How do Warren Buffett and Sen. Ben Nelson benefit from the White House killing the Keystone pipeline?

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Glenn spent a good portion of his show Tuesday night on GBTV to address Warren Buffett’s connections to TransCanada’s Keystone XL oil pipeline. Does the Oracle from Omaha have an interest in seeing the project killed? Glenn’s research team compiled quite a bit of evidence that could certainly lead one to reach that conclusion.

Back in January, the State Department advised the President to reject the proposal to extend the Keystone XL pipeline because it was not in the “national interest” of the country at this time. But why would Obama choose to not support this project when he has backed so many green energy projects, even ones that have failed like Solyndra?

According to Forbes, the pipeline would have been a huge job creator:

According to TransCanada, the company planning to build the pipeline, Keystone XL would alleviate transportation bottlenecks and improve capacity in a market where oil imports total 10 to 11 million daily barrels. The company claims it would put 13,000 people to work building the pipeline and 118,000 spin-off jobs “through increased business for local goods and service providers.”

Building the Keystone extension would provide additional transportation capacity at the crucially important city of Cushing, Oklahoma. The pricing point for NYMEX spot and future WTI contracts, which determine the price of crude oil, Cushing has faced severe bottlenecks as its capacity to transport crude oil to the refinery-rich Gulf Coast has been limited.

As Glenn pointed out, the oil that would have come in the pipeline would still be coming to the United States regardless, only now it would be through trains. And who owns the trains? Warren Buffett.

“The question is not about the environment or government studies,” Glenn said.

According to research done by GBTV and The Blaze, “Warren Buffett’s Burlington Northern Santa Fe LLC railroad — a unit of Buffett’s Omaha, Nebraska based Berkshire Hathaway — would be among those poised to reap sizable gains by the administration’s decision to reject TransCanada’s oil pipeline permit. Berkshire Hathaway purchased a 22% (or, $34 billion share) of the 32,000 mile line in 2009, shortly after Obama was elected.”

“Whatever people bring to us, we’re ready to haul,” said Burlington Northern spokesperson Krista York-Wooley.

Glenn said that Warren Buffet has vehemently denied ever speaking to The President about the Keystone Pipeline project despite the fact that he owned a company that would benefit from it’s cancellation.

“This pipeline should have passed. Because it’s safe, it’s a job creator, helps America get cheap oil and gets you lower gas prices,” Glenn said.

“He’s got to be the luckiest guy ever because he benefits from this.”

How did Buffett get so lucky? It had something to do with Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson.

WATCH Glenn explain below:

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Buffett and Nelson go way back. In 2010 while the country was undergoing an overhaul of it’s financial regulations, Nelson worked hard to push legislation that would benefit Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway. As of 2010, Nelson owned up to $6 million in stock in Berkshire Hathaway.

What are some of the other connections?

The Blaze and GBTV reported:

GBTV uncovered a startling connection between Berkshire Hathaway’s home-state and that state’s Senator Ben Nelson, who voted against the Keystone XL and lobbied that it be re-routed to avoid Nebraska. Ironically, the Senator’s attempts to thwart the pipeline were done while he himself maintained his state would heartily welcome the jobs created from the Keystone project. While Nelson’s position then seems counterintuitive, add to it the fact that he is heavily invested in Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

GBTV revealed that from 2007 to 2012 Nelson contributed $27,000 to the company itself and according to a recent financial disclosure statement from 2008, he owned between $1.5 and $6 million of the company’s stock – his largest investment in any one company to date.

The pendulum seems to swing both ways, however. Buffett’s Burlington Northern Santa Fe PAC in turn contributed $5,000 to Senator Nelson’s Nebraska Leadership PAC and Berkshire Hathaway employees have reportedly long supported the senator, contributing at least $75,550 to the Nebraska Democrat over the course of his political career according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Not coincidentally, Senator Nelson penned an op-ed column on March 5, 2012 entitled “Behind Those High Gas Prices.” As you can imagine, the senator was quick to tell Nebraskans that the spike “has nothing to do with the Keystone Pipeline” and also “isn’t a result of domestic oil production.”

Tying it all back to the Pipeline, Glenn concluded that it’s clear that both Nelson and Buffett have quite a bit to gain financially if Buffett’s trains were used to transport the oil instead of the pipeline.

“The political favors, the green house gas emissions, oil transported on choo-choo trains riding off into the smog-ridden sunset,” Glenn said.

And who loses? You.

“You’re not on the gravy train,” Glenn told the audience. “You’re in your car and most likely standing at the gas station pumping in gas that will be way more expensive.”

*Note – Warren Buffett announced he had non life threatening stage one prostate cancer after Glenn went on the air for this segment which is why the breaking news was not addressed during the show.

  • Anonymous

    What I long to see, is these people put in Jail after the election. I think Obama and Buffett would make GREAT Cell-Mates!

    • M

      I volunteer to be the guard on their chain gang!

      Gunny G
      The Anti Liberal Zone

  • Pam in Tx

    Blood is shooting out of my eyes!!! These people are deplorable and that’s being kind.

  • M

    GOD BLESS GLENN BECK! We have your back my brother from another mother!

    Gunny G
    The Anti Liberal Zone

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The administration of Mr Obama will go down as the worst, foulest, most corrupt to date in the history of the nation. I cannot wait until the criminal trials against ALL of them commence after they are out of office.

    • Anonymous

      Tho investigation and prosecution of Obama for ineligibility for POTUS, and other high crimes should be instigated, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Politicians mostly don’t get prosecuted for their crimes of corruption unless it is so blatant that it can’t be ignored. Why? Simple, every politician knows they could be next and so few of them are anxious to throw stones at their partners in crime and corruption.
      What it will take, is for the people to scream loud and clear to root out the criminal wrongdoing that is rampant not only in the bureacrasies but in the congress and the oval office as well. But as they say, “money talks, bull s*** walks”!

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Jimmy – unfortunatly you are right on that. They will try to hold onto power so as to keep safe in the ‘old congress club and network.’ Especially Reid and Pelsoi.

        What will it take?

        Another voting shockwave as in 2010 to smash and shatter their grip on power once and for all – all of those of the old guard who are corrupt in any way…and for the American people to hold the electorates feet to the fire at all times.

    • Carol Morgan

       i would like to think that could happen, and really hope it does! get out and vote, people! and lots of prayers for this country and its righteous leaders would be great too.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Carol – the enraged people of the nation showed in 2010 that the old ways have shifted; the shock of that election is still being felt, and in 2012 we the people need to give them all another one – and a complete one as we can.

        Someone on the radio pointed out today that this election is the best opportunity in generations for the American people to make changes happen in THEIR interest; so we need to do our part, and afterwards make sure the electorate is held to account.

        For too long the government has assumed it had all the power, and we have seen the corruption coming daily from them.

        Now its time to remind them, the people outnumber them some 500k:1

        For too long we have failed in remembering how to dream and dance as a people; now its time and past time for us to take it back and preserve it once and for all.

        God has given us this opportunity; if we waste it then the dissolution of the country will be deserved.

  • Soulphoenix

    This isn’t surprising. Greed and power combining and multiplying through intrigue and deceit isn’t anything new. But in this country, we have a history of rising up to place limits on this kind of behavior, backed by the greatest document on government ever written – the U.S. Constitution.

    We need to speak up and make our elected representatives, including our president, listen. And come November 2012, we need to VOTE THEM ALL OUT. Remove their hands from the levers of official corruption. Make them find other employment. Maybe a few of our politicians will really start to listen then.

    NO INCUMBENTS. Shaken, not stirred. 

  • Soulphoenix

    This isn’t surprising. Greed and power combining and multiplying through intrigue and deceit isn’t anything new. But in this country, we have a history of rising up to place limits on this kind of behavior, backed by the greatest document on government ever written – the U.S. Constitution.

    We need to speak up and make our elected representatives, including our president, listen. And come November 2012, we need to VOTE THEM ALL OUT. Remove their hands from the levers of official corruption. Make them find other employment. Maybe a few of our politicians will really start to listen then.

    NO INCUMBENTS. Shaken, not stirred. 

  • greg

    My, What a Wicked Web, Seem to recall this Snake  Nelson, Prominent in the Obamacare Travesty as well, Along with the Arkansas Senator who lost Her seat as a result of casting the Deciding Vote. Time for Friday Night Executions instead of “Dancing With The Stars” or “American Idol”, Let the TreasonTrials Begin.

  • Rafael Torres

    I can’t believe they’re profiting from trashing the pipeline. Already many of us are suffering from high gas and food prices and Obama doesn’t care what happens to his own people! That’s the price we pay for trusting our politicans rather than trusting God.

    Let us hope there is way to fix this while we have time. Keep on telling the truth like it is Glenn

  • greg

    All of these Politicians are Hoping for Anarchy to ensue, So they escape Scrutiny.

  • greg

    Why did DHS order 50 million rounds of .40 caliber rounds and bullet proof booths?

  • NickDeringer

    The corruption in this administration is unprecedented. The country can’t survive this kind of non-stop looting of our resources and treasure. Billionaires for Obama are destroying our country.

    As a member of Glenn’s on line advisory board I have to humbly request that you put a little less “snark” into the show. It tends to obscure the important truth Glenn is trying to communicate.

  • Nonof Urbusiness

    HOW? How can ANYONE believe a word coming out of the mouths of this despicable people?
    And so it goes…another day in the corrupt world of business and politics.
    And WE, the people, are the fools!
    Turn them off and throw them out.
    Clean this house of the rodents.

  • R

    Just today I was thinking that type of cancer might be connected to the HPV virus and perhaps the vaccine to men could help avoid it.
    That is just from  observations I am not a scientist. I was going to ask if there was 
    a tax write-off for assisting the government haul that oil. On another page I would think the train
    lines may already be in place and there would be less debating between land owners and government. Hopefully Mr. Buffett will be hiring Americans to maintain the rails and the trains. 
    Hopefully those trains will not be solar? 

  • Anonymous

    I remember when Buffet announced that Berkshire Hathaway was buying Burlington Northern.  I thought, “Huh?  A railroad?  Why?  Railroads have been struggling for decades.”  Now it makes sense with the Keystone Pipeline XL cancellation.  There must have been collusion because no one is that lucky.

    Very impressive work in putting those puzzle pieces together, Mr. Beck and team.

    • Jordon McKee

      Is it just me or does it seem that our congress keeps tabs on certain areas of the economy and receive insider information because of it.  It seems that they know about projects years before they ever start so they have time to invest into them, legislate laws that allow the projects to move forward, and make alliances with other politicians to ensure the laws are passed.
      Yet we all just sit here and let them do it while we fight over the peanuts they give to us because “they just love us so much and want to take care of us.”  Pathetic…  Our nation is lost…

      • Anonymous

        They definitely know what is coming down the pipe and take actions to profit from it.  There was some legislation recently to outlaw it after Pelosi was challenged for her and her husband profiting from insider knowledge they had about the Visa IPO.  How else do these guys become millionaires so quickly after getting to Washington.  Their salary is good but not high enough to become a millionaire so quickly.

        • Anonymous

          Geo,  Exactly!   Why do you think so many people want to become a

          politician?  It isn’t always about ”serving the people.”   Don’t know of too

          many politicians who left Congress with empty pockets.   And there are

          far too many who just won’t leave the gravy train!

  • Anonymous

    It is always entertaining to listen to glenn beck put together his conspiracy theories and lies…
    Although, there are a few questions and facts that glenn has once again chosen to ignore…
    1.  FACT: glenn beck bitches and cries continuously about Federal spending, including super structure projects but he supports an oil pipeline?!  Don’t be fooled America.  glenn beck is a pawn for big oil and brings up this topic to pucker up for more of their cash!!!
    2.  FACT: Currently, the United States is pumping more oil within its borders (under President Obama) than it did in Bush Jr.’s last years!!!
    3.  Fact: blenn beck talks about the temporary employment that building the pipeline would bring.  Of course I would like to see thousands of Americans gain employment on this project, but why would glenn?  In the past, glenn has openly criticized the jobs created by the Federal government and has focus dozens of rants with lies about FDR!!!  This pipeline is exactly the same as FDR’s projects and Federal spending!!!
    4.  Fact: glenn beck never talks about the permanent jobs held by truckers and rail workers that will be lost after their oil transportation is no longer needed!!!  Why?  Because glenn beck doesn’t mind thousands of Americans losing these jobs, or temporary workers being terminated after the pipeline construction because he does not care about Americans!!!

    • SoThere

      Flagged for stupidity and lies. Troll spammer.

      1. We need the oil pipeline you moron. We need the oil and the jobs.

      2. The oil being pumped is from private land because Obama has closed down all the public oil lands. The oil is being produced in spite of Obama’s attempt to shut down the industry.

      You’re an idiot.

      3. The jobs would be as much as 50 thousand in the oil industry. You’re an idiot.

      4. When are the Truckers and rail workers not going to be needed? They run on the oil that you hate so much.

      You’re an idiot spewing hate and leftist talking points.

      Flagged for spewing hatred and stupidity.

      • Corran Horn

        I would not use facts on him it might burn his brain out.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, this whole thing could not be more wrong. You really are ignorant. I will only point out one of your lies. Number 3: The jobs created by the pipeline would not be government jobs. Dumb M F er.

  • mdkrause

    Buffet should fix up his engines cause Santa fe compared to CPR or CNN engines are junk.

  • Anonymous

    The sad thing is that most Americans especially the minorities do not take the time to educate themselves on issues which do affect all of us, and corrupt politicians and their goones paint a pretty picture to the minorities and they eat it up.

    Then you have the free loaders whom as long as the government is giving them the crumbs of the administration’s dinner table they don’t care what is it the corrupt are eating at the big table.

    • FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof

      Even more sad, big brother runs the online conversation trying to create the perception of public opinion after the coup and cover up


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        • FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof

          See if they can buy you a new keyboard 

          • Anonymous

            aww clarice, dont go to hard on your colleague…
            maybe his spam doesn’t pay as well as yours

          • Casey Phillips

            I like that writem, that was funny! I think he gets paid in commie dollars from the looks of it lol! 

      • James

        Troll.. Troll… Troll… 
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        Troll.. Troll… Troll… 

        • FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof

          relax spammer. No need to get bent out of shape since the truth is leaking out. Stalk someone else.

          • Corran Horn

            Palin is Castro in drag really moron. Someone off their meds!

          • Anonymous

            Sarah Palin is Ronald Reagon! way more intelligent than the idiot campaignerNarcisist-in-chief!

          • Anonymous

            dont worry some people need to grow up like the man-childinchief
            better be a troll than a kool-aid drunk!blacks and hispanics better wake up and realize obama’s are not for you he os only for himself he is just using you for his gain and will dump you! you are not better off than four years ago when he took,stole the office of Prez!Bush was better to you than Osama oops Obama!

  • Silas Mullis

    Glenn, why do you emphasize $4 per gallon as being horrific?  Yes, this is a large increase for American culture and preferred living standards.  But still many countries around the world are paying $7-9 per gallon.  It seems $4 dollars per gallon is awaking us to the realities of most other countries around the world.  Our preferred living standards need to adjust and realize that we need to be more responsible in how we use the non-renewable resources.  It is just hard for me to get emotionally fired up about the idea of $4 per gallon to be so bad, especially lots of countries would only dream about such low prices.  

    • Anonymous

      Good point.  Yes in other countries gas is way more expensive BUT here in The USA gas (and other energy) prices have always been cheap and that is what made us the greatest country on Earth.  That’s what caused the Industrial revolution that took us out of the dark ages, that’s what put us on the moon, we have always had low gas prices and that is what our economy was built around.  Now that prices are $4 and rising it’s throwing off our economy and causing people to rely on the government to help them and that is very bad.

    • Anonymous

      C/K out the differance beteen US gallon and Imperial gallons FOOL

    • Mark Desade

      You don’t get it; it’s not just the cost at the pump.  $4/gallon gas results in diesel being more expensive.  Results?  Products trucks deliver (and that’s everything) cost more in the store.  Have you noticed food, clothing, appliances, etc. prices going up?  They and gas will shoot through the roof in the next year. 

      • Anonymous

        Yes, Mark.  Looks like I’ve repeated your comment.

    • Anonymous

      Well, Silas, the $4 price of gas in itself isn’t the problem.  It effects a lot of what the US

      consumer buys.  How does the food supply reach the stores?   Some by rail, but also a

      lot come by trucks, as does other items used in households.   If you do the grocery

      shopping, you may have noticed the increase of many staples. 

  • Anonymous

    Where is the outrage from the Democratic
    Party………he is one of theirs! Oh, I see, he is a member of the Democratic Party
    which is filled with Radicals/Islamist/Communists/Socialists/Maxrists/Progressives/Liberals/Leftists/
    Nazis/Fascist all bonded together by a single cause and that is to destroy
    capitalism. They are being supported by those in the NAACP, Congressional Black
    Caucus, media, CAIR and other radicals along with those that support the Muslim
    jihadist views. However, the Islamists will ultimately win once America has
    become a Shariah compliant nation. Who will stop us from becoming a part of the
    worldwide Caliphate being pushed by the Muslim Brotherhood and politicians from
    both parties refuse to address the dangers?

    Please go to YouTube and watch an excellent short video that explains the
    “peaceful religion of Islam” Three Things About Islam. It was posted last year
    and it already has 2,320,113 views.

  • Sandy Pfaff

    Hey Warren Buffet as an American should be fighting for his concerns…but the politicians who we elect to protect us…should not be bought by Warren Buffett or anyone for that matter…they are OUR employees…not his…but I don’t see Warren Buffett as the problem….he has his right to build his business…like ANYONE else.

    • Anonymous

      TROLL DB

  • Charles Sansing

    Absolutely. I knew someone would find out Buffets fix. He always has a spin deal . Nasty man and Obumahas his hands so deep in his pockets it stinks!

  • Les Hildebrandt

    To answer his one Question where would Canada send the oil if keystone pipe life is canceled. Well i am a very well informed Canadian here in the oil patch and reaping its benefits here. This is what is going to happen now. We have created last Minuit legislation to push through an alternate route to the west coast and now have already made a deal with china to take our oil. Our GOVERNMENT WILL NOT BE HELD HOSTAGE and people like warren buffet will loose in the end. But the real sad part is this does not help with national unity between neighbors.
    Sad the American people will pay in the end at the gas pumps.    

    • Mark Desade

      Les,  I read about the Canadian/Chinese Keystone deal about a month ago.  I couldn’t believe it!  Have we gone mad?!  Here’s a great opportunity to increase supplies (lower gas prices), jobs and tax revenues as well as strengthen ties with our neighbor to the north.  But no, a dismal criminal of a president and a greedy billionaire conspire to screw over Americans.  I hope Nebraskans kick Ben Nelson out like we will do to Obama in November, at the ballot box or in the streets revolting!

    • Anonymous

      Yep, win, win for Obama. Lose, lose for America.

  • Krizzia vee

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    • Les Hildebrandt


  • Anonymous

    Thanks Glenn for putting all the pieces together.  I don’t even bother to watch the so-called news, 60-minutes or 20-20 anymore.   They are all too busy interview opera-singers or orchestra-directors or catching us behaving “badly” (What Would YOU Do).   I hope all Nebraska wakes up and sees that their Senator has sold them down the river while making HUGE profits.

  • Corran Horn

    Another case of Obama helping his rich fat cat friends of his that he pretends to hate.

  • Anonymous

    Re: *Note – Warren Buffett announced non life threatening stage one prostate cancer — perhaps a sympathy diversion?  Give me a break!

    • M

      Why mourn the death of an enemy?  For example, Giffords clearly got what she deserved, just happened to be an illegal setting.  Ted Kennedy – same thing – sorry it wasn’t more painful.  Barney Frank?  Obama?  Pelosi?  same.

      More importantly, did you help a Democrat today?  Did you allow one to teach your kids at school, wait on you at a restaurant, or mow your grass?  I always check.  You can’t shine my shoes at the airport if you plan to vote for Obama.  You can’t buy or rent property, buy from me on ebay, or fix my car if you are a Democrat.  It’s a simple matter of integrity. 

  • Anonymous

    I have been saying this since Obama started trying to stop the XL Pipeline!

  • Anonymous

    I seriously doubt Buffett bought BNSF just to haul a dozen trains of oil every day.  It does add to the bottom line, however, and couldn’t hurt.  He bought BNSF because it was gushing cash and a well-run organization.  Besides, Warren is a railfan, he just likes trains.  The Canadian railroads, particularly CN with it’s access to the Gulf, stand to gain more since they are at the source of the Canadian oil being shipped.  However, has anyone consider the coal angle.  BNSF is one of 2 Powder River coal haulers, the other being UP.  A lot of money is being made hauling coal out of that area.  With the EPA coming down hard on coal-fired electric plants, who stands to gain?  Well, that would be UP and BNSF/Buffett because Powder River coal is low in sulphur and plants using it would have an easier time of getting past the new EPA regulations.

  • Anonymous

    Of course congress engages in inside trading. That is a big issue and supposedly they are or have introduced legislation to make it illegal. This came up a couple of months ago with the legislators fighting to be first in line to introduce legislation to fix it, but I haven’t seen anything more on it, so suspect it will be quietly tabled and not be passed.

  • Robert A

    Just what does one have to do in this country to commit treason and be shot for it.
    I’d like to see a long line of people in line for that.

  • Anonymous

    king obama gets caught AGAIN with his pants down…this time without mr. Sinclair being around!!!

  • Anonymous

    Warren Buffett is a liar, plain and simple.

    • Duane Jones

       And who wouldn’t do just exactly what he did if they had his money ??  Money somehow makes people think they deserve more than anybody else. It’s as if the money had led them to believe that they are smarter than the peons who if in the positions of information and power and influence that they are often born into, that they wouldn’t be smart enough to figure this game out ??

  • Sandy Caruso

    It figures! Buffett and Nelson. If Nebraska doesn’t want the pipline there why don’t they run the pipeline down through Montana and Wyoming into Utah. Utah has a huge refinery!

    • Duane Jones

       It isn’t about Nebraska…anywhere would take the pipeline for the sake of creating jobs and the hope of curtailing gas prices a bit…It’s about a corrupt senator and a billionaire who owns BNSF railroad who is currently making a healthy income by moving oil on tank cars instead of inexpensively flowing through a pipeline.  Ben Nelson of the Cornhusker Kickback exemption from Obamacare fame.  Re-elect this fool at your own peril.

  • Anonymous

    He is one of the rich spoken about in the Bible.   He would never get through the eye of a needle.    I hope that when he passes, an autopsy can explain why the guy does and thinks the way he does.   I do not wish the man any ill tidings, but I wonder sometimes why people do what they do while on this earth;  with all his money, he could feed many in this country.    America opened a venue for his wealth, yet he has no respect…this is my opinion of Warren Buffett.

  • Anonymous

    The above article explains why ‘Warren in the Buff’ was playing his ukelele right after Obummer scotched the pipeline.  Nothing is as it seems; you must pull back the curtain.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      please dont insult the toilet

  • Anonymous

    the people of Nebraska, i would bet want it for the jobs

  • Anonymous

    There is more to this story… Check out Xoom Energy!

  • Anonymous

    There is more to this story… Buffet also owns a company called Xoom Energy!

  • Anonymous

    Uhmmm, maybe we should tax Nelson at a higher tax rate, he is such and !% type of guy and an insider at that.  These bleeding heart Dems will tax us to death and eat dog doing it!

  • tosh

    well this was my first statement to my unimpressed wife minutes after the original announcement

  • Anonymous

    Ha, the sweet smell of collusion, it’s a thing of corruption. Nothing to see here, move along, move along!

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm.  Buffet and B. Nelson work together to kill Keystone Pipeline—for their mutual benefit.

    Sorta smacks of cronyism, doesn’t it?   Who cares if jobs would have been created or if it would

    have been good for the American people?        ”Who cares?  We got ours!”

  • Todd Caswell

    God, you got to love this guy…..Crooks stealing from….all. Progressive’s socialist suck!! BD. How will they spin this?? Oh, we know….they bury it…keep’em stupid!! 

  • Ladon Call

    Thanks Glenn for alerting us to another crony connection between Mr. Obama & his friends. It’s not surprising to know that killing the Keystone pipeline lines the pockets of his friend, Warren Buffet, allowing his railroads to profit by hauling the oil.  Why is it not surprising to find out that the congressman who sold out to support Obamacare, Ben Nelson, is also profiting by his involvement in Bufett’s company. I, for one, know that conspiracies have existed since the world began.  Just because people who realize that are ridiculed doesn’t change that. How many times in history have those in power been overthrown by those conspiring for power & wealth? So what makes it unlikely now that those in power conspire?

  • Sharon Lynn

    Glenn sure can find the details on others – too bad he doesn’t look into the details of the mormon church linked to the illuminati.

    or the truth about joseph smith’s 40+ marriages [more than half to women already married to someone else]

    beck rants about buffet and obama but seems to forget that he himself is being used by the same people he claims to hate. It’s very Ironic.

    why did beck dismiss the ‘birthers’ and continue to ignore the truth of the fraud of obama’s EVERY PERSONAL RECORD?  partly because his shallow thinking mind can’t comprehend the evil lucifarian force and people behind the NWO crew. and partly because beck can’t turn his back on the ‘church/cult’ that he thinks brought him to YESHUA = so that same force now has mitt romney as our puppet de jur —- and helping to guide beck with book deals, radio millions and money for this network.

    Matthew 16:26

    For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

    • Lamont Smith

      Sharon Lynn is an IDIOT WHO doesn’t know WTF she is talking about!!!

  • Stacy Clarkson

    Romney is going to win the election November,because he has the big MO..Obama’s main supporters the young and minority’s,have suffered the most in the Obamanomics ..And the Republican base, is mad Hell….And going to turn out in mass,while many former Obama supporters stay at home…

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