Obama’s Ayers, communist roots run deep

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Who knew? The media should have – any other candidate in recent history would have been scrutinized from top to bottom and everywhere in between. But the media has been so tingled they haven’t bothered to investigate the clues handed to them. They brushed off Ayers – probably because of what they would have found, which is disturbing stuff. Glenn has more in the clip above from radio.

  • landofaahs

    As Biden would say, “I can assure you that BHO has deep roots in communism and I can tell you he has a deep root”.  Time for treason trials.

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    • greywolfrs

      You would probably have an easier time proving sedition, just saying.

      • landofaahs

        Whatever works.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn the media never fully vetted Obama due to the fact he is their dream come true; a radical communist/marxists at the core and thus their chance to have the Republic smashed once and for all.

    Indeed, Obama has been taught and surrounded by communists all his life; he knows them when he sees and talks with them. If he was not one of them, or an deliberate and willing traitor in collusion with them (as he is with the Muslim Brotherhood), then he should be denouncing and warning people of them.

    He has not or will he, so that silence speaks volumes in and of itself.

    • Anonymous

       what…glenn, fox news, conservative radio & print vetted king obama big time…u must have been in iran during that period!!!

      • Anonymous

        I think you’re the one that must have been in Iran.  Obama was NOT vetted and even his democrat counterparts are saying this.

        • Anonymous

          hey dope re-read what i said…i calling obama and his media…asswipes r u one as well?

          • Anonymous

            I went back to the one you responded to and there’s nothing in your post that says you were responding with nothing less than sarcasm.   Don’t hide behind your keyboard with name calling.

          • Anonymous

            hide i don’t hide from u liberal scum…i mean every word i chose u dopey socialist…PIG!

          • Anonymous

            I’m very much a conservative.  You really have some anger issues so I recommend you get some help.

          • Anonymous

            hey dope act like one…if u r…its dopes with no balls like u who make me angry! u r probably 1 of those so call independent jerkoffs!!!

    • Anonymous

      There are so many communists connected to Obama, that it is impossible that they didn’t know about his connections.

    • http://twitter.com/bmcgas Rick

      Let me ask you a simple question when you were in High school who did you hang around with? 100% of the time you become associated with those you spoke or talk to. This is better know as GUILT BY ASSOCIATION! Obama  hangs out and speaks with those who are Marxist ,Socialist and flat out communist there for he is GUILT BY ASSOCIATION! He is power hunger and has the bucks to prove it! For 2 years of his term I still am seeking work simply because he is anti-job creation for this country! Lastly if you are for Obama and what he stand for and he get reelected for the next term you will get exactly what your are asking for!   

  • http://misfitpolitics.co/ Corran Horn

    Ayers is still a terrorist and should have never been let out.

    • greywolfrs

      Never let out? He was never convicted. He should be “occupying” a cell in Gitmo.

  • Anonymous

    public school shave caused this lackof info to them left is right good is evil and they’ve taught our kids that

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBPI63ABT264USBDALCN4F7UKY billy2


  • Anonymous

    We the Americian people are guilty too because we haven’t really STAND UP & show the OBAMA administration that we are aware of eveything & that we want him out.  A huge Pacific MARCH to the White House is way overdue! 

    • Anonymous

      BINGO!!!!….BINGO!!!  BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Why REAL American’s have sat this out of 3 1/2 years is beyond me, they sure don’t make ’em like they use to in America! 

      I don’t think there’s more than a handful left of REAL American’s the truth is this country is more hispanic’s, Asian’s and muslims….

      And if you don’t believe me then why hasn’t this been stopped yet?  No REAL American would have let this go on for so long, they would of went and thrown them all out after 6 months!  Remember the good old days they didn’t get past the front door and NOW they own your door!

      The only way to weed out this country is STOP welfare!!!  Then we can count how many of us are left!

    • Anonymous

      March HELL….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jerry-Smith/100000454083900 Jerry Smith

    I tried to warn people about this guy in 2008, not because I was some genius – I was simply paying attention!!! The media folks deserve a special seat in that place where it gets very, very hot for their collective decision not to vet Obummer before the election. He’s Black, don’t you know, and so hip and so cool, and of course he’s a progressive.

    • Anonymous

       Same here, only I got one up on you. I was railing against Obama in ’06 because I didn’t like him as a Senator and in ’07 saying he was the worst case scenario for the Democrat candidacy (worst case scenario because I was anticipating the Democrat win in ’08). But, as to the other part of your comment… Obama is black?

  • Anonymous

    In 2008, I saw this guy coming a mile off. The tipoff(s): his associates, wright and ayers. Especially ayers. That was too big of an association to ignore. Plus, the fact that his brief senate record was sketchy st best. Finally, the fact that he was dsl secretive about his background. When it comes to associates and character, they both matter a lot.

    • Anonymous

      Well, ”marti”, you hit it on the head and I finally understand why B.O. was never vetted

      by the LSM.   Character.  They said it didn’t matter with Bill Clinton, so, surely it should

      not matter with such a charming ”black man”!

  • http://www.destroyer.com John R. Lancellotti

    Yea … and what did Glenn do?  He left the broadcast media where his skepticism could be recognized by millions, and went into the broadcast business for himself.  This is selfish. I’m sorry but Booooo to Glenn.

    • Huss Family

      I don’t see it as a selfish move, John – rather seeing the writing on the wall and wanting to be able to be free to speak the truth without repercussions or backlash from leftist media machine (ala Rush Limbaugh?), sponsors, etc..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMGIWKAYQYMXT76FI5GDFEMD44 Richard

      And when you toiled at those liberal bastions (CBS and New Yorker) did you deviate from the party line in any way?  Just wondering.

  • missy janie47

    Just why is the MSM so invested in this Anti-American usurper of the White House?
    What to they think will happen to them as socialism sets in?  They need only look at Cuba or Venezuela…
    Has every one lost their mind?  Or are they young enough to have all been indoctrinated via the public schools and uber liberal colleges?
    We have to get out the vote in November, we must turn this around now.  Talk to your neighbors, relatives and friends.  Get them involved.  God help us save our country.

  • Anonymous

    I believe the press couldn’t vet Obama for one reason. Because if they did it properly, they knew he wasn’t worthy of being president. They wanted liberals to win so bad, that they hid the truth from the public. How dishonorable. Now we are paying for it. I also believe they are fighting to keep the truth hidden for fear that they will be blamed.

    • greywolfrs

      Well, that is probably part of the problem, but not the entire problem. Go out and find the interview with Anita Dunn talking about how Obamao’s campaign purposely hid information and limited his interviews before the last election. It’s kind of scary, but Goebbels would be proud.

  • Anonymous

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation turned up a former mailman to Bill Ayers’ parents home who claims to remember being introduced to Obama back in 1980.  Bill’s mom went on and on about helping out that deserving foreign student.  The Ayers connection seems to be deep.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KPYYIGJGWJJOUDSMXO5XAAONCA Joan C

       I hope the mailman stays safe and in good health, if you follow my drift. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WSFIT22YIT7BFASDSRQEEME4S4 Nanette

    Before I listened to you I saw Obama and his first ever talking points with McCain and a Pastor. I knew then he wasn’t what he pretended to be. I followed very carefully every debate and speech of Obama’s in 2007, it became very clear to me he was not saying anything with substance and was lying! I did not know about Fox News then, but started looking for truth, which I felt I was not getting on CNN and mainstream media! Then I watched your show and others on Fox News and started digging and looking for all the information I could about Obama!! How odd to me people are willing to believe even the extreme lies Obama and the main stream media tell, they follow blindly!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nestacal Nesta Callahan

    I have listened to you Glenn.  I have supported most of your observations.  I believe that BHO who is the President of these United States, was put into office because “the people wanted a change”.  I listened to all of the debates.  I cannot stand either the congress nor the senate.  Because they have been so lazy about BHO and all of the creeps that he had put into the white house.  I was listening to Obama especially during his race with Hillary!  I was very upset when I learned about his thoughts Against the unborn babies!  After I heard him say “I wouldn’t want my daughter to be saddled with a baby, I’d take her to an Abortionist, I knew right then that I could NOT and would Not vote for him!  Not even if he was the only person to elect! 

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for once again proving birds of a feather flock together. Keep the information coming. The light of day is your weapon and the light of day is the most corrosive element to our present flock of freedom hating enemies. As long as our Republic stands, they fail. Politicians are required by law to obey our Constitution. That is not a choice, it is the law.
    The definition of our Republic is its Constitution, all other definitions are false or incomplete.
    Redefining our Republic as “our democracy” is false.
    Marvin E. Fox 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KPYYIGJGWJJOUDSMXO5XAAONCA Joan C

      The Constitution is being shredded as we speak. Obama and  Attorney General  Holder,  only follow whatever rule they agree with and unfortunately seem to be getting away with it.  Obama has totally ignored the great document,saying it is outdated.  and has also bypassed the both houses of Congress, making them impotent. The only recourse is to make sure everyone you know, votes no to four more years, if we fail we’ll have a King to deal with.

  • http://twitter.com/Rosembud Ana María

    This Bill Ayres is  a toxic, obtuse, intellectually individual…as his wife Bernardine Dohrn another sociopath too;  but the thing is how we allow this kind of sickening professors indoctrinating our youth. When our children are thirsty of  knowledge they find this kind of element waiting them to distort values, reality and history in most of our professorships cloisters. We should punish those institutions hidden behind our freedom rights to poison and destroy our system and us as a functional country. The stupidity of the so called elite is disgraceful, we should reject the political correctness from our system. And yes! Reject their abuse to hurt and indoctrinate against our Constitution anymore. That is not freedom but debauchery.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KPYYIGJGWJJOUDSMXO5XAAONCA Joan C

       How disgusting is it, to have Ayers and wife who blew up US buildings in the 60’s,and received no punishment for their crime?  Instead the two radicals, end up as College professors, teaching and warping young minds,with their treasonous rhetoric.   The college did a great disservice to its faculty, students and the parents who paid tuition only to find they were dealing with haters of America and every thing it stands for.

      • Bill Tilghman

        Ayers was never tried and Bernardine Dohrn was fined $1,500.00 and put on probation on January 13, 1981. While the DA wanted her to serve 30 days in the Cook County Jail, the judge in the case, Fred G. Suria Jr., gave her probation saying she suffered enough in her ten years as a fugitive of justice. She caused her own damned suffering, and that Chicago judge was crazy for letting her off the hook like that. She should have been given 50 years minimum, for her acts of terrorism. 

        The federal judge Julius J. Hoffmann allowed Ayers and one other defendant to walk because the jury only turned in guilty verdicts on five of the famous Chicago Seven defendants. The judge acquitted Ayers and one other defendant. It seems that there was some irregularity with the evidence that cast doubt on his part in the conspiracy. He was never tried for the bombing of the NYPD or any other terrorist act he was involved in.

        I couldn’t agree with you more – these two managed to get away with murder, and their ties to this president are more than troubling.

        • Anonymous

          And yet the MSM failed to vet Barry. Don’t think they will let him off that easy this time!

          • Bill Tilghman

            I won’t be surprised if they do, they seem to still be in the tank for him. NBC especially seems still smitten.

          • Anonymous

            NBC = pay for play. They are all up in Barry’s stuff because Barry makes them an offer they can’t refuse. Seems he has his own little Mafia running the country with their Chicago Razzle-Dazzle playbook.

          • Sandie

            ooo ya, they are his PR team!

    • Anonymous

      A.M.,  If any college bound person has a parent paying for his child’s education (or help-

      ing) it is the parent’s duty to see what courses are being taught at the college the child

      plans to attend and, if possible, visit the campus and talk to the other students about

      who the instructors are and what they teach.   But the education of their children should

      begin long before college age.  Parents, if they care about what their children are learn-

      ing, should follow their course closely as they go through their schooling.  Meet their

      teachers at back-to-school- nights in grammar school.  See what is being taught.  If it is

      necessary and can easily be done, change schools if the one they attend appears to be

      teaching subjects that support or encourage socialism/marxism or the like.   Unless, of

      course, that is the way one wants to go!  Hopefully, not.

  • Anonymous


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KPYYIGJGWJJOUDSMXO5XAAONCA Joan C

       He have to kill all the infidels first. How in the hell did we ever get stuck with this communist group.. We have to work to make sure that He does not get another four years. Keep a close eye on  acorns for they will be working not to become oak trees, but to grow the list of of voters to get Mr O elected.again, by any means possible.

  • Anonymous


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KPYYIGJGWJJOUDSMXO5XAAONCA Joan C

       Obama claimed he hardly knew Ayers- What a liar!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KHKRQMMR7USLM5S3EVEISL5TKY a

    POTUS  is a puppet which in and of itself is pathetic.  He has been trained to do exactly what he has done ever since January 20, 2009.  He stated in front of the whole world he intended to “TRANSFORM” America and intended to focus on “CHANGE” throughout his administration.  It is a crime the news media have failed to carry out their responsibility to INFORM the public about government and political policies.   Our only salvation will be if a MAJORITY of the American citizens. pay attention and research what this administratioin is actually doing and if enough honest local election precincts are alert for fraud this November because acorn et al has been planning for this one and everyone needs to be on duty.  Have you seen the video tapes of Ayers proclaiming that the United States is declining.. as if that is as it should be?  Do you know who Ayers is?  Do you know his background?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KPYYIGJGWJJOUDSMXO5XAAONCA Joan C

       That is why Holder is fighting the states that want proof of the right to vote, by requiring all voters to show ID. The Governor of Ct. a Democrat is pushing for voter registration on voting day. What a farce, all the Dems want that for, is to slip through more fraudulent voters just as they did in 2008. The voting lists have not been purged in years,however  one woman, an Obama bureaucrat who deals with voting issues, claims it is too time consuming to clear the dead voters names. WHAT?    How many thousands voted in 2008, using grave stones, false ID’S, as well as illegal alien lawbreakers using a relatives name? If we can’t protect our voting system then we are doomed. Take back our great country in November!

      • Anonymous

        2 weeks ago Stossel on Fox did a show on voting, he went to Florida and did some interviews with people walking down the street he had this one black young man he was questioning he told Stossel  that in 2008 in voted 79 times and no one caught him!

        You can probably go on Fox under Stossel and watch the segment on the internet if you want, boy, they told so much about the fraud.

        What I suggested to my friends and family not that it would do any good probably but, anything is worth a try. After completing your ballot take a picture of the person you voted for as president and be sure to get your face into the picture next to the ballot ( like an ID picture) so they can’t say we all used the same picture in case we could use it for something, and be sure you get everyone every page of that ballot of who you voted for , congress, everyone!

        I live in California do you know that the media said they aren’t even going to count the votes here because the majority are Democrats… so Obama has won already in this state!

        Just remember this, some of the people that helped bring this country down are the Hollywood stars and singers, and the only way we can help ourselves is STOP—-STOP going to the movies, buying their dvd’s and cd’s, and STOP renting them as well!  Alot of us are doing this already and now BEWARE that some of the stars have gone from acting to producing so, please be aware!
        We also started a list but, you might as well say it’s all of them!

        There’s also alot of products that we buy every week that those companies are supporting him.  I know a couple off hand, Coke, Proctor and Gamble, Kraft and few more.  Please STOP buying these products if you don’t WE are only digging our graves deeper!
        God Bless  you all

    • Anonymous

      Oh, I hate to say this but, you know he’s going to be re-elected and here’s why..



      Now PLEASE somebody tell me we will have an honest election, not a chance!
      I know I can’t live under communism and I won’t and I know he hates white people,
      I’m going to be sad for my family in November….

    • Anonymous

      What really piss’s me off is everyone of those damn protesters thousands of them they all have mothers, where the hell are they?  We could of stopped this and got our country back if they would of just talked to their children and they still can!

      I’ve said this before, we can continue for our live times to vote new presidents in and out but, WE will NEVER have our country back until we remove the one’s that control the strings once and for all!  Kick them out of our country and we just might have a chance, and we know who he is, it’s not a surprise to any of us…..

      How many millions of people are in America…..and how many of them???
      It wouldn’t have been to difficult if we would have had our children on our side even for alittle while but, now the’ve all gone nuts!

      I blame ALL this on each and everyone of US after the first 6 months we knew what was up and did nothing, 4 years later nothing……

  • Anonymous

    glenn beck, the most ignorant American “historian” should look into what happened after the country got sick of the communist, red scare and bigoted attacks by Father coughlin and Senator McCarthy.  It wasn’t pretty.

    • SoThere

      Glenn, Glenn, look at me, it’s me, it’s strtlk calling you names. Please, please look over here, I’m calling you all kinds of names and insults. Look, look, over here!!! Why don’t you answer me? Can we get together and be BFF, I love you Glenn.
      Whaaaaaa Whaaaaa. Please look at me, it’s strtlk. Whaaaa Whaaaa

    • greywolfrs

      Again, you show your ignorance. You do realize that Sen. KENNEDY was doing the same thing as McCarthy, to a lesser degree. He was elected to the presidency. You are one dumb M F er, sticky chin.

    • Anonymous

      “Father coughlin”
      You trot that guy out with the typical Leftist history revisionist crap that surrounds him and you accuse OTHERS of being ignorant of history? Heh.

      • Anonymous

        1. It is not my fault that glenn beck’s actions, fake rally’s and movements and bigotry match coughlin’s.
        2. I will never click on a link offered up from a glenn beck lemming because I can only assume it is a virus link.
        3. I’d rather be stubborn and right when compared to a blind and naive fool such as yourself!!!

        • SoThere

          Stop you whining you little liberal crybaby.
          Blow Glenn some kisses you moronic little twit.

        • SoThere

          Whaaaaaaa  Whaaaaaaaaa  Whine and cry you little baby.
          Hey strtlk, Glenn has tens of millions of dollars and is a celebrity throughout the country and there’s nothing your jealous little brain can do about it.
          Whaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaa

          Are you going to threaten me again you moronic little twit?  Ha ha Ha Ha Ha

        • Anonymous

          1) It is your fault that you are a fool, there is not match.
          2) Again you prove yourself to be a fool.
          3) You are not stubborn, just wrong and ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    i warned people about him in 03,,,, it is not him but the machine behind him,,,, wake up it is MORE than communism, that is just a means to an end that they will use,,, anything to get to their end,, be it communism, islam, atheism, or the big WHATEVER OF Crowley,,,,, frank Davis had lots of friends that NEED to be remembered (porn), 1987  political big question when a picture was found in the recuiters house, the dem precient capt,,, they were all friends, look at the great job jumps for his mom and step dad that year, what happened in 87,   stop CLOWNING, the end can be found at the beginning of Sales book,  spelling wrong with intent

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Thompson/1701622313 Mark Thompson

    If you want more information on Ayers efforts in education go to campconservatism.net.
    This website was created when I was trying to have Ayers investigated for academic misconduct.  People wonder why our educational system is a socialist indoctrination mechanism?  Read my site and learn…

    For instance, did you know that Ayers to this day is the VP of Curriculum Studies of the AERA, the largest organization of it’s kind in education.  In other words, a radical revolutionary communist, atheist, terrorist bomber holds the highest position in curriculum development from Pre K to Post Grad in the United States.  And people wonder why our kids are so stupid, and fully indoctrinated on the left.

    Did you know there are over 500 Liberal Residential Learning Centers on campuses in the US.  These are indoctrination centers that cultivate minds and bodies in their revolution.  Ever notice all the non profit leftist organizations?  These facilities are the breeding grounds, graduating tens of thousands every year brainwashed and dedicated to serve for the revolution.

    Read my site and pass the word.  

    To know Ayers is to know Obama.

    Did you know Ayers went to Egypt and Lebanon, working to foment revolution there?

    Did you know he has had numerous meetings at the whitehouse?

    Is anybody listening?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000245827058 Mary E. Miller

    Thanks for all the info. Have you read, “Sharia, Threat to America” by Team B. and Ameritopia
    by Mark Levin. I believe the final armagedon will be between the Communists and the Muslims.
    Obama may give us Martial law and no elections. He is capable of just about anything.My hubby and I are in the 80s, so the death squads may get us 1st.
                                       Praise the Lord & pass the Ammuniton,
                                                                      Mary Miller

  • Anonymous

    The sad thing about Ayers is that he is a teacher of
    college kids.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Ayres parents gave financial aid to Obama so he could attend Harvard.  That sounds like more then a casual relationship.

  • Anonymous

    Hello American Patriots.

    Comrade America-Hating Anti-Free Market Radical William Ayers has a website.

    Let’s all pay him a visit and tell everyone you know to drop in and say hello to this low-life:


  • http://www.facebook.com/garak99 Bill King

    FORWARD Obama 2012 

    • Anonymous

      So, you approve of William Ayers, I see.

  • Anonymous

    What about the story of the Ayers mailman for 20+ years that met the “foreign” student they were helping. A kid by the name of Obama. Wonder if that is true? But we will never know because the media wants NO part of that.

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