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On GBTV Monday night, Glenn interviewed Milt Hanks on his role in bringing to light a series of plan from several congressional candidates in running for the Republican nomination in Utah. Glenn was impressed by Hanks willingness to stand up and expose the deceitful back-room machinations, and he thanked Hanks for giving him hope that there were stil decent people in American politics. You can watch the interview in the clip above.

The controversy was first reported over the weekend in the wake of the heated contest that saw Stewart gain the nomination.

The Salt Lake City Tribune reported:

Eureka Mayor Milt Hanks alleged right before delegates began casting ballots that four contenders had conspired to drop negative information about Stewart — charges that those candidates denied and claimed was foul play by Stewart’s camp.

“Chris Stewart is a bald-faced liar whether you like it or not,” candidate Chuck Williams later alleged at the podium, prompting party officials to temporarily cut his microphone. Williams then withdrew and backed Clark.

Up next, Howard Wallack said that Hanks was a Stewart surrogate and throwing out allegations to gin up support for his friend.

“I know of only one campaign that made negative attacks on any candidates,” Wallack said. “We have to take a long look at a candidate who never buys a booth, never makes a sign and all of sudden comes out with a vile attack.”

The attacks didn’t stop there – Stewart’s opponents also accused him of embellishing his military record.

Milt Hanks said after that Clark, Williams, Wallack and another candidate in the race tried to solicit him in hitting Stewart with negative attacks, the Tribune added.

The Blaze reported that “afterward, an unsigned note note was circulated among voting delegates tying Stewart to a two-year-old controversial ‘temple mailer‘ that attacked ex-Sen. Bob Bennett by linking him to Washington and then-candidate Mike Lee to the Church of Latter-Day Saints.”

Hanks has been attacked for his statements, with some of the attacked calling him a plant for the Stewart campaign.

For his part, Hanks wondered “Are we back to the hog trough of backroom deals and backstabbing politics?”.