Glenn speaks to the NRA: “Yes I Will”

A chalkboard, history, unpasturized butter, and a shoe – there is only one man who could take all of these things, put them together in a speech, and get a standing ovation. That man is Glenn Beck.

Saturday night Glenn gave the keynote at the National Rifle Associations annual convention. He was introduced to the stage by the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre, who told the crowd that “he shoots straight and gun owners couldn’t have a better fan.”

Glenn kicked off the speech by clearing the air about who he is endorsing for President of the United States – his shoe.

“Anyone but Barack Obama, including my shoe,” Glenn said. “He’d do better than Barack Obama, I can make the case.”

Next, Glenn discussed how the tragic death of Trayvon Martin is being used to target our second Amendment rights. “This government will never let a crisis go to waste,” Glenn said, describing how this particular crisis is being used to vilify gun owners.

Glenn also touched on Al Sharpton for his public role the last few weeks in the Trayvon Martin case. George Zimmerman, the shooter, was charged Wednesday with second-degree murder in the Florida teen’s death.

“I saw him this week actually patting himself on the back,” Beck said of Sharpton. ” ‘I was the first to say he’s guilty and should go to jail.‘ When did that become something we’re proud of? When did that become something we wear as a badge of honor, to say ‘I was the first to try a man in the media? I was the first to say oh, that pesky Constitution. The right to a jury trial. I was the first to say guilty before innocent.‘ That’s crazy. The world is absolutely upside-down.”

Glenn compared what Sharpton and others on the left are doing now to what they did when the administration tried to hold the trial of some of the worst terrorist in New York City. “It was vital to show the world how great the our justice system is. …where are they now defending that great American justice system? Nowhere – let the world see the American justice system. It works,” Glenn told the crowd.

This transitioned into a discussion of the lack of truth in the mainstream media today. “The media is not telling you the truth. That’s why we started GBTV,” Glenn said pointing out the coverage the case in Florida is getting compared to noncontroversial stories where guns were used for self-defense. Glenn cited six stories where people were able to defend and save their own lives because of their right to bear arms:

A woman in Oklahoma who was being attacked by a man with a knife.

A college student in Philadelphia who robbers began firing shots at because he didn’t have any money.

A woman in Duluth, GA who was met by a man with a knife when she stepped out of her shower.

A woman in Albany, GA who was met by a man with a butcher knife and another with a gun when she walked into her office.

A double amputee who had his home invaded by a teen who fired two shots at him.

And finally, a 110lb Florida beauty queen, who was dragged upstairs to her bedroom by an intruder, where he was met by her fiancé, giving her just enough time to grab her pink 38.

The National Academy of Science recently published a review to find out which laws are really helping out when it comes to violent crime, suicide, and accidents. “Take a guess?,” Glenn asked the crowd. “Out of 253 journalists, 99 books, 43 government publications and 80 gun control schemes, the number of laws that actually help – zero. Nobody reports anywhere when someone saves a life or stops a crime, because they’re a responsible citizen with a gun. But, the chance of you getting hurt or killed by a gun in the hands of a responsible citizen – one in a million.”

Glenn told the crowd that the name they all need to know and learn about when it comes to regulations is Cass Sunstein, who Glenn describes as “the most dangerous man in America.”

“They’re not going to take your gun away from you. They’re just going to make it impossible for you to buy another one, impossible for you to own a bullet, buy a bullet, shoot it anywhere,” Glenn said, while giving the example of what it is like for someone to try and buy a gun in New York City.

Glenn continued to give other examples of out of control regulation. Everything from digging from arrow heads and selling sea otters to a woman who was raided by NOAA with assault rifles. NOAA …the weather people.

Glenn also told the audience about how our government spent a year undercover with the Amish. “What’s their crime? Unhomogenized, unpasteurized milk,” Glenn said, joking about how they were ever shipping it across state lines.

Glenn happened to have spoken in Lancaster, PA Friday night, and brought some unpasteurized butter back with him – yes, across state lines.

So, how did we get here? “We don’t know our own history,” Glenn said, while referencing the famous picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware.

The original was painted in Germany where it was destroyed in an airstrike in 1944. Glenn gave the history of the recreated piece of art that resides in America, featuring not just George Washington, but Madison holding the flag, a woman, a Scott, and an African American. It was recreated by a man from Berlin in 1850, just after the ‘Spring of Nations’, which took place on February 23, 1848. What caused this eerily familiar sounding revolution to breakout across Europe on the 23rd? Just two days prior, on February 21st, 1848, Karl Marx published the Communist Manifesto.

Glenn explained the history lesson to the crowd using his trademark tool – the chalkboard.

“How does it relate to this picture? And what does history?” Glenn asked the crowd. “What is it screaming to America? It was communism that led to the Spring of Nations that broke out all over Europe, and one man lived in America, who was a German, went back and said ‘No! that’s the wrong direction’.”

Glenn asked the crowd why would the painter include a woman, a farmer, an African American, all together in this one painting?

“Because, the average person, when linked together, can do anything,” Glenn said while being met with applause.

“America is never about the finished product,” he told the crowd, “it’s about the journey, the process; it’s about being what we are – each of us with different skills and different backgrounds, coming together and doing the right thing.”

“We are headed for another spring of nations – history is crying out everywhere – it is telling us – it aint that hard guys – the answer is not that hard.”

Glenn told the crowd about what George Washington did before fighting the Revolutionary War – he called for a National Day of Prayer and Fasting on May 17th. Glenn suggested that we do the same this May 17th.

“We beg God to protect this nation and His cause. Go home and tell your preachers and your rabbis,” Glenn told the cheering crowd while continuing to tell the story of the amazing Crossing of the Delaware.

“The solutions that we need are right in front of us,” Glenn transitioned. “We need to find a leader. We have Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney’s our guy. I haven’t been a Mitt Romney fan, but let me tell you something, I’ve done a lot of research. I’ve looked into his past. I’ve looked into all of his policies. I’ve looked into everything I can possibly find on Mitt Romney to see if there is something I can really get my arms around, and say ‘Yes, the American people need to know this.’ Here it is: Mitt Romney is my guy, because Mitt Romney is not a communist.”

Glenn emphasized to the crowd how important it is going to be for every one of them to vote in the next election, while citing that 10 to 30 percent of every conservative organization is not registered to vote. “Clean up your own house first,” Glenn said.

“We need God, we need education, the third thing we need is empowerment. We need entrepreneurship,” Glenn explained telling the crowd that we must not only create, but we must also elevate others.

Glenn wrapped things up by talking about what conservatives have to do if they really want small government – be charitable. “Who is going to take care of the poor? Who’s going to take care of those that are unemployed? Who will take care of the elderly? If you really want small government, let’s be a group of people that when the press asks, ‘Who is going to take care of the poor?’ We don’t say we will, we say we are. Our churches our neighborhoods are organized and taking care of the poor and those who cannot work.”

“Barack Obama‘s winning slogan was ‘Yes we can.’ That’s the dumbest damn slogan I’ve ever heard,” Glenn said. “Don’t tell me what you can do. Will you do it? Will you do it? ‘Yes we can.’ What a bunch of crap that is.”

Glenn wrote the words “Yes I will” on the chalkboard.

“Yes I will,” he said. “Are you going to vote? ‘Yeah I could do that.’ Are you going to vote? ‘Yes I will.’”

“Will you be a man or a woman of honor?” he asked. “‘Yes I will.’ Will you seek equal justice for all? ‘Yes I will.’”

“Seek the truth. Have the courage to stand.” Glenn concluded. “These are not the times that try mens souls, but they will be. The great news is, we’ll be ready.”

Many were live tweeting during the speech, here is what a few people had to say:

‏@RJBoisvert: @GBTV @glennbeck Inspiring speech at NRA by Glenn Beck! YES I WILL!

@HeadToToeHarlen: Will you stand or not? Great speaker! Thank you Glenn Beck for coming to our NRA convention! ALL IN!

@cbrown285: Glenn Beck “Mitt Romney is my guy because he is not a communist.” that is a low bar of expectations but it is better than Obama #NRA

@nlasmus: The @glennbeck speech at the #NRA Convention is so inspiring! We the ppl hold the key to restoring our nation! National Day of Prayer May 17!

@EJRWatkins: @glennbeck LOVED video of NRA speech. You’re 100% right. We ARE a covenant land and people!

Of course the usual haters were one the prowl, condemning Glenn for sharing stories of men and women protecting themselves from attackers using their 2nd Amendment rights (kind of proves his point about the left and the media, doesn’t it?).

@CSGV: .@glennbeck stories of “justified” homicides, celebrating the deaths, #NRA Celebrating 18 yr old mom and baby being alive – evil

@CSGV: @glennbeck has now been a headline speaker at #NRA Convention for six years in a row. #Extremism #ows #labor #WarOnWomen #immigration #p2


  • Phillip Waller

    You had to be there! Glenn was AWESOME!  (I really, also wanted to see Stu and the crew…, but…)  The chalkboard was a nice touch. The “shoe for President” expresses exactly how most  conservatives feel about this election. (my Shoe…over President Obama.)  Thanks Glenn. You put it on the line every time you speak in public. Your sincerity and passion are obvious. Best of all,…Glenns’ speech is not hate motivated, nor populist rhetoric, but a call to action of those that love freedom. Yes. I will.

    • Bryan Schlundt

      Telling us to vote for Mitt Romney is not a call to action. It’s a call to give in.

      • Joshua Boschke

        Romney isn’t a quasi-Marxist? I beg to differ Glenn. 

        Mitt Romney:

        -Was against the Bush Tax Cuts 

        -Doesn’t have a problem with central banking that debauches the currency (Romney clearly stated that he wasn’t interested in dealing with the FED).

        -Romney is the godfather of ObamaCare; he instituted an almost identical plan in his own state. Yes, we know it is constitutional, but it is a free-market healthcare solution? No it is not.

        -Who knows where the hell Romney stands on global warming. Romney has flip-flopped on that several times. His true belief on global warming is probably revealed by him consulting depopulation eugenicists:

        • Anonymous

          So you are voting for Obama?

        • Anonymous

           Hey genius. Romney consulted holdren’s input pertaining to cap and trade, he wasnt going to, nor ever will, partake in eugenics.

      • Lee Sullivan

         What?!?  You would choose Obama over Romney?  Where have you been for the last three years?  I’d vote for a banana over Obama!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Americans will get the nation back this Nov. Keep up the work Glenn.

  • Caitlin Nicholas

    Fantastic speech!

  • Anonymous

    Did you people know GB stole that bit (not exactly) from Mark Levin.
    ML uses an OJ can (not a shoe) but you get the picture.
    It is quite well known by ML fans because they have been hearing it for over a year.

    Does GB even care that he might have a fan or 2 who listens to both him and listens to ML?

    Same with IMPERIAL CITY (DC) for the oval office weekly address, Mark uses it as IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY for BHO and has been saying it for over a year.
    GB takes someone elses popular bits, changes it just a little, and then puts it out there to his fans as his own?

    There is other stuff, and uhhhh, I am not a troll or a Paul-bot, but I am a former GB fan who is sad to see him do these things…. especially to himself !

    I sometimes think he is proud of such stuff like this !?

    This is how he is going to save his career?

    This how he is going to promote “Yhe Truth Lives Here” GBTV ?

    Breitbart had him pegged well.

    THIS seems a little desperate to me.

    This will come back to bite GB, so don’t blame me, I know better.

    • Harry G

      Well, I’ve sometime come up with great ideas around the same time someone else come up with a similar idea, so it does happen.

      • Mike

         They do say “great minds think alike”

    • Rachael Miller-Lansdown

      Whoever is not against us is for us…seems as if Mr. Beck and ML are saying the same things, and educating the American citizens, that is what is most important. Often ML, will tell people to quote his book, share his book and have discussions. Beck is very entertaining, and has a way to capture the attention of people young and old. Some will never listen to ML, but many will tune in to Mr. Beck due to his delivery.

      Seriously…why point out what is negative and not just be thankful that a message is getting out the ears and hearts of people, regardless of where the credit goes. After all, there really is not any originality, unless of course you are God.

    • Anonymous

      Everybody says things that someone said before, or hhave an idea you have heard before, If you are anti Glen just say so, don’t sugar coat it

    • Anonymous

      When one loves ML, one also loves GB. See, that’s the difference between Conservatives and liberals. We are loyal people, unlike those on the left. We can be counted on and inter-changeable……what’s important to us is the truth, no matter which Conservative says it!

  • Anonymous

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  • Ling Ling

    I enjoyed the speech, and was very happy to be there.

  • Anonymous

    I adore Glenn and his TRUTH…His Truth is Our Truth…He is showing us America as she was, and what she has become…

  • Anonymous

    Makes a lot of sense with a little non-sense and wish I was there to have heard it. Would love to attend another NRA convention, but am financially unable to attend due to the fact that I am a victim of the Obama recession/depression and coming fiscal crisis when the world realizes the dollar is worthless due to the printing of money by the Federal Reserve.

  • Anonymous

    True inspiration…To win America back and show the world once again, that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is worth the effort.

  • Katie Anne Bergagnini

    Truly an amazing speach as awlways, Glenn!

  • Mark Morrison

    Glenn, I have always been a supporter of yours.  I respect what I believe you are trying to do.  That said, I have lost a lot of respect for you recently out of your lack of support for Ron Paul.  He stands up for so much that you advocate, and yet you are as guilty as the rest of the media in ignoring him.  While you may not agree with his foreign policy, the rest is almost lock stepped.  Your influence could truly help our nation in picking the best leader, and you should be putting your weight behind him.

    • nancy

      See my comment above .

    • Ref-n-Rhino

      Don’t you see that a vote for Ron Paul ultimately is a vote for Obama? Every vote cast for ANYONE but the Republican candidate is a vote for Obama. Why can’t you understand that? 

  • Bryan Schlundt

    So Glenn concludes an inspiring story of how a few people, working together can make a difference, by saying vote for Romney?!?!?! Doesn’t he realize there IS a rEVOLution going on? If Beck were truly a libertarian, he would fully support Ron Paul, who he has praised mightily in the past, and he wouldn’t sell out to the presumptive nominee who is “not a communist.” Wow, Beck. Way to negate your entire speech.

    • nancy

      If you want you vote to ‘ count ‘ ; do not be voting for R. Paul .  Paul has good points ; but is not electable .

    • Anonymous

       It’s mathematically impossible for Paul to win the nomination. Sticking your head in the sand and screaming it aint true it aint true vote paul, does not change reality. I support Paul. But it’s too late for his nomination.

  • Kirk Weisler

    Fantastic Speech… loved it!  Only disappointment was the Shoe thing.. in all of your research you could only find one good or great thing about Romney…that he’s not a communist?  You might need to dig a little bit deeper…because there is much more good and great to be found.  I love you Glenn and continue to pray for your success and for the help of a merciful God.
    thanks for all you do.

  • Jim Van Etten

    Great Speech but I don’t understand his support of Romney..

    • nancy

      So ‘ ; should he support the muslim ‘ ?

  • Jeanne

    Yes! we will!

  • Corran Horn

    Great speech Glenn.  I would rather vote for your shoe then what we have now but anyone is better than Obama.

  • silentbob

    what a load of mental midgets here and there

    • nancy

      I see you’re here , too .

      • Anonymous

        Again, Nancy.  Grow up.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, it’s incredibly tacky to say that Romney is about as qualified as your shoe.  That is, in essence, what you are saying about who (or what) you endorse.  I think you’re jealous of Romney.  If you’re not, then prove it.  You are dividing the Conservative movement because you think that all Conservatives should be your exact flavor of Conservative or they are unacceptable.  The Conservatives of the U.S. have various views under the umbrella of Conservatism.  It seems a bit myopic and immature to expect Romney to be exactly like you to be worthy of your support.  

    • Anonymous

       You’re the only one making outrageous accusations here.

      • Anonymous

        Goodbye, ieatvegetarians.  Glenn doesn’t value your zealous support as much as he should.

        • Anonymous

           Good bye. Have a wonderful evening

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you can get rid of the teleprompter, but it isn’t coming from your mind any more than those who used teleprompters if you’re reading notes.  You realize that by saying that snotty comment about teleprompters you just insulted those who spoke before and after you, don’t you? 

    • nancy

      ‘snooty-poops ‘ ; Did you really say something ?

      • Anonymous

        Nancy, grow up.

    • Anonymous

       He’s a comedian. Stop throwing a tempertantrum.

      • Anonymous

        A very influential comedian.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure your shoe if it were a demoncrat could get a “proper” birth cirtificate in Hawaii…..
    Vote in Nov. ?  YES I WILL!

  • Anonymous


    • Jonathan

      Media didn’t pick Romney. Of all GOP candidates they were the most negative towards Romney. Media wants Obama.

      • Anonymous

        Well then who did? Who picked Romney?

        • Anonymous

           Electorates and voters chose him, rufree. If media had the choice, Obama would be the only candidate period.

        • Laura Thompson

           The RNC Machine picked Romney. Do you really think Republicans in DC (the lifers) are any different than the Democrats?

          • Jonathan

            Ummm Republicans outside of DC also support Romney. You see that every state he has been going to has been getting support from local officials more so than any other candidate. 

            You need to understand that Romney is not like Obama. If you really want to support Romney and the conservative cause. You should vote for Romney and vote for other officials that support conservative economics. We need to get conservatives out there to vote. The liberal machine has more money and will be worst.

          • Anonymous

            No, they are not, I was being sarcastic.

  • Ronnie Rohrback

    Was there, and he was GREAT! He is supporting Romney because we all have to unite even if it isn’t our first choice, because this election is going to be sooo close. We have to stop Obama and his Czars, ot there won’t be any more elections. We have to take small steps forward, rather than lose everything! If you want to help Romney, vote TEA PARTY conservatives in every office you can.

  • BruceS

    Great Job, right on target.

  • Soulphoenix

    Good speech. Not Glenn’s best, but it had some powerful moments. And I loved learning about that painting – I’ve since been out doing some more research on it – great centerpiece to use for his topic.

    We have work to do, no doubt about it. And we WILL get it done.

  • Teresa Zundel

    I am so afraid WE are all doomed if BO gets elected again…. just doomed

    • Anonymous

      there is no way he will be reelected and here is why……point out his record,show the tapes of what he said and point out what is,dont fall for the bashing of his opponent’s and most importantly, get your own information and double / tribble check anything he says now,it most like is half the truth (or story), if at all

      • Carol Morgan

         the thing is, that if we let down our guard for even one minute, we lose our momentum, become complacent, and he will win!

      • Anonymous

        As pointed out on Fox today, B.O. has 3 scandals in his administration right

        now.  1) In Holder’s camp with the selling of guns in Mexico   2) In the GSA with

        all the frivolous spending of taxpayers money  3) The story coming out now of

        what’s going on in the Secret Service in Columbia—  (as yet, just allegations.)

        The folks who are paying attention will see this is not the way to run gov’t.

        Except those who voted for him last time, and want the gov’t to keep supplying

        them with goodies, could probably care less what gov’t is doing now.

        • Anonymous

          all people need to do is listen to what he says and how,all thats coming out of his mouth is blame for someone else (not himself) and some if you give me more time i “can” do this “can” do that etc,nothing with substance,no goals, no clear and simpe thats how it is and thats what we have to do,nothing ,just some bla bla

    • Carol Morgan

       so, we gotta pull together and NOT let it happen!

  • Douglas Brown

    My wife and I were there! He is GREAT!

  • Anonymous

    great speech Glenn,it is time for us to take the responsibillity and prove to our founding fathers that WE WILL KEEP this Republic,we owe it to our children, our grand children and most of all to ALL of our veterans that fought and died for this great Nation

  • Mark

    i just don’t know…

  • Anonymous

    The Norwegian mass murderer who gunned down over 70 people, mostly children, had his day in court today.  His claim?  Self-defense.  Must be an NRA member.  “What, you mean we don’t have Stand-Your-Ground laws in Norway?!” 

  • flirty jasmine

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    • Anonymous

       Get a job.

    • Carol Morgan

       so, like, spamming sucks! but you can make up for it by donating your new-found riches to get obama out or the white house…what about it???

  • Laura Thompson

    Positively AWESOME speech. If I wasn’t already a subscriber to I would immediately sign up so I could hear more of that!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sure miss seeing you at the blackboard, Glenn.  Have to get a visit to the NRA ”doings”, maybe.

    My brother’s a member—perhaps he’ll take me.   : )    P.S. Re: your speech—good show!

  • Anonymous

    @RUFREE, meyo, Rachael Miller-Landsdown, Harry G,
    I appreceate all 4 post to my my post yesterday.
    I assure you Mark Levin has very little in common with GB.
    Mark does his books, (he worked for Reagan), I think is a “constitutional lawyer”,
    has an expanding Radio Show, people steal his popular bits from to save their careers.
    In time there will be more books and info to come out on Glenn and his ways, and it will not be pretty.
    I won’t go into detail, but I was so entertained by GB’s style, actually encourged him to mock PROG people who deserved  KO on MSNBC. I never knew how far he would take this skill, and against anyone he wanted, right at “critical” times, on air, no less.
    GB created or exposed the “progressive” cancer narrative (now linked with Commies too?)  we are now so afraid of, and he wields it as a weapon against anyone he wants to take out. TR is rolling over in his grave knowing he created something now used to HARM people.
    I actually thank GB for learning this from him on FOX, and it has benefted the country as we HAVE woken up, Using it as a weapon to rev up his fan base, affect elections, destroy careers,  well, that is devious and DESTRUCTIVE to say the least.
    Once I broke the GB bubble, and started to see things more clearly watching and listening to others and all sides, I sort of came to another understanding of what he is doing to his fan base. Read all the posts on both of his sites, these people are just as delusional as the ones who supported OBAME in 08′.
    I am not in leage with MM or George Soros, I am kind of in between now. I do like Mark Levin and Rush, still watch FOX (they are getting weird with all the lefty hires).
    Last Monday ML tried to fall in line with the ABO MSM re-pube meme set out the by the Mitt machine, but tonight he is all over the Mitt for playing class warefare with O-BLAME-O.
    See, in my heart, from the begining. I felt Mitt or Ron Paul would be the pure disaster we could not nominate.
    I had NO idea what that message was to my heart. I felt, Mitt will almost gaurentee a loss to O, it is a gut feelling we all felt back in NOV when it was ANYBODY BUT MITT !!!!!.
    All this ra-ra stuff is part of the ruse, and people who really know Mitt are very concerned.
    I am not saying it is on purpose, I am saying to nominate the richest candidate, who plays to destroy his competition, is not what will beat O.
    Beck knows this, and I am not saying he fooled us either, but I do know he supported Romney in little ways at critical times. I would hate to think it is a Mormon thing. If it is, GB is will be done and toast. GB is already in the spiral that is sucking him down and he can’t get out.
    Those events he puts on (Restoring Honor was awesome), have been Glenn’ plan all along.
    His personality changed a lot, and at his fans request too, I WAS ONE OF THEM !!!!!
    I regret doing that now and inviting him to TEXAS.
    I am one man, but I spread what I know just a little, and it may take stealth book, Geoge Soros would love me because I am real, not a phony lefty. I don’t support lefty progs EITHER, I ASSURE YOU!
    NOW that I am out of the Beck Bubble, I see his adoring followers and I weep, because this will not turn out well for some of them. I am afraid for all those that GB is making sick, and I assure you, there are MANY ! But like with O-BLAME-O  taking us apart, GB speil is just added stress and worry of that kind of breaks the back of the camel.
    Even Glenn said not to follow charismatic “leaders”, and was steamed when people did not follow his ideas or started to “question him” some. Made him VERY UPSET !
    GB is already in a spiral going down, you can see it almost every day, BUT, his 5pm shows have goten better, after he went back to his old routine. I complained for 2 months in emails, and 3 weeks ago, someone got him to be himself again (1 hour, m-f), I don’t have GBTV anymore, access stopped last week, and I don’t want it, makes me sick and worried.
    I have too much info to post, and I would get feedback defending Beck from the bubble FROM BECK-BOTS. I wish him no harm, and I am not anti-BECK as RUFREE poster (I think) said.
    Actually I wanted him to succeed, make lots of money off his ideas, not suck hard earned money off of some older people (targets retired people with money). So he could help others with some of his great ideas he thrill his fans with.
    I was in the bubble AND drank the Kool-aid.His charitable stuff moves slow and he promoted with long windows of time, and rakes in money he uses for operations. Same tactics everytime, “we are losing money on this”, sign up in advance for premium packages”, Buy tickets and t-shirt or donate so the poor can go and cover the cost of the events. If he paid 3.5 milion deposit, I will eat my hat. He is a promoter and a carnival barker, Come right this way, step right up. Pretends to lose money, and rakes it on the back end, videos, t-shirts, picture books, etc.
    RESTORING LOVE, really, right after helped take out a “PRESIDENTAL” candidate.
    He is truly drunk with power, and building himself an OVAL OFFICE, and says to don’t think he is doing it for carzy reasons’ snd trust him ? Really people in the bubble, are we like OBAME supporters and believe anything?
    Remember when he was upset when Tea Party polls was supported NEWT?
    And he said the fix was in and the “establishment’ was picking NEWT?
    And then he called the TP racist?. Man, GB, that is going to sting for a long time.
    No wonder he has trouble sleeping.
    No wonder they threw him off the air in New York and many other radio stations..
    I really snapped to “IT” when he was charging $500 to “meet and greet” him in San Antonio.
    The show was POOP. Yes, the show was about his poop and his ENDLESS medical conditions he experiences. WAKE UP CALL FOR IDIOTS !!!!!
    I think he has a hard time sleeping, because there is a lot of people turning on him for being a fear merchant selling GUNS, EMER food supplies, GOLD, videos, and clothes with his ideas  and GB logos stiched on them.
    Yes on some my ideas too, but I was hoping it would support his dreams to do great things, not suck the life out of his fan base.
    He should have 50 millon followers now or more, but he has “margininalized” himself, and NOW that is starting to keep him awake at night.
    “Restoring Love” will be as big as his tickets sales. That drives his GB products sales, and his GBTV memberships. I have a felling it may not do well or get canceled due to some “event”.
    Maybe even ANOTHER medical contravercy? I am more worried about people protesting like Sharpton or OCCU-PooPoo.nuts.
    HIs speech at NRA, was exclusive to be posted on GBTV and the Blaze. onle speech of all them like that. Got to make your hay on your brand image.
    It was live on Right Scoop (conservtive site) and most of the people posting there were not so much GB fans anymore.They had escaped the bubble, or never were, because he was just taking down too many people for his carreer to move forward.
    HIs fans posting there were STUNNED when people rejected their praise of GB and his brutal take down of NEWT for 3 months. Does the man not know NEWT has many people who know him and support him and MANY were GB fans too, but not anymore I asssure you, GB popped that bubble and lost how many GBTV members?
    Oh, yes, the NEWT thing will be GB’s fatal flaw, Newt has more “AMERICAN” freinds than George Soros.
    All he had to do was apologize after he helped take NEWT out with lies in December to support Mitt.
    (GB fans in the bubble) Please don’t repeat all the “in his own words”, TR, Wilson, FDR mandate crapola, 3 wives, etc, etc
    I saw that all weekend for the Beck bubble people, and just got me more fired up to clue people in.
    GLENN is coming for your savings, to spend it on his things he promotes, he ALWAYS get his cut ya know. He does not really care if you are on a fixed income, he knows he can talk you out of $20 here or there. He has mastered that tactic as I drink coffee from my THE BEES KNOW MUG.
    I don’t wan’t to take down GLENN, GLENN will take down GLENN !
    It is already baked in to the cake. If he changes his ways, GBTV will last a long time and will prosper, but he won’t, I assure you. He thinks he is in the ALAMO.  
    If you escape the GB bubble, you will see him in a new light, and be ready to be re-pulsed.
    I don’t see him as the progs do, I see him as a “snake oil salesman” type.
    Dirt bags like that never lived long, but they were taken out by upset customers.
    GB feels guilty, has the world on his shoulder with the network not making more money like he wanted to support all his ventures.
    HIs fault.
    When you can’t sleep if effects your health BADLY, I know from experience.
    Being in that spiral, takes away your peace because you can’t stop it until you change the reasons you are in a spiral, and he will not fix his and/or is trapped by commitments.
    GB may feel guilty, and worried, and a poster like me now out of the bubble can share with those still trapped in there some where, and I pray for you and GB.
    This not a rant, if you saw or heard me rant, I would not be so kind with some of the stuff GB does now days. Why he is reverting back? Goes back to why I was concerned after Restoring Honor. Stealing employees, because you are in a hurry, Stealing stories and not giving credit to “pure” web sites content organizations, and now taking from other radio and TV host. Excuse away for him, after all, this is O-BALME-O’s America now and we can take down people if we want to make money?
    First GB has to convince you he is not a shock jock DIRT BAG anymore, and act “presidential” in his new toy set. HIs fans in the bubble, love it, and I would have too !!!!

    • Anonymous

      Wow…has all this been bottled up for a long time?    Feeling better?    I’ve listened to Mark since 1999, Glenn since he started at Fox…I think I’m able to discern between the two.    Their message is the same;  their method of transportation may be a little different.  Mark is a Constitutional Lawyer-the man, unlike Obama, knows the law.
      But thanks for your insights.

  • Anonymous

    glenn beck shows once again how ignorant he is!
    1.  glenn beck ignores the facts behind the thousands of Americans who were victims of gun related homicides!  Why should he care?  his son wasn’t pointlessly shot this year!
    2.  glenn beck ignores the fact that gun toting idiots like himself now have the right to pass judgement on others by killing them without a judge/jury because he thinks he is in “danger”!!!

    Generally speaking, I support the right for hunters to own and use rifles/shotguns to hunt for meat or sport.  What gives real outdoor gun owners a negative image is the fact that the NRA gives a racist and bigot like glenn beck the spotlight.  I don’t see the logic on letting a “man” like glenn beck, who has expressed his wish to hire or kill a fellow American (Moore) himself?!

    glenn beck is too unstable for the NRA to parade around as their “speaker”.

    • SoThere

      You’re a lying Phony Soldier (sailor) and a bigoted idiot.
      Flagged for Hate-mongering. Why do you follow the little children around the neighborhood and why do you frequent Hookers on the street corners?
      Why do you take Hookers to your double wide?
      You’re a weenie and a whining little crybaby strtlk/mtclayboy.
      Whaaaaa Whaaaaaaa

  • Anonymous

    This was our first NRA convention; there are no words to express the experience we had.  Met such wonderful like minded people who love America and truely stand for the Constitution.  I stood in line for the book signing to shake Glenns hands and thank him for giving me a love for History that I never had, he is a true gentleman and patriot.  His speech was incredible, powerful and educational (as always Glenn is teaching history).  This family will be VOTING.  Thank you Glenn Beck.  God Bless you.

  • Charles G. Hunter

    Great speech! Funny and TRUE!

  • Mike Strunk

    Glenn is so “On Target” the Left has to be so stupid!  Welcome to reality!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, that speech will go down in history.  Right on, right on, right on!  YES, I WILL!

  • Anonymous

    Together we will win because we will be one with God. God bless Glenn for his truth and courage.

  • Anonymous

    New Obama ad, ” What else is Romney hiding” in reference to his Cayman Islands account.

    Romney’s responding ad should be, “Not as much as Obama is hiding.”

  • Barbara Watson

    Thank you Glenn for your stout hartedness.  I think that “We the people” are beginning to wake up.  I am one of those “grey hairs” who speak out about B. O.  He stinks as a president.  I did not like Pres. Clinton, but at least did the best that he could, in spite of his liberal bias.  I have absolutely no respect for Mr. Obama.  For him to go on that apology tour was an insult to every American in this country.  I am so disgusted with what he is doing to this country, I want to do all that I can to fire him.  Keep up the good work.   Barbara Watson, Mesa, AZ.   

  • DavidL

    With all our Knowledge,Science and Technology.People have’nt changed in their heart’s and mind’s since the Roman time’s.You could still to this day fill stadium’s up with people willing to watch other people being torn to thread’s by Lion’s.Recent example Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.That right there tell’s me this is still a very dangerous world.Anything can happen in this world that can change everything in a instant to were you are going to need a weapon.The Goverment and the Police are not going to be able to help you.You will be no your own to survive.

  • Anonymous

    glenn beck loves to assign guilt through association, so let me try for a second…
    1.  glenn beck speaks at the NRA convention.  So did nugent and scott walker.
    2.  nugent, in the past, has referred to the former First Lady and current Secretary of state as a “cunt” and “whore”.  During this convention, nugent said NRA attendees and conservatives to chop the heads off of Democrats!!!  So of course a female canine like glenn, who has made death threats himself (i.e. Moore) is an associate of nugent.
    3.  scott walker just recently supported and pushed through a bill in his home state of Wisconsin that abolishes the right for women to receive equal pay.  This sexist bill was signed by a known associate and fellow NRA guest speaker, glenn beck.  Obviously this implies once again that glenn beck is a sexist!!!

    • Anonymous

      Go to hell or go back into your coma……we don’t want your nasty posts here!

      • Anonymous

        Well spoken!!!
        Ignorant blasphemy!!
        I expect nothing more from a lemming!!
        Say hello to the “3 dogs you love”…
        I understand that it may be tough for a beckling to make real friends, so your animals and imaginary friends must be very important!!!

        • SoThere

          Flagged for stupidity.

    • SoThere

      You’re the sexist who brings prostitutes to your double wide.

      Scott Walker passed no such bill, you’re a liar.

      Flagged for lies and stupidity.

    • Anonymous

       Obviously, you are a NEA, SEIU member who lives off those of us who have real jobs!

  • Anonymous

    Glen…that was awesome, can we go to all the universities, colleges, and high schools and give this same speech ..PLEASE, I truly think it will wake them up…..yes, I will…Please try, especially in California please please come here to the schools and do this same speech PLEASE!!!!!!

  • guy mcdonald

    Thank God that Glenn Beck is capable of withstanding the ridicule and scorn of wild-eyed radical socialist liberals to tell the truth about American history.  Thanks, Glenn…

  • Anonymous

    what an awesome speach we do need to come together on may 17th and fast and pray to God to bless this great nation again and lets vote and take back this country and its values that make this country like no other we will have many hurdles in our path but we will overcome God bless everyone and God bless america 

  • Anonymous

    Pete, Lou, Tom, Jack, Keith, Robert, Warren, Glenn, Phil, Anthony, CSVG, Ruth, Mary , Jane,Katherine, and any other name you go by you’ve got a warped mind.

  • Jack Elliott

    You may compare the gun rights believers to the patriots of long ago.Do you remember the cry by Paul Revere? “The British are coming,the British are coming”. If not for the Patriots and their guns,knives,clubs and other means to fight we may be living under an other government and speak another language.I don’t know about you but I like for the most part I like our way of living.the are some exceptions of course like the present administration.We must change so vote Obama and his cronies out.So move your butt and do something and get Obama out!

  • Anonymous

    Clearly Glenn’s shoe example is racist….he used a brown shoe and therefore anything he has ever said bears neither truth nor weight.

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