Milt Hanks alleges conspiracy of attacks against Chris Stewart in Utah congressional race

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On GBTV Monday night, Glenn interviewed Milt Hanks on his role in bringing to light a series of plan from several congressional candidates in running for the Republican nomination in Utah. Glenn was impressed by Hanks willingness to stand up and expose the deceitful back-room machinations, and he thanked Hanks for giving him hope that there were stil decent people in American politics. You can watch the interview in the clip above.

The controversy was first reported over the weekend in the wake of the heated contest that saw Stewart gain the nomination.

The Salt Lake City Tribune reported:

Eureka Mayor Milt Hanks alleged right before delegates began casting ballots that four contenders had conspired to drop negative information about Stewart — charges that those candidates denied and claimed was foul play by Stewart’s camp.

“Chris Stewart is a bald-faced liar whether you like it or not,” candidate Chuck Williams later alleged at the podium, prompting party officials to temporarily cut his microphone. Williams then withdrew and backed Clark.

Up next, Howard Wallack said that Hanks was a Stewart surrogate and throwing out allegations to gin up support for his friend.

“I know of only one campaign that made negative attacks on any candidates,” Wallack said. “We have to take a long look at a candidate who never buys a booth, never makes a sign and all of sudden comes out with a vile attack.”

The attacks didn’t stop there – Stewart’s opponents also accused him of embellishing his military record.

Milt Hanks said after that Clark, Williams, Wallack and another candidate in the race tried to solicit him in hitting Stewart with negative attacks, the Tribune added.

The Blaze reported that “afterward, an unsigned note note was circulated among voting delegates tying Stewart to a two-year-old controversial ‘temple mailer‘ that attacked ex-Sen. Bob Bennett by linking him to Washington and then-candidate Mike Lee to the Church of Latter-Day Saints.”

Hanks has been attacked for his statements, with some of the attacked calling him a plant for the Stewart campaign.

For his part, Hanks wondered “Are we back to the hog trough of backroom deals and backstabbing politics?”.



  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glad to see someone is willing to stand up against the old backroom deals and slugfest with poisoned pens and venom filled words of the old guard and Chicago style politics. So in the end the opposition has to deal with dirty tricks and such to try and stop their opponents.

    Old tricks of spin, lies and fabrications by the opposition.

    Let the truth come out in full, and those fully responsible called to account for it.

    Mr Hank, good luck on the fishing with your grandkids; teach them how while you still can before Obama cuts all access to fishing off for everyone save himself.

  • Rebecca Howell Bronemann

    There is going to be an investigation.  Let them find out what REALLY happened before its decide in the media.

    • FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof

       Everyone is witnessing the effect of state run media, domestic spying, and tyranny provided by the police state compliments of the coup and cover up.

  • elephant under glass

    Yes, agreed, Glenn Beck if you had the integrity to truly find the truth regardless of your camaraderie with Stewart, you would be interviewing all parties involved. As you well know, there are always two (or more) sides to the story. Dig deep.

  • Anonymous

    Wow!  What an incredicle interview Glenn.  Please continue exposing the truth. 

  • Anonymous

    Its been a while since I posted a comment but this needs to be addressed.Both myself and my friend are county and state delegates for the state of Utah. and to give everybody a run down on the situation with Stuart and Hatch. The one blowing the whistle on the state convention was an opponent of Stuart. Hanks who was running against him finally got sick of the lies being told about him (and by the way I am not a stuart supporter he is not from my district) from the pulpit and stated that although he was running against stuart he proceeded to start pointing out each accusation and distortion made by the other delegates and the lies being told about him.he had to be escorted out under security protection. There seems to have been some bias against stuart because even buttons were being handed out saying “anyone but stuart” This incensed candidates like Eagar and others and apparently a short free for all on controlling the microphone and disruption in protocol and convention procedure ensued. Whether all was true that Hanks said or not shows that this blame game is not one sided. I don’t think the rest of the country realizes or is grateful for what we have managed to do. It is more and more evident that here in Utah we were almost Republican party establishment railroaded. We had THE senior incumbent senator spend 6 million dollars to get re-elected here( a large chunk of that money coming from the party itself). I was thoroughly disgusted at my county convention (and my friend told me the exact thing happened at the state convention) that Hatch’s whole campaign strategy message was basically to bring home the pork, Save Hill AFB- Which isn’t on the closure list, maintain Social Security and Medicare Medicaid (no serious reform proposed),make certain the rich pay their fair share( I don’t need Obama’s class war fare from him) and then try to convince the delegates that the republicans had nothing to do with this 15 trillion national debt (His Words at my convention). Went on NPR here in Salt Lake and called the conservatives of his own party radical Neo- Libertarians that he despised, And despite all that we have forced him into a primary june election. I had to watch as our Caucuses mysteriously became all about supporting Hatch and maintaining Social security and medicare/medicaid benefits as the Baby boomer generation came out en mass for Hatch and were willing to sacrifice all conservative and constitutional  principles and their children and grand children’s futures as long as they GOT THEIRS from the Social programs that were started and continue to be no more than political bribes, lies, and legal Ponzy schemes because they themselves squandered their means of support and didn’t prepare for the future(my generation is even worse). Yet despite all this we largely held the line. So any one tells you that Utah conservatives have sold out is sadly misinformed we were just ground zero and manged to hold off largely the right wing progressives here.

    • Anonymous

      There is no mystery to supporting Hatch at the local level. It was obvious to attendees at every one of the precincts in our area (10 of them all met the same night at one high school in our town), that the choice was between a senior lawmaker who had the opportunity to be in a major position of influence–who was aligned with his constituents social values, and sending an untried junior nobody into the elbowing of the Senate. What’s mysterious about that? 6 mil. in Campaign money was money wasted. I doubt advertising had anything to do with it.

  • nataliec

    Milt Hanks is NOT a decent human being.  He is a LIAR!!!  He had absolutely no proof to back his allegations against the other candidates.  What he did was DIRTY POLITICS!  HE is the one that played dirty, not anyone else.  He knew that none of the candidates that he was speaking ill of would be able to defend themselves after his speech.  Milt Hanks should be very ASHAMED of himself and so should you Glenn Beck for only reporting one side of the story!

    • Blake Johnson

       Natalie, you’re a boob. Get some fresh air.

    • Anonymous

      To some degree I feel the same way. When Mr.
      Hanks spoke at our county convention he slammed all the other candidates as
      fakes and phonies. He did it in a mean sort of way. When I spoke to him in the
      hall afterworlds he displayed total contempt for those candidates that had any professional
      looking ads.

      At the state convention he pretty much did
      the same thing, plus… He again blasted all the candidates and said all the delegates
      were being treated like prostitutes. He then hinted that Mr. Chris Stewart had
      something to hide and the other candidates were going to expose him and were
      making back room deals. He then started naming names. Only 4 of the 9 other candidates
      were named (not counting Chris). It hit the fan then. I was able to speak to 2
      of the named candidates within minutes of the speech. For some reason they were
      trying to say Mr. Stewart was to blame. I then found one of Mr. Stewart’s
      staff. It is hard to tell you just how concerned he was. The staff felt Mr. Stewart
      had a stink bomb tossed at him too. Mr. Stewart came and sat with us. He too
      seemed very concerned about the comments Mr. Hanks made. I told him not to
      worry that most of the delegates would see this just as a ploy of Mr. Hanks. In
      that I was wrong.

      When I joined the other delegates in the
      seats the rumors started. Many of those seated felt that no matter if Mr Hanks
      spoke the truth or not that there was a risk that Mr. Stewart was mixed up in
      something. More and more delegates were talking about voting for anyone not mentioned
      by Mr. Hanks. Not looking good for Mr. Stewart at that time. However, as time
      went on the nasty comments and accusations from the staff of the candidates
      named started to filter through the crowed. Off to the side we could all watch
      the hostilities. Then we seen first hand candidates that were respected for the
      most part turn mean and ugly. I personally was a big fan of Mrs. Eager. It was
      sickening to watch a fine person go from hurt in her speech to mean then to
      vindictive. Mr. Stewart stayed on message. He did say that we, “will know
      truth when you hear it and like wise know untruths when you hear that

      When all was done and said we could not hear
      what was said because the candidate’s actions were so loud. And that is why Mr.
      Stewart won despite the stink bomb tossed by Mr. Hanks.

      When all was done and said we could not hear
      what was said because the candidate’s actions were so loud. And that is why Mr.
      Stewart won despite the stink bomb tossed by Mr. Hanks.

      • Anonymous

        must be one of his family members eh?

        • Anonymous

          ???  I was an Eager fan at the beging of the race.

  • Marlene Klein

    That Anonymous sure causes a lot of trouble. We’re all anonymous in a way. Except for these front men.  God gave us only one mouth…but two ears….listen twice as much as we speak.  

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Serious people- serious deals. Don’t  be a target. Make a donation.

  • sarah jane tolentino

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  • Anonymous

    Dear glenn,
    I was there last Sat.  And I find your support of Chris Stewart’s side of things very biased.  Milt Hanks filed on the last day, didn’t buy one camp. sign, attended no debates, recieved no delegate letters and bragged that he only spent 1,700. dollars of his own money 600 of which was the filing fee.  All he wanted he said was to give a convention speech.  I’m afraid that your friendship with Chris Stewart is clouding your judgement.  Shame on you Mr. Beck, shame on you.

    • Anonymous

      Did you ever hear Hanks speak at the county conventions??  I did, he was there to just express his dislike for the political system.  He attacked all candidates.  I spoke to Hanks in Sevier County.  He expressed dislike toward all the other candidates and said they were buying our votes and treating the public like prostitutes.  He even took a stabb at Mr. Stewart when he commented that the other candidates were not real and just because they can buy helpers to sell them or write books to sell themselve does not make them worthy to run.   Hmmm…doesn’t sound like a Stewart fan.

  • Kevin Warnick

    Milt Hanks actions make him guilty of the very thing he claims to despise.  Hurling unproven allegations at candidates who had no opportunity to respond before voting took place was in and of itself underhanded and low.  You do your show a disservice to set this guy up as some kind of hero.  Your show is about exposing the truth, and in this case I’m afraid you rushed to judgement and missed the mark. 

  • Rebecca Howell Bronemann

    The investigation report is in.  Here is the conclusion: Conclusions
    My conclusion, based on the facts that I know now, is that Mr. Hanks believed what he said to be correctwhen he said it. I believe he acted according to his conscience but he did not consider the full impact hisactions would have on the elections or on the reputations of these individuals and their families formaking allegations against them. Mr. Hanks acted irresponsibly by accusing four candidates of misconduct with no evidence to support his claims. I could not find any evidence that Mr. Clark, Mrs.Eagar, Mr. Wallack, and Mr. Williams were guilty of the misconduct alleged by Mr. Hanks during hisspeech. Mr. Hanks, by his own admission, does not know where the letter/communication originated
    and can’t prove any candidate was responsible for it. Mr. Hanks was handed a copy of the letter on
    Friday, April 20, by an unknown woman at a mall in Provo. The burden was on Mr. Hanks to prove hisallegations and he has been unable to do so.

    Mr Hanks apologized, “I apologize for the
    parts of my speech at the Convention which may have impacted Dave Clark,Cherilyn Eagar, Howard Wallack, Chuck Williams and others without proper documentation. Ispoke what I believe to be the truth based on conversations I had with other candidates. It wasunfair of me to not verify that my suspicions were true before making accusations during my speech. The Party is better than this. Utah is better than this.”

  • Pops

    At first, I didn’t know what to think of Milt Hanks’ accusation that all of the alleged members of the ABC club would line up behind the second-place candidate. Then they did EXACTLY what Milt said they were going to do, It was quite dramatic, with the other candidates wearing Dave Clark buttons, Cherilyn Eagar pumping her fist, and Chuck Williams getting the microphone cut off with his inflammatory accusation. I could hardly believe my eyes and ears, but there it was.

    If it was foul play by Chris Stewart, it was extremely clever, putting the other candidates into a box where they had only two choices: do nothing and lose to Chris Stewart, or do what Milt Hanks said they were going to do and lose to Chris Stewart.

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