Mercury Ink launches new e-book series “Wrath & Righteousness” with free download for GBTV subscribers!

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Glenn and his company have been changing the way that audiences consume media and content, and today Glenn and his publishing division, Mercury Ink, are launching an innovative approach to books with the new series “Wrath and Righteousness”. The ten episode e-book series by New York Times bestselling author Chris Stewart is an exciting tale packed with thrilling action and underscored by a story of war, love and spirituality. But rather than release the series over a decade like most popular fiction series have done in the past,  “Wrath and Righteousness” will have all ten parts released over the course of a year!

“We’re bringing them out quickly because I don’t want readers to lose the track of the story,” Glenn told the Wall Street Journal.

Glenn read the books, then released as “The Great and Terrible” series, during vacation two years ago. In them, he saw several parallels to the current state of the world and global politics.

“A lot of this stuff in the book is really happening now. You see how volatile the Middle East is and how fragile the United States is?  You want to see what Occupy Wall Street really looks like in the end?  Wait until you read this,” Glenn said on radio.

The WSJ explains that the books have been edited down into “a series of 10 e-books that blend Middle East politics, techno high jinks, and end-of-the-world derring-do, while cutting the references to Mormon scripture and gospel beliefs.”

“It’s something that nobody’s ever tried to do, put them out in episodes like this.  I don’t know if it will work, but this is a book that is wildly entertaining,” Glenn told listeners.

More than a simple techno-thriller, Wrath & Righteousness examines the eternal battle between Light and Darkness while also asking one of the fundamental questions of our existence: what is mankind’s relationship to the spiritual world? Packed with thrilling action and underscored by a story of war, love and spirituality, Wrath & Righteousness has been described by Glenn as “the Left Behind series for a new generation.”

As part of the launch of the series, GBTV and Mercury Ink are partnering together for an exciting new e-book promotion where GBTV subscribers will be able to download the first episode of the series for free!

GBTV subscribers can redeem their free e-book HERE! Not a GBTV subscriber? You can start your two week free trial today and get the e-book for free today too! Sign up HERE

Readers who are not interest in a GBTV subscription can buy the first installment for $2.99, but honestly – why would you want to do that?



  • Anonymous

    Interestinly, when you link to the Free download as a member, it asks for payment?  curious, curious, curious.  Will come back later and probably spend the $3!:)

    • franco71

      Same thing for me.

    • Corran Horn

      Maybe some screw up.

    • Anonymous

       Ignore the payment thing, it is taken care of if you are a member of GBTV signed in under the same email address you signed up for GBTV with. They do not ask for any credit card, debit card, etc.  Mine downloaded and installed correctly per the instructions.  Be sure to follow the instructions provided and save the download where you will find it again and then copy it to whichever device you are using.  Worked fine for me on my Kindle!.

  • Niki Counce

    yes that is a little odd!

  • Anonymous

    I clicked Kindle, Ganxy told me I purchased it for $2.99….and I’m a member too??  Thing is, the book never downloaded anywhere……HELP…on hold with GBTV helpline now  :(

  • Brad Fletcher

    says……$2.99…..what’s the deal?

  • Anonymous

    Make certain you are logged in with same email you have for GBTV. I was able to download with no problem at no charge. Transferred to my Kindle Fire and it works perfectly. It gives you a pdf version for a computer and a version that will work with a Barnes & Noble Nook also.

  • Anonymous

    Here is another book that will get you thinking if you believe if America is under Divine Judgement. It reads as a novel but you will find out some Biblical truths. The Book is “The Harbinger The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of America’s Future” by Jonathan Cahn You can find the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christian Book Distributors and many other sources. I would say if you check the reader reviews at any of these websites they are 5 stars from almost 99 percent of the readers. I read it in two days and could not put it down. Author gives links to the sources. Interestingly one of his sources is from David Barton. I don’t know if Glenn has ever read this book but in case he has not read it and he reads comments on his website I encourage him to get it and read it.

    • Brenda

      I finished that book right before starting this series. The Harbinger is truly something everyone should read. You can buy the set that contains the movie and book on WMD I have since lent it out to people and both husband and i are telling everyone about it. If you want a preview its on YOUTUBE Isaiah 9:10 in four parts. Thats isnt the whole movie and i highly recommend reading the book.

    • Mary Hartbarger

       I have it but haven’t read it yet

  • Alina

    I had the same problem when I searched for the book yesterday.  I clicked and it took me to itunes and said the book was $2.99.  Today I went here:

    clicked on the “HERE”
    GBTV subscribers can redeem their free e-book HERE!  and had no problem.  Downloaded it in epub and mobi. Also can download in pdf.

  • Chris

    Glenn….PLEASE have someone put this in Audiobook format! Your reach with this will go much further since finding the time to pick up a book is a huge barrier but Audiobooks can be listened to while we’re on the go. I would be willing to pay more than your standard pricing just to get it in audio format.

    • Niki Juber Miller

       If you want to listen to them in audiobook format you can.  As it said, they are edited versions of “The Great and Terrible” book series.  You can buy them at Deseret Book.  I listened to the first two and really liked them.  I got half way thru the third and had to stop listening when it got to the part about the EMP.  The book was so real and it was giving me anxiety.  Most books seem to have something in them that makes them a little less likely to happen.  Not these.  I really should finish the series because I need to find out what happens and how things are resolved. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m very disappointed with this series, “Wraith and Righteousness”, because it
     is nothing more than a remake of the series called “The Great and Terrible” that I have already read…….I spent money for the new series that was wasted…….shame on you Glenn…..

    • Anonymous

      This is a mini book, like a short version of the great and terrible.  He is getting it out in shorter form so more people will read it.

  • Anonymous

    I am a member and want the book, however, I would like to read it on my NOOK rather than download it to my computer.  If it is downloaded to my computer, is there a way to transfer it over to my NOOK?


    Can these E-books be read on a laptop and if so how?

    • Bob Walker

       Download the PDF version is the easiest way. I downloaded the .mobi file and then got a free mobi reader.

  • Bob Walker

    I loved the book and can hardly wait for the rest of the series, but you seriously need to get at least one top notch proofreader before these things are released. I can’t remember the last time I read a book with that many typos in it. (I’m both available and affordable.)

  • Bob Walker

    I did not have the download problems others are complaining about. It worked perfectly from my smart phone, and then again from my laptop when I changed my mind and decided to read it on the larger screen. It must have been PEBKAC.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, How about GBTV does a program or two on EMP’s
    and what if anything can be done, has been done, or has
    been proposed in congress. Why hasen’t the grid been
    protected ? What if anything can a citizen do to protect
    themselves ? What is the goverment doing. Will the country
    be able to strike back ?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Chris, PLEASE publish in audio/mp3 format. My husband would love to read the episodes but cannot because of his vision. I also like to listen to books on the go.

  • Brenda

    I just finished – when is the second coming out? I dont want to wait…. :) For those of you having trouble downloading if you have explorer 8 press f12 then compatibility view and it easily downloads.

  • Anonymous

    I downloaded Episode I to my Kindle and have already read it.  Great read and can’t wait for the next episode……

  • Anonymous

    I too was charged $2.95, I read episode one in 3 evenings. I thought free, was no charge but it was worth it. I can’t wait till June for episode two.
    If everyone paid $2.95 for a good read here, the money would start piling up and put into good works. Glenn can have my $2.95…
    Thank you very kindly
    It is well written.   

  • Anonymous

    Loved Episode 1, can’t wait for the next..downloaded PDF file for hubby to view on another computer via flash drive…gonna be another Left Behind Series…10 years after it was written…thank you Glenn…great read.

  • landofaahs

    Let us please hold obamas feet to the fire and ask him “Yes or No”  Do you believe in the Biblical account of creation?   Do you Believe in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? Or do you have some other belief as to the origin of man?

  • Nick Tucker

    Is this going to come out in paperback form? I don’t like e-books…

  • Betty Busby

    If there is an EMP Kindle is worthless.  Please print the book.

  • Andrea Coronel

    like Theodore responded I’m in shock that any body can profit $8133 in one month on the computer. have you read this website 

    (Click On mY name For the Link)

  • Washington76

    Romney and Obama side by side comparison! You be the judge!

  • April Thomas

    When will the 2nd episode be coming out.
    This was very well written

    • Zcat

      June 19th.

  • Zcat

    I’ve read part one. I thought it was excellent. It said at the end of my reading,  “Part Two available now” at mercry, it gave the link: i clicked on the link and it says June 19th….I was terribly disappointed. I wish it was June 19th.

    I read part one, in one setting, it took a couple of hours. I couldn’t put it down. I was hoping to go on two part two. I’m eagerly waiting.

  • Gerald Mucci

    Thank you guys for the free download.  I’ve heard great things about this series.

    One thing though in my downloading experience.  I downloaded the Mobi version that is supposed to work on Kindles.  I have both Kindle for PC and Kindle DX, and the Kindle version downloads but is not recognized by either Kindle for PC or the Kindle DX.

    The only way I can read the book is on my computer after downloading the free Mobi software, which is easy enough to do.  I’m sure the PDF versions would work on either device, but I haven’t tried that yet.

  • Anonymous

    For some reason I couldn’t get it to download on my Nook.  So I went to B&N and bought it through them, and of course it went right to my Nook.  I was that eager to read it….and I hope that before the next one comes out I will be able to download from that gizmo thingy that you now have for downloading.  I am not really a youngun – and sometimes us oldies have trouble figuring this stuff out!!
    BTW,,,, I was totally blown away and i just don’t know if I can wait until June!  Can’t we get it faster!

  • Anonymous

    What I wonder is why so much of the original book(s) has been left out of this version. I own the original 6 books and feel that the parts left out reveal the basis of the enmity that existed in the “premortal” world between the major players. Whether this was intended to make the books more pallatable to the general population, or not, the lack of inclusion of these elements – I feel – damages the presentation.  Not to cut into Glenn’s profits – but Amazon has the series – under a different name – un-cut.

  • Anne Caluwaert

    I downloaded part one from Amazon on my Kindle. I read it in one evening. I am hoping if we have to pay for future chapters that they may be a bit longer. It was a great read, and I am anxious to read more.

  • cheryl spiegel

    I love Wrath and Righteousness and have read all three episodes to date however, at $5.99 per episode, reading the serious turns out to be HUGELY  expensive for “one” book especially, an e-book!
    Each episode should be $1.99 or $2.99 at most.
    I look forward to reading each episode but at $6 for ten episodes??? You do the math. I feel the reader is being ripped off royally.
    This book needs to be released as a regular book at a regular price.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn I work full time driving and have very little time to sit and read a book. Please put these Books on audio so we can down load them onto an android, at the very least a CD.

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