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Sellout. Traitor. Cancer.

Those are some pretty harsh insults even for the heated political climate of an election year, and usually such epithets would be reserved for a Benedict Arnold. But those were just some of the words being directed at Kentucky Senator Rand Paul for endorsing GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney – shockingly not from the left but from the libertarians that devoutly follow Rand’s father Ron Paul.

“I’m happy to announce that I’m going to be supporting Governor Romney,” Rand Paul said over the weekend.

And apparently the comment above makes you a Judas.

“There it is. And that is reason to have him burn in hell. Apparently, according to his father’s supporters, that’s enough to have to condemn him and say Rand Paul is a sellout, a traitor, a cancer. You name it, they’ve now said it,” Glenn said.

Here’s just some of the highlights from some of the message boards and some of the posts on any Rand Paul story:

-Nothing but a Judas
-Burn in hell, Rand.
-Shame on you, Rand,
-You sold out on everything your father stands for money.
-If there’s a hell, you will see it unless you can make up for your actions.
-Damn you


“I think they say that with love, though,” Pat joked.

“Unbelievable. It’s really truly unbelievable. I mean, here is the son of the guy you don’t think father and son chatted about this? You are a supporter of the father and such a rabid supporter of the father,” Glenn said.

“ I don’t understand it from libertarians. They are they’re in lockstep. Even if Ron Paul violates his own principles and the biggest one is the earmarks in the 14th district. More earmarks than you can possibly imagine, and he puts them in. If he was against earmarks, he wouldn’t put them in. But he puts them in all of the bills and then he votes against that bill. When he knows it’s going to pass, he puts the earmark in and then his district gets all of that earmark money. Where is the outrage?”

“I agree with Ron Paul on a lot of stuff, but I don’t agree with Ron Paul on everything. So I’m a neocon. I’m a danger. If you don’t agree with everything Ron Paul says, even his own son is Judas.”

“If you don’t walk in lockstep, you’re done. You want to know why libertarians never win? There’s your reason. There’s your reason. There is no compromise. And I’m sorry, but we as a people are going to disagree on things. You’ve got to get the big ones done. And you’ve got to move in one direction.”

“You know what this is? It’s the evolution revolution argument. If Ron Paul supporters actually meant evolution, they wouldn’t be tearing Rand Paul apart. Because evolution means we’re taking steps in that direction. Revolution is there is no compromise; you’ve betrayed the revolution. That’s dangerous. That’s dangerous every time. And don’t take it from me. Take it from history.”

“It’s strange how we are continually dividing ourselves and it’s particularly puzzling from a group of people who have a hard time getting together because they’re independent. They’re freethinkers. And yet there’s a portion of Ron Paulians that are not freethinkers. They just lock step with their leader. Even when their leader most likely agrees with his son. I don’t know about you, but if my supporters were taking on my son like that, I think I’d take a stand. I think I’d say something about it. But instead people like Rand Paul will be called spawns of Satan, betrayers of the revolution, betrayers of the republic. This monologue will be vilified, will be made into monsters. Even though tonight I’m doing a monologue on the Federal Reserve and the central banking system is a total and complete sham.”
“ You don’t win anything like that, gang. You only head towards revolution. Now, if that’s what you want, well, then you can join the Occupy people because you think an awful lot like the Occupy people. And I don’t mean in the government is bad. I mean in your lack of willingness to accept facts or differences.”

“There’s no common sense, there’s no deep thinking involved. You just follow your leader. Even though it violates your own principles. You just go with it. Why think for yourself when you can have somebody else do it?”

“Now, I understand this from the revolutionaries on the left. I understand following the leader because that’s what communists do. They just follow the leader. That’s not what libertarians do. They’re skeptical of leaders.”