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It’s no secret that Joe Biden has made a habit of putting his foot in his mouth with some pretty newsworthy gaffes. It is also no secret that Donald Trump has made some head scratching claims. So when a guest on MSNBC made an argument comparing the toll Biden’s gaffes have had on President Obama to the potential harm Trump could do on the campaign trail for Mitt Romney, the analysis didn’t seem too farfetched. Or so some would think.

Well, MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts took great offense to the former Rick Santorum spokesman Hogan Gidley’s comments, and the exchange that ensued was nothing short of hilarious:

GUEST:  Earlier on one of the shows on MSNBC one of your anchors actually said how could Mitt Romney stand next to a guy who could embarrass himself and Barack Obama could be embarrassed by a guy he made vice president.  And people who support do, and say.  This is one of these deals there are lots of people that support President Obama.

ROBERTS:  You’re going to compare Joe Biden one of this country’s most dignified, and greatest political leaders that can cross getting to both sides of the aisle, and compare him to a Donald Trump? You really want to say that.

GUEST:  I’m not comparing him to Donald Trump.

ROBERTS: You would compare him to the gaffe-tasticness of Donald Trump?

GUEST: No, you know someone on your network said they couldn’t believe that Mitt Romney would put Trump next to him because he could embarrass him at any moment…

ROBERTS:  You just said that the vice president is just as prone to embarrass the President

GUEST:  He has embarrassed the President on many occasions. This is all very, very silly stuff.  I mean, let’s get focused on the issues here. You can’t be held responsible for what people who support you say or do…

ROBERTS:  It’s another thing to thrust yourself onto the nation stage with them, appear with them what’s going to be millions of cash grab in Vegas, and shouldn’t you speak up or try to put an end to all of this as you call nonsense…

While Romney’s newfound friendship with Trump is raising some eyebrows from conservatives, Robert’s argument is remarkably hypocritical when it is known that the President spends time with communists, anarchists, and socialists.

“This is one of the most amazing exchanges I’ve ever heard,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Everybody is all up in arms with Romney and Donald Trump. I’m kind of up in arms with Donald Trump. I wonder why he’s surrounding himself with Donald Trump and people like Newt Gingrich, who is the last person you should be surrounded with. Donald Trump – he’s great entrepreneur but really?”

“I’m not saying he’s not a sincere guy,” Glenn continued. “But he’s Donald Trump for the love of Pete. I don’t think that people on the left want to cast stones about who the President or who a presidential candidate surrounds himself with.”

“Remember, this guy [President Obama] is surrounding himself with communists and anarchists, socialists and Joe Biden. I left that one for last. It should have been the first. Joe Biden. You think Donald Trump’s hair is bad. Have you looked at Joe Biden’s hair? You think he says crazy things. Donald Trump? Have you listened to Joe Biden?”

Just in case you need further evidence, Glenn played a few of Biden’s most “gaffe-tastic” moments, in which Biden proves he cannot spell or count – apparently ‘jobs’ is a three letter word – and he mistakes doctors with soft drinks. Remember the ‘Dr. Pepper’ comment?

“So I think he’s fantastic,” Glenn concluded in relation to the Vice President. “And you can’t compare him to Donald Trump… He’s far worse than Donald Trump.”