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Have there been things that you’ve seen the past few years that you never thought you’d see? For instance, did you ever think the Secret Service would be wrapped up in a sex scandal? Or how about a President that passed judgment before all the facts came in? Glenn spent some time on radio this morning wondering why these once unthinkable things are suddenly happening.

“Can I ask a quick question. Has anybody, has anybody ever seen the Secret Service with hookers before?” Glenn asked as he opened the show.

Over the weekend, news broke that the Secret Service members advancing President Obama’s trip to Colombia were engaged in heavy drinking, partying, and prostitution. The scandal broke when one agent supposedly refused to pay $47 to the prostitute who had stayed at the hotel overnight.

CBS News reports:

President Obama says he wants a thorough investigation of a Secret Service scandal connected to his weekend visit to Colombia.
Nearly a dozen agents are in trouble, along with five members of the U.S. military.
The agents were in Colombia preparing for the president’s trip when they were accused of hiring prostitutes.
It’s been an embarrassment for the White House and the Secret Service.
Eleven members of the elite agency are now on administrative leave.
As Mr. Obama was wrapping up his trip Sunday, he called for a thorough and rigorous investigation.
“If it turns out,” he said, “that some of the allegations that have been made in the press are confirmed, then, of course I’ll be angry.”

“Eleven elite presidential advance team Secret Service members? Really?”

“Never seen the Secret Service nailed for prostitution. Haven’t seen that one. That’s a new one to me,” Glenn said.

But is this just the latest in a string of baffling events in the Obama Presidency?

How about the White House party crashers who showed up uninvited to a state dinner and got their picture taken with several key officials – including the President!

“I’ve never seen anybody actually, what, climb the fence, get in through the front door, get past the Secret Service, get into the state dinner and hang out with the president. Never have I seen that before.”

“ I’m just seeing a lot of things I just never thought I would see before and they seem to be with the Secret Service. Has anybody else, anybody else noticed some things that maybe ‑‑ is it just me? I think we should start compiling a list because I’ll bet you we’re going to start finding patterns here of things we’ve never seen before,” Glenn added.

But is it just part of a larger pattern of conflict between the White House and law enforcement?

“I’ve never seen the president of the United States ever say the police acted stupidly. Have you?” Glenn said.

Glenn went through several cases where President Obama passed judgment on police before all the facts came in. He used the example of the Trayvon Martin case where Obama weighed in before Zimmerman had been charged.
“I mean, probably once every couple of months I see something happen that I never thought I would see and they don’t make sense. And nobody really talks about them in a way like, ‘Oh, that’s pretty shocking.’” Glenn said.

The list of examples grew to include the credit downgrade of the United States and the returning of the Winston Churchill bust that had been in the White House. Both events were treated as if they were not big deals.

“When is anyone going to actually notice these things? When, when is anyone going to start to say, ‘Hey, something’s dramatically wrong’?” he added.