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Remember when the left thought they’d seen the last of Glenn Beck? Since that time Glenn has launched an entire network and landed on the Forbes most powerful celebrities list just behind Jennifer Aniston. But his plans don’t stop there. Glenn gave some hints of his big picture concept, which could be a liberals worst nightmare.

“We have the opportunity for the first time in global history to change the way business is done,” Glenn said on the radio show this morning.

“You’re not going to find Gault’s Gulch. You’ve got to make it inside you,” he said.

He explained that while we are using the internet for things like Facebook, we haven’t really found a way to use it to empower local communities and small businesses. Meanwhile, we are looking to the government in order to create jobs in an increasingly poor economy and mounting national debt.

“I’m sorry, the government doesn’t create jobs,” Glenn said, “The government create more bureaucrats.”

And what happens when the government creates jobs? They need to pay for them – and they do that by raising taxes on people and businesses.

“You know what makes us unique. People who have ingenuity. People who have problem solving skills,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that he has met with small business owners, and is even hosting a special on GBTV tonight with small businesses.

But one of the things he wants small businesses to do is focus on making things here in America and creating American jobs.

“I’m tired of giving my money to people that are trying to knife the Constitution in the back. I’m tired of going to global corporations that are shipping jobs overseas. There is a way to create things. There is a way,” he said.

“You just have to think completely out of the box, and we’re doing it. And the beginning of it is the Marketplace.”

Earlier this week, Glenn unveiled the new Marketplace from Markdown, a new online store that connects small businesses that have been vetted by Glenn and his team with customers from across the country.

“So here’s what I want you to do. If you’re an entrepreneur, I want you to watch tonight’s show on GBTV, or I want you to go to The Marketplace at And you look at it. See if it’s something you are interested in,” Glenn said.

“We’ll create jobs. Together. And we can do it and give you better value, better products, made here in America. Same price or less. Because we’re redesigning the system. Spit yourself out of the system.”

“This is just the very beginning of this. You start going there and you look at these entrepreneurs. We’re going to start building towns, virtual towns. I’m telling you, telling you, you’ll be the key. You will be the key. We just have to think differently and stop worrying about Washington,” Glenn said.