Did Occupy rip off Glenn?

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As much as the Obama Administration and the left likes to dismiss Glenn’s audience, as much as they try to ignore how active and charity driven, everyone knows that the left would love nothing more than to have an audience just like this one.

Unfortunately (for them) they don’t – their audience isn’t peaceful, they’re not responsible, and they are not united on constructive goals, only the things that they way to destroy. “These guys are all in so much trouble,” Glenn said. “I mean, think about who these guys are.  Do you really think these anarchists, radicals…I mean, does anybody remember the French Revolution?  Revolutions are never a good thing, and it never ends with the people that started it, never – except for the American Revolution.”

However, a recent release from the new  99% Spring Obama/Biden Campaign appears to reveal that they are trying really hard to emulate Glenn’s audience:

“This spring we will reshape our country with our own hands and feet, bodies and heart.  We will take nonviolent action in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Gandhi to forge a new destiny one block, one neighborhood, one city, one state at a time.”

Sound familiar? This was the new opening to The Glenn Beck Program upon its launch on GBTV:

“GBTV, the truth lives here.  One mouth, one heart, one body, saving the country one person, one family, one entrepreneur, one at a time.”

Glenn later pointed out that his show opening ends with him referencing Martin Luther King – another movement the left is constantly trying to protest.

“Is it a coincidence that that is our open – that that was the message that I gave on 8/28 in Washington DC? Because that’s where that sound came from,” Glenn asked Stu.

Stu explained that they probably see that as a successful message, explaining how different Glenn’s audience is from the average Obama voter or 99% protester. “They would (the Barack Obama administration) love if their audience looked like our audience. They would love that if their audience could show up to an event with hundreds of thousands people of leave no litter afterwards. They would love the fact that they would be as respectful of our audience is. They know that they don’t. I mean, they’re begging people in black flags and black outfits to go out and support them. They don’t have that at their access. They can’t they don’t have people who are standing up like the that our side is.  They don’t have to accuse them of violence and all this other nonsense.”

Glenn brought up a recent 12 page article that was written in Vanity Fair. The author, who unbeknownst to Glenn, followed him to Israel and to several other events, would talk to the crowds and his fans.  The article focuses on Glenn leaving Fox, but claims he is no possibly more powerful than ever.

“It’s not really about me. It’s about you,” Glenn told the radio audience. “It’s about the listener. They are terrified of you.”

Stu and Glenn pointed out that it’s written in the typical negative tone, “all the usual crap,” Glenn said. “It says something like, you know, this is a real problem for Obama, it’s a real problem for the left, and it’s you.”

Glenn also hinted towards a new show opening for tonight’s show… “It’s too bad they’re using the ‘one destiny, one blog, one neighborhood at a time because tonight there’s a new opening,” he said.

“That’s great,” Pat said. “Just as they pick up on it, we move on.”

Glenn closed by giving a shout out of the left, “Occupy ’99, you should show that I’ve got a I’ve got a new open for the show tonight.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn the Occupy leadership is trying to immitate your success; they will fail in the end due to the simple, unfailing portion of truth:

    Truth in the end is truth, the power of the message and not the person is what allows it to stand firm and strong. Truth is truth; it will show what is, fact and not speculation, while the darkenss and lies are burned and consumed.

    Truth has a power all of its own.

    That Glenn is why they are saying you have become more powerful than before; they link the message to you, when it is the message itself, shown without agenda on its own part, that has the real power and effect.

    • Anonymous

      This is a bit off topic, but I want to post it anyway.

      Snowleopard, I always enjoy reading your posts. I don’t always agree with you (I do on the above post), but you always post intelligently and usually without sarcasm and (to my knowledge) never with malice towards opposing ideas.

      YOU are what the 99ers and President Obama want on their side.
      You are a good example of Glenn’s followers.

      I hope that We the People can be as rational at voting time and vote with the truth in tow, not with the false promises for which some of us voted in 2008 (not that McCain would have been any better).

      Okay, that’s all. I don’t want you getting full of yourself ha ha :)

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        The main problem that Mr Obama has with ones like me is we can tell the difference between his lies and the truth. As far as I am concerned Obama needs to be either voted out or impeached from his positon.

  • Corran Horn

    That really funny they hate Glenn but yet they steal his ideas. Guess they are even trying to steal the rich’s ideas as well as their money.

  • Anonymous

    It’s so sad to see someone lying to himself to justify the lies with which he scams people. Glenn, shame on you for feeding people’s fears through their most valuable attributes: their spirituality and patriotism. You have bent the truth so far to the right it now only resembles something you tell people to promote Republican propaganda. When did you become so cynical.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barry-Levy/1091577549 Barry Levy

       Just because you said something doesn’t make it true, except in a tortured liberal brain.

      But you should remember the adage about when a person keeps quiet he may be thought a fool/ignorant/idiotic/ but once that person opens his mouth he removes all doubts.

      So nice to see you have removed all doubts.

      • Anonymous

        I’m pretty sure you are talking to Glenn.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Morgan/100000253121773 Carol Morgan

           why, for heavens sake, are you even here?

          • Anonymous

            For heaven’s sake.

    • Anonymous

       Mr. Tapestry what happened to YOU????  were you ever an American that believed in the freedom that so many have died for?  Look at our DEBT 17 TRILLION dollars, our kids will be paying this forever, thanks to us….yes us, we voted this people in…NOW its our responsibility to fix what we did…..and yes Mr. Tapestry you are also to blame….so don’t say Mr. Beck is cynical!!!!!  oh my GOD in my opinion he isn’t cynical enough…..we are been raped, murdered and slaughtered and we still stand in the hope of the GOOD LORD and people like Mr. Beck….so Mr. Tapestry if you are not with us than your against us….we have no room for those who do not want to help get this country back on line….so r u or aren’t’ you???

      • Anonymous

        Nope, definitely not with yous.

      • Anonymous

        What you’re really saying is that you have no room for anybody whom doesn’t share your vision of what America should be.

        Please allow me to explain a simple truth to you;

        “It is not possible for somebody to be a fiscal, as well as a social conservative simultaneously”.

         Some of the talking heads, such as Mr.Beck and Mr.Santorum have muddled the two together in the hopes of appealing to a wider audience, but many of us fiscal types are on to this little ruse and that is why the GOP establishment would not embrace Rick and Mitt Romney is the presumptive nominee.

         I am not claiming that you have been deceived. How many times must Glenn say,”I am a capitalist, and I will always give you something in return for your money” …..Before you recognise that Glenns show and the articles on this forum are professionally written and designed to appeal to a particular mindset,   in the same fashion as the MSM delivers the news with their particular slants in mind?

        “The Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment”……Entertainment first.

        Also, playing the blame game for America’s current economy is a rough road to 
        traverse. It is my opinion that we would have to go all the way back to ‘The New Deal’ when great Grandma and great Grandpa decided that they needed the fed to borrow money to give them cushy retirements. Economists knew then, just as they know today that the system would   be unable to sustain these social programs, but they didn’t care, as long as America’s Greatest Generation got theirs……They just didn’t care.

        In today’s world nobody cares. We callously drive past the homeless holding ‘Will Work For Food’ signs on our way to and from our places of business, sometimes stopping to give a dollar or two, but never really doing anything  to help.
         The decay of our society in on Front Street, directly in our faces and we refuse to do anything    to stop it. Afterall, we have our FoxNews, Rush Radio, MSNBC, and CNN. We live in big houses on hilltops with a clear view of the little people. If they stand near our driveway, we call the police, or as George Zimmerman did, we shoot them. Please remind me again, what is class warfare?

        The decay can be clearly seen in the arts. Our  young people are poisoned by  music with same message repeated over and over again;

        I slapped my ho,
        I sell cocaine,
        I drive a 5.0,
        I’ve got an inground pool full of ho’s,
        Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
        Look at me,
        Look at me,
        Look at me,

        I,I,I, me,me,me…..Selfishness and jealousy. It’s all about me…..We live in the reality T.V/  Youtube era. This is the curse that social programming has wrought upon us, this is the decay taking place, and this is the end, of not only America, but the world entire.

        OWS deserves a little credit, because they do, at least, understand this much.

        Do you think my post is long? Too bad,”It’s all about me”! Yessiree, me, me, me………

        • Anonymous

          oh my r u confused.  just where do you live?   I don’t know of any homeless person asking for work for food….is willing to take a 8 to 5 job….they choose to do this….your comment about standing near the driveway we shoot them….where did that come from? or did you just happen to hear about the 49 black kids killed in a chicago neigborhood by other black kids the month in that martin was supposedly murdered….I like to think that zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty….or has that changed?  and the new deal whats that about?  our grandparents…wanted a retirement from the government well maybe they earned it?  maybe it just wasn’t given to them because they didn’t want to work….and also I have never heard beck say social conservative before maybe progressive is what your trying to say….and fiscal?  all beck is saying if you would watch him is this administration along with 100 years of democrates are destroying this country a little at a time…..until obozo got into office…. it was slow and this president deemed it his responsiblity to take control and push the throttle forward and it back fired on him…..he just woke the fiscal responsible conservatives to take a stand….I for one am tired of my tax dollars going into the hands of these so called elected officials and them just giving it to who ever wants it….and am really surprised your in favor of giving your money to those who do not deserve it as an income….and then get upset when you don’t want to do it anymore…..

          • Anonymous

             The Dems unionise the workforce, raising the cost of labor and then use regulation to raise the cost of production. These factors make it ever more difficult for American corporations to compete in the global market. So they close their American factories and move them overseas where there is cheap labor and little to no regulation.

            After we tire of the dems debauchery,   we the elect Republican to office. Said Republicans then give us a song and dance about free trade, free markets, and opening new markets to trade American goods. So they sign free trade agreements with the very same countries that have already taken our jobs and we then send them money and we import their goods. 
             In the end the poorer nations of the second and third world get our jobs and our money; we get Walmart and Target…Well at least until our money runs out.

            Redistribution of America’s jobs is redistribution of America’s wealth, thus we have the term ‘global communism’.

            Democrats/Republicans are two wheels on the same machine. If you don’t believe this, then it is you who are confused. 

             We may need to rebuild again from scratch.




          • Anonymous

             oh I fully agree with your comment on starting from scratch and your comment on both parties….BUT which would you rather have obozo or romney? 

          • Anonymous


    • paula marshall

      So you  think you’re a FINE Tapestry, huh?  As a bystander, I see a humble Glenn Beck, who would never refer to himself as a “fine tapestry.”  Then, I see someone who believes s/he is “fine”.   Glenn is being refined through life’s trials, and apparently you have already completed the process?   WOW!   (I doubt it, though)  We listen to Glenn, because he is merely saying things we have already seen and heard with our own eyes and ears.  We see a man who is honest, yet has his opinion, –but its based upon good morals.  How do you think he is scamming anyone?   What does he get out of it?  If anyone is scamming anyone, its Obama and his minions who do NOT deserve any of the free lunch and riches they are heaping upon themselves.  Dishonesty is never truly rewarded with goodness.  So, “Fine”, tell us- what is so fine about you?   Compare yourself to Beck for us.  (toot-toot!)   I should mention that, as Beck has always encouraged all of us to do, I actually check out facts that he presents on his show, and I look things up that he teaches us, and I have not yet caught him in one lie.  Now, pray tell, what lies have you caught Beck in?  (glove hitting the ground)

      • Anonymous

        Do you know me, lady. Hard trials? Beck? All Beck does comfortably twist facts to say half-reported truth to push his conservative Republican Christian bigotry agenda. His great achievement is to squeeze a buck out of your sense of entitlement, moral outrage and righteous supremacy.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, I would like to see some examples of these lies in which you believe you believe Mr. Beck has caught his audience.

          Yes, he is opinionated and expresses his opinion. He is not a reporter; he is basically an op/ed commentator. It is up to his audience to form their own opinions. I agree with many of Mr. Beck’s opinions- but I form my own on my own.

          Mr. Beck DOES bring to light many stories the mainstream media does not. That is why I occasionally visit his site.

          Please, if you can, provide (with some actual, verified story to back it) at least one example of an actual bald-face lie which Mr. Beck has “reported”.

          The burden of truth is now on your shoulders, FineTapestry.

          • Anonymous

            It’s people like you, righteous conservatives, who hold a pudgy pundit in such infallible status, who believe lies are only things that can be contradicted by what someone else said happen. But the lies of Beck are much more subtle. Take for example his claim, a few months ago, that the “media” (as if he weren’t part of the same monster) wasn’t reporting on an attack some black dudes recorded while beating another black dude who was gay. Not only had it being reported, but it went to be one of those big stories in every news channel. Beck, didn’t retracted, of course. His job was done: to make you believe the actual race-based violence that is overtaking the country is black-on-black. Meanwhile, he is silent about the permanent school shootings due to an availability of guns which he supports. This is half-reporting truth to pander to his agenda-driven conservative base.
            Another example. This whole Farrakan thing. He’s putting it all out not because it is relevant to any political discussion, as there have always been nuts on both right and left. Why is he doing it then? Look at the comments of your fellow Beckians in those posts. They all do what Beck wants them to do as mindless zombies: associate Farrakan with Obama through the Muslim-Radical-Black. Because he knows most of you think Obama is Muslim and not American (go find the post where Beck criticized the guy doing the birth certificate investigation –they almost crucified Beck). This strategy, while being true in terms of reporting about a radical muslim, is doing something else: smearing Obama through nasty and disgusting association. It’s lies, plain and simple, just like Beck’s accusation that Obama is the most racist president yet. The conservative right-wing nut nerve! And all of you guys do is gobble it up. SAD CRAP.

          • Anonymous

            So, no response.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_63M2KSGFVZEDMJQMO2BB7EX47M Gert B Frobe

      Are you one of those liberals that thinks we should all be moderates because it alludes to compromise?  Are you one of those liberals that thinks that the poor and minorities are all victims and have no responsiblity for their current predicaments?  Are you one of those liberals that doesn’t believe in human ingenuity and doesn’t believe that man is inherently good to fix problems without government? 

      I ask these questions repeatedly and have yet to receive a single coherent answer from anyone on the left. 

      I personally believe the inception of modern day liberalism was done out of good intentions but with bad execution.  I personally believe conservatives and liberals want the same result but liberals want others to pay for it while conservatives will allow the free market and ideas to prosper individually.  I don’t fault liberals for wanting equality, but I fault them for assigning blame to those not responsible.  I don’t fault liberals for wanting to be energy independent, but I fault them for forcing the hand of a country that will not change overnight to alternative energy sources.  I don’t fault liberals for wanting everyone to have health care, but I fault them for making government manage a system in which we have no recorded success in any other country in history.

      You see FineTapestry, conservatives are not much different than liberals.  We just want the freedom to make these decisions without having them rammed down our throats.  If you emphasize on freedom first, then solutions appear clearer and not mandated by such administrations we currently are being subjected to.  I don’t defend all Republican administrations, but if grading on a curve, I would have no choice.

      Please understand this pandering and blame game for what it is.  I want no say and control over how you live your life, pay your taxes and raise your family but I would ask that you honor that same request towards myself.

      • Anonymous

        Are you one of those conservatives that is willing to help people in need, but becomes unwilling when one exhorts you to? What is it with conservatives and their notion of liberty? Maybe you can explain the psychology behind affirming freedom is not free, but still not comprehend that freedom in a society requires compromise. Read some Kant, maybe he can illuminate you about the real significance of liberty, which does require one to respond to the will of the people you share existence with, and not just impose a hardened axiom of non-goverment. Conservative’s notion of liberty is so petty. You just want things your way and call it liberty. Pitiful.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_63M2KSGFVZEDMJQMO2BB7EX47M Gert B Frobe

          …said the liberal.  Conservatives are by far more generous without mandate than liberals.  Liberty has been defined in the Constitution…you know, that document to which we measure decisions to avoid nanny-state, tyrannical governments from growing!  I think the entire population of Conservatives understands completely that FREEDOM has a cost.  But since your lame excuse for past Presidents that feel cutting spending on our military and closing bases a priority and then turning right around and pandering for votes with hand outs is your answer for “helping” people.  No one is inspired by Obama’s actions unless those that are so called inspired are just reading from the same teleprompter as Obama.

          You tell me to read some Kant and I can counter with Friedman and Sowell to which REAL perspective comes from.  Those two worked in governments with liberal ideals and woke up to be some of the greatest minds of reason to this date.  Compromising isn’t freedom at all but a inept, ignorant form of appeasement that kicks the can down the road.  You don’t compromise values. 

          The US is a Christian nation per its founders.  The ability to understand that it was founded on Christian values and still allows and promotes religious freedom is vastly too hard for liberals to comprehend.  The difference being that Christians don’t support the gay lifestyle, but they will not legislate it out of the country (free choice, remember).  Liberals will turn to lobbyists and legislators to voice their discontent which is completely outside the logic of freedom.  Liberals cannot just ignore what they don’t agree with…they want to eradicate it out of the country and then tell you how to feel to boot.

          I also love how you associate the conservative belief to be void of government.  An extreme ignorance that shows you need the government to survive.  Government should almost be inconsequential to your existence except for defending your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness….you know, those such words that are exemplified in our nation’s heritage and oh yeah…The Constitution!!!  Government serves a function but should not be called upon to handle petty issues such as health care.  You want a government that takes away your possibility of failure to which real learning and perspective is found. 

          Liberals are the de-evolution of man as they don’t think, do or perform by themselves but require others to regulate it.  Conservatives say that the sky is the limit and you should be rewarded for success and not penalized and vilified because others aren’t doing as well.  Your argument is futile and stupid and you don’t understand liberty at all.  The ridiculous notion that you think we want things our way and then to call it liberty is hilarious.  You want more regulation and control which is in stark contrast to liberty by definition.  You don’t believe in mankind but you want mankind to make laws to force others to their way of thinking.  Do you see the paradox in that?

          Didn’t think so…have fun in November when the formerly apathetic conservatives oust the ineptness from our ranks.  Obama wasn’t even a one trick pony but he rode his rhetoric as far as he could.  Have fun thinking you know more and be a lad and keep up this charade since we need to see ignorance front and center to remind us of failure at its highest degree.

          I will look in a mirror to solve my problems while you look to government to solve yours!

          • Anonymous


          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_63M2KSGFVZEDMJQMO2BB7EX47M Gert B Frobe

            What?  No witty comebacks? No more ability to spin the garbage liberal agenda?  You know you can actually yawn with your foot in your mouth.

          • Anonymous

            [deep yawn]

      • Anonymous

        Are you one of those conservatives that is willing to help people in need, but becomes unwilling when one exhorts you to? What is it with conservatives and their notion of liberty? Maybe you can explain the psychology behind affirming freedom is not free, but still not comprehend that freedom in a society requires compromise. Read some Kant, maybe he can illuminate you about the real significance of liberty, which does require one to respond to the will of the people you share existence with, and not just impose a hardened axiom of non-goverment. Conservative’s notion of liberty is so petty. You just want things your way and call it liberty. Pitiful.

  • Anonymous

    The problem for OW is they have nothing original to stand by, communism just keeps acquiring new names but the fact that it is oppression in nothing new.
    Libs love to tell you about all they do not know and then expect you to listen as if their words were written in stone…

  • Anonymous

    I believe (don’t know) that the majority of disinchanted voters are conservative people. It would be very interesting to see a poll on those who don’t vote and what their view is. I know many may react with dislike to the apethetic, but who are they and if we stirred them to action what would they do to the country politically.

    • Anonymous

      I, too, would like to see that type of poll.
      A colleague of mine never votes, hasn’t for decades, but constantly complains about every aspect of government from the President right down to his own HOA. I urge him to register to vote, but he refuses stating that his one vote doesn’t matter.
      I then tell him that if he doesn’t vote, he has no right to complain. Perhaps that is harsh of me, and in fact incorrect. Either way, I don’t back down from my opinion that one should vote, even if it is simply for a write-in candidate (where applicable).

      Perchance too many people believe their “one vote” is unimportant. Is there a way to reach those non-voters and get them to understand that when every “one vote” is added to another, it increases in strength? Can we get the “one vote” people to understand that our votes combined equal a collective voice of the nation? One whisper cannot be heard from a distance, but a thousand whispers combined can.

      And, for the record, I am not a conservative; I am a moderate. I was quite a liberal in my youth- one of the only liberals in my field of study at university. I suppose I have mellowed with age, but there are too many conservative views with which I disagree that keep me from aligning with that camp. I dislike radicals on both sides.

  • Anonymous

      “Great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ”!

  • Anonymous

    I used to be good on math issues but I cannot figure out how 99% of Americans are supportive of Occupy Wall Street movement. This movement can only cost millions of dollars to the tax payers. death and destruction and will result in greater lost of freedoms which could include the November voting activities. The 99% percent must be less than 25% percent of Americans!!!! 

    • paula marshall

      Maybe more like 0.99%  Or, nearly 1 percent.  Just goes to show you how small Obama’s circle of influence is.   …nearly everyone he KNOWS is supportive.  Duh! Huh! 

  • Anonymous

    they copy you glenn, because they want “their” people, who are not that bright and will not research anything and just take their word, to be confused about symbology and phrasing.  they need to mix yours up w/theirs so there won’t be a clear difference.  that’s why the republicans sat next to the democrats during the state of the union two years in a row –WE HAVE NOT YET DRAWN A LINE IN THE SAND and fail miserably.  

    do a documentary/literature/something on how they imitate your iconology; jam-pack it and do it list form so it reads like a playbook.

    they haven’t got an original bone in their collective body.  why do you think they need hollywood — so they can use emotions and imagery to achieve their agenda.

    you give them a little of their own medicine i.e., you used “their” fist to make a peace sign; “their” oval office made yours…keep doing that.

  • http://twitter.com/freakforfringe freakforfringe

    Imitation is the greatest form of flattery….

  • paula marshall

    Of course they are trying to “be like you”.  You are successful, but they somehow think its because of a slogan, not because you are actually a man of honor.  They cannot become that, so they will settle for the slogan.  Indeed, it may be that they are simply not able to comprehend honor.  It appears that some cannot.  In order to become as successful as you are, they would have to be reborn, become different humans, and be, essentially, raised differently in order to succeed.  They, in a nutshell, are merely banking on the hope that their usual adoring audience have never even heard you or your program.  Obama’s pool of fools might just believe if BO can look convincing enough, that which they obviously stole will look fresh and new to their viewers.  These types of narcissistic folk just do not get it.  In fact, I would assume that Obama somehow thinks because of The Oval that you are trying to “be like him.”  That would be a usual narcissistic behavior.  
    Those people who watch both sides of the aisle, however, will still see him as a copy-cat, and therefore, as a thief.  Which, of course, he is.  We don’t REALLY expect criminals to have morals, do we?   So, even if only a few more of his supporters see him as a thief, –and they turn, they will still spread the word.  -And BO will fall ever deeper into his mire.   Men without morals will never stand for more than the time it takes them to fully commit themselves to Hades.

  • Anonymous

    Their so freakin stupid they cant come up with any fresh ideas so they sign up for GBTV

  • Anonymous

    The occupiers are obsessed with Beck because he has their number and they know it

  • Anonymous

    When Obama wanted to take his and Biden’s ten-year income tax record and compare it to Romney’s it made me believe that he had used his privelege as the President of the United States to review a private citizen’s tax record.  I believe Romney would be justified in saying, “Let’s both disclose how we paid for our entire college education and the grades we earned, and then we’ll compare ten years of tax returns.”

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, on Sean Hannity’s show this evening he cut some pages out of your playbook on the questionable selections Obama has made for senior advisors.  I have looked for a complete list of his advisors who have anti-democratic profiles and a look at what makes them so dispicable.  I have often thought I could use that information when trying to enlighten BamaCrats to how bad a selection they made, and could use a short listing of the Arnie Duncans and  fellows including the lady who made that great reference to Mao Tse Tung as her favorite, and Vance Jones and those other wonderful patriots. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GVB7WFQYTPBRSL4SI6BAN4ADWE Robinfirst name

    It is an election year. More than usual people want to make the other side look as bad as they can, and condemn by association. Somewhere I thought I read a  scripture that proclaimed those despised will be exalted. Most people are not blind. 

  • Anonymous

    glenn beck should be ashamed for disrespecting a real American hero, MLK, by throwing his ego rally!
    his “choice” was a disgusting PR stunt and he should be ashamed!!!

    • SoThere

      Your hate and ignorance is not winning any converts here. You’re the butt of jokes and ridicule.

      Please see a professional about your fixation on little children strtlk/mtclayboy.

      You’ve been caught in your lies and have no credibility here. You’re a Wikipedia sailor and a lying puke.

      1. As mtclayboy you claimed that you served on a BOOMER. As strtlk you claimed not to know what a Boomer or a SSBN was “I don’t care” were your exact words. You also stated that you didn’t know where Bangor, Wa. was which is where Boomers (submarines) are fitted for duty.
      Any real Submariner would know that. You didn’t!

      2. You then changed your story and claimed that you were on a BOOMER. You lied.

      3. As mtclayboy you claimed that you had damaged your ears while serving on a Submarine. As strtlk, you claimed that you damaged your ears while serving on a submarine.

      4. As mtclayboy you claimed that you joined the Navy and served for five years on a submarine but according to the timeline you gave that was proven to be a lie. You lied.

      5. As mtclayboy you said that you were a Fireman. As strtlk, you claimed you were a Fireman.

      6. As mtclayboy and as strtlk, you posted the same bigotry and hate against Glenn Beck almost word for word even using the same spelling and grammatical errors and focusing on the children. I’ve posted many of them here already.

      Are you catching on everyone? He’s a liar plain and simple and nothing he claims can be believed. Take your bigotry and hate and Phony Soldier ID and leave us honest people alone?

      Flag the idiot.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, sticky chin, you have got to be the most ignorant person.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Matthews/100003152662084 Christopher Matthews

    Good job Glenn ,
     Keep up the good work, America needs you !!
     Over the years i have been involved in politices i have never seen it this bad in the past 3 or 4 years. (and i am 57 years young)
    I am getting ready to start a new letter campaign to all my friend and to all of Congress and in the Senate as well to Obama and the wicked witch of the West (Nancy Palosi) As i did last time a while back. The e-mail that i sent out was called WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE From the movie ( Network) and as well sent e-mails about CEIU Scandal and The Acorn Scandal,I even sent Letters to all of you at FOX and even MSNBC ,CNN, Huffington POST,
    Americans are going to take back are country.REMBER THE POWER OF ONE.

  • Anonymous

    Uh-huh, those texts are really similar. Obviously Occupy was inspired by GBTV.

    • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/mericus.faartist Mericus FAartist

    these are all mute points as soon as Obama determines that he is not going to win he will suspend elections since he has already imposed the first ever peacetime martial law. We will not matter anymore as he will make it illegal to say anything in public against any politician, and it will illegal to be of any party that is not either Progressive-Socialist-Fascist, or Communist. Don’t believe me? – okay read for yourself: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/03/16/executive-order-national-defense-resources-preparedness

    • Anonymous

      Not that I disagree with anything you are saying, but the term is “moot point,” not “mute point.”

  • Anonymous

    The thing that is even more humorous than them ripping off Glenn is that they think anyone who is not the 1% agrees with them. These people are idiots. I have said it before and will say it again, I am part of the 99% and completely disagree with this stupidity. They better wake up and stop trying to usurp others 1st Amendment rights. They do not speak for me…

  • Anonymous

    ows are a bunch of low scums of the earth. keep up the good work
    Glenn beck letting people know the truth god bless you man and your family too.

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