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New audio has surfaced of Joe Biden talking to a group of college students, and his tone is very unlike the typical bombastic Biden we’ve come to know over the past four years. Could he be drunk? Sedated? Glenn played the audio and reacted on radio this morning.

First of all, what would make us wonder if Biden was under some kind of influence?

Just watch the video below, which most of us think is Joe Biden (although Glenn claimed he wasn’t so sure):

And how about this new audio, where Biden whispers his words to his audience:

Certainly not the same level of weirdness, but very different from how he usually speaks.

“We need Joe Biden in the news. I can’t lose him as a source of comedy,” Stu joked.

“He may not drink, but he’s doing Percocet or something,” Glenn said – pointing out the “I love you man” vibe of the speech.