Are we on the path to Egypt?

On GBTV Monday night, Glenn explained how we are getting closer and closer to being on the same path as Egypt was just a little over a year ago. How does it tie into May Day? Watch the clips below to find out:

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    In an nutshell: YES.

    • jen

      And you and other Beckbots are so thrilled at this as this is what you’ve waiting and working for with Romney and the Republican party. 

      • Anonymous

        well at least he is not a dog eating commie..

  • Harry G

     And what a sickening spectacle
    THAT was. At the whatever Washington corespondents dinner thing. Hobnobbing with the celebrities there and it would have made my stomach ill. I never pay attention to those weird Hollywood celebrity over-rated nincompoops who spout their activist causes is such a turn off that I’ve never bought a People Magazine or any of the other Star Magazines because I really feel icky just noticing they are for sale in the grocery store. Those phoney baloney people who showed up there are irrelevant. I was comforted only by seeing a few very admirable people there. Sir Allen West was there, Eric Cantor, more I can’t think of as I’m getting tired right now. BUT MOSTLY I WAS NOT IMPRESSED!

  • Ling Ling

    I’ve always thought we should have a national, or even an international workers’ strike –PERMANENTLY.  That is exactly the way to handle it; stop buying, stop banking, and even stop working!  Stop talking about the bad guys, stop giving them any attention, and simply do not pay any attention to them…ignore them as if they don’t exist, AND ignore their phony rules!  Only face the light and go in that direction, ONLY. Whatever they do behind your back is their business, just don’t involve yourself with it.

    • Anonymous

      you mention strike and turn the other cheek. and pretend it is not happening.. all at once? makes you seem..well.. confused..

  • nutt

    To claim that the events in Tarir Square were part of anything to do with the OWS is utterly ridiculous. Those 1% clowns don’t have anything like the balls it took for those Egyptians to stand up to a military dictatorship. Not for the first time, Glenn’s joining dots to try and back up his ‘Somthing Is Coming’ (‘Scary Machine’) theory. By decrying the Egyptian revolution he’s actually taking a swipe at the human spirit that wants to be free of dictatorship. That actually stood up in the face of tanks and guns and made something happen. OWS would/could never do that because their ‘struggle’ is so unfocused and meaningless in comparison.

    • Anonymous

      wow.. so you actually think that the egyptian people are now better off under the muslim brotherhood? and yes that 1% theory holds true logic. they raped and stoned “reporters” during this brave act.. yet the iranians were left to die in the streets.. why..

      • nutt

        They’re free to chose their leaders.  If they make a bad choice, then so be it – but it’s better that they have choice, rather than live under violent dictatorship. Do you think it right that people should live under dictatorship?

        • Anonymous

          yes they are… free.. to choose.. a new dictatorship.. and sharia law.. you are correct.. sorry i said anything… yay.. democracy..

        • Anonymous

          there was more in the post than egypt.. oh yeah.. iran is.. ok.. the 1% theory?

          • nutt

            Any comparison of OWS and Egypt is too ridiculous. So a small number actually had the guts to put their lives on the line? That they wasn’t a popular counter-revolution (which would have been easy – 99% PLUS the army) indicated that those people had a backing that OWS can (and probably do) only dream of having. Same with Tunisia and Libya. The ‘1% theory’ isn’t a theory; it’s a coincidence. Glenn sees a bunch of people gathering in Cairo and says ‘oh look – OWS gather together, ergo OWS is the same – just look at it!’. They’re worlds apart. Comparing them to everyday Egyptians is pathetic. No OWS-er would have had the guts to do what those people did.

        • Anonymous

          First a vacuum was created when they overthrew the government and now the Muslim Brotherhood has a majority…… So sometime in the future religious police will patrol looking for breakers of the faith….. already since the take over Egyptian Christians have been killed and their churches burned because they are not muslim…. so this change is more like the French Revolution than the American Revolution as far as these people living under a dictatorship….. nothing is changing there the new regime will probably be worse than the last….

        • Anonymous

          When that dictatorship isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood, yes.  You see, the Egyptians were better off under the dictatorship of one man than they are under the dictatorship of the Muslim Brotherhood.  What you FAIL to realize is that they replaced one dictator with an even WORSE dictator.  If you think that’s freedom, that means ONLY your own lack of logic is showing.

  • Marian Pajarillo

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  • Anonymous

    Is this a portrait of GB becoming more and more delusional? Do the daily lectures of fear fortify his fans or drive them to buy the products shilled on this site? What do you think the actual shelf life of OWS will be this time around? Once the anarchists in the groups get a little ticked off and start vandalism, game over. The mayors of the major cities are not going to let it go down the way it did last fall.  The mainstream American public is sick of this movement. The disparity between executive compensation and employee compensation wlll only be reined in by shareholder actions, not college students looking for a cause. There is no Tahir Square moment to be had today or at any time in the next week.

    Ultimately this whole schtick by GB is insulting to his listeners; as if the rest of us (those who haven’t heard the “Bible of How Things Really Are” according to Beck), can’t figure this stuff out for ourselves.

  • Anonymous

    Wow.  Is this the kind of mind-numbing dribble being aired on GBTV?  “Ahhh, I don’t know what tomorrow looks like.”,  “The end begins tomorrow.”  Really? Hasn’t GB been saying this for years? 

    America is turning into Egypt?  Really?  Egyptians protested against Mubarak because of corruption and because he was murdering peaceful protesters, among other crimes.  I don’t
    see the parallel. 

    The occupy movement has been around for a while and they do what every American has the right to do…protest.  I guess GB would have thought the civil rights movement was dangerous” too. There’s a lot to protest about. How about fraudulent securities dreamed
    up by hedge fund criminals?   If you like commercial exploitation of the paranoid, GB is for you!

  • Anonymous

    How sad you people are. It breaks my heart to see such stupidity in this country. I wish I too knew how to save us but with people like 279bluere and nutt I fear we are too far gone. All I know to do now is pray for my children. Say what you will about GB but at least you were warned. The only true way to save this country is to turn your face to God and repent. I have never been a very religous person but even I can see that he is the only one who can save this once great country!

    • Anonymous

      Nice to know that you think I am too far gone and stupid. I’ll take my chances with the Good Lord above and his Son who I accepted as my only savior a long time ago. Daily, I must repent for my shortcomings. Glenn Beck is not going to be the one to lead me to any chance of salvation;quite to the contrary.

      As you failed to provide any reasoning in your typed conclusion as to my intellectual  ineptitude is it because: a) I believe GB is a fear monger; b) I do not believe that OWS will effectuate any change in our society (other than waste police and municipal resources); c) I believe that shareholders can effectuate changes to over the top executive compensation plans; d) I believe GB intentionally builds himself up to be some sort of prophet of the end times becase it is good for his business?

      I will gladly debate ideas with you without judging you or your path.

    • nutt

      If pointing out hypocricy and lies goes down as ‘stupidity’ in your book, then I worry for children as well…

  • Corran Horn

    Let them try it. They will lose.

  • Oo Jeremy oOo

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  • Aviem Farkash

    I’m sure Breibart knew something !!!! That’s why he was murdered !!!!!!

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