Glenn: Do we have a chance at turning the country around…or is it too late?

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Is it too late to turn things around? That’s a question that has plagued Glenn over the past few weeks and months as he sees the country slide further and further into progressivism, socialism, and even anarchy. On a day marked by communist protests in NYC, Glenn was struck with the need to explain why he had doubts that things could be turned around, and why he ultimately does feel that those who live lives based in principles and values and faith will win.

“The country as we know it is over,” Glenn said.

He explained that we have become financially and morally bankrupt. Apathetic. Ignorant. As a country we have lost our work ethic and our critical thinking. Many have become greedy and willing to take what they feel they deserve from other people. Just look at the protests in New York City and across the country. He said people are now unwilling to do the hard things now for future benefits and are willing to tell lies or accept falsehoods in order to achieve temporary comfort.

Meanwhile, those who try and do good are outmanned and outgunned. Glenn explained that the left has been preparing for thirty years and have built a structure that will be difficult, if not impossible, to overcome. They are organized. They have the colleges, the media, and some of the most powerful people in the country on their side.

And, unlike during the American Revolution, we as a people are not morally prepared to understand, live and stand up for correct principles.

Meanwhile, Glenn said that we have a very small group that has never organized before, are not used to being activists, have always been in the majority culture. Glenn said that we have no history or claim on civil rights movements, are portrayed as having an unsympathetic cause, and are being painted by the global elites as the cause of the problem.

Even worse, conservatives have their accepted defining culture defined as religious, white and “Lee Greenwood”. There is no claim on popular culture, no music to define a movement, and no art that historically accompanies counter-cultures. And make no mistake, conservatives have now become a counter-culture.

Glenn said that those who should stand are either overwhelmed, afraid or asleep and unwilling to wake.

However, there is a way out. First of all, this audience and this movement believes in something eternal and they believe that they are on the side of divine providence. And God is not neutral in the affairs of man. Glenn said that that belief and that commitment will help propel us to victory.

Glenn also laid out four steps that will help save the country.

1) Commit to a code
2) Activate – Do all we can to win politically
3) Live it
4) Cultivate Culture

Glenn will be explaining more in the weeks ahead on GBTV.

He added that while you may leave your comfort zone and you may be called crazy – you will leave anger and fear behind and find joy in honor, courage and love.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Indeed for some time now America as we HAVE known her is past; what now remains to be decided is which way we will BECOME in the near future and on the two paths we will follow.

    We will finish the choice this very month; as the time is now at hand for us to select:

    Freedom, Liberty,Restoration of the Nation, Limited Government, or Serfdom under an all powerful, uncaring, corrupt machine ruled by a handful of enlightened tyrants who will not hesitate to eliminate anyone on a mere whim.

    Choose today, the past is in the past; now we chose what the nation and our people are to become – free or slave?


    For me and my house, we will serve the Lord and the cause of freedom as endowed in all men by Providence of God Himself.

    • Anonymous

      My choice is for freedom, liberty, limited government, and restoring the nation. I deserve to be treated as a FREE MAN subservient only to G-d, and not a slave, either to the federal government or to any Foreign Power. I WILL NOT COMPLY!

      Dear G-d, King of the Universe, please protect, defend, and
      deliver Israel and of Israel’s inhabitants from the forces of darkness.
      Please bring them out of darkness and into the light, out of grief and mourning
      and into eternal joy and happiness. I accept You thoroughly into my life and
      have been, and will continue to, fast one meal a day in praying for peace in
      Jerusalem; for protecting, blessing, and comforting the IDF and the Christians
      and Jews being persecuted all over the world; and for forgiveness, redemption,
      and salvation for all of Israel, my family, and myself for any sins we have
      done in our lives. I repent and forsake all of my sins and will continue to do
      so until my dying breath. May You, L-rd our G-d, King of the Universe, please
      grant Your loving kindness and tender mercies upon Israel, her people, the Tea Party, members of the United States military and their families, G-d fearing Americans, my
      family, my friends, and myself. Please don’t cast me out of Your House and out
      of Heaven, please don’t banish my soul to Hell, I humbly beseech thee, please
      forgive me, wash me thoroughly of my iniquities and cleanse me of my sins,
      restore upon me a clean heart and a righteous spirit. I am truly sorry for
      sinning against You, knowingly or unknowingly, for I am an imperfect human being who has lived his life
      in spiritual darkness and was spiritually ‘blind’ but now I see and am still in the
      process of seeing the Truth and trying to live Your Ways beyond barely observing the
      Hebrew holidays and  the Sabbath and praying many times a day. I shall
      continue to serve You and only You, L-rd our G-d, King of the Universe, until
      the end of my days on this earth. Please, please forgive me of my sins and
      iniquities. Blessed are You, L-rd, our G-d, King of the Universe, for having
      returned my soul in me in compassion and for keeping Israel safe and alive. I
      beseech thee, please deliver Israel from all of her enemies and to allow me to
      be amongst the flock in Your Kingdom and please do not banish me to Hell and
      out of Your Kingdom in Heaven. I will continue to pray for peace and salvation
      for Israel and her people every day and every night until my days on this earth
      are no more. Amen. 
      May G-d bless the State of Israel, may G-d bless you, your family, and their loved ones and may G-d keep the Republic. Amen.

  • Anonymous

     a rich white american who gets to say whatever he wants on the radio and across the internet is somehow oppressed? somehow who can gather thousands in front of the lincoln memorial, in our nation’s capital, and talk about jesus and god is somehow religiously or otherwise oppressed? this guy cannot be serious? and what is this mythical united states he is talking about? the one where we enslaved people? racially segregated and disfranchised people? lynched people with impunity? discriminate against people because of race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, etc. every generation bemoans the next. and the next. ad infinitum. and, most importantly, there is no one way things are supposed to be. beck’s apocalyptic prophecies only keep him in business for the long haul. go read about alien landings: much more entertaining conspiracy theory.

    • Anonymous

      He’s a talented media personality, that’s why Glenn has a platform.  It’s not a sin for him to prosper in this regard.  He’s not claiming oppression here, but claiming that oppression is on it’s way for conservative thinking in this country.  
      Slavery only lasted for 87 years in this country, but language in the federalist papers written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay helped inspire Abraham Lincoln to enact the Emancipation Proclamation and the 149 years since kind of trumps the first 87.  The Bible and Uncle Tom’s Cabin were also literary influences in this regard.  Segregation slowly died through the inherent transparency of how unreasonably stupid it was. By the way, sexual orientation has never been discriminated by any policy ever in American history.  
      If homosexual marriages became legal, it would not constitute the overturning of any existing law.  There is no specific language stating, “Men cannot marry men, and women cannot marry women.” Until recent years, no legislators or litigators ever thought the word marriage meant anything but a union between a man and a woman.  I have a news flash for you, marriage was instituted with Adam and Eve.  The definition of marriage is a union between a man and a woman.  Gay marriage isn’t a law change, it’s the redefining of a word to mean something completely different in scope.  Ever read 1984 and how Big Brother tried to change the meaning of words to fit an agenda and what it leads to?
      That’s what progressive is though, you fit the mold.  The gay marriage thing is just one example of how the left will create a problem where there wasn’t one.  Nobody cared about gay marriage until the left invented the issue.  Nobody, on the left or the right cared about contraception.  Mind you, Barack Obama made a legislative decision based on his own opinions of contraception, not Rick Santorum.  The left only just waited and criticized the Catholic viewpoint they already knew he held.  The left invented the contraception debate.  And now Rachel Maddow invents the war on women.  What’s next?

      • Anonymous

        Orwell actually was a socialist, (fighting the fascists mind you) back when that word meant something specific, not just a boogeyman word. And if you want to see the best implementation of big brother, look no further than the data mining centers being built for the GWOT, which started under W. Bush and has continued under Obama. 

        • Anonymous

          This country is as close to the complete polar opposite of big brother than any other civilization in world history.

      • Anonymous

         Some good points, Bert. But I’m not really sure how the last 149 years trumps anything. And segregation didn’t “slowly die.” It took decades of social agitation, decades of legal fighting by the NAACP and others, and several monumental pieces of federal legislation to end Jim Crow. And if you know anything about southern massive resistance, the forestalling of public school desegregation, among many other things, you will know that much of the white power structure in the South never thought racial segregation was stupid. But all I was really trying to say in the above passage was that this golden age GB speaks of never existed.  

        Regardless of the religious implications for certain people, “marriage” is something granted by the state and comes with benefits. Maybe the state should just get out of the marriage business? Forget changing the meanings of words, why don’t we just change the word–everyone can just get civil unions and if you want “marriage,” your pastor can confer that on you. 
          As far as the progressive left creating a problem where none existed, what about child labor laws or the eight-hour work day? That list could go on. And, I’m sorry, but gay people certainly cared about such things. Besides, I was not only referring to state-sanctioned discrimination.
          Talk about inventing problems—GB’s whole MO revolves around such invention. He’s constantly complaining that not enough people care about the stories he breaks (creates). Yes, what is next? While in Kabul yesterday Obama secretly met with a guy who knows a guy who has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and is a descendent of Karl Marx and who once brushed shoulders with Cass Sunstein on the way to the bathroom at the University of Chicago. The end is near.

        • Anonymous

          When did I ever make reference as to what Orwell was?  Him being a socialist is something that could be argued about for centuries being as Animal Farm was written to discredit Stalinism specifically.
          And let me reiterate.  Marriage is a word, it has a definition and I’m sick of degenerate pricks telling me otherwise.

          • Anonymous

             did you even read my post? I said nothing about orwell and never challenged your definition of marriage. And would you say segregation “died” or that social activism “killed” it? As as far as progressivism is concerned, can you name a form of social organization, a sovereign power, empire, nation state, economic structure that has transcended time and space and never changed? I’m not agitating for the overthrow or destruction of capitalism, but it won’t last…it can’t. Capitalism itself has changed–fordist mass production and consumption, postfordist flexible accumulation and consumerism, etc. Get over the myth of the free market, it’s never existed in this country. never. 

          • Anonymous

            I replied to the wrong guy sorry

          • Anonymous

            I also don’t want you to talk to me anymore, see if your bright mind can accomplish that one.

        • Anonymous

          Btw, thanks for summarizing why in fact segregation did die slowly, very slowly.

    • Debbie Allison Schreiber

       hey .. go read your occupy commy handbook  and buzz off .. was I talkin to you … ahhhh no

  • Debbie Allison Schreiber

    We listened to Trevor Loudon over the weekend .. and the first time I felt hope .. those that have listened, have worked, have been giving our all for three years sometimes get discouraged.  He reminded me how far we have come … is it going to be easy  NO .. Can We do this ..Yes .. Glenn is right .. our belief in God is what will help us … thru the hard times .. and they are sure to come … Do I know what is coming .. probably not .. but I am a country gal .. I have food .. acreage .. and a plan to help all my friends and family .. we will adapt .. are there others that don’t understand .. what is the book ?.. Survivors Guide … take the test … I am a realist … I don’t foresee all bad .. some people are not prepared .. but I can only help the ones I can help .. Glenn also taught me that

    • CIAriggingElectionClick4Proof

      How do we stop tyranny after the coup and cover up?

      • Debbie Allison Schreiber

         it will be a different world .. but you start at the beginning again .. but this time we do it right .. we don’t allow what happened this time to happen again … you start with your kids and your grandkids, you teach them about God, responsibility, love, kindness .. we may have to fight .. but whatever it takes it takes .. … have you ever seen the movie red dawn … take that as a hollywood reality … an build on it … we start at the beginning ..

  • CIAriggingElectionClick4Proof

    After the coup and cover up I really don’t know.

  • Anonymous

    We’ll get back to where we were as soon as people can regather their discerning minds and put them to use.  When you see that it’s not right to be jealous of anyone for having more than you do, you’ll stop complaining and work harder.  When we all get back to that the collective achievement you’ll see will be just more of the same great America we’ve grown accustomed to in the past.

  • Nonof Urbusiness

    Find your center. That center is not running with the herd. Those who are running with the herd are self centered. You must be centered in your understanding of God. God within is love, peace, and stillness. There is no FEAR there. There is no fear in the center. God is in you as you are in God. One.

  • Nonof Urbusiness

    We are the light. We must shine in the darkness. Darkness has fallen upon the world. Good has become evil and evil good. We must out shine the darkness. This is not a religion of the EGO as it is on the left. It is a religion, a faith, a hope, a charity of the heart.
    Gandhi knew this, Martin L. King knew this. And we must know this in our heart.
    It is the transformation of the heart that is our salvation. We no longer serve our self!
    We, the the Muslim, serve something larger then our self, only is it LOVE and not HATE as it is with the Muslim extremists. Love comes from within, Hate comes from the EGO. If you have God within you ARE NOT FILLED WITH HATE as with the Muslim extreemist. THEY are not trying to reveal the light of their faith. They are trying to control others becasue of the weakness with in. Love or hate we must choose.

    This was said of America at one time in our history:
     “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither
    do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on
    its stand, and it gives light to everyone inthe house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

  • Anonymous

    There is a book that was published in 1864 , this 2007 edition is a reprint – the book was originally published in
    1864) does a rather comprehensive job of presenting writings and quotes
    from authorities outside the United States commenting on its founding,
    as well as providing actual US Government documentation and founders’
    writings showing devotion and preference to the Christian faith.It was out of print for 140 years. See what non progressive writing looks like.

    free at archive.

  • Anonymous

    There is a good chance for the country to “turn it self around”.
    Luckily, intelligent Americans know that an essential step to turn around our great country is to ignore conspiracy/apocalyptic hate mongers like glenn beck.
    As always…
    I hope glenn beck continues his current path of bigotry and hatred because it will lead to an earlier demise!!! 

    • Anonymous

      There was a good chance in 1980 when Reagan actually did something to turn around the economy, today after three years of Obama not so much.

    • SoThere

      Don’t worry strtlk, President Romney will straighten everything out.  There’s nothing you Leftist Freaks can do that can’t be undone.

      Stop your whining and crying you tick on the A$$ of humanity.

      Bhwaaaaaaaa  Bhwaaaaaaaaa


    • greywolfrs

      As I stated before, you really should look up the definition of bigotry, then look in a mirror, sticky chin.

  • Anonymous

    Can we turn things around?  Ultimately not — but that doesn’t mean we don’t try.  We are all called to try to lead as many souls to Heaven as we are able.  We must fight the good fight.  It will be ugly.

  • landofaahs

    It may not be too late if we turn toGod #1.  Then we must cut spending at the same time we cut taxes.  Social Security retirement age needs to be raised to 69. For anyone around 50, they will have a choice to stay on social security, all others will not receive it, but will not pay into the Soc. Sec. system and are allowed to put into a 401K with the ability to invest in anything you wish, not just what the govt. says you can.  You should be able to invest in Gold, land,stocks(ones you pick) realestate or whatever.  We need to open up all energy in the U.S. with the provision it stays in America and if a company tries to hold back on say pumping oil on federal land, then the lease should be taken away and given to someone who will, until we get gas to $1 a gal if possible.  Get rid of the EPA, dept of Ed. and all the onerous regulations,  Then we may have a chance. 

  • Anonymous

    We will never change things as long as we accept any of the social engineering programs. If we do not accept personal responsibility to take care of one another instead of allowing government programs to do it we will always be burdened with overreaching government and government straining to expand its influence.

    We must sever the ties between government and the economy. How can we say, keep this program but eliminate this one? It will ALWAYS be a struggle if our principles do not say “NO!” to all programs.

    Our government has ONE rightful role – to protect our sovereignty and rights guaranteed by our Constitution. That’s it. To do so gives government the right to set up a justice system and a military to protect our country. That’s it. Everything else is superfluous and wrong.

    How do you say, end food stamps but do not end Social Security? How do you say, end The Fed but keep the Department of Education? How do you say, keep welfare but end government housing? You can not pick and choose. It’s a losing game. And none of it is the province of government for a free people. It all has to end!

    God gave us all free will. God gave us all the mandate to treat each other as we would want to be treated. God gave us all the mandate that we should care for one another by charity and through love. God says governments may come and go – give to them what belongs to them – but never forget His Will trumps all.

    If your neighbor starves to death and there is no welfare system, that neighbor didn’t starve to death because there was no welfare system. He/she starved to death because there wasn’t enough Christian love in his/her neighbors to reach out. Our ancestors understood this.

    You may cry – What about MY wealth? I don’t have enough to keep someone else alive! If everyone keeps more of their own wealth, if we’re all able to be investors and financially ambitious without the oppression of corporate fascism standing on socialist welfare we will all be more wealthy. And more wealth in the hands of Christians that believe in Charity and spreading the word of God are worth infinitely more to the downtrodden than whatever the conceivable “perfect socialist utopia” can put together.  

    Shake off the chains of slavery and tyranny while you can do it voluntarily! Don’t parse the issues. Let us cleans ourselves of this lie that government can make things better and do it right this time!

    • Sue E Kellogg

       Your right on.  God Bless ya

    • Anonymous

       Well said!

    • Millie Williams

      Um…because I PAID for Social Security? Not a good example to use….

      • Anonymous

        If you’ve paid taxes, what services haven’t you paid for? Not a good response to use.

      • Anonymous

        Have you ever added up what you actually paid in.  We are giving much more out than people paid in.  I live on S.S. but I know it must be phased out.

    • Anonymous

      “He/she starved to death because there wasn’t enough Christian love in his/her neighbors to reach out.”  It is NOT Christian love – it is brotherly love.  Love one another as I have loved you.  The whole parable about the good Samaritan was not about the Church or the Government it was about individual responsibility to treat others as you would be treated.

      Here is a man that is NOT a Christian – he will be with the sheep when God passes judgment, he will not be going with the goats.

      • Anonymous

        Christianity means being a follower of Christ. Being Born Again, and living accordingly. “Christian love” means loving according to Christ’s teachings. I didn’t say a word about the church. My entire comment was referring to individual responsibility.

        As for your example of a “non-Christian” for whom you seem confident in predicting God’s final judgement:

        “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, but by me.” – Jesus Christ

        Works without faith are dead and faith without works is dead.

        • Anonymous

          The answers are there for us all to ponder.  You are so on target…all it takes to heal every aspect in our lives is to turn to Him, our Lord and Savior.    It’s what keeps me faithful, grounded and confident that whatever is in store is Gods will.   We will prevail.
          Thank you wish and hope is that many will turn to Him.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry man, but I don’t want to see most of those programs ended.  I don’t want to end food stamps, social security, or government housing.  I would like to see an uptick in charitable giving in each of these areas, and a lot of reforms to their programs, but I don’t want the government to end those programs all together, I just want them to be fiscally responsible in the way they hand money out.  IF you get a job, you have to take a drug test (in most companies), so why is it not a requirement for those receiving the government handouts? 

      The change I want to see is for people to take responsibility for their own lives, with a small, I emphasize small, social net to catch people as they lose a job.  That requires budgeting by the government, and accountablility by those that receive benefits.  Food stamps are not to be used for McDonald’s, or for soda, or candy, or energy drinks, or prepared foods.  And make it impossible for people to sell their food stamps for drug money, alcohol, or cigarettes. This can be done by requiring ID when using the food stamp card.

      Now, I would like to see the Fed ended, or at the very least audited, so we can see the cause and effect of their policies directly.  I would also like to see the Department of Education eradicated, and the states and local communities fund and run their own school systems without any aid from the feds.  And I kind of like Newts idea of an Environmental Solution Administration, while doing away with the EPA, which can be handled by the states.

      • HELEN

        Why not end food stamps and section 8 housing?

        Our founders did well enough w/o therm.  Those who persevered in the wild West built a nation w/o them.

        These and AFDC or whatever they call it now have destroyed our nation.  The pgms have taken away productive work, caused inflation by artificially putting cash into the economy, and stunted large swaths of our urban populace.  Bread & Circuses fail Rome; they will fail us, too.

        We must insist that children are taught to read, write, and do basic arithmetic before moving outward.  Vocational schools, not college, should be a pathway to a good working career.  Instead, we allow children to miss school, hang in the hood, become thugs; and then have the nerve to complain they end up in jail.

        These former safety nets have become a way of life for many in the urban poverty zones.  This is our undoing – exchanging work for sloth.

        No, I’m afraid, if our nation is continue free, we must get rid of gov’t freebies.  And Social Security needs to be reworked and privatized.  Same w/Medicare.  Too little in — too much out.

        FDR’s tinkering w/the economy put us in a deeper depression.  That prompted more gov’t freebies.  Now look what we’ve got!

        BTW, I’m a 55 yr old retiree fm the USN.

        • Anonymous

          Hi Helen:

           I answered this question above, if you want to take a look at it, but you do bring up some other issues.  If you go back and read my initial post, I do mention that reforms need to be made, restrictions need to be strenghtened, and if you fail to  find a job in 3 or 4 months, then you get cut off from the welfare programs.  I am only too well aware of the fraudulent ways that people are gaming the system.  Selling food stamps to get beer and cigarettes or drugs, people being allowed to buy donuts, energy drinks, soda, candy.  Believe me, I know, because up until a month ago, I was working for a convenience store and I seen it on a regular basis. 
          The manager that I worked for there has a son in the National Reserve, and he got sent to Kuwait, just got back a few months ago.  He relayed a story to her about some replacements that came in when his squad was sent home, but he stayed, and there was a guy there who had never worked before, and he was 38 years old.  They (the guy and his buddies from Detroit) sat and planned on how they would game the system when they got back.  The only reason they joined the guard was because somehow it became required if he was going to continue getting assistance.  Otherwise, they would still be in Detroit gaming the system for all it is worth.

          For the most part, like I indicated, I agree with most of what you say, save a couple of nuances here and there.  We do need to improve education, any way that we can, and I believe the best way to do that is get the government out of education all together, and let the states deal with it (like the EPA)

      • Anonymous

         You don’t think people who need a safety net would find one through all the social charities that are around if there was “an uptick” in them? I would rather get help from my neighbors and community than a faceless bureaucrat and I’ll give you a reason why. B/c when I see people, real people, reaching out to help me it softens my heart and theirs and makes us come to love one another in a way that wouldn’t happen otherwise. Having the govt give me money when I might need it doesn’t make me grateful to anyone, honestly – it just makes me glad I have a free check. Charity draws communities and people together and govt does nothing of the sort.

        • Anonymous

          In a down economy, one of the first things to get tapped out is charities.  Not only are people drawing on their resources, but people don’t have the resources to give.  I agree that that would be my preference as well, but you have to recognize that individuals go through bad times, and sometimes communities go through bad times. Think back to 2008 and 2009, to how bad it really got.  Charities were getting tapped out.  Like Detroit, the city would have damn near shut down.  Or one company towns, if that one company shuts down, the town dies, and everyone is affected. Everybody is drawing from the charities, and there isn’t anyone left to give to them. Not to mention, in the current climate of morality, I am not so sure that charities would be strong enough to handle all the extra strain because I am not sure that people will give enough to make up the difference. Maybe if you fazed things out over a 5 year period or something, so that charities could be made stronger. Or the government could give stronger incentives for charitable giving. But that still drains their coffers, and you know that they cannot control their spending. I am 42 years old, and in my lifetime, we have gone from a debt in the hundreds of billions, to a debt over 15 trillion, and that is supposed to reach 22 Trillion by the end of this decade.
          Not to mention, the political will is not there to do away with all of those programs, whether we would like them to go away or not.

      • Anonymous

        The government cannot administer charity which by definition is voluntary. Government is force.

        • Anonymous

          I am not an idiot.  I do understand why you thought that was what I was saying, but no, I know that charity is private.  And I think charity should probably be the first resource people turn to, but see my response above as to why I recognize that charity is not enough.

          • Anonymous

            I appreciate your answer and forgive me If you thought I was implying you are an idiot, which I wasn’t. I just get concerned when the term charity is confused or even placed alongside government action. This has been one of the chief talking points of liberals and socialists against conservative thought. If you are not for entitlements then one is uncharitable, according to them.

  • Lioness

    I’m not sure whether or not we can revert back to the good ol days, but I do believe we are at a point where our choices are clear: Socialism and it’s ultimate failure leading back to the dark ages, again, or a completely uncharted future that will lead to new innovation that only the imagination can inspire. The saddest part, is that we have forgotten how to listen to our older generation for guidance, it’s always bad when the youth believe they are wiser than those with life experience.
    It’s a basic philosophy. The difference between intelligence and ignorance has nothing to do with “book smarts“, rather the simple ability to learn from past mistakes. The truly ignorant individual repeats their own mistakes over and over again and never learns. Some one who’s smart does not repeat their own mistakes but has a tendency to make a lot (the usual description of youth), but the truly wise learn from others, so as not to make so many mistakes in the first place. This is supposed to be the usual progression, but it seems that collectively, our wisdom is lost. Despite all the history we’ve amassed, we reached a point of detachment, a majority just refuse to relate. Which will unfortunately lead to the ultimate reset. Perhaps we’re just not spiritually evolved enough control our level of technology at this point? It’s definitely made us apathetic. The unfortunate need to repeat the dark ages a couple more times may ultimately be necessary.

  • Anonymous

    You guys had your chance to support Ron Paul, now you will lay in it. Foolish foolish little boy who thought he could have an overseas empire and a republic at home at the same time. foolish foolish boy.

  • Veritasi

    Can someone tell us if the foregoing NIGHTMARE SCENARIO is for real??  Thanks.

    PS If so, we’d all better get on the phones, Faxes & emailers and raise holy he11!

  • Anonymous

    Ironic that we have become what we hate the most. We are our own worst enemy. I guess the lesson that we take from this country falling apart is that at the center of the heart of mankind is hate, evil, and selfishness. The only good and hope we have is in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We don’t need to freak out about the country falling apart. We know what Christ has told us about the world; it will hate us. We also know that we are saved in the end. We are not saved by what we do, but by what God does through us through the work of the Holy Spirit. 

  • Anonymous

    What is
    happening in the U.S.
    is for real. Watch two excellent videos: Rumors of War III: Target U.S. and another excellent one: AGENDA: Grinding

    of the Democratic Party are
    Nazis/Fascist/anarchist/statist who are jointed together by a single cause and that is to
    destroy capitalism. They are being supported by those in the NAACP,
    Congressional Black Caucus, New Black Panthers, and media along with the RINOs
    in the Republican party that ignore them.


    When you put the Communist Manifesto and the U.S.
    Constitution side by side, which one are they closest to?


    Go online and read the Communist Goals – 1963
    Congressional Record and the 45 goals they have been working on for years now.
    How many do you see they have reached and how many are left to reach?

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday, five anarchists were arraigned for trying to blow up a bridge in the Cleveland area. Job well done FBI. 2 OWS malcontents were arrested in Philadelphia; 30 or so in New York, and of course, Oakland thugs went the violent route. The stock exchanges and banks operated without incident, commerce was conducted and people went to work.Last night, professional sports franchises continued to profit to sold out stadiums. We had to listen to mindless drivel from Obama’s team about Bin Laden and from Romney about how he would have captured Obama, but other than that sideshow, a normal newsday.

    Out here in the real world, this morning, the kids went to school, turned in their English essays and history homework and made plans for tonight’s baseball game and youth group meeting. The local college kids graduating who worked hard for four years are worried about their employment prospects, but very few of them, outside of NYC took the day off to occupy. Parents in our school district banded together–democrats, republicans, independents all, to come up with creative ways to balance the school budget. In addition to ice cream sales, donations, and car washes in which the kids participated, coaches of the athletic teams, members of your dreaded teachers union all, agreed to pay cuts and travel reductions.

    Memo to Glenn Beck: there are plenty of people who have been true blue Americans for a long time; and they don’t reside only in TExas or upstate PA running a survival tv show for your internet network. Get out of your studio and open your eyes; the world is not just the headlines you read in the NYT or the stories you poach from conservative websites. the 1950s and pre cultural revolution 1960s will never come back; it is beyond foolish nostalgia to think otherwise. But American virtues are on display every single day; open your eyes and enjoy the view.

    The Republic survived yesterday; the “Communists” made themselves look foolish. The Apocalypse will be televised; just no time soon.

  • Anonymous

    Have faith in God Glenn. God knows Best. I am praying for you.

  • Anonymous

    The Freedom awakening is coming.  Just as Thomas Jefferson wrote in pertinent
    part “We
    hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they
    are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these
    are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights,
    governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the
    consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes
    destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish
    it.”  Do we have to abolish it – probably
    not but major – forced reform will happen as the Socialist European States
    (Spain being the first) go through economic Armageddon.   We will watch is happen day by day.  Many of those we all complain of who “never”
    get involved politically until the weekend prior to the election every four
    years will move en-mass towards our small government more freedom, personal
    responsibility way of life.  This “will”
    force us to fess-up and reform.

    Having said that, I will do something that I have “never”
    done before and that is to donate as much as I can financially give to
    political organizations who will help defeat Obama and any other Big Government
    types.  I understand many of you as well
    as I believe Romney is a Big Government guy but there are no other electable

  • Conrad Supertramp

    GLENN Have hope.  Take the Mental Fitness Challenge and see what a group of committed people are doing to stem the tide and work against the current of mediocrity.  Go to that link, and learn about the 90 day mental fitness challenge.  You’ll be amazed and blown away to know about this group of Americans and what they are doing.

  • Ray Seay

    Naggh, But rather than turn the contrry around; Star over. Not only term limits on politicians, but legislative sessions as well.   Plus; Occupy the offices of the College professors who spew their the anything but Progressive filth on the kids with Conservatives. Have NBC,CBS,ABC and NY Times, They are not aloud to cover the protests buy tax payers.

  • Bob Collins

    1) “God is not mocked, whatever you reap you will sow.”
    … but/and …2) “God is always merciful and gracious.”

  • Randy Vice

    The America we know it as it is, it’s coming to an end as it’s unsustainable.  When we hit the bottom, then there will be a clear choice, Soros’ nightmare utopia or the long hard road of freedom and capitalism.   I fear people will seek government to save them and their families from starving, and that is road that Soros and his billionaire friends have designed, we just have to give up a worthless US Dollar (which will be accurate) and rewrite the US Constitution and food will be there for all.

  • Anonymous

    We are the radicals now. Read “Rules for Radicals” and realize what we are up against. These people are evil and will stop at nothing in the cause of destruction of the present order. People in America are so dumbed down that they don’t see it. We have to harden up and face the beast. We are the Radicals now…

  • Jim Smith

    <>New International Version (©1984)if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 

  • David Callow

    John Locke  *cough cough*

  • Christian Woehrle

    yes we do.. Ron Paul 2012  really only viable solution.. Romneycare would of signed ndaa as is .. obummer signed ndaa with pinky swear.. Ron Paul only candidate that opposed the provision in ndaa that any of us would be locked up forever.. also only candidate that is against CISPA and has asked the we the people to RESIST it.. and then ya throw on top that he is the only candidate that doesn’t have his own SService detail ( trespass bill anyone ) and ya clearly see that Ron Paul rEVOLution is the only viable solution to turn things around.. 

    • J.P. Freyou

      As much as I agree, please recognize that if he runs against Romney, that there will be a split vote which will effectively keep Obama in office… our country simply cannot survive four more years under that socialist nutcase. I’ll take Romney for now, but still… it’s almost like these elections are orchestrated to pit one evil (Obama) against a generally lesser evil (Romney) but which still leads to America’s destruction. Wasn’t that the case in the last election?!

      • Anonymous

        So, you will choose the “easy” way and give it to Romney – who will lose against Obama in any case – his past will be revealed, his Swiss Bank Account, his for mansions, his wife’s two cadillac’s, his sleazy corporate raiding.  No one has anything against Ron Paul except that he has been outnumbered in the House for years and that he is an American Constitutionalist, and he is older and wiser than most.  He is still active, bikes 15 miles a day.

        Now it’s down to two choices – neither of which is or was my first choice – but I will go with Ron Paul or none – I will not vote for Romney, I will not vote for Obama.  I’d suggest all you Romneyians get on board the Paul train and save our country and Constitution.

        • Anonymous

          Is there something wrong with Romney having a Swiss Bank Account, mansions, or cadillacs?  If so, I don’t know what the problem is there.  He’s wealthy.  He can AFFORD to have them.  At least, he did NOT steal them, lol.  What you are saying here is that having stuff and being able to afford the stuff you have is wrong.  I mean, if people vote against him because of mansions, cadillacs, and a Swiss Bank Account, they are TOTAL idiots.

          By the way, you’re forgetting about Obama’s own mansions and cadillacs and bank accounts, you know.  Obama’s every bit as rich as Romney, lol.

    • Anonymous

      You’re wrong about Ron Paul being the only candidate against the NDAA 2012. Santorum also thought that the detainment without due process issue was wrong and said so. But you’re right about Paul being the best choice at this point. Romney has been open and honest and has said that he supports the NDAA 2012 “as written” and believes that there is a need for that kind of power in our federal government’s hands.

      I am opposed to Obama’s politics right to my core, but I can not vote for Romney any more than I could vote for Obama. I will never vote for an obvious fascist for the sake of voting for the lesser of two evils.

      • Janke kovaleski

        Then think about this there is a gun and there is a knife and someone is going to kill you. you cant get to the gun but you can the  knife.i think you would go for the knife to save your life .we need you to vote.

        • Anonymous

           Your analogy is flawed. This country is dying of the cancer of
          collectivism. Obama represents cyanide and Romney represents arsenic. We
          don’t have to choose either. I refuse to. I choose Paul. And if not
          Paul, then someone else. But I will not choose poison.

      • Millie Williams

        But if you don’t vote and Obama stays, then there is no hope.  Head for the hills if you can find some deserted ones….

        • Anonymous

           I will vote. I will vote for Paul, or the next best reasonable choice if Paul drops out.

  • Clint Johnson

    I too wonder if we have missed the window on saving the country. When half the people pay no taxes; the news media refuses to report the news of what is happening and instead promotes its reality shows; the president kisses the soles of the feet of both Muslim potentates and Chinese dictators; and some voters continue to put in absolute fools into Congress, we may have already become buried as Khrushchev promised us he would do in 1959.

  • Andrew K Arrington

    Wanna pursue liberty? Refuse to vote for Obama. Refuse to vote for Romney. Stand up for a candidate who supports ending the Federal Reserve. Support a candidate who for 30 years has been protecting the liberty, privacy, and power of the Constitution. Support Ron Paul and stand up for what is truly yours. Freedom.

  • Anonymous


                 It may be too late, but maybe
    not.  You are right that Conservatives
    need to get out of their comfort zones and learn to organize.  But what are they supposed to use to get
    organized?  The Progressives have Voter
    Activation Network & Catalist, the best tool for organizing for political
    power.  The Right could have it too,
    under the name rVotes.  The truth
    is that the Right does not want the Grassroots to organize—they are too
    threatening.  Until we get a Unified
    Database for Conservative Activists to use, we will continue to lose ground to
    the Progressives.

     The Republican Establishment, Incumbents and
    most of all Conservative Political Consultants do not want the Right to be
    organized—it runs against all of their narrow self-interests.

    answer lies at .   If
    someone like you could empower the Grassroots with a tool like rVotes, we might
    stand a chance.  For everyone else, go to
    rVotes and donate if you want the Right to have a 21st Century
    organizing tool.

  • Flavio Antonino

     God doesn’t intervene Glenn!
    We are here to learn & work. We are here to achieve God’s plan,
    not wait for his help. This is highly disrespectful to want God to do
    for us.

  • Shelley Hoelz

    It’s ironic of the timing of his revelation. Last night after a tea party meeting a group of us went to dinner and had a great discussion for hours. After that discussion we made the commitment to step up our actions. We were all thinking the same thing, frustrated by the lack of response from our elected officials, is it too late? Can we do this? But as a group we inspired each other to never give up!  

  • Anonymous

    Glenn may be right.  The Marxists are using atheism like a religion now.  They are demanding equal status and equal time.  They claim it is science as they always have.  Their atheism is especially attractive to the young and alienated now because of these wars with muslim extremists.  Pray for the young.  

  • Bill King

    “Occupy”  ‘We are the 99%”  “FORWARD”I am not knocking any religion I’m catholic but never forget 
    “Morality is doing what is right no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told no matter what is Right”

    • Anonymous

      There is no absolute morality without religion. That God, the Creator, has established what is right and what is wrong and that it is built into existence itself is what makes morality absolute. Without God there is no absolute morality. And morality that is not absolute is not morality, but tradition. And traditions can change.

      “Religion” means something different to those that do not believe in the Judeo-Christian God. For those that believe in God “religion” means loving God and following the guides given by God on how to live righteously. This includes striving always to behave in a moral fashion. Those who are without God have no reason to adhere to morality, as such “morality” is in reality just tradition – and thus any concept of morality that they have is actually a relative morality.

      And just as the only true morality is inherently tied to religions of God – nihilism, atheism, and agnosticism are inseparable, and give no basis for morality. Relative morality is doing what the individual decides is “right” for themselves.

      Your statement is a fallacy.

      • Anonymous

        One might add antinomianism to the list. Excellent observation.

  • Annie Hollenbeck

    I believe with every fiber of my being that America is going to fall hard. Our country has turned our back on God. Many of our people chose to live for self instead of Him. I believe the end times of revelation are coming. This world is going to end and Jesus will come and make it all new and perfect. Those that choose to live for Him in spite of anything this world can dish out, will prevail and be taken in the clouds. God is good and the just will prevail!!

  • Lisa Breuer

    Yes we do have a shot at turning the country around, if media heads would quit throwing the ONLY freedom fighter we have under the crony bus!!!  RON PAUL or NONE AT ALL.  Those are our choices if we really want to fix this mess.  Wake up America.

  • Jeff Chancey

    help !! I tried to embed this into my blog and it won’t work… do I need to add some tags to the “EMBED” text GBTV provides?

  • Andy Heinen

    NOT with obamoney but, with RON PAULl yes it’s not to late.

    • Anthony

      ron paul will have a say if Romney elected. If obama still the president he wont

    • Corran Horn

      Not to be a downer but a snow ball in hell has a better chance right now then he does.

  • Anthony

    yes we do but we need conservatives to unite. With the leadership putting there differences beside ala rush, beck, hannity and any voice in the movement with conservative politcans west, rubio  ryan we can do it. alone we cant make a difference but if we all come together we can beat Obama take back the senate and show Americans what conservative leadership can do. This is a turning point to get rid of this liberalism and occupy and bring the country back together showing the world that we not rome we wont fall LETSSSSSSSS GOOOOOO 

  • Anonymous

    We have prospered from God but have committed two basic sins. “We
    have forsaken God, the fountain of living water and we have dug
    for ourselves cisterns that can hold no water”. Our decisions have changed our historical
    glory for that which has no chance of success. “We lie down
    in our confusion. We do not receive correction for our wickedness”.”Truly in vain is salvation hoped for”. We lie down in ourshame and our confusion covers us”. Do not pray to God for help. Pray for forgiveness.Edit

  • Corran Horn

    We can still pull this off because we have something they don’t the truth.

  • Erik Carlseen

    Seriously Mr. Beck, stop being such a cry-baby drama queen.

    There’s always to solution. Even if the government and society collapses entirely some of us will roll up our sleeves 10 seconds later (after a really deep breath) and start rebuilding it. Yes, we are all probably condemned to live through some of those times that people will read about in history books and say  “wow, that must have sucked.” Accept it and deal with it. The most important thing we can do is to resist the collapse are:
    Educate yourself on history and economics (especially Austrian school economics).
    Help your friends to understand history and economics.
    Support Ron Paul, the only major politician who understands economics. Even if you don’t like his foreign policy he’s the only guy who’s got a clue as to what’s wrong, let alone how to fix it. People don’t understand that in the long run, nations that can’t pay their troops don’t get to have foreign policies – they get their policies imposed on them by the Chinese and Russians.

  • Anonymous

    It may not be too late if we repent and get on our faces before Almighty God. I don’t know. We may already be under judgement. If we don’t repent-His people first, then the nation-we won’t be able to fix it on our own, no matter how good we are or how hard we try to do the right things. We must have a heart of true repentance first for Him to hear us. A spirit of arrogance or self-righteousness is not going to bring His blessing or forgiveness. Please read The Harbinger.

  • Anonymous

    There are too many sleeping Americans for this to be turned around right now.  We need something “bad” to happen to wake everyone up. 

    This is why I have ceased trying to stop the destruction; instead, I am working to be the best person I can be, and am helping others who need it, and preparing to help as many as I can.

    Until the “it can never happen in America” people realize that not only can it, but it IS happening already, we are doomed.

    A final point:  all is not lost.  All of these communist/marxist/soros-ites that have designed the destruction of the US are academics.  None of them understand human behavior and that a large number of us will willingly die to protect the freedoms that we enjoy.  They expect people will just turn in their guns.  They won’t.  And that’s when their plan will unravel because unlike their “useful idiots”… we are NOT sheep!

    • Anonymous

       “They expect people will just turn in their guns”

      No, they don’t.  And they are preparing to take you by force.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn! If you look at the new translation of the Roman Missal for the catholic mass that was implemented November 27 2011 you will find that the congregation specifically recites those exact words “It is right and just” during the sacrafice!!!! That truly Is the Holy Spirit fuiding you to say those words!!!!

  • Sargint Rock

    We win because we are so weak. God’s strength is always magnified out of our helplessness!

  • Huss Family

    “When I am weak, then I am strong…” – God has always used a remnant to save his people – think Gideon’s army? Only then can we know for a surety that it was He who fought the battle, and not us in our pride….I pray every day for it to hit the fan.  Because only after it does and the earth is cleansed will we, the remnant, have the opportunity to rebuild from the ashes.  I’m trying to do as Glenn posits – making connections within my community, locally and online, with like-minded patriots, and becoming informed on  issues and action items; becoming politically active for the first time in my life, and MAN I HATE POLITICS, but, I’m out there getting signatures and talking to people….; and learning – learning from the great books, great thinkers, the great ideas and principles that fed the wellspring of our founders…and posting everyplace I can, losing all my Facebook “friends” that are liberals, putting myself out there as the local nut job, stocking up on preparedness supplies (I figure they thought Noah was pretty crazy too…;-) ;so be it…

  • greywolfrs

    It’s never too late. The founding fathers were some pretty smart guys, that’s why the 2nd Amendment was put in…

    • Anonymous

      The 4th and 5th Amendments have been neutralized (Patriot Act and NDAA
      2012) and the 2nd Amendment is marginalized (assault weapons bans, broad
      no ccw laws, no handgun laws, etc…).
      The 2nd Amendment is only good so long as this fascist government allows
      it to stand. With these same people in power they’ll only allow it to
      stand until they think they’ll be able to handle the outcome of
      neutralizing it the way they have the 4th and 5th Amendments.

      of Religion is slowly but surely becoming Freedom from Religion.
      Just ask the people running Catholic Hospitals, Catholic Schools, and
      Catholic Shelters… along with virtually every other American who
      practices a religion.
      Freedom of Speech? Ask Beck, Limbaugh, and even the lefties about that.
      Or perhaps Andrew Breitbart. Or the poisoned cororner who was examining Breitbart.
      Check the story out if you haven’t heard it already. The original story I
      found on the LA Times I can’t access anymore. This is what’s left. No
      MSM coverage.

      Freedom of the Press? Find out what printing the wrong thing will get
      you. People have been getting flagged as dangerous for handing out
      copies of the Constitution. Try printing out and distributing something
      critical of the President. If you don’t have NYTimes or Washington Post
      credentials – fuggetaboutit.

      Right to life? Tell that to the late term abortions victims that have
      been chopped up and shipped off to research facilities where their cells
      and fluids are reused in products you can buy at the store.

      Pursuit of happiness – An ambiguous idea, but certainly one that isn’t
      helped by copyright/patent laws that favor large corporations,
      regulations, taxation, and being forced to pay-to-live with mandated
      healthcare. Or how about exchanging our material goods and labor for
      fiat currency? How are we free to pursue happiness by having the
      government purchase debt in our name (the taxpaying citizenry) and then
      forcing us to purchase what is now notes of debt (a.k.a. the dollar) and
      requiring us to exchange notes of debt for goods and services? And on
      top of that the richest men owning the largest banks making up the
      Federal Reserve get to charge us all interest on that debt. Pursue
      happiness? HOW?

      • greywolfrs

        It’s easy to get around those laws, especially the assault rifle ban. Here’s a hint, buy a Thompson. It is considered an antique…

        • Anonymous

          I don’t believe that is true in full auto versions. Try that with a 1919 browning .30 or a BAR. I held an FFL for several years and this was not true then and I find it hard to believe that regulations have slackened, although I haven’t kept up on the law in detail. It isn’t that hard to be legally permitted to buy them provided one is willing to go through the red tape and background checks. Semi- autos have been and still are legal and easily obtainable

          • greywolfrs

            They may have changed the laws. I got mine from my father, he fought in WW2.

  • Anonymous

    God may not be neutral – but when a country turns away – as the United States has done – God let’s “nature” take its course – or even sends the inhabitants into slavery.  and where does the United States stand today?  I remind you that on Judgement day, when GOD is separating the sheep from the goats, there are those that say they did this or they did that in “Jesus” name, and He said, depart from me ye workers in iniquity.  Jesus is NOT God, he is the Son of God, his kingdom is this world, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He is NOT the God of the Universe – and Christians have replaced God with his son.

    Jesus came and showed the way of salvation, even gave his life that men might see that way and be saved.  ONLY by going Jesus way can you be saved – but on Judgement day – God will judge a person by his deeds, not his lip service, and certainly not for replacing Him with his son.

  • Millie Williams

    Although it’s really nice to read this and really nice to have someone have a program with it, it does no good for those of us who could help and be active if we have to pay to see it on online. Just sayin’.
    I work on Facebook.  I post comments to people’s hateful remarks, kindly, softly, and without the word “you” being used if possible.  Someone posted an article on a very pro left and super hateful website today, and I responded that you know, not all repubs are bad people, maybe you should broaden your focus just a big to see what I am really like, etc, kind of thing.  It was actually fairly well received!

  • Nadine Anderton

    No, God is not neutral, but he expects US not to be neutral – there is no fence-sitting allowed.  Our ancestors were given this country and our Constitution by Divine Providence, and we had darned-well get off our hinies and show we still deserve freedom!  Those who sit by and say “I’m not going to vote this time because I don’t like the choices” are greatly to blame for where we are, and if we have not actively taught our children to love our country AND WHY, we are to blame, too.  But I agree with Glenn that we can still win IF we commit ourselves and get out of our comfort zones.  Eventually we will be thrown out of them if we don’t make the choice ourselves . . . .

  • Anonymous

     Your analogy is flawed. This country is dying of the cancer of collectivism. Obama represents cyanide and Romney represents arsenic. We don’t have to choose either. I refuse to. I choose Paul. And if not Paul, then someone else. But I will not choose poison.

    • Anonymous

      Cyanide is far deadlier than arsenic. It’s not good for you but you may live to make another choice. One has to look at the reality of not only his own decisions but that of others. Voting is something done by individuals while election is something done by society through voting. Use wisdom with humility.

  • Anonymous

     I will vote. I will vote for Paul, or the next best reasonable choice if Paul drops out.

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

    All things are possible through CHRIST, WHO gives me strength.. And when in doubt, if you got the song….. Listen to Matthew West’s song…. STRONG ENOUGH!!!!……. Or watch the music video Strong Enough by Matthew West….

  • Anonymous

    In order to turn things around you have to turn the educational system around. Marxists are energized by the process and plan to win over time through the government educational system. Every generation they pick up more and more recruits and are trying to speed up the process through redistribution and immigration. Conservatives just want to win and have it over with so they can go about their business. The truth more likely is that the battle has been going on since the beginning of time and will continue until the end of time. It is never over. “Freedom is eternal vigilance.”

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali
    • Barry DaKama’aina InKali Project Light 9….. Just started on this episode… Did not complete in uploading all segments yet….. Since i work graveyard shift… May take a while to complete…. Its the Glenn Beck show from fox news about two years ago when he was talking about the economic problems and gold…

  • Anonymous

    Glenn correctamundo!!!   It is all in the Bible – read it….The only way to rid ourselves of wicked ways is to get rid of Obama and all his cronies!!!  VOTE!!! I’m in – let’s get going Glenn!!!

  • Porphyry

    Another factor in our favor: the willingness to die for our cause if necessary. Somehow the other side doesn’t seem as likely to keep faith unto death.

  • Guest

    What’s this we hear about SPAIN counting up our election votes in November? Why isn’t Glenn Beck all over this?

    • Veritasi

      How many times do people have to POINT OUT that a company in SPAIN is apparently set to count our American votes in the November election, before SOMEBODY reacts???

      • Anonymous

        There are few that know this because no media outlet is saying it.  Why?   It’s what keeps me up at night.   How can this be?    Spain counting our votes!   Where’s Congress….the Courts?    We know Obama likes it.    Why isn’t Romney reacting?

  • Veritasi

    Sorry, but that’s not the choice.
    The choice is ROMNEY or OBAMA. You PAUL-nuts are going to keep it up till you guarantee the BIG 0 wins, which will be the death of America.

    • greywolfrs

      Wrong, it is you that are the problem. You keep voting for these media/establishment lackeys. You keep voting for the “lesser of two evils.” You are the reason we are in this mess in the first place. People like you keep saying anyone but Obamao, I hate to tell you this but Romney is not much better. It’s your foolish way of thinking that has put the GOP and conservatives in this situation. Continue to do what the establishment tells you, drone. It makes you no better than the Obamao athletic supporters.

      The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. -Albert Einstein.

      • Anonymous

        I vote for Ron Paul in the primaries but if he doesn’t get the nomination he is for all practical purposes not a candidate. There is a time to embrace the lesser of two evils. Ron Paul is better by far than Romney but still is not perfect thus any election involves the lesser of two evils concept if taken to a purely logical level. There is a time for pragmatism.

        • greywolfrs

          That’s cool, you feel free to compromise your principles. Simply put, I will not.

          • Veritasi

            “compromise your principles. Simply put, I will not”
            You call itching for a CIVIL WAR principled?! Wake up, you are in the grips of a nightmare and the clutches of demons.

          • greywolfrs

            Hey stupid, I am itching for nothing, I am simply stating a matter of fact. A nightmare in the clutches of demons? You are laughable. Dunce.

      • Veritasi

        You people who keep denying REALITY and blaming the bad results on others are getting VERY TIRESOME.

        The reality is: We MUST have a new president and the choice is between the Big 0 and Romney. Period. You nuts who can’t deal with that reality are jeopardizing the very LIFE of America. DO THE MATH. Every vote for anyone BUT Romney is a vote for Obama! Grow up. Your childish rigidity is putting us all at risk.

        • greywolfrs

          As I stated before, your stupidity is what got us into this mess in the first place. The only one I see denying reality is YOU. You actually think Romney is that much different than Obamao? Like Obamao was that much different than GWB? Let’s see, GWB was an establishment Republican. Republicans passed and GWB signed the Patriot Act, the most unconstitutional bill there has ever been. (yes, even more so than healthscare) So, the democraps double down and pass NDAA with Obamao signing that P O S. That is just one example.

          By the way, it is you morons that continue to vote for the “lesser of two evils,” that have jeopardized this country. It’s really too bad that you are too dumb to see that.

          On another note, whomever a vote is cast for is for that person alone. Your B S about it being a vote for Obamao does not fly. You are the tiresome one.

          In conclusion, there WILL be a second civil war, whether you like it or not.

          • Veritasi

            Yeah, that’s what it really boils down to, isn’t it? People like you, just itching to grab a weapon–Bloodthirst prevails! You would rather destroy our country than admit that your own philosophy is flawed. YOU and your ilk are the morons, the evil ones.
            And YES, a vote for Paul or Newt or anyone other than ROMNEY is a vote for the “Messiah” who leads us deeper into darkness.

          • greywolfrs

            It has nothing to do with bloodthirst or anything. it is simply a matter of fact.
            By the way, a vote is for whomever the box is checked for. You can keep trying that B S, but your straw man will not fly. It’s really too bad that you are just another drone, parroting the talking points. I guess an idiot has to be true to their nature.

          • Veritasi

            “there WILL be a second civil war, whether you like it or not”

            YOU ARE SICKO.

          • greywolfrs

            My statement was matter of fact. No where in my statement did I say I like it. That would be an assumption and as anyone beyond third grade knows, assumption is the mother of all fv -ck-ups.

  • Veritasi

    Glenn, what is up with the facial hair?? Sorry, but it looks untidy, unkempt and tacky… :(

  • Anonymous

    I want to help so why I cannot get in touch with Glenn I send e mails and no one is answering….how can we unite when there is no one to talk to….

  • Anonymous

    what even more upsetting in the US is that they call it the land of the “Brave ” really ??? what a Jock … where are all the Brave hiding yes it’s always someone else brave for the people when soldiers die 6000 miles  away the american sheeple take credit for it,,, where are the brave in the US ??? one time in 300 years the american people are being called to save their own country to get up and fight fro them self’s for their freedom and everyone is in Coma everyone refuse to face the truth  like brain dead sheeple everyone is silent ….the sheeple in the US can only blame them self’s for losing the US and their freedom if you don’t fight no one wil do it for you wake the hell up america… 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe we can turn the country around if we can wake up Union Workers & Blue Collar Workers !! That they have play been play for being the biggest dupes in the World !! By obama ,Nancy Pelsoi ,Progressive Party,Union leaders you know what is in obama care bill after we pass it ???? !!!!  Now the truth is coming out obama care will end up costing double that what was stated by obama before the bill was pass,with ration care, and costing the individual more !!   Now union worker employers are thinking cutting medical benefits just pay the lower cost fine !! The hard earn Medical benefits   which union workers gave up pay increases, and got these medical benefits for free or at cut rates !  Our President did this to share  the wealth of  the hard workers and retire people medical benefits with his voting block of too lazy to work crowd and illegals at the expense of our senior retire people and union workers !!  Your real smart union workers you let them talk you into giving up your free medical or cut rates for life for obama care plan that will cost you double what your employer was paying for you,free of no charge to you !! , On top of it less care or ration care. P.S I don’t think your too smart ,just a bunch of blind dumb sheep unless you wake up !!  Your company waivers won’t last for ever either wake up !!!! This obama care plan will cost your employer or the individual double than the system we had in the first place with less care or ration care , Your real Smart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya a safety net for severely disable or disable from childhood ,but nothing to the lazy leeches who wants obama money,obama medical care ,obama house obama food,car etc at expense of our hard working people and retire seniors !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you said that God told you to “Get off your butt”. I believe He did…and reminded you (and us) to “Get off your butt…and get on your knees!”  Today is the National Day of Prayer…let us repent of our sin (including apathy), and return to the Lord!

  • Lieziel Coronel

    as Christina answered I am dazzled that people can profit $6769 in 4 weeks on the internet. have you read this site link 

    (Click On mY name For the Link)

  • Anonymous

    This goes hand in hand with the story on Dr. Phil’s show from yesterday.  When I see 90% of that audience agreeing that the “compassionate thing to do” would be to kill that woman’s two adult children.  When I see the beat downs and mob “justice”, or union violence, taking place around the country.  When I see the government’s run away spending and lack of accountablity for government officials, not to mention the lack of accountability by those in the private sector.  When I see the people of this nation’s lack of accountability, responsibility, and their desire to live off of other people rather than recognizing the truth, that the quality of your work will determine the quality of your life.  It all makes me pessimistic, just as Glenn is struggling with apparantly. 

     I know the Bible tells me not to worry, not to be afraid, not to get discouraged, to keep my eyes on God, recognizing that He is in control, that He is bigger than all of our problems, and that HE is able to deliver us out of our troubles.  When I look with the natural eye, I don’t see a way out of these messes we have gotten ourselves into.  Everything points towards the collapse of our nation, not just financially, but morally.  The moral collapse is actually what led to the financial collapse, and it is what is leading us into this debt crisis. So, let us not look at it with our natural eyes, but keep our eyes on God, who is greater, and bigger than anything we can come up against. 

    Jim hit on it below, this nation needs to seek God’s face, repent, and trust God to deliver us just as He delivered David against Goliath.  The key was David’s faith, and that is the key for us.  First, he asked the people, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?” and he said to Saul, “Let no man’s heart fail because of him” and “your servant has killed both lion and bear; and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, seeing as how he has defied the armies of the living God.  THE LORD WHO DELIVERED ME FROM THE PAW OF THE LION AND THE PAW OF THE BEAR, HE WILL DELIVER ME FROM THIS PHILISTINE”.
    Then he told Goliath, “You come to me with a sword and a spear, and with a javelin.  But I come to you in the name of the Lord of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.  THIS DAY, THE LORD WILL DELIVER YOU INTO MY HAND.”  Now, that is faith.  There was no questioning.  David saw him through the eyes of God, not his own eyes.

    That is how we must look at where we are.  So, when Jim writes below the passage from 2 Chronicles 7:14, he nailed it.  But we as a nation must do our part.  We must say to the mountains before us, “Be removed and cast into the sea”, believing that it will be done.  We have to do this, those who are called by His name IF  we want God to rescue us from our enemies that surround us round about.

  • Stephan JackofClubz Bruno

    Glenns message is very important. So important you have to be charged to hear it. What a huckster. 

    • greywolfrs

      You have, obviously, never read the Constitution or Bill of Rights. And you have the nerve to call someone else a huckster. You are a moron of epic proportions.

  • Silvie Reynolds

    I am a college student, and I will be conservative the rest of my life. I can’t stand the liberals at my school. I agree with you 100%. I will be traditional no matter what.

  • Michael House

    Glenn, the military has plans to round up those who don’t go along with the Globalists plans, throw us in prison camps and “re-educate” us to love the state.  This is the scariest thing since the NDAA.  Please wake up your listeners.  Time is running out.

  • Anonymous

    Veritasi, Vacaman…what’s the difference? We know it’s the same person. You can run, but you can’t hide.

    • greywolfrs

      You know, I figured as much. Both idiots.

  • Anonymous

    If Glenn is talking to non-Christians, then yes, his 4 points are good.  But for Christians, the answer is in the Bible [2 Chronicles 7:14] :  “If My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from THEIR wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  The ball is in the Christians’ court.  They are the salt and light, but apparently, there’s a lot of humbling and turning that has yet to take place in the hearts of believers.  Each of us has to look within and be open to the Holy Spirit to show us individually if we’re helping to hold up the healing.

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