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A lot happened in Chicago over the weekend, but the media continues to treat the tumultuous Facebook IPO as the main story of the day. But they are missing the story that Glenn has been warning about since September of last year – these protests are going to turn increasingly violent. Would they have covered this if it was a Tea Party rally? Of course. Especially if someone in the crowd was wearing a “Kill Rachel Maddow” shirt. But since it’s the “mostly peaceful” OWS and Glenn Beck’s name on the shirt…who cares?

“Chicago we’ve had ‑‑ we had one person arrested for terrorism.  I’m sorry, we had two people?  We had five people?  How many people got arrested for terrorism before the media starts to pay attention to terrorists?  This is an anarchist group.  They were in Cleveland, Occupy Wall Street.  They tried to blow up the bridges in Cleveland.  The media said virtually nothing.  And now we have people, two were arrested yesterday.  I believe five were arrested on Saturday, and their intent was to blow up buildings and blow up the presidential reelection headquarters in Chicago.  But apparently nobody, nobody really cares about that.  Apparently that’s no big deal,” Glenn said.

The Blaze reported, “Three men arrested earlier this week when police raided a Chicago apartment were being held on terrorism conspiracy charges Saturday stemming from allegations that they tried to make Molotov cocktails ahead of the NATO summit.”

A Chicago journalist reported, ” Protestors clash with police, basically they wanted those protestors up on the sidewalks, some were down on the street and when we walked down on the street, they took them to the ground, arrested them.  They pulled out the billy club with some of them.  And they also saw some police being washed down.  Some we understand were doused with urine from some of the protestors and they had to be washed down before returning back to their normal role. And I can tell you right now we are at the institute, we’re starting to see the crowd get a little bit more tense.  We see things flying around very similar to what we saw back on Van Buren and Wabash.”

And beyond the urine throwing and the terrorism arrests and everything else, one protester on a local news broadcast was seen sporting a “Kill Glenn Beck” shirt: