We’ve got your back! Obama endorses the worst ad ever

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Would you be surprised if Obama and the campaign made some bad moves? Probably not. But would you expect him to endorse and ad that may be full of some of the most pandering and backwards rhetoric yet? In a new ad targeting the African American community – the Obama campaign asks people to stand up and say “We’ve got your back” for the President. It’s not even saying he has their back, it’s demanding that they have his back. Glenn played the ad and gave his reaction on radio.

Below is the ad that began running nationally this week:

“First of all, the President of the United States, the job of the President is to say to the American people ‘I have your back’,” Glenn said after hearing this ad.

“What is the function of government? The function of government is this: To protect your life so no one can scoop you up in the middle of the night and just take you and haul you away. To make sure that nobody is raping your family or killing your family. Life and liberty,” Glenn said.

“So the President, his job is to make sure that he says, ‘Look you’re going to be able to go out, and you’re going to be able to go out and do what you do. You can go out there and live your dream. Nobody is going to guarantee it but I’m going to guarantee that you have an open path. We’re going to guarantee that you have a fair shot’,” he said. “‘We’re not going to guarantee success.’ That’s his job. That’s not what he’s doing.”

“How is he saying in return now that he’s got your back? He’s going to make sure you’re not paying taxes? He’s going to make sure that you have a giveaway. That you have a free education. All he’s saying to you ‘I’m giving you free stuff. Now you’ve got to watch my back.’ The reason why you have the free stuff is because you need somebody to stand and look out when you’re stealing.'”

“My question for you today is life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Isn’t it — hasn’t it always been that the President has our back? On those three things. Hasn’t this President now violated those three trusts? And hasn’t he fundamentally transformed us to the point where we have to have a little jingle where we’re pledging our support to watch his back?”

Glenn also pointed out that this ad inherently pits Americans against one another. Who do Obama’s supporters have his back AGAINST? The American people.

“Americans have never been enemies with each other except for the Civil War,” Glenn said.

  • landofaahs

    You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.  Maybe people are starting to smell the coffee.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, land, you know it’s not the smell of coffee that’s coming out of Washington.  

      I have a reason to refer to it as Dump City. 

      • landofaahs


  • landofaahs

    Careful little o, people who have your back may be “Ettu Brute.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This shows the narcissistic personality of Obama to the core; he believes everyone else owes him due to his delusions of grandeur, and his utter insanity that grows by the hour. His poles are slipping rapidly, people are disillusioned with him for the most part, and he grows desperate to the point he will soon founder on the rocky shore of reality.

    At that point he will become capable of anything.

  • Anonymous

    i demand my own Caucasian ad!! since the ad targeting blacks was probably made with my tax dollars anyway.

    • Anonymous

       You are so right!

    • Anonymous

       But then you would be considered a racist.

      • Anonymous

         R U A Jerk ????

  • http://www.facebook.com/catnip1 Debra Lewis

    Obama is an absolute joke…..I often think of my father and although I miss him I’m glad he’s not here to see how Obama has torn this country apart…….If everyone is a college graduate hello college graduates will be flipping burgers at McDonalds. What is he thinking. Oh and all this healthcare who is paying for it …….People need to remember the story of the pig. The farmer putting out the food luring the pig with one side of the fence put up as the trust became apparent until he had the pig completely fenced in,,,,,,,,needless to say the pig then was totally dependent on the farmer. I say its time to break down some fences people.

    • mgilbert68

      Break down the government walls.
      Speak in tongues, power is money.
      I see our interests fall
      Well behind their curtain.
      Break down the government walls.
      Infiltrate our television.
      Break down the government walls.
      Time to be outspoken.

      Bring down the government walls.
      Bring them down within my lifetime.
      Let’s see the curtain drawn,
      see what they’re concealing.
      Bring down the government walls.
      Secrecy suggests deception.
      Bring down the government walls.
      Crime to be outspoken.
      It’s a crime to be outspoken

      From the band James’ song “Government Walls” (1990)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_REDUNQ7VT5FRVMGT5B3UCDSQBI Rosewood11

    Glenn should look up a 2008 tape of Howard Stern’s assistant talking to black people in New York City about why they were voting for Barack Obama in the presidential election. They all swore that they were voting for him because of his stand on the issues rather than the fact that he was a “brother.” When questioned further, they verified that they were voting for him because he’d vowed to stay in Iraq until the war was won (wrong), believed life began at conception and was strictly pro-life (wrong again!), and thought his vice-presidential pick, Sarah Palin, was fully qualified to step into his place in an emergency!!! They had his back, all right. Kind of makes me sick just thinking about November.

    • http://www.facebook.com/deborah.long.39 Deborah Long

      since when was sarah palin obama’s vp pick???

      • Anonymous

        you got my attention with that one also, Sarah Palin obama’s vp pick?  Don’t be sick just thinking about November there is a higher power in charge..

      • Anonymous

        The idea is that the people did not know anything about Obama, other than half of his color……WE all know that Palin was not his VP pick, too many knew nothing and voted based only on what he is not what he stands for.

      • Anonymous

        Had me at that one for a minute also… guess some reporter was video taped asking people about obama and, just to show their stupidity, threw in a trick question asking what they thought about his VP pick, Sarah Palin. Most being politicly ignorant, answered “if he likes her, I like her”….

    • Anonymous

       I saw that utube video the other day, isn’t that something!!  They took McCain’s presidental speeches went on the street  asked some Black people what they thought of this policy and asked if they had a problem with Obama having Sarah Palin as his VP….OMG…NOT one of them knew that those policies and that Sarah Palin was all McCain…NOT obama’s…OMG…..So, yes it would be honest and true to say that they voted for him because of his skin color.  There was NO 2 ways about it they didn’t know that the policies  they agreed to was NOT obama’s they were McCain’s..lol.  And Sarah Palin wasn’t VP for obama she was VP candidate for McCain…lol..all I can say is
      “wholly mollie”  Good video everyone should see….it sure opens your eyes up to what is really going on in the minds of others….


      • Anonymous

        3dogs,  One doesn’t have to be a racist to say that the election in ’08 was

        about the color of his skin.  Look at the statistics.  People of color voted for

        him in a big way.  More than 90% of the blacks voted for him.  A large number

        of Hispanics did too, as well as the elites, those suffering from guilt by the way

        blacks had been treated in the past, and for some strange reason, a lot of the

        votes came from women.  They liked his smile?  His charm?  His lies?

    • Anonymous

      I saw a similar ad and when they informed the people that all of the information was wrong … they said … well that is interesting but I’d still have voted for him.  When asked why, they didn’t have an answer.

  • Anonymous

    Evidently he has come to the realization that he cannot follow through with promises; therefore will have no need for apologies.
    If he should lose this election he will not have to answer to anyone about false promises and can blame his brothers and sisters for his failure.

    He may have missed his calling and could have used the phrase, “Whatsoever you do for the least of your brothers you also do unto me”.
    I apoligize if that’s considered blasphemy.

  • Anonymous

    The nephew of Onyanko Obama, the Big Fresh Water Fish Head, already has this country engaged in Dhimmitude through the healthcare bill, HLS, HHS, EPA, executive orders, thousands of regulations and mandates created by unelected, unappointed administration agents, and the UN.   Eric Holder is simply the enforcement agent for the president.   By the way, obama has claimed the White House as his, during his press speech regarding the security leaks out of the White House to the NYT journalist, “The notion that ‘My White HOuse’ would purposely release classified national security information is offensive….” 

    His White House?   Has he already claimed the White House for his religion?  Will the MBH flag be flying over our White House if he wins the election in November?   How dare he claim the people’s house as his!   Everything he does is for his religion, we already exist under a cloud of dhimmitude in this nation, that’s the purpose for this massive National financial destruction, dhimmitude.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/ceciliegb Cecilie Gamst Berg

    Gaaaaaaag Where do you FIND these presidents of yours? Hey, I have a pun you can use. I live in China, and Americans often ask me what’s appropriate to tip. 
    Me: ” We normally don’t tip in China. I know you want to but that would be to set an Obama”
    American:” A what?”
    Me:” A bad precedent.”

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    he’s mafia.

    …but we HAVE been enemies w/eachother UP TO the civil war and i contend patches of resistance ever since because of intermittent race hustling by kkk and black leadership.

    • Anonymous

       Nonsense. The KKK’s “race hustling” has PALED to that perpetrated by so-called “black leadership”. Not even close. The most racist people in this country, and anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows it, are blacks. I’m sick of the lot of them…..no, not the average working families, those seeking the same things all real Americans seek…..but the urban black thug, the pseudo-preacher Black Liberationist, the Black Panther, the Van Jones’ of the world, the “you OWE me, white boy” blacks. I’m fed up…..and I dare say, white America is fed up, as well.

      It’s time to remember, Obama and you other so-called “black leaders”…..you only make up 12-13% of this country. Don’t continue to push the majority any further. We’ll vote you out and shut you out; you’ll be ostracized. You have set back race relations 50 years.

  • Anonymous

    His idealogy is so Un-American.

  • Douglas Stewart

    I’d bee very worried to have Obama behind my back!

  • Frank DiSalle

    There is a simpler, more troubling point here: Why should anyone – black or white – spend even a moment worrying about whether Obama gets re-elected? I vote for the President I want to win. I won’t be doing a favor for Romney (or “having his back” ) on Election Day.
    He sounds like a kid running for President of the 7th Grade making sure all his friends are going to vote for him.
    He is definitely the most disturbed individual I recall in the White House, and my memory goes back to Eisenhower…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Horton/100000278827311 Jeff Horton

    I wonder what his idea of a college degree is. When we lower our standards in public schools. So kids self esteem isn’t hurt! Doesn’t he realize maybe the kids would be better off with a little hurt. So maybe they will study harder. Or is it the self esteem of the teachers whom the system is worried about. That way union teachers will feel as good about their selves as charter school teachers. Who’s self esteem are we worried about. What a crock getting more kids college degrees by lowering the standards!

  • mdkrause

    How does this bring people together. I take this  as that black man is better than me why because he’s black like Obama, but I’m just white or he is just Asian or Spanish. This does nothing but seperate people and help racism. He really is just a fool.

  • Anonymous

    Uh huh.  And there will be an audience for this message who will accept and embrace it.

    Oh boy!   Free college!   Free medical care!  (or at least, very low cost)    Why, if he puts it in

    writing and swears on the lives of his daughters, I just might vote for the man.  Maybe.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone sick of the President using the race card?  He has created so much hate in this country and seems so proud of himself.  Instead of him using his Hollywood 40 grand per person funds for re election, he needs to take a ride to the small towns in the USA and see all the empty stores and once loved Homes, and see the looks of despair on American’s faces. Nothing will change Until Hollywoodites get Poor and cannot afford designer clothing and nails buffed.  THEN the playing field will be even. It would be great if he would Donate the money he gets at the Parker fund raiser, to the People in the USA who are in need of financial assistance.  and I do NOT mean the ones who feel Entitled.  Vote him OUT>

  • Anonymous

    I am in agreement, Obama cannot be trusted with anything.  We just have to get out and vote, there is really nothing that can be done right now, but just wait.  If he doesn’t declare war then we will be able to get him out – we have to all be in agreement and back Romney.  Mr. Romney is our only hope and I can’t really put my finger on it but I find I kinda don’t feel that I can trust him either.  But of the two his is my choice and prayerfully he will do the right thing and get us back at least our Country back to the way it was.  I realize we need to reform healthcare, but according to other countries we have or had the best heath care.  Reform the tax code and reform Medicare and Social Security and get our budget balanced.  Also, lastly get our military back to the way it was, we have no defense!!!

  • greywolfrs

    Give me your vote and I will give you free shit. What a crock. This guy is the antithesis of everything this country is and stands for. Don’t worry, their are plenty of fools who will buy his line of B S, AGAIN.

  • Anonymous

    Our President obama is setting the precedent to go around congress again in deporting illegal aliens ,he giving about 800,000  of them 18 to 30 years of age work rights,waivers in being  deported !!  This could obama first step in buying votes with his misuse of excutive powers to cancel out congress & constitution,and U.S citizens inputs!!! , What is obama Second step about 3 to 4 weeks before election he will make these 18 to 30  year old to be U.S citizens about 800,000 of them maybe 500,000 over 21 and their family !! These votes will be brought a  pay for by obama !!!! Plus U.S citizens and congress won’t have a time to react before election !! Now obama is testing how much he can get away with with this first step overiding our constitution and congress powers with his excutive actions if no great outcry he lower the boon of second step in three to four week before election . But he willl do this un-annouce or secretly to give less time  for Congress ,Courts and U.S citizens to react ,because to give him more time until citizens & congress to catch on what sneaky obama was up to!! It ,be to late to do anything about illegal use of president power in buying a voting block for his re-election!!!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Barack Hussein Obama is destroying this country.  That ad was a complete joke.  This man needs to be taken out of office this year.  America has a lot of re-building to do economically, socially and in our relations with other countries. 

    Open your eyes…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dev-Ananda-Das/100000320640644 Dev Ananda Das

    You only support someone’s “back” if you know they’re committing a crime. 

    Someone who is honest and upfront doesn’t need anyone to “support their back”.

    He’s admitting he’s a criminal.

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