Is Joe Biden drunk (again)? Creepy audio

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New audio has surfaced of Joe Biden talking to a group of college students, and his tone is very unlike the typical bombastic Biden we’ve come to know over the past four years. Could he be drunk? Sedated? Glenn played the audio and reacted on radio this morning.

First of all, what would make us wonder if Biden was under some kind of influence?

Just watch the video below, which most of us think is Joe Biden (although Glenn claimed he wasn’t so sure):

And how about this new audio, where Biden whispers his words to his audience:

Certainly not the same level of weirdness, but very different from how he usually speaks.

“We need Joe Biden in the news. I can’t lose him as a source of comedy,” Stu joked.

“He may not drink, but he’s doing Percocet or something,” Glenn said – pointing out the “I love you man” vibe of the speech.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    I love your man.  Can we keep it quiet?

  • Corran Horn

    Oh great Joe Biden got into Willy Nelson’s stash again.

  • Anonymous

    Your generation is the laziest, most apethetic, most dependent, most progressive, most moral deprived, most government brainwashed, group of 99%ers ever!  You are amazing!!  Now get out there and occupy something!  

  • George

    Oh! Joe Biden opened his mouth again?  He must have a personal assistant for removing his feet from his mouth.  Oh, wait!  He’s not drunk or drugged.  He’s still got one foot in his mouth from last time.  Must find new assistant.  Arrgh!

  • Anonymous

    The Village Idiot is off his meds, AGAIN.

  • scott

    one tv show comes to mind…..”intervention”

  • Anonymous

    Ish jus wonnerful s-s-stand’n here an talkin t-t-to you boys ‘n girlsh.  All the beauful things that you a gonne shee ish jus too mush for words.   

    Is it too late for rehab? 

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like he got hold of one of Obama’s “cigarettes”

  • Robert

    I swear to God, your show should be called Late Night With Glenn, Stu, and Pat. Ya’ll can turn a bad day into a great one :-)

  • Anonymous

    Generation after generation is formed by the influence we choose to interact with. As a boy I was blessed to have parents that kept there eyes upon there children. Disciplined with open hand spanking, quit effective in my case, and my siblings. I was blessed and cursed while wading threw life. I always started with the best of friends. Somehow I managed to get caught up with the outcasts, trouble makers. Liberal type influential mentality individuals. Almost like they were planted in suburbia to cause change in children going straight. I was surrounded by a positive value and moral influential circle of great kids. I of course fell backward and chose the trouble maker kid. Undisciplined, parents not caring, or knowing where or who there children were hanging around with.  Parents so proud of mine. I truly miss there presence. I am not excusing myself for my slow learning curve I chose to follow. We learn right from wrong only when you have a good mother and father instilling good values and  sharing they,re morale foundation. Parents no what your up to. They will always try to correct your questionable judgement if there,s a responsible parent nourishing your behavior. I must confess without there love and devotion I no I would be a liberal today and there are way to many of those. Subversive, utopian, socialists, among us conservative, free market, individual freedom loving citizens of this Republic. I simply believe government power seeking communists are among us and the number one clue was abortion. Medium too large families have inherent instincts. At least in my generation beginning 1951. I have no excuses only a cause and affect. I would like to declare happy giving birth day to all birth day childrens moms on same day. Maybe birthdays will become regulated or banned.   

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t all of us be drunk if we worked with this administration? I think he took a Xanax or valium-he sounds more like sleepy than drunk.

    • Anonymous

      Time to drug test our ADMINISTRATION. People with that much power – holy fricking crap.

  • Barry

    Wish he was in the Villages.

  • Barry

    Or should I say that the Village is missing their idiot.

  • D C

    I think the greatest ‘Americans’ were the founding fathers.  They had the right vision for America, not like this current nonAmerican moslem in chief in the out house today and his brain dead buffon Joe Biden.  GOD what a pathetic bunch of losers.  What’s even MORE pathetic are the jackasses that vote for these male dildos..

  • Anonymous

    People, remember, this guy is one step away from being President. Scary, isn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    He is a fool!

  • Robert

    Poor drunken joe:  Raised to be a Catholc now a Muslin and Gay.

  • John Edward Kapler

    Please tell me those of you who voted for this team are all of you in favor of legalized drugs? Because if you are here is one of the poster childs!

  • Right Fielder

    Biden is just trying to get the youth vote; meaningless drivel, even to him. But he knows he has to do it. As for him sounding drunk… no, he’s trying to sound emotional. Some people can’t pull it off without sounding drunk. He is one of those people.

  • William Larry Hayden

    I think this guy is going to become sick. hillary clinton will be the next vp nominee with odumbo

  • docean

    Maybe he just finished his sodomy encounter.

  • Anonymous

    Just because glenn beck deserted his wife and children because of his own spineless and narcissistic alcohol/drug addiction does not give him the right to make slanderous statements about real Americans like Biden.
    Once again glenn beck should be disgusted and ashamed of himself!!!

    • SoThere

      Biden’s a drunk and a disgrace to all Americans.  You’re a liar and a hatemonger who makes death threats against Glenn Beck. You’re also a chickenshit little weenie.

    • Anonymous

      SUCK MY WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Oublewit love’s u dumbass

    • greywolfrs

      The only one who should disgusted and amshamed is you. You have got to be the dumbest person in the country, sticky chin. What makes Biden a “real American?” Dunce.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone realized the perfect strategy that Obama had for choosing Biden as VP. It’s better than an subterainian lair. If someone kills Obama then Biden is president and no one in the world wants to see that happen. Obama could walk the street without security and a republican would jump in front of him to take a bullet.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps he has public speaking issues and has a valium or 3 or 4 to help him out…lol.

  • Anonymous

    The reason that we have a want-be King as President is that our Marxist King as a Royal Court made up of his Czars and of course every court has a Court Jester and that is where Joe Biden comes in.  What must have been drunk is all the Delaware voters that continually to send this idiot to Congress to represent them as one of their Senator’s.

  • Dave Dickerson

    …your generation is on the cusp of the most incredible change in world history… Hmm, sounds like a hint of the New World Order that he, and Odumba, and their commie agendites are forcing to happen (FED, Zionists, Builderberg, Rockefeller, Rothschild…)….End them “ALL”, take bake our lands, freedoms, and rights, use force and guns, if needed, as it “IS” Legally Constitutional. Petition our armed forces to join US to take back our Gov…

  • Anonymous

    This will be the generation that can point to the reason why there’s a place that use to be called AMERICA !

  • greywolfrs

    He is correct about one thing. This generation is on the cusp of great things, getting rid of the bloated, socialistic government that left wing morons have been forcing on us for over 100 years.

  • Mustang O4

    Joe Biden is not drunk. He’s very mentally ill.

  • Christopher C Mellin

    He reminds me of my hypocritical drunking Irish catholic family…..!!!!!!!

  • Christopher C Mellin

    This is tha real stuff… What a pres and vice pres we have… Thanks  GBTV……..

  • Carole Pohto

    Glenn maybe Biden’s conscience is starting to bother him.  He knows what he is doing is wrong because I try to tell him as often as I can.

  • Richard Firth

     This is hilarious.   Maybe he’s auditioning for the “rest” home, and I don’t mean “The Villages”   He’s got my vote, I’d like him to go there ASAP


    I cried listening to this. 

  • Anonymous

    what is Biden on weed, crack.

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