Economist: Unstoppable economic collapse is imminent

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It’s the end of the world as we know it…and Glenn finally isn’t the only one saying it! Raoul Paul, who previously co-managed the GLG Global Macro Fund and is a Goldman Sachs alum, has a pretty bleak prediction for what is coming to Europe and the rest of the world. What does he think is coming? The worst economic shock the world has ever seen and, even worse, there’s nothing we can do to stop it!

See the Pal’s presentation HERE

The world has no engine of growth with most of the G-20 countries approaching stall speed at the same time. Now, what is that? G-20, that’s the 20 biggest countries in the world. Approaching stall speed. We have no engine of growth. Ask yourself this question: What is the engine of growth in the United States? Currently it is being set up that the engine of growth is the stimulus package, is the United States government. Is that real growth? I contend - and you know the answer - no,” Glenn explained.

The western world is about to enter a second recession in an ongoing depression. For the first time since the 1930’s, we’re entering a recession. Before industrial production, durable goods orders, employment, and private sector GDP have made back their previous highs. Hear that again. For the first time since the 1930’s before we’ve made if back up on our feet. Usually we have a recession, it starts to grow again, and then we come back down. This is – this is a new trend.”

Fact: This will to be the lowest cyclical peak in GDP growth in G-7 history. These are the weakest ever foundations on which to enter a recession.”

“The problem is down to one thing: Debt.”

“This is significant. The 10 largest debtor nations on earth have total debts of over 300% of world GDP. History tells us that when sovereign defaults occur, what does that mean? Sovereign defaults? Sovereign default, if a sovereign default occurs, that means Greece goes out of business, Spain goes out of business, Portugal goes out of business. The Euro is a bubble. It will crash,” Glenn said.

History tells us when sovereign defaults occur, they come in a series of defaults. We need to understand history in order to grasp the present. The domino effect. In history when you have a default, one falls into the other and the other and the other. So, he says, what is coming? EU sovereign debt defaults. UK sovereign default. Japan sovereign default. South Korea, sovereign default. China, sovereign default.”

“So, he says all of these will default and the biggest banking crisis in world history. Then he’s got a few of the charts saying the end of finance, the end of Europe, the end of world trade. Then he has a picture of a hurricane and the eye of the hurricane. He says, We are here. We don’t know exactly what is to come, but we can all join the very few dots from where we are now to the collapse of the first major bank, with very limited room for government bailouts.Why is that? Do you remember when we spoke two – four years ago now, maybe almost close to five, we said that there would come a time that these bailouts wouldn’t work, that they would throw money at the system, and then I said, When they do this and it doesn’t change any of the factors, they have to immediately shut the faucets off and go the other way. Otherwise, they’ll continue to print too much money, they’ll digitize too much money. They’ll flood the market with too much money and the engine will stall because you flooded it or you will have a rocket ship on your hands and you will have hyperinflation and you’ll have out of control interest rates eventually. With very limited room for government bailouts, meaning we’ve got nothing less – nothing left now. There’s no bullets in the gun except meaningless printed. We can easily join the next dots from the first bank closure to the collapse of the whole European banking system and then to bankruptcy of the governments themselves. There are almost no breaks in the system to stop this and almost no one realizes the seriousness of this situation.”

“The problem is not government debt, per se. Listen carefully. The real problem is The 70 trillion in G-10 debt, the top 10 governments around the world, The 70 trillion is the collateral for $700 trillion in derivatives. That number equates to 1200% of global GDP and rests on very, very weak foundations.”

“Imagine the UK defaulting. What do you think would happen to Japan and China? Would they not be next? And do you think that the U.S. would survive unscathed? This is the end of the fractional reserve banking system and of fiat money. It is the big reset. This is what we’ve been talking about for quite some time. The big reset. This is what George Soros has wanted, the big reset.”

“When the system has to be rebooted, who are the players that are designing that? This is why when people say to you, George Soros, why would anybody want this to happen? Because if you know the reset is coming, anyway, if you know it’s unsustainable, then you want to be the one to design what the future looks like.”

Glenn continued to read, “From a timing perspective, I think 2012 and 2013 will usher in the end. You have to understand that the global banking collapse and massive defaults would bring about the biggest economic shock the world has ever seen. There would be no trade finance, no shipping finance, no finance for farmers, no leasing, no bond market, no nothing. The markets are, frankly, at a terrifying point of realizing that there is nothing they can do including quantitative easing to prevent this collapse. The next phase, as Spain and Italy go, will be to see nationalization of banks – the nationalization of banks and the assumption of bank debts on government balance sheets. This is what we talked to you about on Friday. We have Tim knee Geithner coming out and saying, The governments have to take this debt on. Then expect to be shut out of financial markets. Bonds will be stuck at 1% in the U.S., Germany, and UK, and Japan for this phase. The whole bond market will be dead. That means nobody wants to invest in companies. Short selling on bonds will be banned. Short selling stocks will be banned. CBS, banned. Short futures, banned. Put options, banned. All that will be left will be the dollar and gold. As defaults in governments and banks come to fruition, we risk a closure of the stock market entirely and a closure of the banking system as occurred in Argentina in 2001, Russia in 1998, and Brazil in 1999. We have around six months of trading in western markets to protect ourselves or make enough money to offset future losses. Spend your time looking at the risks of custody safekeeping, counterparty, et cetera. Assume that no one and nothing is safe. After that put your tin helmet on and hide until the new system emerges. I wish I could see another option with an equally high probability, but I can’t find one. All we can do is hope that I’m wrong, but either way, a new system will emerge and it will open up a whole new set of opportunities, but we are going back 40 years in time and 1500 to 3000 years in trading.

“This, again, from not a schlub. This again coming on the heels of what George Soros said this weekend. George Soros said that he felt the EU had three months. They’re saying the same thing.”

“Now, the question is: What do you do about it? What does this all mean? That’s what this whole week is about on the Glenn Beck Program and GBTV. Four steps. And I want you to seriously consider them with your family. I want you to seriously consider actually getting involved more than you already are,” Glenn said. “I promise you by the end of the week that you will see that there is a way out and all you have to do is not panic. The first step is to commit, not to tune out because you can’t handle it. You can, you will, and you’ll lead the way out.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So now we will see when it finally happens, which I expect to be just around the Nov elections so that Obama has another excuse to seize the nation via martial law and establish his dictatorship. His insanity has endangered this nation and now we will wind up reaping the harvest and the whirlwind he has sewn.

    Soros says 3 months; this man says about six months. I personally see it having potential to occur much faster; and a possibility of China being the first to crack once Greece or Spain goes into reset.

    God help us now; for with Obama at the helm, the nightmare has only begun for all of us.

    • Anonymous

      Obama is playing his part, this is done for the reboot by the elites of the world. One of my friends in the military told me 2 days ago that the government is planning on cutting the military by 180,000. He has been in the military for almost 20 years and knows what he is talking about. This would bring on the draft if we were to enter into war. The pieces of this sick puzzle are coming together & controlled by the elite. Watch the Middle East & what war breaks out very soon, this plays a huge part in martial law before the election. 

      That’s why in another post I said that people MUST take control of their money. Invest in people, invest in what will be needed, food, water, land. Letting it sit in a 401k is not the thing to do right now, the elites will start investing in certain areas real soon, that’s when the bottom drops out. Gold will sink, which is why it’s high right now. The elite will sell off the gold soon and those who purchased recently will lose a fortune.

      The people are what can change this whole situation, take over what is going to collapse. Big companies with bad leadership will fall, big banks will fall all over the world only to be reintroduced as smaller banks. Companies with strong leadership that have been around for years will still be here, P&G, Coca Cola, etc. They will not close their doors and are recession proof, they will adapt & become humble to save the business.

      The elites are playing the fear card, you control your life, you make things happen. They simply think that you can be controlled by their wealth, take control of your money! I have to put the next paragraph in because it hits the nail on the head right now.

       There were multiple causes for the first downturn
      in 1929. These include the structural weaknesses and specific events that
      turned it into a major depression and the manner in which the downturn spread
      from country to country. In relation to the 1929 downturn, historians emphasize
      structural factors like major bank failures and the stock market crash. In
      contrast, monetarist economists (such as Barry
      Eichengreen, Milton Friedman and Peter Temin)
      point to monetary factors such as actions by the US Federal
      Reserve that contracted the money supply, as well as Britain’s decision to
      return to the Gold Standard at pre–World War I parities

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        When war does come to the middle east I imagine it will start with Syria or Egypt in combination with one or more nations striking hard for Israel. It will be when, not if, Iran and possibly Iraq join in the action that a local war will become a regional one, then possibly a world war.

        I give the current chain of events a month at most to come unglued and all hades will break loose beyond anything we can imagine.

        • Patricia M McBride

          If Obama could only have thought about his own country instead of siding with those who hate us!  If only Obama has really been a true American which he never was or will be.  If only Obama had realized he was wrong (but maybe he doesn’t care if we are in big trouble and maybe, just maybe, it’s what he really wanted anyway!  So many only ifs.  Last of all, if only so many people had been thinking for themselves instead of into some form of idol warship of the worst human being ever to be in charge of our country.

          • new2la

            Obama is but a foot soldier following orders.  He knows exactly what he’s doing.   Do you think the Nazis who took their orders from Hitler did what they did without knowing what they were doing?     This is evil at its finest…..there’s no remorse;  no conscience;  their deeds are that of satan and it is up to us to spiritually fight the forces that have over taken our leaders.   Pray for the salvation of our great nation.

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Indeed, and may the truth of all crimes commited by the administration be revealed to the world as with old Nazi Germany. As with them, who claimed ‘I just followed orders’ the admin will have no excuses.

            May justice be done.

        • Anonymous

          you speak the truth snow. Why can’t people see what is coming if they don’t stand up 

          • Anonymous

            People don’t want to see what’s coming – so much easier, for now, to ignore the impending crisis – besides there is Lady Gaga, and American Idol and a hundred other “circuses” to occupy their attention. People will not get engaged until they are starving and no way to buy necessities with their worthless money. This is precisely what the One Worlders are counting on – people are easy to control when they are desperate. 

            “No one ever went broke underestimating the gullibility of the American public.”
            H. L. Mencken 

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Old Rome called it “Bread and Circuses.” Look to the defeated nations of WW2 at the end in 1945; to a degree, when all was truly lost and the sole world they had known all their lives was at a dramatic end, as will soon happen to us, people become desperate and accepting anything to deny reality.

            Here is a book about the fall of Berlin in 45′ to the Russians that makes for some interesting reading on the matter:

            The Fall of Berlin, 1945, by Antony Beever.

            He goes into quite good detail of the final defeat and the normal people. Plus the propaganda that went on until the end with the russian occupation.

            Why do not people stand up?

            Fear. The ultimate mind killer.

        • new2la

          Russia and China are behind the scene,  waiting.   Especially Russia.  Putin is probably in line with Obama, as we saw Medved whisper in his ear that day.
          I have faith that God is watching things unfold and smiling.   I’m of the opinion that he sees the planning by man and thinks We shall see.
          Pray…everyday and ask for forgiveness for our transgressions;  for the healing of our nation.
          Hugo Chavez is on his last stage of cancer…every dog has their day.

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            If WW3 does begin, I can see it expanding from Syria and drawing in the US and Russia on opposite sides; China will then take the chance to reposess Taiwan and the surrounding nations while we are out of position.

            Iran will be the wild card. With its mad leader, save for his constant call of blood for the 12th Imadi, he cannot be totally estimated.

          • Anonymous

            Ps 2:1-6Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?2 The kings of the earth set themselves,and the rulers take counsel together,against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,3 “Let us burst their bonds apartand cast away their cords from us.”
            4 He who sits in the heavens laughs;the Lord holds them in derision.5 Then he will speak to them in his wrath,and terrify them in his fury, saying,6 “As for me, I have set my Kingon Zion, my holy hill.”
             I will tell of the decree:The Lord said to me, “You are my Son;today I have begotten you.8 Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage,and the ends of the earth your possession.9 You shall break them with a rod of ironand dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.”
            10 Now therefore, O kings, be wise;be warned, O rulers of the earth.11  Serve the Lord with fear,and rejoice with trembling.12  Kiss the Son,lest he be angry, and you perish in the way,for his wrath is quickly kindled. Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

        • Karen Snyder

          If you know your Scripture, you know what is coming and can be somewhat prepared.

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Yes I do know, and do see, I have been preparing for what I can in the time alloted. The rest I have to leave up to God. In my case, I will be stuck in the city I live in, as there is no way for me to leave.

      • Anonymous

         You are certainly right to worry about military cuts. The last century has been dominated by a pattern of the US winning a war, gutting its military, then another major war breaks out.The US then takes a real bloody nose and has to spent a fortune rebuilding its military and its industries as well as catching up with our enemies technologically and in numbers. Much more time and blood is wasted that keeping up a sizable military which may have caused the wars not to happen in the first place. After all, if an enemy sees a large and capable military with leadership willing to unleash it upon them, they will be less inclined to pick a fight. Its the old adage:

        To secure peace prepare for war, to ensure war disarm.

      • Anonymous

        Are you suggesting buying land as an investment  (where to put your $), for farming to grow your own food, or as a place of refuge- or all of the above?

        • Anonymous

          I’m saying do all of the above.  Because with most land. particuliarly farm land, you can grow food and have place of refuge for family and friends, if you can trust them.  During times of starvation, people are desperate and desperate people do unpredictable things.

          If you have cash buy land, food, seeds, guns and ammo and then more ammo.  Band with people you can trust, because there is safety in numbers.  And besides you can’t stay awake 24/7.  Land will be more valuable than gold.  Gold can be stolen, but it would be hard to steal a plot of land and you can’t eat gold.  And if you try to buy food with gold, people will know about it and take your life if youi don’t give it up and may do that anyway. 

          The most valuable things will be land, food, guns and ammo.  Everything else won’t matter.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you. God bless us all.

          • Anonymous

            As we are fast approaching a very bad situation, it is best to limit your communications as to your preparations to close family and friends.  Whft?  Well it is because some people will remember you and your preparation and will relieve you of them and other precious things like your life or that of a loved one.  Remember New Orleans and Katrina?  We will need to spend a lot of time on our knees to obtain His help during this upcoming trying times.

        • Anonymous

          Buy silver, period, not electronic, only the real PURE silver.

      • Anonymous

        I smell a reset but imo it will be a very very good thing for the mass of the World. The elite will get what they deserve and as far as Soros, I am not sure what to think of him? Why did he shut down his Hedge Fund, is he really after the best interest of the mass? I hope so!

      • Anonymous

        Whats interesting when you think about it – think of now many avid hunters, shooters and outdoor sporting people there are in America.  Has to be well into the millions – then think of it globally…  As a People I hope and believe we all will and together and stand up to these so very few psychopathic ego maniac elites..  they are SO VERY OUT-NUMBERED – here and anywhere in the world – we just HAVE to get as many people awake as we can!!!  WE CAN SQUASH THEM!!!….

    • Anonymous

      I sure hope you are wrong about the obama, Dictatorship thing snow, but I’ve read your posts before and always think the same! just a silent American here, reading inputs of the very people that will save this Nation!!

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Vada – I pray I am wrong in so many ways; unfortunatly history is repeating itself again here at home. As of the end of May, the die has been cast for the future of our nation; now all that remains is to play out the last rounds of the game, only God knows for now what is ahead.

        May God help us all, for the storm is here, and only He can keep Obama in check and save us from Obama’s growing madness.

    • Anonymous

       I agree .. the same way Hitler declared marshal law when the communists bombed a building in Berlin….

    • landofaahs

      When the excrement hits the propeller blades, there won’t be enough people to stop the onslaught of pitchforks and torches hitting the streets.

    • Connie

       So what are we to do about our investments in our 401K’s and our money in the banks?  Everyone talks about the collapse but no one says what to do about our money.  Do we take it all out and put it under our mattress?

    • Matt Driscoll


      I have been trolling Becks site frequently just to catch up on the news and hear the thoughts of others in regards to Becks daily postings and I have come to one conclusion. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY NUTS!!! I am curious what your life is like outside the Beck-O-Sphere. First lets start with your artwork. I am no art critic and I think that if you like to draw and paint then by all means go for it but you cat drawings in people clothes are some of the most twisted, laughable, deranged pieces of art, and I use that term loosely, I have ever encountered.  I mean  it would be okay if I saw your “art” separately from your rants on this site but to read your doom and gloom rants then look at your art page, it honestly makes me laugh. That brings me to my next point. You are always the first to post which strikes me as odd and slightly crazy but I understand if your a fan of the site but your post are literally the talk of a crazy person. You agree with Glenn to a T and then begin spouting off your own Apocalyptic rhetoric. You make the most asinine predictions about global economics. Now I think all of us on here can agree that the world is not in the best shape right now but your post are the ramblings of a mad man. And before you begin to refute my post let me stop you. I already know what you are going to say. “All those who mock my blah, blah, blah will suffer the wrath of God and this ship is headed off a cliff with a madman at the helm blah, blah, blah.” Man you need some serious Prozac. Truth be told, and both left and right economist agree, not a whole lot of drastic changes happen during an American presidency, even two terms believe it or not. So please take the rope, grab hold tight, and allow my to hoist you out of Glenn’s inner colon. Once your out please take a bath, all the junk food he eats must make a mess in there, and please for the love of God go seek counseling. God Bless.       

  • landofaahs

    It is all part of the plan for one world govt. and one single currency.  The turmoil in the EU now is being stoked to get Germany to foot the bill for the PIGS.  Germany is in fairly good shape if they left the Euro, but the plan is to get everyone into debt so nobody can be a holdout.

    • Kevin

      It seems like that is the plan. Get everyone into debt so all will have to agree on the solution.

      • Terry

        The only solution is, total write off of debts and all start over.

        • landofaahs

          Do you realize what that entails?  Total write-off, I guess no more mortgage payments and you get to keep the property I assume.  If you have money in the banks well the banks would keep all of that because paying off CD’s and savings accounts is their debt.  Everything would go to zero I assume, but where would the money come from to lend?  Who would lend if they had it once debt would not have to be paid?  Nobody could be sure that it would not reset again.
          I could really see haircuts on bonds etc. but you will never see a total write off of debts.  Don’t believe me.  Can you see the govt. writing off debts people owe on taxes?

    • Anonymous

      How would visually seeing the collapse of a monetary system that a bunch of nations are using lead to all the nations deciding “hey that Euro thing? let’s do that except have all of us involved”. That just wouldn’t make sense.

      • landofaahs

        Because it would be the only option available. A new world currency.  The EU model was flawed from the beginning and the people who set it up knew it.  They knew that it would lead to collapse if countries were allowed their own sovereignty to run up debts with a single currency used by everyone else.  But by letting the collapse happen would sooner or later force the descision making preocess away from the particular states and consolidated power at the Central govt. and away from the more local level.  Kind of like what is happening with the stripping of the states rights by The federal govt. using funding strings to manipulate the states policies.

      • landofaahs

        Another point to make is that every country is being taken down the debt road no matter which currency is used. China is in deep doo-doo also. Their central planninf is their version of crony capitalism. They have huge cities where nobody lives plus they have many ethnic problem boiling under the surface.

    • Terry

      If anything, what we are whitnessing in the world today is, that one government single currency (the EU) isn’t working and for a long time to come won’t work and the only thing about the nations debt, it’s all false paper and soon will all be written off and all will start fresh. Happens when everybody defaults and no one can repay. 

  • Steve Watson

    I wish someone would listen…I have agreed with Glenn for 2 years now.

    • cuellarjf

      Nobody wants to listen. Everybody is at the circus.

      • Anonymous

        All the kids want to do now is play.  They all seem to have normalcy bias.  

  • Anonymous

    Too many of us have not the money to put into survival
    items.  We will have to do the best we can and pray.
    God Bless

    • ChazMo

      you have the money… you have to restructure your life.  Get rid of unimportant things like cell phones, cable TV, stuff you can do without.  You have to WANT to change. 

      • Tera Anderson

        We didn’t think we had the money either, but, once you make it a priority, the money is there.  We have an amazing garden and lots of emergency food.  We have a water source and are working on the other issues.  Make it a priority and ask God for the prosperity and wisdom to obtain what is necessary.

        • Anonymous

          Tera I agree with you and ChazMo.People need to look at restructuring  their way of living and do business. Most people do not want to give up their way of living and most of them don’t even know God let along how to pray. The government has seen to that by taking God out of our daily lives. 

  • Anonymous

    I can see a deep global recession from an EU collapse (and full blown depression in Europe) but I don’t see the US or the Asian nations defaulting in a chain because everyone bailing out of Europe would be investing their money in other things like US treasuries. 

    They key thing will be the Greek elections. If they vote in people in a month or so that are against austerity being a condition for bailouts, things will rapidly deteriorate.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Obama’s primary motivation for re-election is catching this ball when it drops and being the leader of a new socialist order.

  • sunnyd55

    I too have agreed with Glen for several years now. I’ve heeded his warnings. I am a prepper and not ashamed to admit it.As a nation, we have lost our spiritual equilibrium, we have become complacent and apathetic. We care more about reality tv than the reality that God and only God can help us. Self-reliance, how many times have you heard Glen say that word? I’ve grown up over that last couple of years, what I thought was once important no longer is, and the things I took for granted are now important, God, family, health, and the truth. I can look at myself in the mirror and I know in my heart that I’m ok and God is on my side. Good luck and God Bless all of you.

    • landofaahs

      It will probably fall apart so that the crooked politicians save their wealth,  Jesus said “Lo, I am with you always, until the end of the age”   That gives me assurance and confidence in all things, to depend upon his providence.

      • Paolina Garcia

        God is King of Kings and God does not favor Republics. The Bible is clearly opposed to our political system, but the founder worshiping has blurred our Christian conscience.

        It’s DEPLORABLE when good, Christian men hold up the Constitution as their moral compass in politics, and decide to leave the Bible out of the conversation because it’s not politically convenient!

        And it’s not like Jesus didn’t see a Republic before! Rome had came and gone, it had waged too many preemptive wars, stretched too far, had a central bank printing too much money, sound familiar?!?!

        And the final blow came from Jesus Himself, who said to pay tribute to the Emperor, not to restore the Republic. If Jesus thought Republics and public representation were a great idea, He had PLENTY of time to say so and certainly wouldn’t have said to pay tribute to a foreign dictator like that.

        But the King of Kings obviously prefers another form of government. It’s in one of His names for goodness sakes!

        • landofaahs

          I don’t worshipt the constitution, but it does give freedom to choose which is what God gives us. When Jesus weas on this earth, why did he not go to the Romans and chastise them for their Republic, if it is so evil. God brings up nations and takes them down for his purpose and his glory.
          There is nothing evil in a Republic where people have that freedom to choose. Rome was oppressing Israel amon others but Jesus knew that the things of the Spirit were the most important. When he returns he will put all things under his feet but until then we are to use our freedom to spread the gospel.

        • Curtis Cox

          You need to get your facts straight. I suggest you get a book called “Sacred Fire”  by Peter A. Lillback   Another book you may want to read is “The Majesty of Gods Law: It’s Coming to America” by Cleon Skosen
          Then you may want to read Jefferson Lies by David Barton. Our founders were Christian they established a Judeo-Christian nation base on the government established by Moses. God supports and sustains this nation when we keep our covenants to him but he will allow us to destroy ourselves if we abandon him and his teachings. As long as a righteous people is found in this land they will be protected and delievered from bondage.

        • Anonymous

          Many idiots expose themselves in these comments.  You top all others.

          • Anonymous

             aknsummit – YOU just exposed yourself.  Put on your pointed hat and go sit in the corner.

        • Anonymous

          Lets not forget that Jesus died a terrible death on the cross. I would rather escape that pain if I could.

  • Anonymous

    The entire modern finance system is based on debt and compounding interest. Compounding interest sounds great when you’re earning it on an investment but not so great when you’re paying it on a credit card, mortgage, and especially not when it is on government debt. Simply put, the system is like a monster that feeds on debt, grows and needs more debt to keep feeding. Problem is that it can’t go on forever. Eventually the system can’t take the strain and collapses. That’s where we are now.

    I’m not sure if we can go back to the gold standard, but one thing is certain: we need to get rid of central banks. Let the treasury alone create the money supply and let individual banks set interest rates to attract customers and either eliminate the fractional reserve system or set it at a very low rate to control the ability of banks to generate money out of thin air by accounting gimmicks. A fixed flat tax (one that can be increased in time of war or major natural disaster) would also help.

  • Terry

    I’ts not important that I agree with Glenn or not, what has importance is that he’s more often right than not.  Some economists have been saying as far back as the 1980’s there will be economic disaster within twenty years if certain things are not address and or changed.  We missed the first calimity when the Soviet Union fell, most arrogents think that the U.S. and Brittan to some extent was the reason… Bull, the Soviet supremes relalized it wasen’t working and decided instead of the system owning them they should own the system, so the socialist/marxist model was given the boot and good ole free market capatalism (with a twist) was created, it took some time to flech out whos who within the new system and now their ready to move forward.  China came to the same conclusion but has been able to do it with destroying their government.   Europe will soon do the same thing, the euro- common market is soon to be gone as is the social democratic governments in Europe, Some governments will fall in the process, the U.S. should survive as will China, Russia and most of Asia, the resulting Europe will depend on the big three. It will happen, won’t be pretty but it will happen.

  • Anonymous

    If this happens like Beck predicts, there will be a state of lawlessness like no other in the history of the world. I believe parts of the story, it’s obvious, but panic will only increase the problems we all face. Panic is what started the last depression and no one wants that. Hardly anyone in America is prepared financially or mentally for what is forecast. No sense worrying about it, regular folk can’t don’t anything to prevent it. The rich like Glenn Beck will survive without a hitch. All we can do is pray someone that cares and has the ability to rectify it does so. Time to use common sense.

    • Anonymous

      Beck is not the only one predicting this. Many expert analysts fully agree. It’s not a prediction. It’s a factual analysis that cannot be prevented or circumvented. Period.

      • Anonymous

        If you read my response I never denied it, period. Now, what are your plans when help isn’t around. That’s what you should be concerned about, not my response. This has been PREDICTED for many, many years.

        • Anonymous


          • Anonymous


  • Scott Bowlan

    whats up with the work at home scam,glenn beck getting so hard up he now offers advertising to scum bags who ripp people off. wonder how many suckers will order the free kit that cost 9.95.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed! No way he can disguise his own motives by couching his ad campaign in the shtick of returning to America’s core values. Glenn is often so full of entrepreneurial BS I can smell it through my radio.

      It’s VERY transparent, Glenn. We aren’t as gullible as you think.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing on this earth that can save us is getting down on our knees and praying and repenting and getting back to Gods laws. Our values are so skewed that we as a nation think killing babies is alright and same sex marriage is just dandy and living together and having children out of wedlock is just normal. Lying and cheating and stealing and killing is a normal part of our society. God has been so patient with us. Even 9/11 was a warning. Our borders are no longer being protected by God. Please everyone, pray, repent, and change our national fate before it is too late for everyone!

    • Anonymous

      Good advice but it won’t save us from National catastrophe. Far too late for that.

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately, what most American’s think is “prayer” is just “a wishin and a hopin” while they’re parked in front of their big-screen TV they bought on a big-box store, credit card.

  • Anonymous

    It’s leading to the biochip implant, the Mark of the Beast.  Repent and give your life to Jesus Christ now in full commitment as Lord of your Life, and your savior and have faith he will take care of you and provide as well as save you!  

  • Steve Bernasconi

    Glenn don’t you just love it when you can say…I TOLD YOU SO! The left have been so blind all this time and have refused to admit that Obama is a catastrophe. He has put us in so much debt and has done everything in his power to destroy us. Can you just imagine all the work that Romney will have to do to fix the mess? And the sad part is that it’s almost impossible for him to fix it all. How do we put back trillions??? How did we ever manage to get through all this time with Obama in office? I am going to throw a party when Obama and his administration are gone. 

    • Anonymous

      Steve, it’s a case of closing the barn door after the horse has been stolen.  I refer to the

      info coming out now about B.O.—his past, his associations etc.  Why in hell didn’t the

      LSM do what they are charged to do and vet this man?   Because they were falling all

      over themselves in adoration and fainting at the idea that a liberal black (OK, half black)

      man was running for POTUS and they pushed for his election.  Now, they are getting

      what they deserve—a lot of the public have tuned them out and distrust what they have

      to say.    That is, except for folks who watch network news and the likes of Bill Maher,

      SNL, and other comics.   Those, they will believe!

  • Garth Longley

    I don’t understand the surprise. I go to church with good people that vote for and agree with Obama’s policies. They think that it was a good thing for the tax payers to bail out GM and the banks. Free market means free market. If you mismanage your company you go out of business. We can’t keep borrowing money to support non productive people.

    • Anonymous

      Garth,  the only problem with what you very eloquently express is that common sense thing.  Too many have no common sense.  Finance 101 seems to be beyond the grasp of too many people.

  • Rafael Lafuente P

    Mankind deserve it.

  • Anonymous

    when ” it” finally hits the fan “NO ONE” will be able to get away from it !!!! , mankind is unable to govern itself and this was bound to happen !!!  ,  what fools we are to think we are smarter than our “CREATOR”  ,   mankind has truly earned the ” ass kicking ” it is about to get !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christopher P Smith

    Well, here we are on the cusp of complete economic implosion.
    We have been predicting this worldwide collapse for four years, but most people have
    regrettably not been paying attention. They sit in front of their big screen T.V.’s and
    deny and dismiss that fiscal/sovereign/banking collapse could ever really occur,
    especially here in the United States. But it is happening, and most people are not prepared.
    Good luck, America. Good luck.

  • Bill Harmon

    The BIBLE already predicted this will happen. read Revelation the devil will come first then Jesus Christ 

    • Angelika

      You are so right! Only a lot of people don’t know that Satan comes first pretending to be Jesus performing miracles and most people will be deceived thinking that he is the real Jesus.The impending disaster in Europe is by design to bring us into a more global economy and of course control.There is going to be a wound that happens to that one world system, I believe a political one, that’s when Satan comes pretending to be Jesus healing that wound.The great Apostasy. The number one sin that God says not to do.Thou shalt not have no other god before me.Don’t be part of that system and don’t be deceived.So prepare as best as you can and pray.

  • Anonymous

    What scares me the most is what Obama and Soros have planned to drop in Sept or October. The crisis in 2008 was just a dress rehearsal. The reduction of forces will create a power vacuum that will usher in a draft, where blacks and minorities will be spared and create a massive racial reallignment. This Obama is simply a puppet, but he will bring this country to our knees and, what is a pity is these liberals will blame it on someone else because Obama is their messiah. I hope these doomsday scenarios don’t come true, but the GOP has no clue and should be aligning to make sure he cannot unilaterally disarm, unilaterally cut the forces by 180k troops, and administratively issue amnesty. They are so quiet when someone should be screaming

  • William Hickman

    After reading all this, what can the average Joe do? Take your money out of the bank and buy food and water, precious metals, etc.

  • Anonymous

    I guess it’s been a long hard day.  When I saw this headline I honestly thought it had something to do with a pending bankruptcy of Domino’s Pizza!

    • Anonymous

      You and me both, Kidd.

    • CG

      Imagine a world with no pizza 

      That would be the end! 

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be an Average Joe….

  • ChazMo

    yes… plus learn to Garden… Learn to hunt, learn to trap, learn to fish, learn to make herbal meds, learn to do CPR, patch up wounds.   Learn to fight. Learn to track. Learn to shoot.

  • Charlotte Voight

    I would like to know why Ex Pres Clinton is running around giving speeches and other things,. What is he up to?

  • Anonymous

    What amazes me is that George Soros says that Germany will have save the EU.  From George Soros who wants to destroy America

  • R Robinson

     Glen: “We have around six months of trading in western markets to protect ourselves or make enough money to offset future losses.” There is and shall be no “protection” and as far as I am concerned there really never was. I don’t believe any individual who is smart, is even in the market now. It’s all a sham brought on by the bail-out. What we are seeing is pure manipulation to try and get as much foreign, i.e., far-eastern, monies into the middle-east banks. Me? I’m investing in fruit trees.  

  • Anonymous

    I feel that this is God’s way of getting our attention and showing us what will and can happen now that he (GOD) has been taken out of everything.  I feel the say way as the ones who have posted their opinions.  Christ is coming and we are the last generation.  We will see him come in great glory.  You have to be ready – I am thankful I am!!!  I pray for the ones who are not and seem not to realize what is happening.  The Democrats are ok with whatever Obama wants to do, I just don’t understand it.  My God Bless our Great Land!!!

  • Anonymous

    The end is near it doesn’t make any difference what we do.  The Bible will be fulfilled, and it is coming to fruition right before our eyes.  Obama may not be the Anti-Christ but he certainly knows him.  Daniel and Revelation are right on target….Amazing!!!

  • Scott Vetter

    After reading all of this and looking at the latest military shift (to the Asia-Pacific region) one has to scratch their chin and say Hmmm.

  • Anonymous

    After having read “Aftershock” by Weiderman I am thoroughly convinced that the Cash Bubble is set to POP (2013) and what Glenn has said is aligned with what some accountants are reporting. It can be likened to a computer that has crashed, it has to be reset, or  thrown away and replaced. Down with the FEDS, Politicians, Foreign aid, entitlement programs, unfortunately SS, Medicare, Medicaid,(which the government has included as entitlements although we worked and paid dearly for these programs, unlike food stamps, free cell phones, etc. It pays to be a farmer.  At least he can feed his family and barter food for other necessities. We can overcome this, by starting at the bottom and pulling ourselves up again, and in a better, less government controlled nation. In our history we have managed to become a GREAT NATION on hard work and ingenuity and although it will be harder this time because we have grown soft and dependent most of us still have the desire and love for this country in which we live.

    • Anonymous

      Shel, you have used a word with which way too many people are unfamiliar: hard work.

      You have the entitlement folks who have taken, but have done little in the way of giving.

      You have the OWS crowds and some of the young who, also, think things should be

      handed to them.  The only ones who may remember what hard work is could be their

      grandparents, and perhaps, their parents.  By no means do I mean there are no hard

      workers now—certainly there are.  But when things take a nosedive, everyone will have

      to pitch in and there are so many who have never done, let alone been acquainted with,

      hard work.   Some, unfortunately, will find it easier to steal or rob others rather than put

      in a day’s worth of work.  If they get tossed into jail, they will think they have hit the jack-

      pot—free food, clothing and a roof over their heads! Now, I find this depressing!

  • Joseph Fedele

    I just read an article the MRC wrote about Soros.Glenn told us about all Soros was doing and planning years ago.As I read the article I kept thinking this is exactly what Glenn has been saying for years and no one else talked about it.I started watching Glenn when he was on CNN and I was glad when he went to Fox.I watched him everyday and was very dissappointed when Fox took him off the air.It was biggest mistake Fox ever made.

    • Anonymous

      Nope.  Fox did not ”remove Beck from the air.”   GB removed himself.  He had other

      interests he wanted to pursue, Joseph.  This is one of them— GBTV.

  • landofaahs

    O-bombtheeconomy. is just a useless toady idiot being used by the Sorehose and others.  Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing it’s idiot.

  • Charlotte Hendershot

    What will happen to meager sums some of us have in banks?

  • Anonymous

    To Chazmo
    It is America’s children I am concerned about.  Too many
    adults are too busy not thinking but playing with their toys
    and electronic gadgets that offer absolutely nothing to
    their intellectual capabilities.  They think that by buying
    their children today’s technical gadgets that they will earn
    their children’s love.  Or they have taught their children that
    stuff is more important than their self-esteem.  There is no
    responsibility left for these people. 
    How do you get through to people who do not want to listen
    to today’s foreboddings and waste money on things they
    don’t need.  I see it all around me. 
    I cannot affford all these new I-phones, I-pads, etc. nor do I
    want them.  Use of these toys is not life, it is a self-absorbed
    deteriation of peoples lives..  How do we get these people
    and their teenagers to listen.? To understand?
    What is coming down the pike will be more devastating than
    the great depression.  It is the crime that will come and this
    is what worries me the most.  I do not hear any government
    officials talking about having food, water, medicines stored
    so they can help all of America who survive this.  Where do we
    get the money?

    • Anonymous

      The gadgets are a rabbit hole parents open up for their kids. When they’re in the “Wonderland” parents can tune out. Unfortunately living your life in the Cyber World is unfulfilling. Sometimes worse…think Columbine. I dread the generation who sees value in 500 facebook friends but nothing in their heart or mind. These ones are ripe for the Left.
      As for the reset- maybe this will be the “pangs of distress” mentioned in the Bible..”The Great Tribulation” before Armageddon. Be wise. Learn what Jehovah expects of us individually and He will see you through.

  • Dawn Brayton

    There were countles oportunities to start businesses during the last depression and no doubt this time around will see the same thing. The headline of the newsletter said “Dominos wil fall’ and before reading this I thought he was talking about the pizza chain. He might still be. Anyone interested in joining me to see THAT doesn’t happen?

  • Anonymous

    What will be the “Big Reset”? A one world currency?

  • Anonymous

    “The Big Reset” will be what exactly?…Noone is telling anyone what the reset will be? One World Currency?

  • Anonymous

    I challenge anyone out there who has a Bible to read Romans chapter 1. The whole thing. And tell me if you dont think it sounds like our modern day society to the letter! Also as far as all of the banks uniting under one global banking market????? antichrist.

  • Carl Stull

    Yeah a one world currency… then your neocon wars won’t matter. For all you people that mock Ron Paul….. Shove it up your ass… He’s been right for almost 30 years now.

  • Undecider

    What was Glenn Beck’s coverage of the 2012 meeting for Bilderberg?  There’s an elephant in the room.  Does Glenn Beck see it?

  • greywolfrs

    As the Federal Reserve is making “off books exchanges,” dollars for Euros, what does anyone think is going to happen? If you don’t believe this is happening, look up the video of Bernanke testifying with Alan Grayson. It’s on youtube…

  • CarolynV

    I am one who feels obama knows exactly what he is doing and has from the beginning of his run for president. He has been too smooth and uncaring about the people who have raised questions. Indeed, he does not care what the people think. He just continues to run his agenda down the middle of the road and ignores everything else. Many say he doesn’t know what he is doing but there is no other explaination for what he is doing, all the quiet manuverings we find out about after the fact, we can’t object because he has already done it. After all look at his parents and teachers. I don’t think he is the brightest candle on the cake but he is certainly in the right position to make these changes and that is what he was prepped for. I remember Glenn’s very first warnings even before the election was over about this man and boy, was he right. He said be careful what you vote for because you might get it. Well, we sure got it!

  • Anonymous

    The reset- maybe this will be the “pangs of distress” mentioned in the Bible..”The Great Tribulation” before Armageddon. Be wise. Learn what Jehovah expects of us individually and he will see you through.…

  • Anonymous

    Ezekiel 7:19
    They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

    • Alej

      Alej 1:69

      “They” didn’t have AR10s and a closet full of 7.62 NATO ammo;  verily, which will indeed deliver us from the day of wrath of the frustrated welfare parasites.

  • Anonymous

    I only hope that the most arrogant cult leader of the 21st century, glenn beck, is the first regime leader brought down when his apocalypse hits!?

    • SoThere

      More threats strtlk? Why don’t you take your pathetic comments back to Media Matters?

      Folks, have you had enough of this fool yet?


    • SoThere

      GBTV’s Voter Registration Campaign Shows Massive Results

      During Tuesday night’s show on GBTV, Glenn Beck announced the staggering news that 33 million voting-age Americans are not registered to vote. Beck then showed viewers a link to a useful online tool to find out if you are registered and will help you sign up if you are not. More than 35,000 people per second were searching the database during the show. (The Blaze)

      You idiots are done for. We’re not marching in the streets, we’re marching into the Voting Booth!!!

      You stay stupid strtlk, it’s the only thing you’re good at and I take your cleaning toilets into account.

    • Anonymous

      Guess you never heard the axiom “Beans, Bullets and Bullion”. I think it’s more likely you’ll see these hollywood Obama fund raiser dinner guest selling their ferraris, for a can of food.

  • Osama bin Spielberg

    Yeah Yeah Yeah. What can anyone do about it?

  • Karen

    Read your revelations people it’s all unfolding right before our very eyes. Our government doesn’t give a crap about us, we have a muslim sitting in the seat of our highest office, ( the islam/muslim world is already heavily yet secretly indoctrinating our public schools and other institutions) AND most of the world thinks we’re bullies. They would LOVE to see our demise. I personally received an inheritance last year, and if you think I’m going to spend it on frivolous things,or leave it in the bank (even worse) Wrong. I agree with Sunnyd55. I’m a prepper and my $ is going towards becoming self sufficient. Food, water, weaponry, security etc……I’m also a christian so I worry none whatsoever about the outcome of my soul, however I truly believe that GOD helps those that help themselves and I’ll be hoping for the best yet preparing for the worst!

  • Anonymous

    Kudos to GB for covering this.  However, the claim that GB has been the only one saying this is a gross exageration of reality.  Many, many others have been screaming this for years.  Shame on the cronies working for GB attempting to falsely give him sole credit for this “revelation” when in reality people like Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers, Ron Paul, Paul Craig Roberts, Alex Jones, and many others have said this for years.  That said, it’s good to see MSM (mainstream media) start to cover it.

  • Anonymous

    OH MY GOD! RUN FOR THE HILLS WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!  OH MY GOD!!!  Way to keep the wheel of fear rolling throughout America!  Glenn, you are America’s problem! Well, you Rush, Palin, Bill Mar, and Moore. 

  • Paul Cheng

    Love of money is the root of all kinds of evil and now we are seeing the fruits that it has produced. It is as if the whole world have been so deceived and led astray and be taken captive in the love of money. We have been drowning in debt for along time coming and not see it. Judgement is at hand.

  • Anonymous

    I do watch world events and I listen to what people are saying and I do know our major banks are in trouble especially with derivatives to the tune of 200 trillion dollars and we have the debt to worry about and not just the 200 trillion dollars we have committed/promised to pay but also the 16 trillion dollars we currently owe to lenders and bond holders of our National debt and State debt, city debt, county debt and the consumer debt we all have been living way beyond our means and one day we will pay the ultimate price. 
    And we have not even mentioned Europe which is ready to implode economically.  With Europe it’s been a slow motion train wreck and it’s a preview of what’s in store for the USA. 
    You made it to 2012 congratulations now you are on borrowed time, use it wisely
    PREPARE for what’s about to come –
    If you want to see how & what to prepare go to:

  • Robert Olson

    interesting. lol stop spending all your money of drugs, alcohol and toys. think about the family. i can build my own stuff. what about you? lol. please just die off so i don’t have to fight you off. your retard-ness is your own doing. why buy a car? you can build one cheaper. why buy a house? you can build one WAY WAY cheaper. why buy tools? you can build them cheaper. i’m set to the big bang. i don’t need guns. only robots that have rail guns. your ass is mine in the future. don’t come around my place looking for food. if you make over 20,000 a year what is your problem. damn the house and car. damn the credit cards. build your future. 

  • Anonymous

    unemployment is now  about 25% for Spain and Greece, with bank runs there and in Italy in a serious mode and that is stretching the banks to their knees. The IMF and World Bank are preparing for collapse, maybe you should too? See more about preparing at:

  • Anonymous

    to.. Robert Olsen

    Robert, you are either blind to your surroundings or somewhat retarded in your thinking.
    Are you not aware that the world financial system is grinding to a halt.?
    Are you not aware that Banks have stopped Lending ?
    Are you not aware that no-one trusts anyone  at all with anything ?
    Are you not aware that the super greedy are starving the world of the oxygen of trade.
    The only good thing that i see coming out of the greed that i perceive, is the possibility that eventually, those idiots who think that they are safe in their Golden Castles will eventually realise their folly, and have to beg food from us low lifes , when we refuse to be paid in dollars to re-stock their pantries.
    Angry Gordon in Scotland

  • kenpachi 421
    When the economy collapses the monetary system needs to die with it. We need to work towards building a resource economy.

  • Concerned

    So what is everyone doing with their 401k?  I can’t get my husband to cash his in and yet I think he’s going to wind up with nothing.  What do we do?  If we gamble and trade it in and nothing happens, we’ve screwed our old age pension.   and regarding prepping, I have been too but I can’t help but wonder if the gov will come to your house and say you are hoarding..and take what you have.  Homes won’t be safe places anymore..what good is stockpiling?

  • Dennis Richardson

    I must be optimistic will all this pessimism. I hope some will heed my efforts. The year was 1800 BC Abraham was spoken to by the Hebrew God. HE told Abraham that HE would make several nations from his line and a future promised Messiah. Eighteen hundred years later as the Age of Aries the Ram came to an end, Yeshua was born. Thirty years after that near HIS birthday HE spoke in a synagogue in Nazareth, quoted Isaiah 61 in Luke 4, the Age of Pisces began. September 14 or 15, 2015, on Rosh ha Shanah the Age of Pisces the Fish ends with a solar eclipse, not a sliver of a new moon. The only time since Leviticus was written by Moses that a sliver of a new moon has not begun a new year. Some thing good is going to come of this.

  • LaVonda Evans

    I have to agree with sunnyd55 we definitely need too pray for our country & for our leaders. They are trying to take GOD out of everything and then they wonder why things are the way they are. Well they aren’t sending me too hell with them they betteruse their education & booksmarts to read the bible instead of watching the kardashians. GOD is not pleased & neither am I? He doesn’t sugarcoat nothing so why should we. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!

  • jingles5952

    My husband and I have already moved to the country. We live in scary times. God bless everyone and prayers for all.

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