Glenn unveils national food drive during “Live It” special on GBTV

Tonight on GBTV, Glenn introduced viewers to part three in a four part series of shows that reveal a plan to fix the country. First it was commit, then activate, and now live it. Glenn had another major announcement to go with “live it”, unveiling an ambitious plan for a national food drive aimed at sending tractor trailers loaded with food to cities across the country.

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Glenn started the show by discussing the dangers of regulations that are currently strangling our ability to help others. Glenn referenced the story of a man who drowned in a shallow pool of water because regulations prevented them from jumping in to rescue him He also discussed new laws that prevent people from feeding food to the homeless.

Meanwhile, more and more people find themselves looking for aid with only the government to turn to. As regulations get stricter, the harder it becomes to help others.

“What have we been talking about on this program?” Glenn asked.

“Put your money where your heart is. Be charitable. Live a life of honor – love your fellow man. Be a source of hope for someone else. Be a force for good.
Be a shelter so the whole world will know that they’re not alone,”

“Government is the exact antithesis of that. It says ‘you can’t do this or you can’t do that.’ It says ‘don’t do that, we’ll do it for you’.

“In some cities it’s illegal to give homeless people something to eat. In New York food has to meet strict guidelines for it to be donated and they actually refuse food if it doesn’t meet those guidelines. Food with ‘too much salt’. Could you imagine throwing away, say, a box of salty pretzels right in front of someone who is starving? How would you explain that to them?”

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So what do you do when the world is upside down?

Glenn had been praying for an answer – and he found it when he remembered a meeting he had with Paulina in Poland. She was one of the “Righteous Among the Nations”, and she and her family who saved the lives of hundred during the Holocaust and World War 2.

Glenn told the story of how she came across a young Jew who asked her for food, and Paulina and her family made the decision to help despite the risks they faced. Pauline brought food to the young girl the next day, and they didn’t stop. And it all started with a bowl of soup.

Glenn said that she made the decision “not to go over the cliff with the rest of humanity.” It wasn’t that she became righteous, she just maintained her humanity and desire to help others.

“The one thing we can all agree on: when government is telling you ‘don’t help’ — deep down we know they are wrong. We can feel it. But if we don’t say anything, if we don’t stand up and say ‘I will not comply’ and do what is right, eventually you’ll kill off that instinct.”

“It fundamentally changes us,” he said.

“That is the problem we’re facing today. America is great because America is good. The minute we let 80,000 pages of regulations keep us from doing what is right — it’s over. We become England where they’re letting people drown to death right in front of their very eyes because the rescue team doesn’t have the proper certification to jump in water that’s deeper than 6 feet,” Glenn said.

So how does it start? With one bowl of soup. And tonight, Glenn presented his own plan for everyone to contribute their one bowl – a national food drive organized by Mercury One.

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Glenn’s plan is for people to donate, in whatever way they can, to the food drive in order to load one tractor trailer to go to each of the following places that are either in need or where regulations have restrained donations: Detroit, MI; Navajo Reservation, NM; New Orleans, LA; Las Vegas, NV; San Joaquin Valley County, CA; New York, NY; Orlando, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Wilmington, OH.

“There is massive need. And this is your chance to show the federal government that their services are no longer needed,” he said.

Get all the details at Mercury One!

  • Anonymous

    I see you do not have Washington state listed as a destination, please consider it particularlly Skagit County as it has the highest unemployment rate in the state and high homeless rate it is also your home town. Thank  you

    • Anonymous

      I think we all should post cities we have seen this happen in, because the libs love this attitude of ignoring the homeless to the point of ignoring the story.

      The city in California that tops my radar in anti-homelessness is SANTA CRUZ!!!!!!!!!

      I know of a man in the late 90’s who saw the need for feeding the homeless and the police shut him down from distributing food in downtown Santa Cruz. He was truly a sincere man with lots of character (and loads of personality) that had to face down the police so many times that I think the media portrayed him as some kind of radical.

      His slogan that resonates with me today is that he gave with “peanut butter, jelly and love” I never forgot that –

           Peanut Butter,       Jelly       and        Love!!!!

      He was stopped by the permit process to have a table. That did not stop him – he loaded the trunk of his car and would stop and help someone as he saw them.

      There was a photo taken of him showing his contributions and how stupid the police were in the photo: While he was trying to hand out soup at a table, there was a policeman standing quite near at attention as if his job was to protect the homeless from the evil soup provider whose only goal in life (he has since died in a car accident) was PEANUT BUTTER, JELLY and LOVE.

      In honor of people like this man, we should post if we have seen this kind of behavior from the local lib govs and reveal the offending cities.

      Peanut butter, Jelly and Love. May he live on.


  • Anonymous

    I am proud to say tonight:  “I just fed a family of four, even for just one day…”  Our Lemonade Stand in Tampa next week will be HUGE…and, I will be seated “on-the-floor”, at Cowboys’ Stadium, on 7-28.  Glenn Beck has changed my life, for the better—and I “Commit”, to help change others.  God Bless All.

    • Maurine W. Sigmund

      people donated what they purchased in the store or what they had on hand they filled the semi within HOURS.. WHY can’t Glenn do something like that???

      • Scott Jensen

        Really Maurine – posting a link to a scam site?

    • Anonymous

      Coming from CA…will see you there…

  • Anonymous

    I can not believe glenn beck is giving food to those lazy Americans!
    Doesn’t he know that they will remain needy and worthless with free handouts!
    A socialist like glenn beck is a cancer on our society!
    (yes, this is satire, because if this wonderful campaign was started by the President, etc…this would be his reaction!)

    • SoThere

      Strtlk, the STD’s from those prostitutes you frequent have gone to your brain.  Go see a doctor then go clean some toilets you ignorant moron.

      You keep trying to put words into peoples mouths but those herpes sores are the result of putting things in your …well you know what I mean.

    • Anonymous

      Only those that truly need food normally seek out churches and food kitchens. It’s not the President’s job to “start” a campaign, but he can always ask that we should help each other.  I haven’t heard him ask that we should help each other.  No, what he has done and believes is that Americans need to be taxes more so that the federal government can redistributing our money.

      Charity is an individual responsibility; not a collective responsibility.

    • Anonymous

       The difference between liberal charity and conservative charity is very simple.  Liberals are only charitable with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.  You see, if obummer started something like this, it would be fully funded with CONFISCATED MONEY FROM TAXPAYERS.  THAT IS SOCIALISM.  We conservatives GIVE OUR MONEY OUT OF OUR OWN GOOD WILL, UNLIKE GREEDY LIBS LIKE YOU WHO ONLY WANT TO TAKE FROM ONE GROUP TO GIVE TO ANOTHER AND NEVER CONSIDER GIVING OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET.

      Obummer would never consider something like this.  There is no class warfare in it.  In fact, he will probably try to shut it down, just like he is trying to shut Christian charities by forcing birth control, abortion pills, and sterilization coverage.

      It is liberals who won’t allow ‘salty pretzels’ to be given to a starving homeless person… in their eyes the starving are better off DEAD than consuming salt.  Liberals HATE poor people.  They use them as a political tool, and keep them in perpetual poverty with their big govt programs.  They create Planned Parenthood to kill black babies.  Liberals make me sick.

      Thank GOD, your liberal policies will end up killing mostly liberals. 

      Anxiously awaiting the entertainment of the cities burning to the ground!

    • Lamont Smith

      Hey STRTLK – why don’t you get off this blog and go join your liberal LOSERS IN WISCONSIN – the TRUE SOCIALISTS & COMMIES!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I think that GB would compliment / support Pres. Obama had he started “this wonderful campaign”, I too would support the President in such an undertaking but so far the 3 1/2 years into his presidency only big government ideas have been put forth…  I second drphil1969’s statement that “Liberals are only charitable with, OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.”  Count me in for $50.

  • Christopher Blake

    Donation on the way.

  • FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof

    Did the same person create every comment here? Online commenting is loaded with propaganda and disinformation provided by the federal government at our expense. Everyone is witnessing the effect of state run media, domestic spying, and tyranny provided by the police state compliments of the coup and cover up.

  • Anonymous

    here’s the thing I don’t get.. I buy food and donate it.. things I find on sale etc.. but when GLENN runs something like this he wants you to shop his store..donate cash.. etc.. how about where we can SEND food.. or where there are trucks to pick up food.. after one of hurricanes they had a semi in the lot of the local store.. people donated what they purchased in the store or what they had on hand they filled the semi within HOURS.. WHY can’t Glenn do something like that???

  • Jim Leckliter

    I wanna join you and help feed those homeless people…FUCK those cities who say it’s illegal.  Every one of us is two words from being homeless  “You’re Fired.”

  • Anonymous

    Glenn needs to see this.  It ought to be our new theme song: 

  • Anonymous

    No person can ever outgive our God.  God will never be a debtor to anyone. 

     It is never wrong to do right, never right to do wrong. always wrong to do wrong and always right to do right. 

    One page proves God authored the Bible …   place the icon on your pc, tablet, PDA or whatever.  Have the proof liberals cannot deny

  • Matt Mattson

    Ineptocracy: a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the least likely members of society capable of sustaining themselves or succeeding independently, are rewarded with goods and services paid for with confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.  Unfortunately, this is what we now have for government – thanks to all of you who are standing up.

  • Anonymous


    Take time to think- it is the source of power.
    Take time to read-it is the source of wisdom.
    Take time to play-it is the secret to staying young.
    Take time to be quiet-it is the opportunity to seek God.
    Take time to be aware-it is the opportunity to help others.
    Take time to love and be loved-it is Gods greatest gift.
    Take time to laugh- it is the music of the soul.
    Take time to be friendly-it is the road to happiness.
    Take time to dream- it is what the future is made of.
    Take time to pray-it is the greatest power on earth.
    “There is a time for everything…….”

    I have this next to my computer and I read it often. I thought it was perfect to post on this subject.

    God bless Glen for opening up my eyes to a whole new world.

  • James

    There was a missing choice that I would have clicked on.  Why does this end in a few months ? I would have signed to donate $20 a month. I’m sure many other would have also.  Why not make sure the food kitchens have food all year? I’m sure we could support 10+ trailers a month without a problem.

  • Anonymous

    Just bought groceries virtually and that was my contribution to fight back.  Thanks Glenn for organizing a way to help out.  It is easy as 1, 2, 3.  God bless. Also, sent the link to my friends and family

  • Anonymous

    Glenn thank you for what you do. I’d like to share some insight into my experience with the homeless in my area.  They are being chased out.  Shut down camps.  I’ve personally been involved in the homeless community in my area.  Several things go on.  There is a huge charitable organization that feeds the homeless and provides shelter.  But there have been many homeless who live in the parks and set up camps.  These have been shut down.  The organization that makes the most difference is the St. Patrick’s Center.  Catholic.  The reason the homeless are chased out of parks and out of camps is – tourists, businesses – crime.  Cities are concerned about the effect on businesses.  And in truth, some homeless prey on those attending sporting events and other events where it could be dangerous.  That being said, a number of Catholic Churches in the area provide food and shelter.  There is food available. While the homeless are certainly to be helped, there are many more who just can’t make ends meet.  I pray that all donations go to those who need it most.  The Catholic Church does an enormous amount of outreach.  I am not Catholic.  But maybe I should be.

  • Anonymous

    Adding on to my previous note, the homeless in St. Louis, Mo city and county, also receive extensive help from Barnes Jewish Behavioral Health – BJC – where professional social workers help them to receive benefits – disability, etc., and provide them with mental health doctors and opportunities to re-enter the work-force.  They serve a huge population of homeless in the area. There are many private and church organizations going out of their way to help the homeless. While some may push the Obama agenda, and I’ve seen that, their ultimate effort is to help those who cannot help themselves. I agree it’s important to help everyone – but have to applaud what’s being done in my area.  These are selfless organizations, people, who will reach out to anyone in need. There is help available.  And they will find you if you cannot find them.

  • D.R. Berry

    My husband and I have decided to give $100 a month. In one year that will feed a meal to 960,000 people. Can you imagine? This is an extraordinary way of reaching out to people, and I thank Glenn and Mercury One for being this portal to human kindness. God is truly in this place.

  • Anonymous

    If you agree with Glenn’s ideas about food storage and helping the needy, go to  Try the samples or order special packets at a discount.
    The food really is very good and easy to prepare.

  • Anonymous

    If the First Lady or anyone wants to fight obesity then they have to make veggies cheaper not more expensive like they are doing with climate change policies.  The policies of this administration are hurting families. Our money doesn’t go as far as it did just the month before. They want my food to have a room at the Inn and a gym membership. They say my beef causes global warming when they burp, yet smokers can spew their smoke and it doesn’t?
    They want to drive up the cost of our food.   I would also like to warn people never to sign any petition without asking to read what it’s about. Don’t just have them tell you it’s about cruelty to animals.  It’s NOT!   They aren’t worried about the animals, such as dogs and cats being abused, they are driving your food prices up.  If we choose to buy cage free eggs fine.  But don’t force us to and increase our costs.  Read what you are signing. It’s usually not what you would normally sign.

  • Anonymous

    Besides donating food-which we will, how can my husband, friend, and I volunteer to help?

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