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The birthers are back. Why? Yesterday Breitbart.com released a biography used by Barack Obama’s literary agent from 1991 describing him as ‘born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii,’ through 2007 when it was corrected to say ‘born in Hawaii.’ This morning, Glenn gave his take on what has been released and the reaction to it thus far.

Glenn, who has been pretty vocal about his opposition to the ‘birtherism’ movement since its start, wasn’t swayed in his opinion by the release of this document. Glenn saw the length this document was allowed to run inaccurately as more of an Elizabeth Warren type of move, where progressives try and make themselves more appealing by the the left’s love of multiculturalism. Obama was pumping up his ethnic connections for personal gain, probably unaware that his short term goal for recognition in 1991 would come back to haunt him among the birther movement.

For the past couple of weeks Glenn has been breaking news on Barack Obama’s “fairy tale life” and the inconsistencies in the stories he tells about it. “I think this verifies another piece of the storyline of what this guy will say and do,” Glenn said of the news that broke this morning. “He’s Elizabeth Warren to the thousandth power.”

Glenn explained that while he does not have a literary agent, he does have a speaking agent. Every year they publish a booklet, similar to the one that was released with President Obama’s biography, that goes out to all of the people, corporations, etc. that are looking for speakers.

“I know that if somebody saw ‘Glenn Beck born in Bonne, Germany,’ we wouldn’t have called and gotten it pulled. It probably would have run for a year, but it wouldn’t have run for sixteen consecutive years,” Glenn said.

Glenn compared this to the Elizabeth Warren story that is currently in the news where she claimed she was a Native American for ten years. They think anything that is radical, diverse, international, etc. is “cool.” “That’s absolutely how they are. It’s a badge of honor if she’s a Native American,” Glenn said.

“Barack Obama wrote about this in in his book. He used the name Barack because it was cool,” Stu said.

“It goes back to what we’ve been saying the last couple of weeks. The guy’s life story is fiction.  It’s fiction,” Glenn said. “He’ll create anything he has to be create depending on who he’s with, what he’s doing, so he can fit in, and he can be the star. Is that unreasonable to believe?”

“Not at all,” Stu responded. “Elizabeth Warren is the perfect example.”

To further make the point that he doesn’t believe this document does anything to negate the president’s birth certificate or any other document that confirms his birth in Hawaii, Glenn gave the example of his Italian in-laws. Glenn’s wife’s parents are Italian.

“I’m willing to give which they would never do for me.  I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt because I have heard my in laws, I have heard Tania say ‘I’m from Italy; my whole family is from Italy.’ No you’re not. Your grandparents but your mom and dad weren’t. Your grandparents were. I understand it in context I understand it. They are from Italy. What?  I mean that’s the way that some people talk in the right context. Now will they ever be this kind to me? No.”

In the end though, who really benefits from this story? Barack Obama! All it does is continue to take attention away from the economy and the destructive path he has put this country on. The supporters of the birther theory are used to make conservatives as a whole look radical and conspiratorial, and it hurts the efforts to vote him out of office in 2012. Take the biography as an example of his efforts to appear “cool” back in 1991, not as a missing key in proving he wasn’t a natural born citizen.