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The morning on radio, Glenn played an audio clip of Texas Rep. Joe Barton interrogating DOE Budget Manager Christopher Johns on the reduction of the DOE vehicle fleet. The Inspector General recently came out and said that that the Department of Energy’s fleet needs to be reduced, the problem is, the Budget Manager for the DOE claims to not have a clue how many vehicles it actually has.

The Department of Energy has been “focused” on reducing its fleet by 35%, an interesting claim recently made by their Budget Manager Christopher Johns when he was recently asked about the fleet reduction by Texas Rep. Joe Barton in front of Congress.

Barton first asks Johns to confirm the number of employees there are in the DOE, which is confirmed at 15,000. Next, Barton tried to confirm the number of vehicles in their fleet at 15,000 – the response to that question was a bit different. Without addressing the question about the number of vehicles in the fleet, Johns says, “That’s part of the reason that we’ve been focused on that issue, on reducing the number of vehicles that we have by 35%.”

When Barton tries again to confirm the number of vehicles, Johns says that he would, “prefer not to answer,” “I’m not going to be able to give you that answer,” and a third time says, “I honestly don’t know the number of vehicles.”

“You don’t have a clue and you’re the budget manager for the Department of Energy?” Barton asked again in the audio clip.

This is just one example of the utter incompetence of our government. “Why are they reducing the number if they don’t know how many they have?” Pat said. “Shouldn’t you count them up first.”

Glenn explained that the committee had the documents, so why won’t Barton confirm the number under oath?

“Here’s a question,” Glenn started, “How many vehicles do you think the Department of Energy needs?”

How do they plan on reducing by a percentage without a starting number or the knowledge of how many vehicles they need?

“These people are the biggest liars, I think, we’ve ever assembled in one place,” Pat said.

“So incredibly disingenuous – just bad, bad people,” Glenn added.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So they estimate some 15k vehicles, no exact numbers, and want to reduce it by 35%. This is the same man who in accordance to the Blaze article said that $60 million is a ‘insignificant sum’ and clueless about so many things.

    Lying to Congress, and such are the reason the fifth amendment is growing as the favored part of the Constitution for members of the administration.

    The main thing here is this man should either resign, be removed from office and be in turn investigated for the obvious corruption and coverup within his department. Not only is this admin members telling and spinning lies, they are bad ones at that.

    One more reason to remove Obama in Nov; and shut down the Dept of Energy.

  • Corran Horn

    Christopher Johns is lying or he is incompetent. Let’s fire these people 2012.  

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I have a better idea, why don’t we just abolish the whole DOE? What good has it ever done anyway, since it’s supposed purpose was to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, I think it gets a failing grade. Then those 15,000 government welfare cases can see how the other half lives.

  • Jim Knotts

    Three. One, two, three. Click. There are 3 vehicles in the DOE

  • Jim Knotts

    Three…One, Two, Three. Click. There are three vehicles in the DOE.

  • Anonymous

    What a joke, the bean counter doesn’t know how many vehicles they have. Now we know he is lying…

  • Josh Brogan

    The DOE, like the Health, Education department needs to be elimianted. The department of the Presidency needs to be fumigated. The Department of Defense needs to berestructured. The Department of the Marine Corp needs to be EXPANDED.

    And the Congress needs to meet twice a year in sessions of no more than ten days. The members will receive a ‘per diem’ of twenty five dollars for their ‘services’.  And they can only serve once in the Congress. The ‘term’ being two years.

    I like this idea very much. Wish I had thought it up.

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