Creepy: Obama follows Julia from cradle to grave

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The Obama campaign released its latest attempt to smear Mitt Romney – a new cartoon called “The Life of Julia.”

The life of Julia follows a woman from age 3 to 67; comparing what her life would be like under President Obama compared to Mitt Romney.

Writers note: why we are stuck with either man as president for 64 years is unknown and rather disturbing.

“They go through the different stages in her life where the government is absolutely necessary in order for you to have any quality of life …and they start at three – at three!” Pat said.

Yes, even at the young age of three, “The Man” can apparently get you down…

Here’s an example of one of the cartoon slides:

The slides progress as “Julia” ages. The next slide is Julia at age 17, where under Mitt Romney her education has obviously been destroyed due to tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires…

The slides go from age 18 to 22, and on and on – each one making Obama’s glorious gigantic government programs the only way “Julia” could possible succeed in life. Under Mitt Romney Julia fails to afford college, she can’t get surgery because Romney has repealed Obamacare (…and apparently that means no one can get medical treatment now), and will never find a job with equal pay for women.

“She obviously isn’t getting a career in the Obama Administration because then she’d be making 18% less,” Stu points out.

This progresses until “Julia” reaches the age of 67 years old and retires.

Pat had a different idea on how “Julia’s” life would have gone, in fact, she may have never made it. In Pat’s version of “The Life of Julia” “under President Obama’s radical views on abortion, Julia was killed in the third trimester of her development in a partial birth abortion procedure. And thus, she wasn’t able to take advantage of President Obama’s wonderful head start program. JULIA DIDN’T LIVE!”

“That’s a good point,” Glenn responded.

“I think so,” said Pat. “I think somebody should make it.”

Well, ask and you shall receive, Pat – the folks over at Misfit Politics have done just that…

The Misfit Politics crew weren’t the only one’s having a good time mocking poor Julia and her government dependency yesterday, #Julia took over Twitter and was mocked throughout the new media crowd.

Twitchy has some of the top tweets from yesterday’s #Julia throw down.

Breitbart editor Dana Loesch had an excellent take on the real message the Obama campaign was sending women – Obama Campaign: Women are Helpless.

  • Anonymous

    She is not necessarily white. She could be latino or middle eastern, or even oriental.

    • Max_80919

       She looks like Laura Petrie “The Dick Van Dyke Show” – clothes are a tad dated.

      • Max_80919

         I also like the “Hillary Clinton” headband at age 23. How many 23 year olds year headbands? Tattoos, piercing, fake boobs, sure but head bands?

        • Annie Thompson

           They’re called hipsters…but I guess you’ve never heard about them

    • Staff of Life Nutrition Consul

       The appropriate word is “Asian” you racist.

      • Anonymous

        Stick your PC crap up your but.

  • Anonymous

    Only a gay man or a serial stalker/pedophile would be so comfortable following a female through her life to this extent. Looks like Barry has some serious Mommy issues. Not only that, he has set the Women’s Movement, like the Black Americans and Civil Rights, back to the 60’s. Forget that women have come a long way, baby. Barry means to make them all barefoot, sterile and under his thumb. Looks like he moved on from his race war, now that he has them all enslaved, to gender warfare. What’s next? Senior Citizens? AARP won’t like that one bit.

  • Max_80919

    Maybe a timeline of what life would be like: without Big Gov’t; free markets in healthcare; lower taxes for all; a less complex IRS code; having a real Social Security Trust Fund where excess money collected isn’t added to the General Fund and backed by Treasury IOUs but earns real interest and grows providing a real retirement program; making private health insurance deductable; not forcing corps to offer health insurance and have people buy their own; term limits on all elected federal positions; a balanced budget; forcing congress to use the same laws they enforce on Americans; no pension plans for elected officials but rather the same that everyone else has – 401k, IRA, etc; putting college loans back in the private sector and not back by taxpayers; no Fannie/Freddie/Community Reinvestment Act; no earmarks; less complex bills to vote on with no riders; real gov’t transparency; need I go on?

    • Debbie Dobbs Hirshson

       Yes, please…but first let me play some Barry White music.

    • Denise McMackin

      add a time or money limit on welfare. Make people go back to work and not be rewarded for being lazy or having more children to stay on it longer. If you don’t put money in you don’t get money out. It’s too easy to sit back and keep collecting off of the working class. Obamacare is all about population control. They get to decide who lives or dies. They need people on welfare so they can promise them an easy life to get re-elected.  

      • Anonymous

        That is what welfare used to be,a temporary hand in desperate times.Our government are enabling people to be a weight on society. A lottery winner of 1 million is receiving food stamps, a bioligist laid off from job with a business is getting food stamps(what`s a bioligist make a year)? Octomom who was artificially inseminated by a doctor who had no job and no means of support is now on welfare. Where are your tax dollars going? This is pathetic,and things have to change.They are not my children,and I can barely support my own,yet I have to support these people because the feel entitled.I will be voting for a change in November.I work for my money,so should they!

      • Lorraine

        When welfare was first instituted, it was for a period of 6 months and it’s intention was to help people get back on their feet. I strongly believe we should have a time limit on welfare. Otherwise, why would anyone want to go back to work as we’re seeing happening now.

  • Anonymous

    For the love of… it’s just a way to highlight how policy differences affect Americans. This isn’t even a real person, it’s a cartoon. My goodness, are you going to call adults who read the fourth harry potter book pedophiles because Harry gets an answer to a clue while taking a bath?

  • Tommy

    So Glenn just read a bunch of stuff. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. All I heard was a pretty good abortion joke. Obama 2012. 9/11 was fake. Research the NWO. Challenger disaster. 

  • Tim Thorstenson

    Under Obama she would be considered a “Mistake” and PP would encourage her mom to abort her, especially if she had a disability.  If she survived pregnancy and had responsible parents, they would be taxed for having her and forced to give half their income to the ILLEGALS having babies for FREE.  If Obamacare is upheld and she had a disability, the DEATH PANELS would decide that her disability keeps her from being a “productive” member of society and would deny her health services.  She would be placed into a facility that would punish her for being disabled.  If she was not disabled she would be indoctrinated into hating America and be taught how to crap on police cars.  As an illiterate adult, she would demand “equal pay” even though she did not have the education or skills to deserve a high-level salary.  Then, once she reached about 50 she would be forced to end her life in an Obamacare “Health Center Exchange.”

    • Anonymous

      “If Obamacare is upheld and she had a disability, the DEATH PANELS would
      decide that her disability keeps her from being a “productive” member
      of society and would deny her health services. ”

      As opposed to the private insurer who has the exact same type of panel except they also have a profit motive to not cover for her?

      • Anonymous

        ObamaCare is another excuse for some Govt employees to have a huge GSA party, hottubs and orgy.

        Oh, oh, oh (raising my hand desperately to get attention) I want to be Jooolear

      • Daniel Kaster

        Insurance companies ARE a business. You don’t expect your car insurance company to cover and pay for existing damage to your car, home insurace to cover existing damage on home and so on for every kind of insurance. Why do you expect, no ENTITLED to be covered under health insurance.
        On the other hand, what business does government have deciding what a business will do or not, whao Julia/Julian is supposed to get/not get?? 

        • Anonymous

          But if you pay in to that policy,you have every right to be compensated for  damages.Under Obama,you don`t have to pay if you can`t afford it.It has to be paid for,or our health plans are going to go broke. Guess what,you are going to pay for the uninsured. You just got slammed with a paternity suit of thousands of people,and they don`t even have your DNA! 

  • J. P. Berrett Baxter

    I can’t even begin to point out how wrong these are. There is no sound principal behind ANY of the claims for Obama, let along against Romney. I am so stunned that anyone could even be duped by these. The wrongness is so obvious, the explanation eludes me at the moment. In a few minutes, I’ll be livid, then incredulous, then I won’t stop ranting about the inanity of this course of brainwashing. The only people who could possible believe this trash are the people who think that letting the government rule your existence will make you successful. Perhaps they don’t want to succeed, and are happy to live off the teat of the taxpayer, and are foolish enough to think others will fall for this clever scenario.

    (excuse me while I vomit)

  • Adam Arends

    Beyond the obvious absurdity of this – that 60 some years from now any policy will still be around (the apes might get rid of a few things), let’s concentrate on the genius of the design. These are the info-graphics that are popular and get people’s attention. The Republican party does not get it – a voice-over and a far-off gaze into the future worked in 1972 (consider the “Don’t Mess With Texas” campaign), it does not hold water anymore… Consider the Obama logo – this is a graphic design gold – all the patriotic inspiring colors, and a circular logo suggestion infinity and completeness – John McCain’s was blue and yellow and boring.

    It would be nice if the counter to this was on that same playing field! Young voters have short attention spans and like “shinny” things!

    Besides being a complete failure and should be a shoe-in for a one-term presidency, his team knows how to attract attention!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, young voters like shiny things like free money. “obama money, he get’s from his stash”. 

      When a country has more people voting for a living, than working for a living….it is doomed.  Greece is full of Julias. Look where it got them!

    • Lioness

      I’m always an advocate of reverse psychology!

  • jwest1967

    This country is fucked im getting my passport and leaving the country.  Venezuela here i come

    • Anonymous

      You won’t like the current government, but you’ll love the people and the Andes.
      If you’re married Wear blinders, the women are gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    There are hundreds of prototype Julias in communist countries, the only problem is they all want to be someone else!!

  • Anonymous

    As a fellow “Julia”, I am pretty wierded out. Yeah… thanks, but NO THANKS. What ever happened to parents raising and teaching their own children, the “3 R’s” in school, working your way through college, saving for the things you want, and being responsible for your own health, wealth and life? Natural healthcare by eating properly, using medicinal herbs/ essential oils, and  staying positive is the only care of my health that I need, and what do you know… I can do that all by myself.

    • Anonymous

       The arguments of Obama and the other Progressives are all based on false assumptions.  In the case of this Julia, the assumption is that there is no success without government intervention.

      I didn’t get Pell grants or student loans in college.  Other than living with my parents while I was in college, I got no financial help from my parents getting through school (but living with my parents was a huge financial help).  I got through by working and living with my parents in college.  While some people might not like the latter, if you want to accomplish something, you just need to do what needs to be done (all legally).  It seems too many people today are afraid to prioritize and make choices and compromises.

      Obama keeps saying that we need to help each other.  Why does he think that means paying higher taxes and letting the government decide how our money is spent.  Let us keep our money and let us decide how to put our children and brothers and sisters through college, for example.  (BTW, my wife had put two of her siblings through college.)

      I can make more efficient use of my money on how to help people and causes than the government can.  If I make the donations directly to those I am helping, it cuts out the government waste and corruption (at the very least, no administrator needs to take a cut of the money via salaries).

      Obama assumes that people can’t take care of themselves.  He acts as if we are incapable of managing our own lives and reproduction.  He acts as if no one ever uses contraceptives unless they are free.  Responsible people have been managing their families long before Obama came along.  I am not convinced that irresponsible people will use contraceptives (sufficiently properly to be effective) even if they are free.

      People can take care of themselves well as long as they believe they can and know that they have responsibility for themselves.  Progressives, including Obama, are trying to brainwash the masses to think that we are incapable of caring for ourselves.  Frankly, I feel insulted every time I hear them making such an argument.

    • Anonymous

      that is why he wants to get rid of all books and go digital so he can create his own history and traditions for the transformation of amerika. The Union States of the
      Socialist Republic of Amerika! all jobs he created are irs and black panthers for his Civilian National Police Force…..oh please May God Bless America!!

  • D C

    Shouldn’t obama be following Ahmed from cradle to grave?  Julia is such a western name.

  • Gerald Scott

    Are you kidding me? I know Obama dreams of some kind of fantasy/utopian society but is this really what he’s coming up with for campaign pitches fantasy people? Cause I know the real people of this country are not doing very well under his administration. And he isn’t done yet!! Or at least that is his claim. If I were Romney’s campaign manager I’d be having a hey day with this redicules crap. WHAT ABOUT JOBS SO WE CAN FEED OUR FAMILIES??????

  • Disa Sadi

    wonderful satire

    • Anonymous

      I liked the Under Obama’s policies regarding 3 trimester abortion….”JULIA DIDN’T LIVE!!!” satire much better, hehe. Pretty much sums it up.

  • Anonymous

    This may very well be the final nail in the coffin for the re-election of Obama.   Who could hear/see this and say to themselves, “this is what I want!?”  Who in their right mind would want this scenario for them and their family?

    I pray this will be their wake up call.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t kid yourself . . . nearly half of all Americans are on the public dole, and THEY will like it because they EXPECT it!!!  They will see it as their path to successful living without having to lift a finger, and they will vote for him because the subliminal message says, “VOTE for me and I will take care of you FOREVER!”

      • Anonymous

        The liberal mindset at work.   No shame, no self respect and no accountability or knowledge of the consequences.   It’s incumbent for the rest of us to educate.   Many do need legitimate assist…..years ago, the church played a pivotal roll with helping the needy.

  • Anonymous

    This not just propaganda, but BAD propaganda.Goebbels clearly would have understood the intent, but found theexecution farcical. Thank God these people are as stupid as they are.

  • Anonymous

    I really believe that this is what needs to be done to counter the liberal/progressive message, put out an opposing point of view. I’ve noticed that even John Boehner is starting to respond to the lies of the left, and IT”S ABOUT TIME. Every time Obummer, Pelosi, Reed, Debbie Whatshername Schultz, etc. is caught in one of their tall tales (lies) they need to be called out on it. True, it will/would be a full time job to do so.

    • Anonymous

      The Heritage Foundation has put out their own version of “Julia” depicting her living a life in a free society, making her own choices, and choosing her own path.  It is a very good counter to what Obama is proposing . . . .”we will like it once we understand it and get used to it!”

  • landofaahs

    It’s obamas sublte way of saying it’s the “Ju’s” fault. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Re: Head Start
    Forty years and billions later:
    Head Start Impact study shows no lasting gains by the end of 1st grade.
    (H.H.S.’s OWN STUDY!!) [Page xxvi]

  • Anonymous

    Hey, after all…as Hillary Clinton says…”It Takes…

    …The Village People!”

  • gator

    shouldn’t ‘JULIA’ be wearing a burqa, under hussein’s gov. plans for her life?

    • Anonymous

      Not this year but wait for it because it is coming!!!  All*H Ackbarrr!!!!

  • Gail

    Well, let’s see…..Julia is the middle name of Marx’s youngest daughter and we launch the re-election campaign on Marx’s birthday. I guess just more silly coincidences to get the crazies all riled up,

    • Anonymous

       With the new slogan, “FORWARD” which has many communist and socialist connections!!!!!  Ain’t life grand?

  • Last in Line

    I myself like Ron Paul’s plan.
    On a side note don’t Beck’s sidekicks remind you of Mystery Science Theater 3000?

  • Anonymous

    If Julia went to college and is earning good money why does she need a “free” screening. Hello folks nothing is for “free” and someone has to pay for it. Obama, loves to spend hard working tax payer money to fund “free” giveaways. I am from the old school where you worked hard to make a better life for yourself.  I do believe that we need to help others that our less fortunate than we are due to circumstances beyond their control, (ie. disabilities, illness,  inability to work, etc.) however, if “handouts” are available most people will take them regardless of their circumstances. There is so much fraud in the “free” giveaways that maybe a closer look at that would help to get rid of those “leeches” so that the people that are really in need can get the assistance that reflects our true “American Philosophy” of our generosity. Remember the days when someone’s barn burned down and most of the community responded by donating their time and talent to rebuilding the barn. This still happens in America but unfortunately most people “claim” that their barn burned down just to collect the money for their own financial gain because they are not willing to work the “menial” jobs that many of us “baby boomers” were grateful to have. I know these are challenging times for many individuals, myself included, but let us not forget the American Spirit and more importantly “IN GOD WE TRUST”

  • Anonymous

    They missed the two obvious ones: (1) Julia’s mother decides not to abort Julia, giving her a chance at a worthwhile life; and (2) At 67 Julia develops osteoporosis and cancer and Kathleen Sebelius decides that the cost of care outweighs the value of any future contributions Julia might make and denies necessary medical treatment. Other than that, it’s all good.

    • Anonymous


  • landofaahs

    Are we at the stage of end times that men want their ears tickled with gossip?

  • Anonymous

     Obviously Obama is playing to an 8th grade audience. Apparently
    that’s how he views the average woman’s intelligence. Of course it is
    not possible to fund or sustain such a ridiculous plan. The government
    is already spending far more than it takes in. We’re $16 Trillion
    dollars in debt with no end in sight. And Obama wants to keep piling on
    more freebies to the masses so people will like him more.
    endless free ride is over. It can’t continue. And it’s going to take a
    grownup to get a handle on it and turn this disaster around. Is Romney
    that person? I don’t know. I do know Obama isn’t. At least Romney has
    some experience with turning failed, near bankrupt businesses back into
    profitable companies. I think it’s worth giving him a shot at it. He
    couldn’t do worse!

  • landofaahs

    I meet people from all over the world in my biz and I can tell you that they as well as I, see that this country is toast.  We have lived off of the righteousness of our founders  down to our grandparents for many years.  We are near to the point that we live off of our own merit and beliefs.  God will not tarry too long.

  • Anonymous

    This ‘story’ thing is sooo SICK!!
    Sick, I tell you!
    Sick sick sick!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The Life of Julia…. at 22…..Under BARACK OBAMA: Big government has taken away every right that the Constitution allows.  Julia is saddled with no job, on public assistance, big debt over her head.  The worst part is…. she has grown up with Obama’s ideology and has lost the drive to make somthing of herself.  She expects the GOVERNMENT to take care of her!

  • peppy

    This is really funny-  Do people see this as entertainment or are they really dumb enough to buy into it.  This reminds me of the really bad leaflets put out in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s.  I am kinda sarcastic, but I expect people to know I am joking when it is over the top.  This ought to be a joke

  • Ryan Mitchell

    megalomaniacal fuck for brains dufus who’s skated on the heels of his chicago elitist crony co-horts; it’s no wonder this power-tripper is growing more like satan, He is!

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the video was a little far fetched and hokey…
    What isn’t funny are the facts that glenn beck doesn’t want to provide any help for women may be struggling with medical issues and their finances!!!

    • Anonymous

      This reminds me of what Benjamin Franklin famously warned, “The best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.” Or another way of saying it: liberals measure compassion by how many people are on government programs; conservatives measure compassion by how many no longer need them.
      The most compassionate thing this country could do would be to smash the entire government dependency edifice erected by the left…a poisonous trap that is killing the incentive to work, killing the spirit, and killing the American dream.
      The welfare state is all about keeping low-income people comfortable in their poverty so they remain dependent on the state and vote Democrat.
      Obama’s America has become a country that harms those who try to work hard and do the right thing, while giving entitlements to those that don’t and won’t. If you create options for people where they can have a viable life without working, many won’t work, that’s not an indictment of their laziness, it’s an acknowledgement of their common sense. The government not only makes it possible to avoid work, it creates a more comfortable lifestyle without work. This is deliberate and it has to stop!

      • Anonymous

        I disagree on one point you made:  people who CHOSE to get on free programs, live on them their whole lives, and teach their children the best ways to game to system ARE lazy and guarantee that their descendents will be just as non-productive as they are!!!  They have no self-motivation or self-respect, and the more they get the more they want . . . we will NEVER be able to give them enough!  They live their lives EXPECTING others to fulfil their needs, and they laugh at us because we are so stupid as to do it.  Do you know who is the real problem here? WE ARE because we are too weak to SAY NO!!!!

        • Anonymous

          There’s nothing that I wrote above that you could possibly disagree with;   I said nothing to suggest that once on welfare people chose to remain.   In all likelyhood, they can’t get off it.   It’s a never ending cycle.

    • Anonymous

      In this age of massive entitlement programs, even for animals, if there is a woman out there who is “struggling with medical issues and their finances” and needs help and can’t seem to get it, it is because she or her extended family are just to D*MN lazy to get up off the sofa to do their research!!!  There are all kinds of charitable organizations as well.  

      Give me a break!!!  You should be scared to DEATH after watching this thing because it gives you a clear picture of what their vision is for our future!!!  Is that TRULY what you want for yourself and future generations?  Just remember, there are NO free lunches so there is a BIG price to pay for a future like this! If you give up control over your own decisions and your own life, SOMEONE ELSE will be in charge whether you like it or not!

    • SoThere

      Glenn donated $50,000 to that cause you idiot.

      Glenn, Glenn, look at me, it’s me, it’s strtlk calling you names. Please, please look over here, I’m calling you all kinds of names and insults. Look, look, over here!!! Why don’t you answer me? Can we get together and be BFF, I love you Glenn.
      Whaaaaaa Whaaaaa. Please look at me, it’s strtlk. Whaaaa Whaaaa

  • Anonymous

    Julian wasn’t aborted, and hopefully didn’t need serious health care after 67, because of Obama’s death panels.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like poor Julia can’t afford a car.

  • Anonymous

    We sent our little “Julia” (not her real name) to our own version of Headstart.  It’s called Pre-K at a private, religious based institution.  Unfortunately, under Obama’s policies and economy, we are at risk of having to pull her out and send her to public schools where her class size will be in the 30’s, no under 12 like it is now.  It would certainly help if we could get vouchers to help send her to school.  After all, we are paying taxes to fund the public schools that my daughter is not attending.  Why can’t we get a portion of that back to help pay for her private education?  Such a voucher program would not only help us, but it would also help the children of poorer families that stand no chance of sending their kids to superior, private schools. But since the government has less control over private schools, Obama and the rest of the Democrats oppose any form of voucher programs.

  • slyefocks

    Where in the hell did Barak Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) come from? I’m talking figuratively as well as literally. Think about it – he’s been a nobody and out of nowhere, he sits in the White House. You never hear anything about his mother, his real father died in an automobile accident in 1982, you can’t find any of his “classmates” from college. In fact, it is hard to find any “friends” from his childhood as well. If Bill Clinton was the “teflon” president then Obama is the “non-stick” president as the media has given him a free pass from the very beginning. In fact, he’s a media-driven president! His rise reminds me of a Night Stalker (Starring Darrin McGavin, 1974) episode titled “The Devil’s Platform”. It’s about a nobody who is transformed into a political heavyweight in of all places – Illinois! I know it’s a coincidence but it sure is eerily similar!!! Here is the link:

  • Anonymous

    Which Supreme Court Justice said this in arguement with a lead attorney about Obamacare:

    “Why, is a big gift from the federal government a matter of coercion?”  While everyone in the Courtroom was pondering the amazing term “big gift,”  the SC justice continued the lecture:
    “In other words, the federal government is here saying, “We’re giving you a boatload of money.  There’s no matching funds requirement, there are no extraneous conditions attached to it.  It’s just a boatload of federal money for you to take and spend on poor people’s health care.  It doesn’t sound coercive to me, I have to tell you.”

    Yes, if you guessed Elena Kagan, Obama’s appointee, you’d be correct.  With this sound (sarc)  mind set, it’s no wonder we find ourselves in the pickle we are in.

    Ms. Kagan makes no mention where the money originated from to pay for it, does she?    This is the liberal mindset.    What would happen with another 4 years of Obama appointees?    I think you all know the answer.

  • Anonymous

    It is so obvious why they stopped at age 67. The socialist do not want to truthfully disclose to you in advance that after 67, you should be sent to end-of-life care facilities because you may no longer contribute to society more than you cons…ume. When you are 67 or older, you are considered a burden on society, unless you were one of the elitist left. When it comes time to decide upon end-of-life care for you, it will not be you, your doctor, nor your family who make the decisions; it will be a computer program running a cost analysis program that generates a personalized report in your name that will be provided to a secretive panel appointed by the president that will determine how you are cared for when you become old, if at all. This may seem far out, but this would be the utopia scenario of the socialist/communist run society. They would do this if they could get away with it. All this socialist madness can be put to rest in the Nov 2012 elections.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is very sexist for Obama to imply that little girls/women can only succeed with his goverment policies and … the Democrats tells us that the GOP is waging a war against women.

  • Mo

    Note how Obama was Julia’s Edi Amin DaDa for LIfe.  It seems that the Constitution was suspended by Sleezy Prezy Stezy Kewel Aw Yeah after Obamacare was found to be unconstitutional and Criminal by the  Supreme court in the summer of 2012.

    Too bad Julia’s parents got free Obama conception prevention and she was never conceived and thusly never born.  

    Her sister also named Julia was conceived and was horribly aborted at 6 months thanks to Sleezy Preezy Kewel Aw Yeah’s really neat and fair abortion policy.

    Her other sister was born and named Julia too (2).  

    Julia (2) went to school and learned there was no wrong answer so she graduated to Obama Free College where nothing was taught except humanities and Obama Choral chants. Julia (2) did become a web designer but no one used the Web anymore due to Obama’s czars overly restrictive  regulations and taxes for each micro-byte used.  

    Julia (2) lived on the government dole and found That when she  reached  her mid 60 ‘s got sick  had to present herself  before a death panel she was denied treatment because she was ‘White” and it wasn’t fair to ‘minority’s that the limited resources government had should be wasted on a ‘White” person.  So in the end Julia [2]died a horrible death in a community Hospice.  [Under a bridge, and homeless!] because under the Obama Fairness doctrine, Julia had to surrender her inherited parents home to pay the exorbitant property taxes and the “Fairness Fees” the Obama government placed on people having any independent income at all.

    Julia 2 was given a free burial  in a paupers grave as was her entitled right under Obama-burial care but her body was removed after 6 months and ground into Soilent Green so that the government could feed the masses of starving Julia’s in under their thumb who did and produced nothing.

    We won’t mention Julia {3} .Julia (3) was supposed to be born to two gay parents but for some reason they never could quite get the art of conception to work for them, right or left!

  • Anonymous

    How about a african american  version, care starts way before birth and more perks are given along the way

  • Anonymous

    This how most of our future generation will live if we don’t teach them the values of hard work and the REAL American values.

  • Christine Annunziato

    the life of Joe:
    Born in bronx NY to third generation working class Italian American  parents; one of 8 children. He was the oldest son raised in a 2 bedroom 1 bath home on Long Island.  His father worked 2 jobs sometimes to keep food on the table.His mother was a full time homemaker who never drove a car.  When there were no hand me downs to wear, shoes and or clothes were purchased.  When guests came over children where strategically placed on the threadbare spots on the living room carpeting. Joe went through 12 years of parochial school, as did his siblings, and went on to receive a college education on a baseball scholarship, as he had also worked hard to maintain an A average.  He and his brother opened a small food distribution company in California.  Most of their family now works with them and provide for their families. They pay their taxes and the company has 50 employees which are part of profit sharing. His company also is very active in feeding and funding the less fortunate and partners with Christian organizations in order to do so.

    • Anonymous

      This is the story of my family as well.    Immigrant parents who worked several jobs each to provide for their family.   We didn’t have much, but what we did have, we cherished;  we were happy with little and abundant of much.   We asked for no assistence, but worked for the things we have.   The American dream was offered and now we enjoy the fruits of our labor…. while self-respect, self-reliance and self-motivation still intact.   My parents can boast…they have professionals in their family whom have followed their lead.    We are proud Americans that take from no one and give much to many;  we are charitable people willing to help those in need, not those not willing to help themselves.
      The Julia’s in our country need to know they don’t have to live in poverty or government programs…they need to learn the meaning of self-respect;  they need to end the cycle of dependency.

  • Anonymous

    “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has
    been about 200 years.
    During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

    From bondage to spiritual faith;
    From spiritual faith to great courage;
    From courage to liberty;
    From liberty to abundance;
    From abundance to complacency;
    From complacency to apathy;
    From apathy to dependence;
    From dependence back into bondage.”
    The Obituary follows:

    Born 1776, Died 2012

  • Anonymous

    The collective Story of the Life of Julie is proof that the Democrats have not changed much over the last 200 years , as some in Leftist Hollywood try and re-write history to make their leftist party look good.

    “” Is The Hollywood LEFT Trying to RE-WRITE HISTORY to enhance their own image ?

    Munich Director Steven Spielberg and Ardent Democrat Supporter is Set to Do a Movie on Republican Abraham Lincoln in 2012, Using a Reference By Democrat Historian Doris K.
    Most Experts Know that Republican Abraham Lincoln Stood for Individual Liberties and would be Ashamed at the rapid decline of those Liberties (due to the Health and Financial Control Bills that were Passed in 2010 by Progressive Democrats). Republican Abraham Lincoln ‘Individual Liberties’ Movement or Ideals Lost much ground with the Election of Democrat Progressive Woodrow Wilson of the early 1900s (which was the start of the Progressive movement).
    The Prime Ideals of the Two Parties (Democrats and Republicans) has Not changed much over the last 200 years .

     The Republicans stand more for Individual Liberties (like Republicans Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan).The Democrat stand for Collective Rights (like democrat progressive Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter).

    Some ardent Hollywood Democrats Try and Re-Write history (to enhance the collective image of their party) like Re- Writing the history of Republican Abraham Lincoln (like democrat Tommy Lee Jones, Spielberg (maybe), etc.) ,
     But history is history and Republican Lincoln stood for Individual Liberties (via Declaration of Independence) and clearly the Democrats of Today stand for Collective Rights (aka nationalized/socialized health care ).. Republicans Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan would certainly be members of the Republican Party , Today. “”

  • Anonymous

    …..apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom..

    This is truly scary!

    Of course we are not a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic .

    Someone should point this out to Obama.

    Of course we know he and too many others pay little attention to The Constitution.


    “Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government

    that requires every citizen to prove they are insured …

    but not prove they are a citizen.”

    Author Unknown

  • Rosario Salvatore Guarnieri

    The  life of Julia, julius or someone in-between is to perpetuate the reason for someone being on the Government dole somehow- in ant way- to provide this bankrupt white house to get you on the dole- for votes- plain and simple.  I do not think that Americans are as stupid  as they are made out to be,

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  • Anonymous

    Hope and change: enslaved to government from cradle to grave.

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a rip about Julia, now let’s look at the life of Peeb.

    Age 3 — Raised as a Christian by his mom. She is a STAY AT HOME mom and Peeb would not be the same without his mother. Thank you mom

    Age 17 — Peeb went through school being lied to by teachers about history and politics but knows that he can do whatever he wants to do when he graduates and understands that there is a possibility that he could either succeed or fail but still he tries to live.

    Age 21 — (my age now) Peeb begins to work and pay taxes and quickly realizes that most of his tax dollars are given to people like Julia who are freeloading off the system.  Peeb, being the dumb work horse grunt that the government makes him believe he is, is furious and wants to change this government so that everyone, that is able to work but doesn’t, is responsible for their own laziness and so Peeb doesn’t have to pay for them to live on food stamps and welfare most often times living better than what Peeb lives. For example, Peeb doesn’t have a smart phone while he’s on food stamps.  Peeb wants to help change this government and the people to get them both off the road to evil and onto the road of righteousness but Peeb can’t do it himself.  The corruptness of the government shines through and Obama wins the election.

    Age 22 — Peeb lives in a world where people are killing each other for no reason and massive chaos runs rampant.  Peeb quit his job and ran for his life into the mountains and is living off the land hiding from the government and people in general.

    Age 24 — Peeb is caught by Government officials and, for refusing to get the mark of the beast on his forehead, Peeb is killed.

    This is what will happen to Peeb if Obama wins the election.  Save Peeb and save yourselves, DON’T VOTE FOR OBAMA

  • Ana María

    Stupid sickening Progressives ideology. American Julias can be free and look for her opportunities to pursuit happiness. You do not understand our wood, how beautiful our dreams are and how many ways we find in this exceptional country to make our future shine… Go to Russia Obama, or China, with all your commies court. You are a fake case of American identity …

  • Joe Parrish

    looks like obama’s getting desperate….

  • Anonymous

    The reason they only follow Julia to 67 is because at 67 Julia becomes ill again and the administration realizes that Julia is no longer able to work and give taxes to the Gov’t and has become a burden on the commerce so, Julia is sent to hospice where she is dehydrated and drugged up on Morphine and dies “naturally” in 3 days.

  • DJ Blythe

    The faceless character “Julia” is also the name of Winston’s love intrest, and eventual sycophant of ‘Big Brother’ in George Orwell’s 1984.

  • Molokai Jones

    So, yeah, I’ve been hearing about this on the radio since Stalin, I mean, Obama put it on his website. Now, I’ve finally seen it. And, I have a lot to say about it, but I need to clean the vomit off my desk!

  • Anonymous

    So, is Obama in charge for 64 years?  And does Julia enjoy the “community garden” as fertilizer?

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