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As much as the Obama Administration and the left likes to dismiss Glenn’s audience, as much as they try to ignore how active and charity driven, everyone knows that the left would love nothing more than to have an audience just like this one.

Unfortunately (for them) they don’t – their audience isn’t peaceful, they’re not responsible, and they are not united on constructive goals, only the things that they way to destroy. “These guys are all in so much trouble,” Glenn said. “I mean, think about who these guys are.  Do you really think these anarchists, radicals…I mean, does anybody remember the French Revolution?  Revolutions are never a good thing, and it never ends with the people that started it, never – except for the American Revolution.”

However, a recent release from the new  99% Spring Obama/Biden Campaign appears to reveal that they are trying really hard to emulate Glenn’s audience:

“This spring we will reshape our country with our own hands and feet, bodies and heart.  We will take nonviolent action in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Gandhi to forge a new destiny one block, one neighborhood, one city, one state at a time.”

Sound familiar? This was the new opening to The Glenn Beck Program upon its launch on GBTV:

“GBTV, the truth lives here.  One mouth, one heart, one body, saving the country one person, one family, one entrepreneur, one at a time.”

Glenn later pointed out that his show opening ends with him referencing Martin Luther King – another movement the left is constantly trying to protest.

“Is it a coincidence that that is our open – that that was the message that I gave on 8/28 in Washington DC? Because that’s where that sound came from,” Glenn asked Stu.

Stu explained that they probably see that as a successful message, explaining how different Glenn’s audience is from the average Obama voter or 99% protester. “They would (the Barack Obama administration) love if their audience looked like our audience. They would love that if their audience could show up to an event with hundreds of thousands people of leave no litter afterwards. They would love the fact that they would be as respectful of our audience is. They know that they don’t. I mean, they’re begging people in black flags and black outfits to go out and support them. They don’t have that at their access. They can’t they don’t have people who are standing up like the that our side is.  They don’t have to accuse them of violence and all this other nonsense.”

Glenn brought up a recent 12 page article that was written in Vanity Fair. The author, who unbeknownst to Glenn, followed him to Israel and to several other events, would talk to the crowds and his fans.  The article focuses on Glenn leaving Fox, but claims he is no possibly more powerful than ever.

“It’s not really about me. It’s about you,” Glenn told the radio audience. “It’s about the listener. They are terrified of you.”

Stu and Glenn pointed out that it’s written in the typical negative tone, “all the usual crap,” Glenn said. “It says something like, you know, this is a real problem for Obama, it’s a real problem for the left, and it’s you.”

Glenn also hinted towards a new show opening for tonight’s show… “It’s too bad they’re using the ‘one destiny, one blog, one neighborhood at a time because tonight there’s a new opening,” he said.

“That’s great,” Pat said. “Just as they pick up on it, we move on.”

Glenn closed by giving a shout out of the left, “Occupy ’99, you should show that I’ve got a I’ve got a new open for the show tonight.”