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Stop the presses… Mitt Romney is so out of touch he doesn’t know what a doughnut is. Romney just sealed his fate – he cannot be president of the United States.

The left must be more than a little desperate because they are having a field day over some comments Romney made at an event in which he referred to a chocolate doughnut as a ‘chocolate goody.’ Perish the thought.

“All right. So, here’s Mitt Romney, and they’re making fun of him for not being ‘one of the people’ and not knowing what a doughnut is,” Glenn said.

Glenn played some of Romney’s comment on radio this morning, and it is truly offensive.

ROMNEY: Thank you. Garrett, would you see that one of those chocolate… chocolate goodies finds its way into our lives?

As the son of a baker, Glenn has every right to be terribly offended by Romney’s earth shattering gaffe. “Does he like doughnuts? Let’s say the worst thing we find out – and this is just the tip of the iceberg, this is his Jeremiah Wright moment – he has a pattern of being around people that don’t like doughnuts. Okay.”

“If a guy turns out to hate doughnuts, I would rather have the doughnut – as a son of a baker for generations – rather have a guy who hated doughnuts in office than hated America,” Glenn decided.

As usual, the left has managed to turn this into a wealth issue. Obviously Romney doesn’t know what a doughnut is because he is rich, and, as a result, he is woefully out of touch with the American people. That makes sense.

“I’m pretty sure he’s had a doughnut,” Glenn said. And if he hasn’t, it is safe to say it’s not because he is wealthy.

“Is there any doubt that I’m not a poor man,” Glenn asked. “I’ve had a doughnut in the last 10 days. Doughnuts exist in the rich world.”

“Yes, they do,” Pat agreed. “The only difference between Mitt and poor people is he can buy more doughnuts than they can.”

If this moment proves anything, it’s that Romney is probably not the coolest guy in the world. But we have dealt with a ‘cool’ president for three and a half years, and we all know how well that has turned out.

“I would rather have a guy who’s nerdy enough to not know what a doughnut is because he’s been looking at, you know, financial reports and studying the economy than a guy who’s living the life of Leonardo DiCaprio, which is what we currently have,” Glenn said. “How is that working out?”

And if we are on the topic of being out of touch – isn’t President Obama the one running commercials with Anna Wintour, the ‘devil’ in the Devil Wears Prada?

Or what about when the Obama’s talked about their favorite meal being steak and arugula. Arugula… really?

“My wife and I were having some arugula just the other night,” Glenn joked. “It’s really – it’s really amazing, just amazing.”