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Dan Savage earns a living giving people sex advice, which usually amounts to nothing more than just encouraging students and others to engage in sexual activity. Not surprisingly, he’s no fan of the Bible. In a recent speech to students, the founder of the ‘It Gets Better’ anti-bullying campaign decided not to talk about bullying but instead rip Christians and the Bible.

Watch the shocking video below:

“Nothing wrong with anti‑bullying stuff,” Glenn said.

“It’s very good stuff. We should all get along, we should all work together, we can disagree with each other but we don’t have to hate each other, we don’t have to do any of that stuff. And I think we’ve made great progress as human beings on being decent to each other. But we are being dragged back to absolute hatred every step of the way.”

Glenn, however, was not a fan of the Dan Savage bashed the Bible and encouraged people in attendance to ridicule those who chose to turn the other cheek and exit the lecture rather than hear someone beat up on their most sacred text.

“He just beats on the Bible and beats on the Bible and these kids get up and walk out and they ‑‑ they’re cheered as they’re walking out like good, good riddance. And then he starts to bash them while they’re out in the hallway. This is an anti‑bullying campaign.”

“So at an anti‑bullying conference, he calls the kids who get up and leave pansy ass,” Pat said.

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