Cass Sunstein confronted by blogger

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Cass Sunstein was confronted recently by a blogger over some of his more controversial statements – of course, Cass played dumb (he’s not) and says he writes a lot of stuff and can’t really remember. Glenn helps refresh his memory by going over some of Cass Sunstein’s greatest (craziest) hits. Check it out in the clip above from radio!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Cass Sunstein personifies the levels of deceit, corruption, manipulation and propaganda the left of the administration use to blame, decry, discredit and defame anyone who stands in their way of transforming the nation.

    Due to the mass of regulations heaped upon regulation on yet more regulations he is a true danger to the nation; only rivaled by Obama and Reid and looming future threat of Van Jones in the 2016 elections.

    If we fail to retake the House, Senate and Presidency this Nov, with people who represent the best of America and not the old DC guard of both sides, then the nation is finished.

    This assumes of course we even reach the elections.

    One additional note; the elections may not be enough in the end, recall back with the 2000 Bush victory, after the SCOTUS was finished in the matter; Gore had to preside over the Senate certifying the votes of the electorial college and many junior democratic senators challenged their veracity; to his credit (one of the few I will give to him) Gore followed the established procedures, and with no two senators from a state agreeing that there were problems the certification was affirmed.

    Now in the case of this Nov elections, and with the Democrats under Reid firmly entrenched, I have to wonder what will happen with Biden presiding over the matter.

    This can be the one part of the whole mess that will cause the second term of Obama if the Senate acts as it nearly did in 2000.

    • Anonymous

      snowlopard I really wanted to make a comment, but after reading what your wrote…nothing more needs to be said….you hit the nail right on the head….I look forward to him and his wife packing their bags when they exit the White House.

    • Lorraine

      I agree with what you’ve said and I want it noted that I said a year ago that there would be no elections this Nov. I’m seeing more and more people now saying the same thing. I feel marshal law will be declared or we will enter into an “official war” with Iran or N.Korea in which case there will be no elections. Apparently with the side deals Obummer’s making with world leaders, he won’t let the presidency and control of the nation (and the world) get away from him.

      • Anonymous

        I have a feeling you are right and if there is an election, there is going to be a lot of voter fraud. Our votes wont count. If OB isn’t voted for, our votes will be put a jar for misfit votes and catapulted into the depths of the ocean.

    • CIAriggingElectionClick4Proof

       The biggest fraud is being perpetuated on the American people now who still think they elected a leader when all we have is a puppet taking orders after the coup and cover up.

  • Corran Horn

    Cass Sunstein is the most dangrus guy in this country. He gets paid to lie.

  • Mr L

    Sunstein, everybody’s mommy…, The Mommies mommy, The Doctors Mommy, Husseins mommy, Mommy of everyone!
       The man voted most capable of taking anything any man or woman ever earned and making everyone else jealous and resentful about it.
       Title: Manipulator in chief, man of the masses, the director, the only real mind on the horizon.
        I’m pretty sure Cass, the manipulator of class, made up all of Michelles first woman programs such as snacks everybody hates, lunch police, the green scene, and the rest of an endless list of things he wants to change for us all with “Presidential Policies and manipulations”.  If anyone runs the “puppident”, I would say Cass has his hand all the way up the backside of HUssein making his mouth move

    • Sto. Cristo Kid

      Yeah and I’d like to see how all the liberal women will react when sharia law becomes the law of the land and all women are treated like cheap dirt who by law will be “owned” by their husbands. These liberals just don’t have any idea where this Bum is leading this great nation of ours. May God bless America.

  • Michael Brandenburg

    Goebbels all over again! 

  • Tr

    The Great Firewall of China is, sadly, excellent at “information quality.”

  • Jo Darling


    • Anonymous

      That is just what I have been saying for a long time. They are all the most evil people all congregated in one place. 

  • Anonymous

    Cass Sunstein is the snake in the garden of eden in the progressive utopia .  The entire vision is based on evil enslavement and Cass Sunstein is the slave master or overseer . 


  • Anonymous

    Sunstein makes Goebbels and the rest look like pikers. He’s the reason why we should all look at the research being done in neuroscience and sociology and be afraid for our future. People like to say that science is bad because sometimes you end up with fighter planes and the H-bomb. Well, this stuff is even worse because it is subtle and attacks your very mind often without you being aware it is happening. Very nasty people are learning how to manipulate people in ways even Stalin could only dream of. Sunstein is just the most visible one of that cabal. 

  • rbblum

    A list of past and current czars of Obama should be reflected on a website presenting past deeds and current projects.

    • Anonymous

      Yes…along with their duties, salaries and how they arrived at their positions.

      • Anonymous

        Rufree, and also include the number of people in their staff, how much they are

        paid, and the amount of their budget.  It’s we the taxpayers who foot the bill.

  • Sargint Rock

    I’ll take Newt’s Moon colonies over this clown’s agenda any day!

  • landofaahs

    Jack Cass sunstein.  That one is one of the first who need a perp walk. 

  • Anonymous

    If your agenda was in the best interests of the American People and for the Nation, then there is no reason to lie. 

    Those that lie clearly are attempting to force their views and their morality on those of others. And the end result is ultimately NOT in our best interest, otherwise Cass would be up front with his dealings and “nudges”. 

    This fact alone should cause all people with even a fraction of a brain to pause. If it truly is in our best interest, then there should be nothing to hide. 

    Sunstein and his wife are pure evil. 

  • Anonymous

     Are you kidding?  Do rats eat cheese?  Of course he will.  This country, as we know it will cease to exist.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Congress Revolts On Obama Plan That Would Ban ‘Buy American’

    WASHINGTON — A group of 68 House Democrats and one Republican sent a letter to President Barack Obama on Thursday urging him to reconsider an element of the controversial free trade agreement currently being negotiated by the administration. If approved in its current form, the pact would effectively ban “Buy American” policies in government contracting.Although the deal, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, has received relatively little media attention in the United States, it has sparked international friction among consumer groups and environmental activists who worry that terms demanded by the Obama administration will eliminate important public protections. Domestically, however, the deal’s primary source of political tension is from a portion that could ban “Buy American” provisions — a restriction that opponents emphasize would crimp U.S. jobs. Since the 1930s, the American government has offered preferential treatment to American producers in the awarding of federal contracts. If a domestic producer offers the government a more expensive bid than a foreign producer, it can still be awarded the contract under certain circumstances, but more recent free trade agreements have granted other nations the same negotiating status as domestic firms. The Obama administration is currently pushing to grant the several nations involved in the Trans-Pacific deal the same privileged status, according to the Thursday letter.”We do not believe this approach is in the best interests of U.S. manufacturers and U.S. workers,” the letter reads. “Of special concern is the prospect that firms established in TPP countries, such as the many Chinese firms in Vietnam, could obtain waivers from Buy American policies. This could result in large sums of U.S. tax dollars being invested to strengthen other countries’ manufacturing sectors, rather than our own.”The letter from members of Congress to the administration marks a rare glimpse inside the typically secretive trade negotiation process. The terms of the free trade negotiations, including the Trans-Pacific pact, are withheld from the public, even though the governments of all the countries involved have access to them. Many major U.S. corporations have access to the draft negotiation texts through their positions on advisory boards to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the White House agency which negotiates trade deals. “Buy American” provisions do not help all U.S. firms equally. Corporations headquartered in the U.S. that offshore most of their manufacturing operations do not benefit from the system designed to promote domestic production in the way that companies with actual U.S. manufacturing operations do.Public interest groups also worry that the same trade policies that could ban Buy American breaks will also prevent the U.S. government from making environmental or public health stipulations in federal contracts. The current language barring preferential treatment for American goods is so broad as to limit government specifications on goods to purely functional aspects. When contracting for paper, for instance, the government could specify that it wants to buy paper of the dimensions 8.5″ by 11″ — but it could not require that the paper be composed of recycled materials or use non-toxic dye.The potential “Buy American” ban also conflicts with a top theme of Obama’s re-election campaign — boosting U.S. manufacturing. In February, the administration proposed fixing a tax loophole that has been exploited by oil and gas companies in order to provide breaks to domestic manufacturers. The tax proposal is not expected to gain any traction during an election year, however, although prospects for the trade agreement are much stronger. Last year, Congress approved three free trade deals initially negotiated by President George W. Bush that Obama had decided to support. The White House was not immediately available for comment. USTR spokeswoman Carol Guthrie told HuffPost that the administration is seeking “fair, transparent, predictable and non-discriminatory” contracting rules.”The U.S. aim in covering government procurement under the TPP is to provide new market opportunities for U.S. goods, services, and suppliers,” Guthrie said.Read the full letter to Obama here Congress’s letter to president

    • Anonymous

      We already have problems with out of spec. Chinese aircraft parts in american aircraft……
      this will have far reaching effects on our defense industry will we see our firearms industry die as inferior weapons are being imported to supply our troops?  ammunition? uniforms? equipment? This is a BAD IDEA!  It will hurt our economy further and kill even more american jobs not only in the defense area but throught the economy…..
      this agreement needs to die a quick death. Just another of Chairman “O”s ways to spread the wealth to other nations and steal it from the taxpayer.

  • Anonymous

    Cass Sunstein should not be allowed to have anything to do with running our country. We must make this known to others. Many do not know what is going on and do not know who this man is. He should have never been in this position to begin with. Someone should call Obama out on this.

    The fact that Sunstein wrote the book “Nudge”, tells us that he is up to no good. No one has vetted him or other czars. From now on, the people must vet all of the people picked by the president. Not just this president but all presidents. There should be an opportunity for the public to know who these people are. After all they are being paid by tax dollars, so I believe we have the right to know this information. Even though they are making laws behind the scene, we need to regulate who and what are appointed.

  • Mike Angelo

    That “Blogger” is Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change. This young man is 100 times the journalist than any of the “Main stream” media reporters out there. Show your support for him and subscribe on Facebook and Twitter.

    • Anonymous

      Luke just recently graduated. He majored in journalism. Yes, he does very fine work. 
      The reason Glenn doesn’t credit him is because Luke disagrees with GB on some of the important issues. Luke’s friendship with Alex is the underling reason why Glenn didn’t credit him. Yes, Luke is a friend of  Alex Jones, and he regularly appears on his show. 

      Luke has also confronted Ben Bankster Bernake and a number of other elites. All of these confrontations have been featured on The Alex Jones Show. Luke is a driving force behind “We Are Change”. 

      Luke is young and inexperienced, and I don’t agree with him on many issues; nevertheless, he should be given credit where credit is due.

  • Mike Angelo

    Here’s Obamas mentor Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground and their plans for “reeducation camps” for “political activists” inside the United States, and any that wont conform need to be “eliminated or in other words killed”. This is who is running our govt right now.

    Oh and looky here. Here is the army’s own documents talking about the same exact thing and how to set up “internment camps for reeducation”.

  • Amund Iversen Karlsen

    The “blogger” is Luke Rudkowski, which is a very good journalist!

  • Chris Scullion

    Not just any blogger fool, Luke Rudkowski

  • Stop Making Sense

    The mysterious Mr ‘blogger’ is one Luke Rudkowski. Founder of We Are Change. Have some decency Mr Beck and give him the credit he deserves.

    • Anonymous

      Luke is an advocate of 911 truth. Glenn’s disdain for “Truthers” is a major factor at play, here. Personally, my opinion is the cause of 911 is important; however, what is even more important is the fact that the government is exploiting  the 911 crisis to collectivize the ignorant masses and gain their support for a fascist police-state. 

      We can fight about the cause of 911 later; right now, the fight should be directed at Cass Sunstein and all those who will stop at nothing in their centralized planning. 

  • Ivan Roberts

    Should give Luke Rudkowski some major props.  He is easily one of the most solid journalists I have ever seen.  He asks the hard questions the sewerstream media will never touch.  He goes after the scum that is destroying this country.

    • Anonymous

      Alex Jones was way, way ahead of Glenn on this story and so many others. Check out Alex Jones’ site

      Join Luke and Alex as they protest and report on  the Bilderberg group during May 31st through June 3rd  in  Chantilly, Virginia. Google Bilderberg 2012 for all the details.

      Alex is breaking open dozens of stories and he’s featuring Luke Rudkowski and many other brave reporters, including his own reporters. 

  • Mike Angelo

    Here’s another classic from Luke:

    Newt Gingrich approached about his attendance at Bohemian Grove, and like all the other corrupt politicians, diverts and lies right to his face.

  • Michael Grady

    This “blogger” is Luke Rudkowski of

  • Ross

    Go Luke!

    He also captured this on video:

  • Bennett

    Dear Glenn, Please cover more of that blogger’s confrontations, they are awesome. You guys can do a lot of good for america together.

  • Ivan Roberts

     Beck does his own sanitation of the media btw…

    Here is the link to the full video and audio of this event that he edited…

  • Ivan Roberts

  • Ivan Roberts

    “If I Wanted America To Be A Dictatorship”

  • Thomas Brinkley

    dude, if you don’t understand 9/11 conspiracy theory, and you think they are “crazy”, before you actually commit suicide for realizing you are that stupid and ignorant of what pretty much everyone with a brain on the internet knows about (and you don’t, which is why you have this job in broadcasting) once it comes out officially, then watch the youtube video “mossad truck bombs on sept 11″

  • Robert LeJeune

    Mr. Rudkowski will be noted in history as one of those voices that shouted the voice of reason, when everyone around seemed to only hear the voice of insanity!

  • John Tan

    Give LUKE RUDKOWSKI the credit he deserves. he’s not just a “blogger”. TEAM LUKE & WE ARE CHANGE!!/Lukewearechange

  • Stephanie Vaiano Budick

    Way to Work Luke Rudkowski!!  Why not give the “Blogger” his props?  

  • Andrew

    Luke Rudkowski really deserve credit for this Glenn. He’s worked hard for years to do this kind of thing.

  • Anonymous

    Blogger Glenn? You mean Luke Rudkowski …..Are you treating him like you did Andrew Breitbart?
    Remember how you treated his report and Sherroded him?
    I do.
    Give credit or are you such a small man you can’t stand anyone but you standing in the spotlight.
    You know this is the reason I started disliking your show….because I saw what you did to Andrew.

  • Bill Tilghman

    Apparently, all of Luke Rudowski’s friends have come here to support their buddy. Good for you.
    Haven’t you people got a bridge or a public park to destroy somewhere?
    Who cares about Luke Rudowski? He’s another joke from OWS. 

  • Anonymous

    wake the fuc-up! traditional Americans these liberal black shit heads r trying to take us real American whites down to their levels…we must take the fight to them NOW…KING OBAMA is against white America & capitalism we must take the fight to them now!!!! with the help from the NRA & our constitution we must wipe them out…..

    • cherry

       you stupid racist moron, reporting your ass for incitment to murder.

      • Anonymous

        go ahead u f-in hater of free speech liberal bastard asswipe…

    • Anonymous

      Don’t bring the NRA into this tirade of yours;  you are on your own fella.   Take a course on civility.

      • Anonymous

        I believe it is very likely that morons of his stripe could be plants from liberal hacks to engage us with meaningless drivel and slander us in the eyes of the undecided. Flag this idiot!

        • Sandie

          You got this guys number. These plants (good word for them – no brains like a plant) try to disguise themselves as conservatives and then spew crap and misbehave to give conservatives a bad rep, like the “plants” who would crash TEA Party rallies and try to make them look bad. A couple even admitted to what they were doing when they got busted by reporters and admitted that it was more wide spread than people realized.

  • Anonymous
    Personal preparation for the tsunami of evil, transforming America into an alien nation.

    Infiltration and subversion from our Ministry of Truth?

  • Anonymous

    he’s maniacal.

  • Samuel Andrew Franks

    A “Blogger”? what.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to go eat a big bowl of chocolate and every bad piece of junk food I can find in my house in honor of Moochelle. Better stock up on your favorite foods, cause they might not be around too much longer. Wait till they put the smart meters on your house and can see whats in your fridge. Just google “smart meters” and check out what comes up. 

    • Anonymous

      just let them try it….their ilk are in for the surprise of their lives!

  • Anonymous

    I hope your are right.

  • im hot

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  • Joker

    Yes Cherry you are hot. As long as that’s your profile pic…wow.

  • greywolfrs

    Cass Sunstein, the Goebbels in the Obamao dictatorship…

  • Anonymous

    What is interesting is that our goverment is building a network that is to identify any American that is anti-goverment.I believe anybody that has half a brain should be able to see what our corrupt goverment is doing,and doing in the open. I do not how-ever understand why Americans are so very willing to give up their freedoms.They have attacked the 1st,2nd,4th and 10th,14th admendments of the same Constitution that obongo uses as toliet paper everyday. How much longer are”THINKING” Americans going to accept this?I do realize that 48% of Americans live in total off my and your monies.Lazy Bastards! I guess since I have worked since I was 12 and paid my own way thru life,I do not understand who a man or women could hold their heads high as they steal money out of our pockets.It is the marxist way after all.This needs to stop now.If not I see the future to become more troublesome.Enough is enough.

  • CIAriggingElectionClick4Proof

    The biggest media black out is exposed at the link in my name.

  • Cliff Senical

    The wife and i drove up to NYC for the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and had met Luke Rudkowski. Luke is an outstanding investigative reporter with the most friendliest demeanor. He is creative and insightful and his actions towards journalism is by far the most heartfelt and courageous that i have seen in a long time. He deserves the credit where credit is due… 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Alex Jones and

  • Mac Ambo

    Looks like Beck is back to drinking …

  • AlGore Isa Boothole

    LUKE LUKE LUKE LUKE….screw you glenn beck

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Luke. No thanks to Beck for using his work and not crediting him though.

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