launch was such a spectacular failure; though there have been some reports in the non US press of other activities going on as well; a possible nuclear device to be tested as a new ‘tunnel complex’ similiar to the other test sights is being prepared.

    Second – as for the grand ‘Hotel of Doom’ being built, and the monuments Communists love to build – such as in Stalins time, Chinas ghost cities, and the massive Imperial City of DC where Obama is housing the ever expanding Fed government from, what else is new.

    When a country or leadership grows ever more corrupt, they use the time honored method of ‘bread and circus’ to distract and please; while building ever larger wonders to say to the people – look we are still a great nation.

    Third – in the case of the N Korean people who regain their sight weeping before a picture of the leader of their nation consider this much:

    How much is true feelings of a leader of a cult-of-personality?
    How much is sheer propaganda on part of their government?
    How many such people are forced at gunpoint to make such gestures?

    Look into history at the ‘Potemkin Village’ and see other examples of ruses from the past that show us “wonders’ to cover up the reality they do not want foreigners to see.

    Here at home we have Obama doing just the reverse; spinning the best of Ameica as the absolute worst and the worst and corruptest as the best that could happen under his radical and insame ideology.

    America has one major difference compared to other nations of the world; what makes this nation great is the PEOPLE!

    WE the PEOPLE will make her great again the instant we get the government off of our collective backs and out of our lives.

    • Glenn

      I agree , but if he loses the election, he won’t leave quietly, maybe he has plans not to leave at all. God help “we the People. I fear great evil is going on without our knowledge.

      • Anonymous

        Glenn you forgot to take you medication again because you are having those crazy delusions again. That “fear of great evil is going on without our knowledge” is just inskide your head.  Beck has te same crazy delusions you are having Glenn so you are in good company.
        Also, it seems your tin hat fell off your head too.

        • Dan Anderson

          “inskide your head”?…Wow you’re a Dumb JackAss!!

          • Irina Krasnyuk


    • Anonymous

      “the massive Imperial City of DC where Obama is housing the ever expanding Fed government from, what else is new.”
      Wasn’t this massive Imperial City of Washington D.C. there before President Obama took office?  I believe your Imperial City of Washington D.C. was there when George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. Bush, Ronald Reagan were presidents.
      Did you call Washington D.C. the imperial City when other presidents where in office or did you start that when you became addicted to the conspriacy clown Beck?
      I noticed your fulltime job is writing comments to crackpot Beck and that is sad you world is so narrow.
      I guess you don’t get out much and you don’t have a family, hobby or a pet.

      • Dan Anderson

         “Beck and that is sad (you) world is so narrow.”
        What A Dumb Jack Ass!

      • Anonymous

        What the matter? You sound mad, sticky chin. Did you not get your daily dose from Obamao’s blue-veined yogurt dispenser?

      • Lioness

        Actually to be accurate he spends equal time writing on other websites also, and I’m certain he writes on other sites that don’t use Disqus. But usually liberals don’t harp on facts too much, so I won’t overwhelm you with these details. Blogging is a hobby ( just a little detail). So if you can’t find a creative insult, blog on a lib site where creativity is usually stifled to the point of nausea.

      • Bill Harrison

         no actually it just now deserves to be called an “Imperial City”, because Obama likes to act like an emperor.  He tries to go around the congress if they disagree with him, he badmouths the Supreme Court for doing what has been in their power to do for over 200 years, and he pushes huge overreaching bills through Congress even though a huge percentage of the population was completely against.  I would rather be called a “crackpot” than be as blind of a sheep as you are.

  • General Kota

    A turd covered in glass is still a big turd. When are these people in OWS going to realize this don’t ever work.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Probably about the time Obama has them facing the wall and they hear as their last words “Ready…aim…fire…”

    • landofaahs

      Trying to change those people is like taking a turd down to the creek and trying to wash the crap off of it…As my Great-Uncle used to say.

      • General Kota

        I just might have changed someone’s mind earlier or she is a really good liar. See all their arguments go down the drain when the truth is known.

        • landofaahs

          It is what it is as the “Old Man” says. Or maybe they were just “Generally kotafused” LOL

  • Anonymous

    “Glenn reacts & talks about North Korea’s failed monument to communism — the Hotel of Doom.”  LOL.
    Beck would know about failed projects just look at Greedy Based TV.  And what about his failure when he was fired from FoxNews beause he drove away over 300 sponsors because of his crazy talk and nutty conspiracy especaill the one about the President being a racist and not like white people.
    I think Beck should go to North Korea because instead of him thinking he is a god the North Korean people will treat him like a god.  And Beck’s failures won’t be so noticeable in North Korea because they can erase errors from pictures.
    North Korea would be home sweet home for Beck.

    • Bryan Banfield


      Sounds like you need to get a hobby

    • Dan Anderson

      Hey Dem-a-Rat/ Jack Ass…Glenn Beck has expossed Fox News as being run by foreign investers.  As he was given a choice to keep his “2nd highest rated show in the nation” only IF he would bite his tongue “Not about Emperor Berry”  But in support The Jews.  Speaking of  “Foreign Investers” Kinda like the $600 mill. for Berry’s last campain, most of which came from the middle east and some cartoon characters such as “Mickey Mouse” as well as Dead people etc. much like the many votes he received to win the current presidency.

    • Anonymous

      So many are jealous…the only person not happy about the failed attempt resides in DC.    Sarah lives another day!    Who BTW, looks like she’s getting more and more involved with FOX.    Liberal troll, beware.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, sticky chin, you changed your User ID. What happen to strtlk? Moron.

  • landofaahs

    Failed launch and more saber rattling.  They must be running out of food again.

  • Anonymous

    This is not a problem; in time the US will send over technicians to refine their long range missile technology. Of course they’ll have to promise not to use it against us.

  • mdkrause

    I bet there is a few North Koreans tonight without their heads.  They would regard that missle as a treasonable act.  They would blame the scientists for the flawed rocket.

  • Pamela Dunn

    That’s NOT a “Hotel of Doom” , It’s really a giant rocket ship to transport the “Glorious Leader #2 ” and all his faithful minions up to Mars or is it Venus to establish a New ideal Communist world.

  • Anonymous

    Well, at least that strange looking bldg. does seem to have plenty of windows—are they that?

    On one of the Fox afternoon programs, it was suggested that So. Korea, Japan and Taiwan

    should get together to talk about putting up anti-missile shields.   Then, was distracted until I

    heard someone mention Japan and nuclear weapons in one breath.   This was said as a way to

    attract the attention of China and get them on board to handle/strong arm No. Korea.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say that, while obviously I’m happy the launch was a failure, as a human being I feel REALLY sorry for the N Korean scientists who flubbed the launch.  Can you imagine how they (and probably their families) are being punished by Dear Leader’s Son?  Can you imagine being a scientist with the misfortune to have been born in N Korea, instead of in our #1 country?  Those poor people!  We don’t realize how blessed we are…

  • Anonymous

    It is so sad that these people have to live under communism. I hope amd pray that someday they can experience real freedom. Look at China, North Korea, and Cuba, this is what America is turning into. We must fight to keep our freedom.

  • Derek

      What a pathetic excuse for a Nation North Korea is. The saddest part is… They don’t even have the context of other Nations to judge their own by.

     One this is certainly clear, they are not over getting driven out of South Korea by the Americans. One again, however, it is hard to hold that against the population of North Korea because they simply know nothing else.

      One of the saddest things to watch in that video (I watched it all) is the absolute lack of anything “Colorful and happy”… There is that typical Communist “Concrete and Dirt” they are forced to live in.

     The Korean people are a very intelligent and strong culture. Take a look at South Korea and what the United States brought them. They have some of the most advanced factories, shipyards, Electronics Industries and now two of the fastest growing automotive manufacturers in the world (Hyundai and Kia) If the North Koreans only knew how prosperous and how much better the living standards were just a few miles to the South East… It is hard to say if they would have the fortitude as a people to fight for their own freedom.

     One thing IS CERTAIN… you can bash the USA all you want… But they have NO gates, electric fences, guards, or Mines trying to keep American IN America… Nope, The US and S. Korean gaurds face OUT… towards the North side… while the North faces both to the South and the North… If you still believe America is the “Biggest Mistake” or in some way “The ones who are wronmg and lying to their people”… why is it there is no one building rafts, slithering under electri fences, of crossing 120 degree deserts with no water at the mercy of some “Coyoty” human smuggler … trying to leave the USA… Ive NEVER heard of that… Oh, Unless you are a coward and ran away fom the draft to Canada… But Cowards make no difference anyway… and their children and children’s children must live in eternal shame because of them.

  • Anonymous

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  • Harry G

    Wow! I just watched the 46 minutes of National Geographic. How amazing the amount of freedom we have compared to the people unfortunate enough to have been born through no fault of their own in that awful, evil place. Then I feel so grateful for America and then what comes to mind is all of these radical ‘victim’ groups that we have here who complain and demand this and that incessantly and what do they all have in common? They’re ungrateful. That is one thing they all have in common.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, all of the second and third world countries (those with tyrannical leaders and dictators, military, commies and otherwise) are the problem. The situation has been around since the beginning of time.  There is no reason to improve their situation as then the ones in control wouldn’t be needed.  If the US of A doesn’t do something this Nov., we will be in the same boat, under the control of a tyrannical dictator named BHO.  We the people can’t let that happen to the most successful country, ever.  US Navy Vet, 1966 -1969

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    are the pieces of the failed rocket being picked up so the suppliers of the parts can be identified? South Korea could put them on display.

  • Anonymous

    Good!  Glad it failed. 

    With that being said, we need to always keep an eye on North Korea.  Maybee in the future, we might not be so lucky and they could have a successful launch.  Therefore the world community would take them much more seriously.  It was an apparent act of “thumping their chest” at the world community.  With a new Kim in power they want to show the world that their Communistic country is stronger than ever, but, they are having a hard time doing it. 


    Mitt Romney and Allen West 2012!!! 

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