Glenn reviews ‘The Harbinger’

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Over the weekend, Glenn read Jonathan Cahn’s bestselling book “The Harbinger: the Ancient Mystery that holds the secret of America’s Future.”

The book shows how all the warnings before Israel’s great fall in 732 BC are repeating themselves today in America.

“Before its destruction as a nation, ancient Israel received nine harbingers, prophetic omens of warning. The same nine harbingers are now manifesting in America—with immediate ramifications for end-time prophecy,” reads the book’s description. “Hidden in an ancient Biblical prophecy from Isaiah, the mysteries revealed in The Harbinger are so precise that they foretold recent American events down to the exact days. The revelations are so specific that even the most hardened skeptics will find hard to dismiss. It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood thriller – with one difference… it’s real.”

So many people had been telling Glenn that he had to read this book, he finally decided it was time to see what it was all about.

“I read it over the weekend and I’m doing my homework on it,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “My first impression is it’s absolutely right. But I haven’t, I haven’t done my homework on it.”

“I think it’s – I think it could be misread as, you know, God’s punishing America. No, that’s not what he’s saying,” Glenn continued. “He’s saying that we have made a covenant and we’ve broken it and God’s trying to wake is up.”

Glenn asked Pat and Stu to also read the book this weekend, so they could discuss their thoughts this morning. While both agreed it was a good read, Stu wished Cahn didn’t intertwine the facts from the Bible with a fictional story.

“The delivery system is through a story,” Stu said. “Like it’s a fictional story that tells you things that are true from the Bible… To me the fictional story aspect is distracting to me.”

Glenn still called the book “an incredible story and an incredible nine things.”

“We’re doing our homework on it because I want to talk to the author, and I’d like to do a special on it because I think those nine things are absolutely right,” Glenn said in regards to the nine harbingers Israel received before its destruction.

Ultimately, Glenn believes the book puts forth a conversation about God that we don’t otherwise talk about in this country.

“We don’t have any way in our society to have a rational conversation about God stuff. And that’s why he puts this I think that’s why this author puts it in a story line,” Glenn said. “Because you don’t have any way to have a serious conversation. Because we’ve so relegated that to crazy talk. You have to. You have to have that conversation. Have to find a way to.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn, its not so much that God is punishing America, HE is allowing the just fruits of our failed stewardship to bear out upon our heads; and yet He is ALLOWING the DOOR FOR MERCY to be maintained open…we can as a nation turn back to him, restore the land and the people and do what is right and just.

    This may be the last opportunity He will give unto us; only God knows for sure where the limit is to be found, yet I sense we are near the edge as many others figure, again that is my own understanding of how I see the matter.

    WE the PEOPLE have a choice to make and soon.

    I will check out ‘The Harbinger’ when I can. Then I shall have my say upon it.

    I have been a watchman on the walls for over sixteen years now; standing and crying of the darkness coming. Now may God save this land and her people; for I expect to be one of the first to fall in her defense if God deems it to be necessary for his cause.

    May God shed his truth and light on the land and spare us the full force of his wrath; we have a price to pay, and pay it we shall, yet we will be able to endure with His help and blessings.

    Choose today: A bright free future or eternal serfdom.

    • landofaahs

      God is not a respecter of men or nations.  He raises them according to his purpose and his Glory.  The Great Commission is our duty.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not a Catholic but I admire the fact that they are fighting the President for their religious freedom and rights.
        But where are the Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Presperterians, and the other Protestants and others than profess they are Christians????
        I’m afraid they are examples of a form of religion but deny it’s power.  They have become social clubs.
        I’m afraid that the die has been cast and there will be no repentance in America.

        • landofaahs

          Many are speaking out, but they don’t have the microphone the Catholic Church has. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

          • Anonymous

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            That’s a rationalization. What about the Methodists or Southern Baptists? You don’t have to do much to get on a News program or Talk show. We regularly see pastors on different issues speaking on issues. But now the Catholic Church is standing up against the president and everyone else is cowering in the corner.

            landofaahs wrote, in response to regnibrah:

            Many are speaking out, but they don’t have the microphone the Catholic Church has. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.
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          • landofaahs

            The head of one church addressed the House of Representative panel in support of the Catholic church. I know that our church has been active for years in pressuring our elected officials about abortion. I hope you don’t expect our Church to lead an armed revolt. What is it that you want? Our spokesman came out in support of the Catholic Church to operate as they see fit according to their religious views. I don’t see that as cowering. God does not change, so why should we on such a clear issue?

          • landofaahs

            I would also like to add that the Catholic Church flock have traditionally voted democrat more than republican. You had and have prominent Catholics in the democrat party who block measures to outlaw abortion yet they are not disciplined by the Catholic Church let alone ex-comminicated. For years the Catholic Church supported democrat candidates because of welfare programs that the democrat party supported. The ball is in your court. Get some disciplin in your Church. That might be the first step towards credibility needed to take on these moral issues. Failure to do so would be cowardly.

          • Anonymous

            You had better go back and read “The Harbinger”. 
            We aren’t talking about politics, we are talking about killing over a million babies a year and we’ve been doing it since 1975!  We make the Korea war and Vietnam look like holidays. 
            We make Hitler and Stalin look like armatures.  We murder and call it women’s rights. 
            Maybe that doesn’t bother you but it does me and I think justifies Sodom and Gomorra type judgment and God is giving us the warning.
            And to think that the head of the Southern Baptist’s couldn’t get on TV with the Catholics and say we support the Catholics on the issue is the height of naivety, its hypocrisy.   
            By the way, I am a Baptist.

          • Mae Koa Tootz

            Well, I’m Baptist to. I see some of your points the same way but we don’t uniformity of religion. Read Rev 17. What we really need is real committed Christians speaking out on issues. We need Churches to purge the leaven out, to get back to God’s word. See God gave us Holy Feasts to teach us about Him, we have substituted pagan days & we gave them Christian names & we defend them as “This is the way I worship” God can “take it or leave it” this is the way we do it. Case in point: Jesus never said for us to celebrate his birth but we do. Now we don’t do it on the day he was born, like the feasts of Tabernacles, but we don
            it on Nimrod’s, Mithra & Ra’s birthday. God gave us Passover, 1st month, 14 day & He called Passover, but we don’t do that, we celebrate it on good Friday (Fish God Dagon) & Following Sun Day (Baal) & we don’t call it Passover, we call it Easter for Semiramis (Queen of Heaven) and Easter is not even in the Bible.Now to follow up on that… if it were not for the good Christian vote, Obama would not even be President. And guess what, they supported him so they could have free abortions, free contraceptives & gay marriage. Just so you know!!

    • Anonymous

      So many have lifted the protective hand of God from themselves by continuing to sin.They then blame God for their misfortune. He can will only protect us if we keep his laws and do what he commands. We must trust in him with all of our heart. Many are being pressed like wine to make them see they must change their hearts.

      This country will be saved, if the people pray and show God that we will honor him. Many are interceding for this country for this to happen. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we will be given the knowledge and truth to understand what must be done.

    • Adele Chen

      Discipline I would say. G-d is disciplining us now.
      Punishment… that’s something will happen on the day of Judgement, a lake of fire, a.k.a. HELL. 

  • landofaahs

    Frankly I believe the covenant we have with God is the great commission.  I believe America was created in part for that purpose.  We were given the freedom to use our wealth to proclaim the gospel of salvation “through Jesus Christ alone” to the nations.  If we have failed in that endeavor, God will use other ways to get this done.

    • Anonymous

      AMEN!HOW TRUE! shows how we are in the ultimate battle with evil, which happens to be the administration,the left vs right,evil vs live, Truth or Consequences!!
      Left and Right Just like The Left and Right hand of Christ on the Cross!
      Know Truth Know God, No truth No God!!

    • Anonymous

      Yes and that will be through Judgment and the Tribulation. 

      • landofaahs

        We must persevere.

  • Anonymous

    One of the most fascinating books I have ever read. Couldn’t put it down. As I read, I kept thinking of the hymn Amazing Grace, “I once was blind but now I see”. Look up Chronicles 7:14. As a nation we need to repent to be restored and we never hear anyone talking about this.

  • Anonymous

    Get the DVD that Cahn has named “The Isaiah 9:10 Prophecy”

    • George Escobar

      Thank you for referring to the DVD. It’s actually called: THE ISAIAH 9:10 JUDGMENT. I know this for a fact because I was fortunate enough to be the director of the DVD based on the THE HARBINGER.

  • Paul Sellers

    I have read the book and viewed the DVD 3 times.  The key is that as the United States moved away from God and removed God from our daily lives we began to fulfill the prophesy that Israel did centuries ago.  When God let the 9/11 attack occur He was warning us of our transgressions.  When we answered the 9/11 attacks with defiance rather than repentance to God we moved further away from Him and His protection.

    If we do not repent we will complete the prophesy and will be destroyed as was Israel.  Wake up America!  The door is open and it is not too late to repent but it begins with you as an individual.  You can’t wait for our leaders because we have none.

  • Anonymous

    I know Jonathan Cahn personally, many of my friends and I worship at his massionic temple on Friday nights. We have attended many of his sermons on the Harbinger in the past few years.  He is a gifted & annointed rabbi/pastor who has a unique style of teaching…’s wonderful to sit within his Beth Israel Worship center( by the way, this new center is a replica of the streets of old day Jerusalem, when Jesus walked these roads…and what a blessing it is to see this beautiful restoration in Wayne, NJ)  and glean from his knowledge of escotology and prophecy.  It’s scary & exciting all at the same time….enjoy the read.
    Regina, Rockaway, NJ

    • Anonymous

      I, too have attended services there. I was actually blown away by his presentation of the dvd a couple weeks ago. It confirmed my thinking that something bigger was going on besides what we have been experiencing these last years. I have been in deep prayer for my country(men) for the past couple years and will continue to cry out daily for the Lord’s will to be done. I am praying that He will remember His people in these times and give us strength and perseverance in warning people as to what could happen to America.

  • Wanda Luttrell

    The DVD presents only the facts, with the fiction part of the book left out.  Watch the DVD called, “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment.”  There is also a DVD of the book, but the other one has only the facts, and is awesome!

  • Barbara Di Gilio

    Glenn, Rabbi Cahn’s is only revealing what God is showing him. It is just like the Bibles Codes…God is trying to warn us.  

  • Deanne

    I read it and I love it.  Nothing wrong with incorporating true Biblical history with our history.  It is quite evident that we are under God’s judgment….Katrina, 9/11, 4/27/2011 tornadoes, etc. The hedge of safety is down and look what we have in DC!  Gracious!

  • Barbara Di Gilio

    Glenn, you also need to have Rabbi Cahn on…also please view “The Isaiah 9:10 Prophecy” – it will blow you away. Of course you must have spiritual eyes to see with.    

  • Anonymous

    We know that we invited Evil and Lies into this world and we are all guilty of extending that invitation.  Is it so surprising that things are bad and appear to be getting worse?  The Deceived believe that if we legislate enough Evil that all our problems will be resolved.  The wise ones will recognize it and try to draw a greater good out of the Evil, the Deceived will become enslaved.

    The greatest Good was drawn out of the greatest Evil about 2000 years ago — that was Mercy.

    While we live there is Mercy, when there is Death there is Judgement.

  • Ellen Schorkopf

    glen, a tree did not save trinity church…in two places in the stone of the building is the tetragramaton(name of God)(also an image of sinai).  God says that where i cause my name to be will be a strong tower (a mig hal oz–spellling may be off). 

    • TexasDancer

      I agree, I have seen the Holy Name of God in both places, (one is surrounded by the Shekinah Glory of God) in the chapel, and wondered why it has never been mentioned. HE protected that place as a visual reminder of HIS presence among us and a haven for the rescuers!

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t God use the tree as his shield?

    • TexasDancer

      Strong Tower Is “Migdahl Oz”

  • George Siter

    Today you spoke about George Washington and his extended had as if it were on the Bible and you said that he made a covenant with God by saying what we always say when our hand is on the Bible and we make an oath.  You said, and we say, “So help me God” and most people believe that is an “oath” when in fact it is a “plea” for God to help them keep the oath they had just made.  This is important IMO and I believe you could do a service to your listeners by explaining the difference.  All true servants of the Lord understand that they are helpless to keep their word on their own.  They need very strong character, ethics and a strong sense of Judeo/Christian values to even hope to be able to keep any oath,  So, “Please help me God because without Your help, I may not make it”.  That’s what we are saying, and that’s what George Washington was saying..

  • Anonymous

    Yes, watch the Isaiah 9:10 video! My husband didn’t care for the read either so we got the video which is all facts and very clear. We have been having groups from our church in to watch it with us so others can be informed.  We would love to have G.B. have Mr Cahn on and do a special so that many can see.  It’s suprising how many are so uniformed about the close connection of God/Israel & God/America!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, watch the Isaiah 9:10 video! My husband didn’t care for the read either so we got the video which is all facts and very clear. We have been having groups from our church in to watch it with us so others can be informed.  We would love to have G.B. have Mr Cahn on and do a special so that many can see.  It’s suprising how many are so uniformed about the close connection of God/Israel & God/America!

  • Anonymous

    Read God’s response to Israel’s declaration. Starting with 9-11, but that’s just a coincidence, He declares His righteous anger, even stating in 9-19 that the land is burned up.  God judges ALL nations, for the earth is His and all that is in it.  As a nation who’s leaders have rejected the existence of God, we have become a nation governed by fools.

  • Anonymous

    This book is amazing. It is restoring my faith in God.

  • Jill Mount

    Website :  Lists the Harbinger Sermons on which the book was based.  Read the Sermons in order.  I’ve read all of them before I read the book. 

  • Tom

    This book FINALLY convinced me that there is one TRUE GOD. It has changed my entire way of thinking about who we as humans are. And it is not looking good. If Stu didn’t like the narrative ot the way the book was written he should watch the DVD. Much more straight forward. If, after Glenn vets the book and finds it to be correct in its facts, I hope he will spend a full hour with Mr. Cahn. There is NO way that what happened to Israel in (if I remember correctly) 732 BC and what has happened since 9/11 in the United States can be a coincidence.

  • Anonymous

    I read that book about a year ago and sent an e-mail to Glenn. Johnathan Cahn has been everywhere and done a ton of interviews.
    Here they are on youtube
    part one
    part two

  • Anonymous

    Have been hearing about this book/video for awhile and finally ordered it. Viewed the video today – what an eye opener. Will start the read tomorrow. I have heard the Rabbi on several shows on Christian TV and found him very wise. We MUST take to heart all he has said and turn this nation back to God – or we will be reaping what we sowed come November election!

  • Anonymous

    I watched an interview with the author and Perry Stone over the weekend. Rabbi Cahn said he wrote it the way he did so that unbelievers would more apt to read it.

  • Anonymous

    What should be addressed is the fact that Israel itself didn’t realize it had been given a warning anymore than anyone in the United States figured it out. Thankfully Rabbi Cahn was able to put 2 and 2 together. It is sad that the book is on the fiction shelves in the book stores. The DVD is perfect and should be viewed by everyone, more so than reading the book mainly because of the story line. If my people who are called by my name will turn from their wicked ways, seek my face and pray I will hear from heaven and will heal their land. (I know this isn’t the exact verse, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if that could happen, but then how many churches would ask their congregation to do just that – prayer is powerful and would work, but how many would actually work it?)

    • Pilgrimgirl

      I agree with you whole heartedly. I also watched the DVD’s and I think they gave an excellent interpretation of the prophecy. I did not read the book, but the fictionalized story line sounds like it made Glenn a little skeptical. He needs to watch the DVD’s, which to me seemed more like a documentary. Praying they we return to the ancient paths and restore the faith of our forefathers. God bless America and shed your grace on us once again, so we may be a city on a hill.

  • Anonymous

    The Harbinger is a great book!   Read it and understand your place and our place as a fallen nation.  Knowing we would be criticized and ridiculed should we openly discuss God in our communities is an indication of how fallen we truly are.  I loved the book and believe the author’s intreptation is correct.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been emailing Glenn the link to The Harbinger for the last two years.  

  • new2la

    For those of you commenting here: Finally a book that convinces you of God?    Try reading the Bible!    I too like a good book and will probably read The Harbinger, but seriously,  you need to read it to know God?
    Well, I guess it’s better than not knowing Him at all!

  • new2la

    Several years ago, I was first at a traffic light waiting to make a left turn,  on a very traveled road;  mostly by trucks carring heavy loads.  I looked across to the other side and noticed a line of cars, like me waiting to cross.  As the light turned green, I paused and looked to my right and to my horror, I noticed a truck barreling through a light that had just turned red for him.   At the same time, I’m praying that the people across saw the truck as well.  I did not jump the light as I normally do when in a rush and thank God, neither did the people across the way.  There was a lesson here to be learned.   I now look to my right before crossing.
    That day to me was a miracle because had I not paused to notice the 18 wheeler, I would be dead.     This has happened to me countless times, in different situations;   I listen to that little inner voice that cautions me to pause.   It was His voice speaking to me;   to those of you not listening,   I urge you to do so.

  • NickDeringer

    As a member of Glenn’s Online Advisory Committee I would have to advise people to look out for “Pop Theology” and conspiracy theories. This book is based on faulty pseudo-biblical principles. Native Americans are not the lost tribes of Israel. DNA testing has proven this. Jesus is not going to return and rule the millennium from Independence, Missouri as Mormon doctrine teaches. The New Jerusalem in Independence, Missouri? Really?

    Sad to see Glenn trying to promote this.

    • NoMore War

      Yes. Sadly, I believe many will bite at this.

    • TexasDancer

      These are not “faulty pseudo-biblical theories”! Jonathan Cahn is right on! It has also been proven by DNA that the Cherokee tribe DOES have the marker for Hebrew bloodline. The New Jerusalem will be just where the name says it wil be: JERUSALEM! Have you read or watched the videos on youTube where Jonathan describes the way our country reacted after 9-11? It was total defiance, WE will rebuil! Not that we should turn to God for the answer, but WE will do it ourselves – no help needed, thanks anyway God, we’ll do it. This is exactly what Israel did and it lead to their decline and fall, then into captivity. Jonathan is merely saying that it’s time to WAKE UP, America, before it’s too late!

      • NickDeringer

         I love Mormons. I just wish they would ditch this Joseph Smith Cult nonsense.

  • Brian Root

    Glen, yes, this is punishment from God. Any amount of homework you do-you will find where and what happened to the lost ten tribes of Israel(mostly 732-729 B.C. Western European countries etc. Britian and the USA comprise the double portion God gave to Josesphs sons. Read in the Bible the promises God gave to Abraham, to Jacob whose name was changed to Israel and then Joseph.The promises made to Josephs sons Ephraim and Manessah. We are Manessah today!!! Ephraim is the British Commonwealth!!! He has fufilled His promises,in of the covenant, but we have never kept ours. One great country, Manessah, and a great of multitude of countries Ephraim.
    Yes, George Washington and the founding fathers did make a covenant with God. This is why during these latter times we are being punished and will soon be lead into the same fate as Israel. Israel and Judah are not one in the same. The first time the word Jew is mentioned in the Bible it is at war with Israel. But America has disintegrated, our society is as bad or worse than ancient Israel. For this God also promises US 7 times the judgements given to ancient Israel. It seems I am rambling on, but please look into what I am trying to say. It is harder to articulate than I thought. Why the punishment?, because we have not kept the 10 Commandments. This will show up in your homework also. 

  • Jordon McKee

    I thought Glenn was living in Texas now???  It seems that he’s always doing stuff in NYC still though.  What’s up with that?

  • Deedee Holmes Pickels

    I just want to say; I read this book and I was floored!  I also researched all the links listed in the back of the book and even the videos from youtube.  It is really amazing, and it turned me back to praying more so for our nation.  I loved it!

  • Debra Houston Wilks

    I’ve read The Harbinger and I believer Jonathan Cahn is right on.  If American doesn’t wake it, she will go th way of ancient Israel, overtaken by enemies.

  • Anonymous

    John Adams stated ,  “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” If we think we can separate ourselves from God and still enjoy His protection, we have reached an extremely unbecoming height of superiority.  Among quotes from the founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton stated:  “For my part, I sincerely esteem it a system which, without the finger of God, never could have been suggested and agreed upon by such a diversity of interests.”  And Charles Pinckney of South Carolina said, “I was….struck with amazement.  Nothing less than that superintending hand of Providence, that so miraculously carried us through the war,…could have brought it about so complete, upon the whole.”Isaiah 10:15 goes right along with The Harbinger and its excellent explanation of Isaiah 9:10.  Absolutely correct, Glenn.  The discussion of God in America is a discussion we need to have–and will have–one way or another. 

  • Anonymous

    Jonathan Cahn has quite a few very good interviews on youtube and they shed more light than the book alone because there are film clips and  other proofs. What is chocking to people is that God is that real -He actually knows whats going on …we can be sure that He is in control. Those who love the truth will know the truth ( The Bible). 

  • Anonymous

    I have made several posts here and all have been deleted.
    I am really beginning to wonder about Becks people.

  • Anonymous

    Ive read it and I no God through scripture and Im a Christian…Glenn however is probably not a Christian  if he is a Mormon….Mormonism is a cult and doesnt believe in the truth of Gods word.   I hope he learns about Christ soon…through this book The Harbinger perhaps.

  • Anonymous

    America is screwed because it will not turn back to God…the Church,  body of Christ in America is asleep and they willnot wake up in time to avoid whats coming next… soon…this year I think in a couple of months or so something catastrophic will happen in America.  911  should have killed about 40000 people but due to Gods mercy only 3000 died.   God have mercy  !!!

  • Adele Chen

    I think the thing is God Keeps His Promise to Curse and Bless His People.
    The sermon was given by David Pawson. You can check the link and observe what have had happen in the United States. Then, you can tell what’s next. 
    Be prepared and vigil and pray a lot, your soul shall save. 

  • Adele Chen
  • Anonymous

    I just read a few short parts of this book , and ordered it. Than I see that Glenn had this on , how really strange, I truly believe America has turned away from God and I have been praying for years now that our Country wakes up. God gave us all a free will , We need to wake up before it’s to late .It worrys me I have grandchildren growing up and I’m doing all I can to teach them what God says in the Bible . But what really hit me was a month ago my 10 yr old grandaughter said Grandma why is this world so evil ? That shocked me , out of the clear she just asked me that wow  , and I had to tell her because people have turned away from God and his ways. I’m 63 and one day will be gone but I have 9 grandchildren that I am worried about. We just need to continue to pray for Gods Mercy. I have truly seen a few miracles in my days, I can only continue to pray for more.

  • nutt

    So, let me get this straight. God didn’t ‘punish’ the USA on 9/11, he just ‘allowed’ over 2000 people to die in order to ‘warm’ the USA.  And he used Islamic militants to carry out this warning? So they were, indeed, on a mission from God? And that the result of this warning, if we’re believing this; is hundreds of thousands more deaths in 2 wars that he knew would happen, because he knows everything?

  • Nonof Urbusiness

    If you tell someone not to put their hand on the hot stove and they do…no one punished them.
    If you tell someone not to be greedy and selfish and they find themselves feeling empty and unfulfilled…no one punished them.
    The laws and the rules of life are basic and so if and when you break the laws there is a price but no one is punishing you. Call it Karma if you like.
    Now, who and what God is is open to many views and opinions but the laws behind those views are basic to human existence. Break the laws, the rules, of nature and there is a price not a punishment. Cost vs. Reward. We become self centered as we are becoming in the United States and there is a price for that. To not acknowledged that there is something greater than myself is to ignore the facts of life. Einstein knew this and he did not have our view of God.
    He simply observed that thing much larger than himself.
    So, what does the Lord require of you O, man but to walk humbly and love one aonther.
    WE fail this law of life, This law of simple humanity. We have turned everyone to our own way.
    We have become, as it is with the Obama gang…HIGH MINDED. There will be a price for this turning away from humility. Okay, on with the show…

  • Anonymous


    I have been trying for years to connect you to Jonathan Cahn.  I have watched you on Fox and now on GBTV for over 3 years and know the type of people you respect and have on.  Jonathan is an amazing man, gifted by God.  He is a Messianic Rabbi.  We frequently attend Beth Israel and always walk away amazed at what we learned.  You may not love the book being fictional, but his Harbinger sermons are amazing and are totally from scripture.  The Harbinger book is just a small part of who he is.  He was one of the 2 Jewish Boys who were on NY Radio.  You mentioned you visited Federal Hall in NY.  You should also visit St. Paul’s Chapel down the road where George Washington worshiped (there is a pew there with his name on it)and see the Sycamore tree referred to in the Harbinger in front of Trinity Church!  St. Paul’s was not touched when the towers fell on 9/11.  I could go on and on and learned about all of this through Jonathan’s sermons and verified the facts years ago by visiting these sites.  You will not regret having him on.  I also had a debate with the same black “sraelites” by Penn Station and was called the white devil when I challenged them on their issues!

  • 4joachim

    ya, how many covenants did God make with man?
    ..kept telling them, “If you break the covenant, this will result.”
    After how many breaks did God finally say, “When you break the covenant, this will result.”

    Notice He didn’t say *if you break the covenant, He said *when you break it.
    God knows our weaknesses. We are in the hour of Mercy. Always Mercy before Justice.
    You have done wonders in America bringing people back to prayer, service and trust in God.

    We Are All Grateful To You For What You Have Suffered For US!
    Thank You Glenn Beck.

  • Anonymous

    The bible is the manual for getting through life…if you don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in You! Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

  • Anonymous

    I am a bit surprised that Glenn is hesitant about God punishing this nation. After all, he should know without question that this land is a land of promise and that whatsoever nation shall possess it must serve the God of the land, who is Jesus Christ, or they must be swept off. Unfortunately, the majority of the people of America have chosen murder, adultery, priestcraft, fornications, envying, covetousness, and every form of wickedness and worldly lust that the most depraved of human minds can conceive. When their cup of iniquity is full, there will be a desolation of all the abominations that exist upon the land. What is meant by “the abomination that maketh desolate,” is this: the gross wickedness of the people shall result in the land being laid waste and without inhabitant. Read Isaiah Chapter 10 and try to understand the kind of destruction that is in store for those who by their works hate God notwithstanding the praise of their lips. Read Joel Chapter 2. Let the desolation of the land soak into your minds. See how the land will be burned over and a desolate place before God finally spares a remnant who will approach him in righteousness. God’s word will not return unto him void, but every word shall be fulfilled even as he has purposed it.

    Don’t let mockers draw you into their arguments. Fools mock. They shall also see the folly of their human wisdom when the judgments of a holy God come upon them, but it will be too late then to escape the wrath decreed upon them. Nor let scorners waste your time with their rantings. Their only aim is to create a contention that neither you nor they can win; only they take glee in “rattling you cage” and getting a good belly laugh out of it at your expense. You are playing into their game to waste your time and effort responding to them rather than doing the work God has given you to do. Do the work God has given you to do and don’t let anything deter you from that work. That is what Glenn does. He keeps his focus on the work God has given him to do so that he can accomplish that. You do the same. You cannot convert a scorner and mockers will continue to mock. Let your labor be toward those whose hearts are humbled and who recognize their spirits are empty and have a desire to find that truth that fills.

  • Anonymous

    I am in the process of reading The Harbinger and other than a few outdoor chores before the rain this morning, I have been unable to put it down.  To the detriment of sleep, I found some very interesting, and yet also confusing commentary.  Not being a biblical scholar or even thoroughly read the Bible I do not feel qualified  to truly make a judgement.  I understand the history; I know that history within ‘God’s view’ is a simple blink of the eye. I could not really understand initially why GOD would ‘punish’ HIS very creation.  I guess I may be somewhat arrogant—‘defiant’, but felt like any society who rebuilds is directed by appreciation of GOD’s gifts to man–and that is those ‘natural rights’ our Founders so understood and built the Constitutional foundation upon.  I will contend that our Nation and the world has fallen into disarray and has floundered into the seas of evil and sinful way leaving GOD’s loving care in ashes.  But not all people.  So many are trying to sustain the focus of our foundation, but more importantly halt the ‘destruction’ of faith by those who have gone astray and live narcissitically.  I do not understand how all people who effort to sustain faith and worship of our Father can be so punished.  And, why good deeds within the recipe of LOVE are not able to be stronger than evil.
    I do not wish to sound agnostic; I have a very strong moral conscience built, I believe, into me out of love and bessings.  I feel I am in a state of ‘informal’ prayer so often within each day.  I also concern my self with my weaknesses which I pray for strength to defeat each day.
    Perhaps I will finish the book with additional enlightenment, but as a child of GOD I pray that myself and others will rise in one voice with praises and glory to HE that created us and gave HIS life for us.  I pray we can stop the evil which hangs in the air like a suffocating  cloud of smoke be blown away and we can return to HIM enmass.  But, we are humans and in that tone are fragile to the wiles of evil.  Guess I am just thinking outloud this morning.  GOD hold each of us in HIS arms.  Forgive me my weaknesses and lackof understanding.

  • Joseph Castellano

    Watch the Isaiah 9:10 Judgement, he goes over each of the 9 harbingers and ties them to current 9-11 events.  Really good video with no ficitional story.

  • Donald

    The key to save our nation is to have our next President do like our first President did and return our country back to God.  The President represents the heart beat of the nation he or she serves and God will with hold judgment and return His blessings if our new President will head the call and have the courage to take a stand for righteousness on our behalf. God Bless America still and give us all the courage and love to reach out to the ones we know and warn them.  I enjoyed this book and it’s a must read.

  • Michael Thompson

    I am almost done with the book i have to say that this 9/11 event was a planned event one of the many to follow by our own government bush in nothing but a lusiferian devil worshiper and a part of the illuminati they would love to put a thumb in gods eye so the harbinger is real and i beleive the statements made by the senator and others were planned what they dont realize is the streangth of the good old jesus loveing god fearing American we will awaken the sleeping giant put the armor of the only god on and battle the evil ones get ready for the fight love jesus and work hard to save souls it is time we all pull it together 

  • Lin Anderson
  • DW

    Does it really matter? He certainly hasn’t removed it from me. We need to spend more time loving and ministering to people instead of being judgmental and telling non believers how to live their lives. It doesn’t matter how they live their lives. Whether they give 90% of everything they have to St. Jude’s and go to church every week. We need to share the gospel with them in a way that does not make them feel like they’re being talked down to or disrespected. Just as Paul openly admitted he was the chief of all sinners, we should make sure non believers understand that about us, that we are imperfect and need Jesus, too. Some will come, some won’t. But when those that will do, don’t start laying a list of rules and regulations on them. You were saved and sanctified by grace. Let the Holy Spirit work in them at His pace. We have no idea what they’ve been through or how long it will take to heal from whatever emotional or psychological damage they may have. They’re probably carrying around a boat load of pain they don’t even know about yet. But I assure you, if we’ll mentor them instead of just saying, “OK, dude! You’re in! We just need to dunk you in some water and get you a BIble and you’re well on your way!” No. No. No. Love them and gently lead them as you are moved by the Holy Spirit to. If we’ll all work on that, then we won’t have to worry about a holy hedge around our nation. We’ll have a nation of people with holy hedges around them. And then we can do great, great things as we follow God’s lead.We’re in an ugly battle and we’ve gone beyond aircraft and artillery. We’re in serious toe to toe hand to hand up close and personal one on one combat now. We’ve fooled around and let the enemy have too much control and dominion. It won’t be easy and it won’t be quick, but anything is possible for God.You ever play organized sports? Your job is your job. You don’t worry about what the guy beside you is doing. You make sure you have your assignment down pat and trust him to take care of his. If you’re worried about what he’s doing, you’re gonna get burned by the man you’re up against. Focus, determination and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is the key. We know we win in the end, anyway. We may as well go on and start taking our world back now. One person at a time. Are you up for that?

    • Joseph O Morrow

      “MY peace I give to you” — NOT that stuff the world calls “peace”!

      God knew we would redefine every word and concept we get our hands and minds on. He tells us to REASON with Him. On our own terms? No, on His!

      There is a rampant “Christian” habit today, that of telling God what to do. Read the part again where Jesus washes His disciples feet. He demonstrates real humility there, but NEVER ONCE does He give up ANY of His authority in the process. Read His interaction with Peter on that occasion.

      Folks “come to Christ”, get dunked (or poured on, or sprinkled on), maybe receive a gift Bible, get told their sins are now washed away . . .

      Am I knocking religion here? Or God?

      God allows us to express ourselves. AND He gave us His Instruction Book. He gives us Law AND Grace! We read about Moses giving the Law, BUT grace and truth coming through Jesus Christ. It’s not really “BUT” but “AND”!

      The “and” is implied here, there being no conjunction between these in the Greek. Jesus didn’t bring us Grace and Truth to oppose the Law, but to give us the Power to fulfill it as He did.

      We live in the age of misplaced evil. Evil distracts from its own wickedness by implicating the good and those who do it. The Law isn’t evil. Sin distracts us from its own horrendous evil by implicating the Law, seducing us into referring to the Law as if IT were the unclean thing!

      It mattered in the past that the Bible was read and taught in our schools. In Kindergarten, I was required to memorize and recite the 23rd Psalm and the Matthew 6 “Lord’s Prayer”. That didn’t do me or my classmates any harm. I still have my Kindergarten class photo from 52 years ago, which I have posted on Facebook. If any of my classmates were harmed by any of this, I would most certainly like to hear about it.

      When the Bible was being taught in school, violence in school was much rarer, teachers could spend more time teaching and less time dealing with class disruptions. The teachers also had the paddle board option as a last resort. Two of my teachers felt driven to that last resort in my case, but I don’t claim any physical, psychological, or emotional scars from any of that. Instead, I give credit to those actions as reminders to stay much more aware of the nature of my thoughts and actions ever since.

      (NO, I DON”T consider the spankings I received as violence AT ALL!)

      We give discipline a “bad name” by the fact that parents don’t discipline. instead of inflicting a punishment simply because punishment is due, parents put that off as somehow cruel and wait till a child gets on their nerves, then lash out violently in anger! That is NOT discipline!

      Now the Gospel that Jesus Christ preached for over three years on earth and taught His disciples to preach was not about Him dying for our sins! What? Read it for yourself in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Read what Gospel Paul preached, even at the end of Acts when he was in Rome!

      The Gospel is the Amazing News, in advance (prophecy), of the coming Kingdom of God. Jesus taught the Kingdom of God before and after His death and resurrection. Paul taught it all over, and was still preaching it when imprisoned in Rome. Sure he also taught much concerning the purposes of Christ’s torture, death, and resurrection, but he also taught about our own future change from mortality to immortality. In fact, when Christ began to set His face towards Jerusalem and to talk about His upcoming suffering, death, and resurrection to His disciples, they were clueless at the time, Peter even rebuking Him about it!

      When we think we already know enough of the Bible to just go around saying, “Jesus loves you,” and, “He died for your sins,” we might be clueless about the REAL meaning of “love” and “sin” ourselves. That’s why the Bible was written and preserved through many ordeals. So we can now fully understand God’s mind concerning what’s now happening on the earth. So we can really be salt, light, and solutions (instead of part of the problem). Learn what it means to bear fruit. “Fruit” that is just acted out or painted on the surface is NOT fruit. Real fruit simply multiplies as its seeds are planted in other’s “fields”, whether the “others” realize what’s happening or not.

      I could go on all day, and then some, but I will stop here. The rest is up to the reader whose mind is open and whose field is ready for planting.

  • Joanne

    How do we get God back into the schools ? Lets not waste time, lets do it !

  • raind

    Ummm the only thing that links us to Israel is oil, Israel was a theocracy while America was founded as a democratic republic.

  • James MacLennan

    Glad you finally read it Glenn time is short! 6-7months!

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