Restoring Love Food Drive: 11 trucks filled on the 1st night!

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Last night on GBTV Glenn unveiled a national Restoring Love food drive being organized by Mercury One. He explained how there are actually cities in the United States where it is illegal to give food to the homeless. As regulation gets more and more strict, it’s becoming impossible to really help others.

Glenn has been challenging this audience to put your money where your heart is, live a life of honor, and be a force for good – the government is becoming the exact antithesis of that. So how do we begin to change course and take a stand against these regulations? Glenn presented his plan last night.

Glenn’s goal was to fill eleven tractor trailers with food and send them to eleven cities where they are in need and where regulations have restrained donations: Detroit, MI; Navajo Reservation, NM; New Orleans, LA; Las Vegas, NV; San Joaquin Valley County, CA; New York, NY; Orlando, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Wilmington, OH.

This morning on radio, Glenn told listeners about the overwhelming response he go from the GBTV audience.

“Last night in one broadcast, 531,200 meals were purchased for the hungry by this audience,” Glenn said. “I don’t know if anybody has ever done that that fast. I don’t know. I don’t know. Am I reading this right? We filled eleven tractor trailers last night?”

Glenn compared this to one of the biggest food drives in Connecticut he and Pat use to put together. It would take days to fill one giant food truck for Thanksgiving.

“This audience filled eleven in an hour and there’s more and more to come,” Stu added.

Glenn told listeners that the food drive culminates on July 28th at Restoring Love in Dallas, TX – just two months away.

“This will be overwhelming,” Glenn said. “This will take care of the homeless shelters.”

There are three fronts to the Restoring Love Food Drive:

“One, you don’t become everything that you despise. You don’t get into anger. You’re creating. You’re doing something good, okay? You are restoring love and ensuring love with your own friends and family. Two, you’re winning the political debate because you’re feeding the hungry and the homeless. You’re winning the debate, not even by arguing – just doing. Forget about talking. Everybody can talk,” Glenn said.

He explained that this is how you win the political debate – by doing, and doing good. Glenn told listeners that he and Mercury One are working on language with all 50 states that would prevent food bans. “If you want to give to the homeless, there is no ban, no restriction that going to be put on the American people,” Glenn said.

“Even if it’s salty,” he added.

Glenn reminded the radio audience of the story of Paulina, one of the Righteous Among the Nations, who saved 500 lives, and it all started with one bowl of soup. There are so many hurting and hungry within our own borders right now. People who have, as Glenn put it, “been Cass Sunstein regulated” out of business.

“What do you say we help them? And we’re not penalized for helping them? Push back,” Glenn said.

Glenn went on to say that America has always been a country of plenty. We have always been able to help other countries because of that, but the economic outlook is frightening. If we have nothing, we can’t help.

“Right now we still are in the land of plenty. That may change,” Glenn said. “Have you seen what’s going on in Europe? That may change, and it may change quickly. If we fill our soup kitchens now, if we make sure that we have plenty, if we make sure that there is no regulation for neighbor helping neighbor, we’re going to be fine.”

Glenn hit his goal of filling eleven tractor trailers by July 28th in one day with the GBTV audience. This morning Glenn challenged both his GBTV and radio audience to fill more.

“Let me make it 25 tractor trailers. We filled eleven. Now let’s see if we can fill twenty-five tractor trailers,” Glenn said. “I know I can get some more tractor trailers. Can you do that? Will you do that? Go to Wouldn’t it be amazing by the end of the, by the end of the week next week maybe that we filled twenty-five tractor trailers.”

He later added, “I’m telling you this is good thing, and it was a great start last night. I would love to see what you can do. Join us, will you? Go to Click on the third button, Live It, the blue 3, Live It, and you can get involved and read all about it.”

  • MarsBarsTru7

    It is essential that while we increase our charity that taxes, fees, and regulations are decreased. There are many people in this country that have good hearts and want to give, but can not afford to because they just make ends meet. There are would-be entrepreneurs all over the country that would be in business right now but for the taxes, fees, and regulations involved. If they were in business there would be more jobs, more wealth circulating, and a higher giver-to-needy ratio.

    We do all for naught if we give charity indiscriminately and leave the
    systems in place that bleed us all dry. The people we feed today could
    vote for worse enslavement tomorrow if it isn’t constant and we aren’t
    able to keep up the fight for freedom because we expended all our
    wealth, time, and energy. The hungry person today will be hungry tomorrow. If we aren’t offering them food tomorrow, they will by necessity go to those who will feed them.

    In other words: The hungry person you feed today could join the ranks of your enemies tomorrow if you are no longer offering bread and your enemy is. The hungry will do what is necessary to eat.

    It’s a matter of percentages. If too high a percentage is continually taken by our government, we simply can not afford to keep up with charity enough to counter welfare. True charity is never a bad thing, but we can not sustain our charity if we do not fight the systems that inhibit our charity.

    • landofaahs

      Liberals like obama want to replace God with govt.  They want the people to adore them as the high priests of govt. religion who supplies them all of their needs.  They want the little people to lick the boots of elite pols.  What trash is like liberal trash?

  • Anonymous

    OPTIMISM! Isnt it nice. In todays world we feel the weight on our shoulders everyday. After Tuesday nights victory and now this, it is nice to see the light shining through the darkness. I know its just a sliver of progress and theres a mountain to climb yet but it is nice to feel some hope. Communists, anarchists, liberals and all scum of the earth beware. We are awake and we are coming. 

    • Dakota Scott Dennis

      agreed! :)

    • landofaahs

      Optimisms like the boy digging in a pile of crap and saying “there has to be a pony here somewhere”.  😉  Ronaldus Magnus would love that.

  • landofaahs

    Our church has been doing that type of stuff for years.   we send overseas containers full of stuff all over this country and to many aprts of the world.  Keep up the good work and try doing it through your own churches people.  Let God have the glory when people receive good things from God’s church.

  • Brenda Lynn

    WOW! That is so Awesome!

  • Judy Ziebell

    would love to help.RU ever going to come to Long Beach, Ca. or Orange county, CA? Really miss you on Fox …I only watch  The Factor now. 

    • Anonymous

       Probably to dangerous here in California but, would like to see him here raising money/food for the hungry THE REAL HUNGRY NOT the freebie people!

      And FYI—-O’Reilly is for Obama you haven’t noticed??  He plays both sides I stopped watching him awhile ago because it got to be so obvious it became sickening. And he talks about the same “UNIMPORTANT” things for weeks, NO, thank you he’s NOT for me anymore.
      He refuses to talk about the “IMPORTANT” THINGS LIKE ALL THE EXECUTIVE ORDERS THAT ARE VERY DANGEROUS TO THE PEOPLE guess he doesn’t include his self in the word “people” … Haven’t you noticed that WHEN he DOES have someone on that knows what’s going on he’ll ask a question then when they are answering it and adding some NEW info he stops them dead in their tracks, he only allows them to go so far then…BAM he shuts them down,  that doesn’t sound like someone I want on MY survival team!

      • greywolfrs

        How would it be “too dangerous?” Over 40% of CA is Conservative…

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      That is exactly what happened when our community was flooded…people donated money to help everyone…the only ones who got ANY were the home owners because they wanted to make sure they didn’t leave their homes and the town…  And one of the big organizations shut down one of the food suppliers because they didn’t have an “approved” kitchen….Starving people and they stop the giving….In our community it all continues on…money comes and then the powers that be play games with it!  I will never donate to an organization again until I know who is actually going to get my donation and I will mostly just hand out something to someone I meet or see needing it!

      • Anonymous

        This is the actual reason there are famines in Africa: The money goes to the Warlords and NEVER finds its way to the people that need it!
        There is plenty of food in Africa to feed everybody. But it never gets to the hungry people.
        Get used to this, people. It’s coming to an America near you, soon enough.
        P.S. Why is Cass Sunstien still allowed in this country?

  • Marie

    Watch out Glenn, you might anger the federal government.

    • James Debruyne

      the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government
      fears the people, there is liberty. – Thomas Jefferson

    • Huss Family

      Oh, Marie, I’m sure they got angry at Glenn LONG AGO!!! So the @#$ WHAT??? Let them get angry at me too! 

  • Rocky Racoon

    Famines have been caused by politics throughout history.

  • Anonymous

    Over and over, we hear Glenn mischaracterized as a proponent of violence, hatred, racism, etc, etc, and on and on and on….Yet, it seems nearly impossible that any of these liberal bozos have ever watched him. This is the type of thing that is just maddening to liberals. I would challenge all of the major news networks and other political shows to respond in kind. I feel so strongly about the political issues on this show, but I can’t help but be profoundly impressed at the fact that this man understands that their viewers, who are characterized as heartless, can speak and the coffers of the food banks are filled by those oh, so heartless, conservatives. I hate how the government wastes and abuses and squanders every single tax dollar, then comes back and tries to tell us that we are “patriotic” if we give more and  more taxes to the government so that they can do it over and over again.  Because I believe that the government is beyond hope when it comes to fiscal responsibility, I, like Glenn, believe that I have a personal responsibility to the poor the the less fortunate.  First in my own family, then my extended family, and then the others who touch my life in the world.  Money is a tool, not an end, but it is ONLY an effective tool in the hands of individuals.  The government, left to it’s own devices manages to MISmanage every penny, squander every cent, misappropriate every tax increase. Money, in the hands of generous, compassionate people of every religion and view, put to proper use through careful decision making as to who receives how much, has a much greater chance of saving our society.  Why? Because, in the hands of individuals, those who choose to extort others, expecting compensation simply for existing and who refuse to live by the laws and norms of decent society, would be starved out.  The people, as a body, have far more power to help those who truly are in need.  Churches are also far more capable than the government. When the founding fathers brought about this great country, they would have been appalled at the rampant use of public funds diverted to those who simply will not work and feel owed something by the society in which they are so blessed to live. Yet, we relentlessly hear that conservatives hate the poor and that we are “heartless”. Here’s the difference; if a liberal feels generous, they pick the pocket of their neighbor and give it away. According to their way of thinking, they are helping their neighbor to be more generous, therefore, by stealing from their neighbor to give money to someone who militantly refuses to work, the liberal is being generous. Therefore, they do not feel any sort of compunction to contribute to private charity. Every study that has been done shows that this is the case. Conservatives pay more in taxes overall and they are more generous in personal, real dollars given. The difference is, they DO feel a PERSONAL obligation to the poor. The liberal feels a GOVERNMENTAL obligation to the poor.  Based on what happened with this one suggestion that Glenn made, would you say that this statement is qualified in fact, or, does it simply prove that a bunch of self-congratulatory rich people listen to Glenn Beck.  We all know that no matter the situation, the left will always claim that the right is incapable of choosing the right. That’s fine.  Let those who accuse be the true haters and let’s see which choice gets the job done. Of course, the facts have very little to do with liberal mentality.  

    • Anonymous

      This is my heart exactly!

  • Anonymous

    we are who we have been waiting for…and we’re great ’cause we’re good.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck is such a catalyst for good.  May God bless him.

  • Anonymous

    Have you ever listened to a member of the government. I mean really listen, You pick any republican, I’ll pick a democrat. Then let us get together and talk about what the two said, It is amazing how the two say the same damn thing, And neither of the two make any sence. And you wounder how our country could wind up in such a crappy condition, the reason is we have voted in the same dummies over and over again. simply because one is and elephant, And the other a jackass, I think we need some new blood in our government, So let us think before we pull the lever. And by all means don’t wish for two much, We have had that already, And it stinks.

    • Anonymous

      We need to vote all the bums out. In Utah we fired Bob Bennett and got Mike Lee, all in all a pretty good trade. Now many Utahns are trying to fire Orin Hatch for good reason. The good ol’ boy network is doing all it can to “save” Orin. The Utahns are doing all they can to “save” Utah and the nation. Orin has had his chance to make a difference and he voted the party line instead of the people’s line.

      The voters in all other states need to re-evaluate their loyalties from the person to the USA people, from the government to the USA people.

      Throw all the bums out and start over.

      And while the Nevada voters are at it, re-call Harry Reid and fire him NOW, not in four years.

      • Sunshine Kid

        “We need to vote the bums out.”

        WELL SAID!

        Unfortunately, who are we voting IN?  Watch the below YouTube clip, and then do some considering:

        This is what I thought all along, especially the mentioning around the
        eight minute mark of the involvement with Obama and someone else that
        I’ll simply call a Republican RINO.  I’ll let you figure out the name when it is mentioned.

        Is he really the one the Democrats really want in the White House?

        Now YOU figure out who I’m talking about!

      • Anonymous

        “We need to vote the bums out”!  I agree.  But do you realize you’ve just offended real bums (rear ends) the world over?  LOL!

  • Aine

    It was so easy to contribute! Many thanks to the technical people for making such a user-friendly site.

    We had hoped to go to Dallas, but the primary earner in our household has been unemployed since New Year. So, while that may not be possible, we will be there in spirit! I wish I could have donated more today, but I hope to be able to give a little more before the event next month! I think we can do 25 tractor trailers! It feels great to be part of a group that cares and helps.

    God bless everyone at Mercury One. God bless you, Glenn, and the entire GBTV operation. A can-do approach to life is so refreshingly and positively American!

  • Scott Todd

    Somewhat OT- I can’t wait til I see these programs.  Unfortunately the net traffic has been so heavy during this series the program is always pausing.  Also seemed like the server was down a few times when I tried watching them later in the evening.  TV via the web just isn’t technically there yet and may never be beyond a certain smaller viewing level as it’s not bandwidth efficient.  Frankly I think Glenn has gotten to the point he could have his own satellite channel.  Will try watching these this weekend.

  • DurangoKid

    This ‘regulation of food’ is another Obumbler/Sunsting boondoggle.   The real purpose is to stop people from helping people and instill the idea that ONLY the government can help those in need.   Like so many other things Obozo has taken away, the church used to be the ones to help others in need.   Now they are legislating and regulating those charitable acts away and making people dependent upon the Food Stamp President!!  VOTE ‘EM OUT IN NOVEMBER!!

  • Ginny Auldridge

    we must always, throughout our lives, make our extra stuff available to those in need. I have lots of personal experience with poverty, for the past 20 years, I have never had more than about $7,000 per year, and the last couple of days every month, if I can not get food from a local pantry, I MUST rely on a teaspoon or two of maple syrup to keep me from fainting. I’m not kidding. I am allergic to flour and rice and a number of other items, so making the $121 food stamps last the month is impossible. HOWEVER; if someone asks me for help, I give to them.

  • Sunshine Kid

    The basic premise is quite simple:  Eliminate competition in Christian charity, regulate it to death and let the government take over.  Then socialism/communism is not discussed anymore – it’s a plain and simple fact!

  • Anonymous

    Cass Sunstine, another of the Harvard professors Obama has learned from and now employs is proving to be a “dunce”. Obama’s administration is detailed in”The Amateur” by Edward Klein.
    Obama is good at giving speeches providing no one in the audience is listening closely if they are they would question his endless lies and demogoging of the issues.
    Obama’s staged photo ops are so phoney with the same diversity percentages every time , blacks, young, mexican, Indian, military, and the ever present teleprompter which means “the great speaker” is actually a reader not a speaker.

  • Anonymous

    Correction Please.  On the Map the state of Maine’s abbreviation is wrong.  It is ME not MI.

  • Tammy Kisz

    Got a letter from GMAC MORTGAGE that ResCap – Residential Capital, LLC and its subsidiaries are restructuring under Chapter 11.  Doesn’t GM own GMAC, and if so, did they not receive taxpayer’s bailout money?  I hope Glenn Beck knows about this one!

  • David

    This Glenn Beck guy is such a selfish monster.  Only eleven tractor trailers and it took an entire hour.  Stop demonizing this guy and listen to him.

  • Rj Tucker

    Is there a physical address in which to mail in funds for the food drive?

  • Rj Tucker

    Is there a physical address in which to mail in funds for the food drive?

  • Carl R

    You know there are many people voting for the democrats who agree with very little of their platform but they feel they need the government programs  for their well being…..If Glenn’s movement here could catch on that we all can help each other and you don’t have to be beholden to the government for your survival….well its the only way i can see where the country may become united……Glenn is really going all out to try to save the country…..I wish him nothing but the best.

  • Steven Wilbur

    Give a homeless person a dollar and he gets….a dollar.  Give the government a dollar for a homeless person and the government will then have to borrow $1,000,000 from China to give that homeless person that dollar.   

  • Jp Hale

    Thank you again, Glenn… have shown the way, the truth and the light! 

  • Karolynne Miller Lliteras


  • Anonymous

    OK, so the trucks take the food to these cities. What happens then? Does someone set-up kitchens in the park to feed the homeless. How is this food drive getting the food to the homeless?

  • Anonymous

    I am an honest law abiding fromerly lower rmiddle class citizen in a small town in the  Midwest. I could use some of this food because I can’t get work here. I Have never see any of these suppose donations given out to needy honest people anywhere near my area? What am I missing here? Where does all this food really go? My family has donated food for years to the boyscout food drive an otherthings like that but when I needed it it seems I couldn’t get any of that food back. None of the churchs I ever attended really  povided me food from their pantry either. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather have a decent paying job where I could feed and support myelf, but  can’t get any work where  live and no means of moving. Besides my elderly parents live here an they need me here.

    Is there any information anyone could give me on how to contact an aply for this donated food? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you an God bless.

    • Anonymous

      The food is for the homeless, not for folks like you and I who have the Internet. This food is designated for the homeless in 11 or 12 specfic cities where the government is making it very difficult or even illegal to feed the homeless. It was never designated for someone like you or me. I am disabled and need help from time to time too, but you are asking at the wrong place. If you need help go to the churches and other charities in your area. No one can put in a request for food, that is not how this program works. The videos that explain what the food drive is about are here on this website, you should watch them and then you will understand. God bless you.

  • Anonymous

    Why was my freindly, mild comment asking how a decent person in need could go about getting any of this food deleted?

  • Anonymous

    why are all my comments deleted from here, when I am very polte and use mild friendly langauge and just asked a  question?

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