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The Obama campaign released its latest attempt to smear Mitt Romney – a new cartoon called “The Life of Julia.”

The life of Julia follows a woman from age 3 to 67; comparing what her life would be like under President Obama compared to Mitt Romney.

Writers note: why we are stuck with either man as president for 64 years is unknown and rather disturbing.

“They go through the different stages in her life where the government is absolutely necessary in order for you to have any quality of life …and they start at three – at three!” Pat said.

Yes, even at the young age of three, “The Man” can apparently get you down…

Here’s an example of one of the cartoon slides:

The slides progress as “Julia” ages. The next slide is Julia at age 17, where under Mitt Romney her education has obviously been destroyed due to tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires…

The slides go from age 18 to 22, and on and on – each one making Obama’s glorious gigantic government programs the only way “Julia” could possible succeed in life. Under Mitt Romney Julia fails to afford college, she can’t get surgery because Romney has repealed Obamacare (…and apparently that means no one can get medical treatment now), and will never find a job with equal pay for women.

“She obviously isn’t getting a career in the Obama Administration because then she’d be making 18% less,” Stu points out.

This progresses until “Julia” reaches the age of 67 years old and retires.

Pat had a different idea on how “Julia’s” life would have gone, in fact, she may have never made it. In Pat’s version of “The Life of Julia” “under President Obama’s radical views on abortion, Julia was killed in the third trimester of her development in a partial birth abortion procedure. And thus, she wasn’t able to take advantage of President Obama’s wonderful head start program. JULIA DIDN’T LIVE!”

“That’s a good point,” Glenn responded.

“I think so,” said Pat. “I think somebody should make it.”

Well, ask and you shall receive, Pat – the folks over at Misfit Politics have done just that…

The Misfit Politics crew weren’t the only one’s having a good time mocking poor Julia and her government dependency yesterday, #Julia took over Twitter and was mocked throughout the new media crowd.

Twitchy has some of the top tweets from yesterday’s #Julia throw down.

Breitbart editor Dana Loesch had an excellent take on the real message the Obama campaign was sending women – Obama Campaign: Women are Helpless.