A domain name worth more than Disney?

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There were a few things bothering Glenn this morning, one of them was Facebook. Facebook was valued at $60 billion more than the Disney – why? What are they creating that is so valuable? Pointing to the dot com bubble, Glenn explained that you’re not left with any tangible assets. If a company like Disney goes belly up you could sell movies, networks like ESPN, three theme parks, etc. – but with Facebook Glenn noted, “In the end, all I’m really buying is a domain name.”

Glenn, who is obviously not anti-internet or social media, made sure to point out that Facebook has obvious upsides. “900 million people connect through Facebook,” he said. “It is the wave of the future.”

Last Friday, Glenn touched on the IPO and the lunacy of the conversation that was occurring in the media over its price point – all of the “experts” were saying, “is it $100 billion or $116 billion.”

Even the president’s favorite banker Jamie Dimon at J.P. Morgan Chase was involved, as was Morgan Stanley. “The president doesn’t trust anyone on Wall Street, but he trusts these guys,” Glenn said sarcastically. “You know, Jamie Dimon and J.P. Morgan Chase, they have a million dollars of the president’s own money, and they are some of the best bankers in the world right there at J.P. Morgan Chase and Jamie Dimon.”

While Greece and Europe are in turmoil and the Euro is on the brink, the mainstream media completely shifted focus to …Facebook? Really? There were a very small handful of people that point to the fact that a lot people could lose a lot of money on this.

Surprise, surprise, there were a few facts that most people didn’t hear about last week regarding Facebook. Like the way the IPO was evaluated, or that the guy who did the IPO for Facebook is the same guy who did the IPO for General Motors for the government. General Motors also came out last week and said they were ending all of their advertising with Facebook and the Super Bowl. Glenn said that the reason given by GM was “it’s pricey” and “it doesn’t work.”

“Okay, wait a minute,” Glenn started, “Hand on just a second. 900 million people connect on Facebook. You’re going to get out of the Facebook business, General Motors… Government Motors? And then you’re going to get out of the Super Bowl? So your advertising executives are third graders, you’re broke, or something else is going on.”

At first Glenn thought that General Motors was just broke, but then after taking a step back to look at the big picture, the Facebook issue stood out at him. “Everybody is on the bandwagon except General Motors? Why is that? Why are they getting out of the Facebook business, while everybody on the planet is going this direction?” Glenn asked.

Glenn noted that unless Facebook increases its revenue by 47% for the next three years it will collapse – something that nobody talked about last week. Now it’s being reported that the banks made about $100 million off of this, and now the left is coming out against Facebook and demonizing them.

“I thought these were the greatest people ever? I thought the president loved these guys?” Glenn asked. “I thought the president said how great Facebook was because it was leading ‘change’ – people were connecting with it all over the world and it was the leader in revolution? He held a rally at Facebook and now, all of a sudden, they’re evil? Huh.”

Experts are also coming out now and saying that this could be the Black Swan event if Facebook doesn’t make their 47% increase in profit for the next three years. It could implode and bring down the entire economy.

Glenn pointed out that, like most people, if everything did crash, he’d rather have a roller coaster and the assets of Disney, but the government on the other hand, what would they rather have in their pocket in the event of a market and/or economic collapse?

“If I was the government, wouldn’t that be great to have an asset like Facebook?” Glenn asked. Especially if you had the kind of ideas of Cass Sunstein or Mark Lloyd where you needed to control the media? Well, this is the new media. Wouldn’t it be great? Think of the money we could save. Think of the money we could save, because remember one of the first things that Barack Obama did is say, “I’ve got to archive all of the Facebook posts. I’ve got to archive all of those because it’s so important to our culture. What do you think of the money we’ll save in the archives, if we just helped them or bailed them out – had access, had control?” What a great asset that would be for the United States of America.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Black Swan incident? One that has been fabricated if it happens. This is a push by Obama to gain control of facebook for their propaganda campaigns already in the works.

    If you want a classical false flag or Black Swan incident then look to the massive TARP bailout in which the banks were FORCED to take bailout funds even if they did not need them. We will soon have a legitimate moment, once Greece begins the collapse of the EU, that can all too easily wreck massive damage on the world stage.

    Also something else no one is mentioning: CHINA, she is in massive debt, a contracting economy and has been deploying stimulus packages hand over fist for the last few years in an effort to keep the system propped up.

    Watch for China to implode soon – that may be the true trigger point.

    • Sunshine Kid

       Either China or the US of A.

  • landofaahs

    Facebook is a banker scheme to make money.  When the These dotcoms are ponzi schemes.

    • greywolfrs

      Look at the Dot Com bust in the late 90s, and we are doing it again, imagine that.

  • http://twitter.com/Spunky1952 Sly

    Exactly who is Mark Z – I’ve heard he is Jacob Greenburg …

  • http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/740147-neurotech-hd.html#post5637502 Jay

    So the government is hoping this will fail so they can buy it up and be the owners of a massive propaganda network?  That’s a scary thought.  

    • greywolfrs

      Only problem they have is if everyone bails on Facebook, then they can talk to NOBODY.

      • http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/740147-neurotech-hd.html#post5637502 Jay

        Yeah, users would probably bail if it was suddenly owned by Big Brother. Instead of the FBI/ CIA looking at your page, they’ll look through your private messages, too.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XJ6HK3JHHPVSVSJF7URFU42R6I the crazy betty

        yeah except everything that you have ever done and any person you have ever connected to, anything you have liked or comments you have made…. will all belong to the government.  and that my friends, is exactly what they are after.  to spy on us.  and besides, there are so many idiots addicted to that thing, they wouldn’t care about the govt spying on them – as long as they can keep blabbing on about their own narcissistic ass, they’re happy. “look at me! my life is so great!”

        • new2la

          Most people on there are doing so for the attention they get by friends and family.

        • greywolfrs

          Well, I guess I don’t have that problem. I am not on FB or any other “social networking” site. Being a computer guy, I could see the problem with it and the fact that Mark Fuckerberg has been trying to steal the content the whole time. He is a thief in the first place and will never change.

          • Anonymous

            I’m with you, wolf.  Not into any social networking (other than

            blogs where I can be as whoever I choose to be.)   Hell, I’m so

            old I still write checks and use snail mail.   However, I do have

            running water and electricity.  : )

        • http://www.facebook.com/DWSturdevant David Sturdevant

          Well… “I” was thinking that perhaps the Gov would buy it up (via Bail-outs) and THEN have even MORE access to our “privately shared” communications with friends and/or colleages in which we may be “bad-mouthing” government operations and/or perhaps they would be able to “spy” on us to further VIOLATE our CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHT TO PRIVACEY…. Think about it….  You CAN still have “PRIVATE” conversation with “FRIENDS” on FB… and… with Encryption it would be “SECURE”, however… when the GOV. “BAILS” it out… (OR worse still… “INVESTS” in it THEMSELVES) it would THEN open the doors for the Gov to “SPY” on the users OF facebook.Think about how THAT would kill Political Revolutionaries (such as Dr. Paul) and his followers by the “SECRET” Plans for that may be discussed by Delegates, voters, etc., etc., etc… which THEN the GOV. would have access to “VIEW” (which.. is STILL “ILLEGAL”, but when has the Government EVER “FOLLOWED” it’s OWN REGULATIONS?!Just keep a close eye on the stock values.. when it starts to tank.. and Big Gov starts “helping out”  (hahaha  – BAIL OUTS,) does anyone think they will EVER be able to TRUELY “HIDE” and/or “DELETE” the comments they may have made that be-littled the CURRENT ADMINISTRATION?  I think not…And FURTHER MORE…  Couldn’t that be considered “Political Insider Trading” AGAINST the Ron Paul Revolution – WHICH has EXPLODED in the Youth of the Online World?

          • Anonymous

            Here is the big question, David.  How do the would-be revolutionaries connect with one

            another when they are making plans?   Do they use a social network like Facebook?

            Do they tweet?  If they need to be somewhere in a hurry or need to have immediate

            news on something—how do they do that?     I think you get my drift.  It’s about who has

            the contol.

      • new2la

        Bailed when the kid announced public offering! I will never go back.

        • greywolfrs

          I was never there, look at my reply to Crazy Betty and you can see why.

  • greywolfrs

    The whole Facebook thing is complete B S, they do not have any assets worth the over 100 billion IPO. These banks are saying they are worth that with NOTHING to back up that money. And we wonder why the market is doing so great? This is the same B S as the dot com B S under William “the Zipper” Cunton, until it went belly up. Now, we have Obamao and the same shit is happening, imagine that.

  • Anonymous

    The whole business of FB IPO was a scheme for the insiders to make huge bucks at the expense of the average Joe Blow, who invested his savings with the hope of making some money. To value FB at over $100 billion is absolutely stupid, but the little guy can’t see the forest for the tree. How stupid people are to take in all this crap. And who had big bucks in this venture? The banks, again in ther to make big profits on a non-banking issue, just like trading mortgages.

    • greywolfrs

      Another thing, does anyone wonder why the market is over 12K. B S like this is artificially inflating the markets. Left wing idiots actually think the market is doing well, until the next crash…

  • Anonymous

    the 900 million members is complete bull. I know many people with four or more accounts so they can gift themselves in games. There are also millions of stolen/dead accounts that are still counted all in order to artificially inflate the value of something that has little real value.

  • Sunshine Kid

    An organization that actually produces something of value (and I don’t mean social value) would have something worth investing in, which is why I suspect that those who bought in at $38 per share lost their shirts – there is no value in something that has no physical presence.

    Sure, stories or ideas are not physical, but stories can be made into a sellable product (books, movies, lyrics, etc.); ideas can be converted into money-making items for sale, and the sole reason for a patent.  A website can only be, at best, an advertising outlet or trademark/copyright value, and only valuable to those who advertise there, not so much to those who do not advertise or have little or no money to offer the web site.

  • Anonymous

    The name of the game, people, is GREED.   

    Yikes!   That’s one damn scary scenario—The Prez and Facebook.   Sounds like the game may

    be control.  Like in complete control.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GD5WZNYB4PUXOWMGXS4QB4R2RA Bunnys Grandma

    my head hurts

  • Anonymous

    one of the first things that Barack Obama did is say, “I’ve got to
    archive all of the Facebook posts. I’ve got to archive all of those
    because it’s so important to our culture.”

    This collection of posts would make it very easy for them to identify citizens who dislike the President or whatever. I know that whatever you post is public info. I just do not want this data being mined for purposes that I do not like.

    Have you ever posted anything that could be construed as against the Pres or Gov? Just wait for the roundup if & when martial law goes into effect. WE are all terrorists and may be some of those that do get rounded up. Even today Homeland Security monitors for keywords that may indicate anti-USA discussions. Freedom of speech is not what it used to be.

  • tmanosaurusrex

    Its just a bunch of HTML that lets people share faster. It could be written by anybody and named anything. It was invented by someone that got rich for an average idea. Soon people will know what money is for… Home, food, transportation, medicine, clothes, amenities of life, all else is stuff mommy and daddy bought for you when you could say that was normal cause you were a kid. Now as an adult when you want someone else to buy everything you’re getting a lot of raised eyebrows. The days of “pinging” like a submarine on facebook to see if “your People” are still out there so you don’t feel alone are also soon to be over. Ask any of them  if they have time to visit if you are sick or to help you to build an addition on you’re home because you have a baby on the way or if they found a decent job yet and they evaporate like a spilled drop of water in the sahara……
    It was really the research of men and women that studied the sciences of physics and materials, energy and math that made face book, zucarman? who knows.

  • tmanosaurusrex

    inventing facebook was like jumping into a shuttle commanders seat (that a billion man hours went into creating) in a new pair of underwear just before a launch  and saying look what Iv’e done! 

  • geoffrey pittman

    its a nice article

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