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How many times has President Obama blamed his failures on ‘headwinds’? The U.S. economy, China’s economy, the Middle East, the Japanese tsunami, President Bush, gas prices, soaring energy costs, the Republican Congress, the Arab spring… the list goes on and on.

He has over-used the talking point so much it has become more of a running joke than a legitimate excuse. Using the term allows Obama to pass his failures off on things that are seemingly beyond his control, but when you are three and a half years into a four year term, it gets harder and harder to play the “I blame everything but myself game” – unless of course, you are a coward, which it has become blaringly obvious this President is.

“The President is giving a speech on the headwinds coming out of Europe, and I can’t take it,” Glenn said.

Considering Glenn has been warning of the significance of a European economic collapse for months, it is about time the President caught up with the times. But in reality, Obama’s response to the situation really just proves how unqualified he is to be president and how untruthful he might be.

“He’s now using Europe as an excuse for the economy, and he’s trying to say things are going to get bad,” Glenn said. “You mocked me when I told you that things were going to get bad in Europe, and we should pay attention to the Europe, and it was going to be in trouble. You mocked me because I heard it from Glenn Beck. Now you should hear what Glenn Beck is saying now. But the President mocked it and said it’s not true. And the man is not qualified to be a President of the United States if he didn’t see this coming. If he’s talking about headwinds in Europe he has no clue what’s next and the next shoe will drop. He’s not qualified.”

The President has spent months telling us that we are in a recovery thanks to his brilliant leadership. But it’s just not true. And now that the numbers are getting worse, Obama has no choice but to go back to blaming everyone and everything but himself.

“He [Obama] says we’re on the mend,” Glenn said. “We’re fixing it and, you know, Europe is fixing itself. No, it’s not, it’s not going to work. And what do they keep doing? They keep bailing things out.”

“Well, now he [Obama] comes out and says, ‘Whew, we’ve got another headwind.’ ‘Oh, the stories coming out of Europe, we’ve got headwinds.’ No, you don’t have headwinds. You don’t have headwinds. What you have is the collapse of the European system, and it is imminent.”

When you look at the President, his administration, and his friends it becomes harder to believe that he just figured out Europe is a ‘headwind.’

“Now, one of Barack Obama’s big sources – think of this connection, please. One of his big sources is George Soros,” Glenn explained. “What has George Soros come out and said – that the Euro is a bubble. It will be over in the next three months… There’s no way this is a surprise to the President of the United States.”

This headwind was not unexpected. For almost a year, Glenn and George Soros have been saying virtually the same thing about Europe’s future. And considering the power and influence George Soros has in this White House, one can only assume the President has been aware of this situation for a long time, and he has not been telling the American public the truth about what lies ahead.

“You don’t ignore the most powerful man on the planet – and that’s not the President; that’s George Soros,” Glenn concluded. “You don’t ignore the man who has paid the salary and helped you get up from the ranks. You listen to that man. So they knew. And yet they discredited anybody else that was saying Europe is going to collapse.”

“It’s, we’re all tied together. Mutually assured economic destruction. The President has zero credibility on the economy. None.”