Gasp! Romney calls doughnut a ‘chocolate goody’

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Stop the presses… Mitt Romney is so out of touch he doesn’t know what a doughnut is. Romney just sealed his fate – he cannot be president of the United States.

The left must be more than a little desperate because they are having a field day over some comments Romney made at an event in which he referred to a chocolate doughnut as a ‘chocolate goody.’ Perish the thought.

“All right. So, here’s Mitt Romney, and they’re making fun of him for not being ‘one of the people’ and not knowing what a doughnut is,” Glenn said.

Glenn played some of Romney’s comment on radio this morning, and it is truly offensive.

ROMNEY: Thank you. Garrett, would you see that one of those chocolate… chocolate goodies finds its way into our lives?

As the son of a baker, Glenn has every right to be terribly offended by Romney’s earth shattering gaffe. “Does he like doughnuts? Let’s say the worst thing we find out – and this is just the tip of the iceberg, this is his Jeremiah Wright moment – he has a pattern of being around people that don’t like doughnuts. Okay.”

“If a guy turns out to hate doughnuts, I would rather have the doughnut – as a son of a baker for generations – rather have a guy who hated doughnuts in office than hated America,” Glenn decided.

As usual, the left has managed to turn this into a wealth issue. Obviously Romney doesn’t know what a doughnut is because he is rich, and, as a result, he is woefully out of touch with the American people. That makes sense.

“I’m pretty sure he’s had a doughnut,” Glenn said. And if he hasn’t, it is safe to say it’s not because he is wealthy.

“Is there any doubt that I’m not a poor man,” Glenn asked. “I’ve had a doughnut in the last 10 days. Doughnuts exist in the rich world.”

“Yes, they do,” Pat agreed. “The only difference between Mitt and poor people is he can buy more doughnuts than they can.”

If this moment proves anything, it’s that Romney is probably not the coolest guy in the world. But we have dealt with a ‘cool’ president for three and a half years, and we all know how well that has turned out.

“I would rather have a guy who’s nerdy enough to not know what a doughnut is because he’s been looking at, you know, financial reports and studying the economy than a guy who’s living the life of Leonardo DiCaprio, which is what we currently have,” Glenn said. “How is that working out?”

And if we are on the topic of being out of touch – isn’t President Obama the one running commercials with Anna Wintour, the ‘devil’ in the Devil Wears Prada?

Or what about when the Obama’s talked about their favorite meal being steak and arugula. Arugula… really?

“My wife and I were having some arugula just the other night,” Glenn joked. “It’s really – it’s really amazing, just amazing.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The leftists are completely losing it; attacking Romney in any and all situations they can, even where they have to make the incident up and spin it completely to the point of absurdity to try and make their points for their fanatical, rabid base this Nov.

    For the record, and as far as I am concerned, a CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUT is more than able to be classified as a “Chocolate Goodie.”

    God Help Us now.

    The leftists have picked up on the NYC governance idiocy of banning anything good to the tastes; and now by association are trying to make Romney out as being as dangerous and unhealthy for the nation as the leftists think sweets are for all of us.

  • Crystal R. Pace

    Glenn said. “How is that working out?”

    • Anonymous

       The link redirects to something else.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, tony,  She appears to be selling spam.   Flag her.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, toots, are you feeding us spam?   If so, take it and go away.

  • Brandon

    All I can say is (quoting Homer Simpson)…’mmm…donuts’

    • Anonymous

      The quote is
      “Duh Nuts.”  My son has a shirt with that quote. You can tell how sophisticated my family and I are.

      • landofaahs

        I’d rather have your truth than sophisticated BS.

  • Anonymous

    Chocolate Devils Food Cake Donut w/ Chocolate Icing good.  
    I have found that eating chocolate while listening to democrats makes them less irritating but no less boring.

    • Anonymous

      Well, ezekiel, for this person, just about anything chocolate is good!

    • MarsBarsTru7

       That was pretty darn funny.

  • Anonymous

    Yeh, but what if Romney insults a police officer and we have to have a “beer summit” to make things right?  Then what will the country do?  Who will organize the beer summit?  How will romney know which kind of beer to buy?  Never mind that he could fix Staples and the Olympics and all the other companies – how will we survive without someone to organize a beer summit?

    • Anonymous

      You are exactly right!  :-) 

    • Anonymous

      Somehow I don’t think Mitt Romney will insult peace officers or our military.  I just don’t think he will insert himself in every incident that occurs during his (Oh, PLEASE, God) presidency.  Personally, I’m more than fine with that.

      • Anonymous

        I disagree with your prediction about inserting himself in every incident. As an experienced and high level business manager, I think he understands the importance of delegating the small things and just worrying and getting involved in the major things – nukes for Iran, growing the economy, increasing employment, reducing job killing regulations, etc.

      • Melanie Clark

         Neither will he be having a beer summit, unless it is root beer.  No alcohol for us Mormons!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE chocolate donuts, and I too have said save me one of those chocolate goodies, and the dumb people that I associate with knew what this dumbo was talking about.  Funny thing is many of us also know what Obama is trying to bring about, and we are willing to bet a dollar to a donut that it is Marxism.  We will be voting for Romney!

  • Anonymous

    I simply LOVE chocolate donuts and call them “chocolate goodies” ALL the time!  That’s what they are, for crying out loud!!  So, no, Mitt Romney is NOT out of touch with this lowly “well rounded” normal person!!!  If this topic is all the Dems and libs can think to pick on Mr. Romney about, that actually raises my hopes and spirits — kind of like a chocolate goodie (donut, to you snobs) would!!!

    Just one more (hopefully failed) attempt by Dems and libs to create divides among us — lol. What a bunch of ineffectual sillies!

    • the New Old Godfather

      Yeah, RIGHT!  And do you call those flat flour breakfast items “panny cakes”… and a beer a “fresh-brewed combination of hops and malts other fermented yummy items”?

  • Anonymous

    Now that’s straining at a knat and swallowing a fly….  I always refer to chocolate donuts as chocolate goodies.  Don’t they have anything else to write about?

    • Anonymous

      dfinch, probably a slow news day.  Gotta do something to show the folks that Romney

      is not ”one of us”, don’tcha know?   Right.  Hope ”the folks” wake up.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Never mind the doughnuts,  where are the issues?

    Oh, wait – the liberals don’t want to discuss issues for fear of losing credibility.

    • landofaahs

      I’ve been talking to my regular friends about the economy and about half don’t want to talk about it.  That tells me that people are getting really afraid.  That is a hopeful but also a dangerous point. 

  • landofaahs

    I like doughnuts but can’t stand left-wingnuts.  Even with chocolate on them.

  • landofaahs

    My that looks more like a chocolate o.

  • Anonymous

    boy listening to wintaur….she Is the RealDevil Wears Prada!!!…and who doesn’t like a chocoate donut…..even tho i prefer a bagel!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like the opposing parties, especially the progressives, are now waging a food war.  Well, I’ve had both arugala and chocolate donuts—guess what, neither is what they are toted up to be.  Arugala, in my opinion, isn’t very good because it takes away the flavor of the other goodies in the salad; chocolate donuts are nasty even though many do enjoy them.  Now, if you really want a terrific donut, jelly filled powdered donuts are the best and that great plain jane iceberg lettuce can be fixed 6 ways to Sunday.  Point is, with the party grovelling adulation of favored food stuffs makes me think we will be voting for donuts or lettuce instead of human candidates.  Oh, by the way, obammy said his favorite food is arugala in order to avoid a fight with wifeypoo, meeshell; after all, there has been dozens of photo ops with the prezdic at a snack shack loading up on the finger-lickin goodies from the greasy menu while gulping down giant sized milk shakes.  Now there’s a double standard if I ever saw one.  Oh–did I mention I happen to be poor?  For sure arugala, if I liked it, would not be on my grocery list because it is expensive and if I do get a doughnut, I buy the wonderful powdered jelly donut (I’m partial to raspberry filled).

    • Anonymous

      CJM, I don’t eat much baked goodies, but I do like cinnamon raisin muffins.  Now, that

      they sell honey butter in the stores, that makes it perfect!  Making myself hungry.  Will 

      have to toast one and have a cup of tea.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Arugula is an easy thing to grow if you garden at all. Lettuces is half common my garden. Not at all a rich person item. Tasty, though.

  • Anonymous

    That has tobe one of the DUMBEST things I’v ever heard!  Criticizing a guy for having a brain burp?  Jeez!
    I ADORE  chocolate donuts and not only will frequently refer to them as chocolate goodies(because they are oh-so-good.!) but will frequently fall back on Navy slang and call them chocolate geedunk.  Blame my brother(ret. Naval Lt.) and my dad(ret. Naval CPO) for my vast knowlege of Navy slang!  That, and the fact that I’m a blue- and- gold blooded Navy brat.(g)
    Wouldn’t Odumbo have had fits if Governor Romey used that term instead?!

    • katmom4358

       They are scrambling to dream up things that they call “weird” about Mitt. O is 20 some  years younger than Mitt so I’m sure there are differences in what they call things. I don’t see a problem there.

      • Anonymous

        Tell me about it. My parents use a completely different slang than I, ‘cos they’re from an earlier generation. Does that mean I think they’re leftist boobs? Not hardly.

    • Anonymous

      G/friend, if B.O. had heard that expression, he might have had Romney investigated!

      Who knows?  Maybe he’s a secret agent?   Can never be too careful.

      • Anonymous

        LOL,yes, he’s really KGB in disguise! Can’t you tell by how he doesn’t run around blaming his problems on everyone else?(eyeroll)

  • Anonymous

    Well, I guess if you’re filthy rich, you have only dined on French pastries, so who would know

    what a lowly doughnut was?  Do you suppose Romney has ever eaten crawfish?  Or has B.O.?

    Do you suppose B.O. has ever eaten rabbit?  Perhaps Romney has.  It can be a tasty French 

    dish.  I’ve been privileged to have eaten both.  There were times when as a child the only meat

    that we could find or afford were rabbits and chicken, both of which we raised.   My mother,

    bless her heart, was a good cook.

    • Anonymous

       Pretty snarky!  Don’t know Romney, but I read when they married, in college they lived in a basement apartment where she taped carpet samples together to have carpeting..  It hit home with me, because I did the same thing living in Navy Base housing.  I taped carpet samples to have a rug to walk on.

      What does it really matter if he’s ever eaten crawfish or rabbits?  My own mother ate squirrel, but I won’t, nor will I eat rabbit.  I had crawfish once at a fishing tournament in Louisiana, but probably will not eat them again.  Does that make me appear filthy rich?

      A pastry is by looks (a goodie) never by name, because I eat them so rarely, whether they are French, American, Mexican or Indonesian pastries.

      • Anonymous

        alio,  what was the subject of this thread?  Did it relate to food?  And Romney

        not knowing what a doughnut was?   My comments continued in that vein.

        Sorry, if I offended your sensibilities.  

  • katmom4358

    Hate to tell you Glen, but I’m not poor and Our family and friends from my generation call a donut or anything I don’t get to have all the time a “GOODIE” I watch my weight and I’ll bet Mitt does too.


    I find it interesting that the media jumped all over Romney saying he is not fit for being president because he can’t remember a doughnut and resorts to calling it a ‘goodie”.  But, they didn’t say a word about Obama when he was running for president and couldn’t even remember the number of the states in the Union he was to lead.

    • Anonymous

       Obama went to 57 states and one to go,  Navy ‘corpse-man,’ (still waiting to see one) when in Hawaii he said “here in Asia,” talked about building the  “INTER-continental railroad?” (that’s on the ocean floor)  ‘UPS is doing fine, it’s the Post Office having problems’ hmmm?

      said “Speak in Austrian” (German),  spoke about HIS Muslim faith, told how he bowled like it was the “Special Olympics,”  On Memorial day he was there to  “honor fallen Hero’s, and many in audience today?”
      Talked about his typical white person grandmother, talked about the Spring tornadoes that killed 10,000 in Kansas (12 died)

      So, he is not immune to making many gaffes
      I’m with Romney, all pastry’s are goodies (never by a name)

  • Anonymous

    mmm.  is bho cool?  i don’t know.  i never listen to him or watch him…at all.  he’s never moved me.  i see right through him.  he’s full of it.  i’ve never liked men who are always trying to woo me.  it gives me an icky feeling so i avoid it.  when i say woo ME i mean that i know that everything he says has a purpose to woo my vote.  

    he’s not cool.  he’s not brilliant.

    he’s jive.

  • S. E. Roberts

    A doughnut is a chocolate goody, the best kind of doughnuts have chocolate frosting or filling. Apparently the left only eats bagels, which is a tasteless doughnut. So I can see why they’d be confused. 

  • Anonymous

    I love a good chocolate covered donut without all of
    the chemicals used by mass producers.  What
    happened to all of the good bakeries in this country.
    They are getting harder and harder to find.
    I’d rather spend 50 cents more for a good donut than
    buy on the cheap and get sick.  At least Panerra’s
    makes there own bread and many good SWEETS.

    • Anonymous

      KRISPY KREMES for everyone!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, wait!  You’re talking about me. and I’d have said the same thing.
    But wait!,   What about the thingie thing with the Prez. currently?

  • Dawn Brayton

    The progresives and everyone else would have probably been offended if he called a doughnut a bagel or something. Both have holes in the middle. At least he tried to remember the word. As far as anyone knows President Obama might have dome the same thing and instead of caling it a doughnut he might have been more specific and asked for a doughnut in the way it was cooked. If he specified “cake doughnut” or the fried dough kind he would have gotten lots of strange looks. 

  • new2la

    Donuts?    How about Champagne and caviar…this is what these clowns, O and friends are used to;   austerity doesn’t include them.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I just remembered what Obama said several days ago.   He was talking about getting a thingamajig for something, like the furnace or whatever.
    I call most bakery things a goodie, because I hardly ever eat donuts and that stuff.

  • Jim Profit

    I think this is a legitimate attack. Mitt Romney sounds less and less like a person, and more like some dolled up show dog to mascot for the republican party.

    Growing up far outside the everyday troubles of mortgage, bills, debt, and healthcare needs… Mitt Romney is more akin to an android. He might be educated, he might even have emotions. But he is not a “person”. He does not know a person’s struggles, regrets, or problems. How could he possibly know if he spent his entire life in some rich mansion, or at some ritzy college?

    I’m sure his maids know a thing or two about donuts and being a person in general. But I think Mitt Romney is getting off lucky just being portrayed as an overly sheltered tycoon, that is completely oblivious to what life is like outside the safety zone of his economic privilege.

    • Anonymous

      So you’re saying that the only reason you’re not going to vote for Mitt  is simply because he’s not a “person” becuase the word ‘doughnut’ slipped his mind? Then why the heck are you voting for Obama? Obama’s favortie meal is steak and arugula…arugula?? what the heck is that? I’d rather vote for a guy who doesn’t know what a doughnut is (Mitt apparently) than vote for a guy who HATES AMERICA and eats arugula (Obama) 

  • the crazy betty

    chocolate goodies!!!  I LOVE THEM.

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t made to be such a big deal, IMHO, it was an aside on the news but let’s just continue to grind on the Dems always being wrong and the Repubs always right.
    This election is going to be paid for by the Super Pacs financed by big business and lobbyists all the way. Such a desperate fiasco in our future. Politics will never be the same.

    • Anonymous

      “Politics will never be the same.”  That statement all depends on who wins.  If Mitt wins, politics will be the same, if Obama wins, we won’t have a 2016 election thanks to the new dictator Obama

  • Anonymous

    If Mitt didn’t know what shoes were, if he didn’t know what a fork was for, if he didn’t know how to work a microwave, and even if he didn’t know that pushing the little ‘windows up’ button in a car made the windows go up, i would still vote for him.  Obama destroyed our country.  It’s time for him to go.

  • Anonymous

    Really, this is what both sides have come to? I don’t care what either one eats or doesn’t eat. Why should anyone? Glenn, let’s focus on more important issues..your tactics are becoming more like the left every day..just a bunch of useless fluff and distractions

    • SoThere

      If you don’t understand the meaning of his show, so be it. Sometimes sarcasm reaches far beyond the political nonsense of the day.  Learn how to laugh Irish, Glenn Has.

  • Anonymous

    glenn beck ignores the fact that Romney is a white bread elitist who would have hazed and beaten his marshmallow ass up and down the hallway simply because he is white!
    Maybe glenn should send his little twat sld tsr to this shop and try to close them down!!!

    • SoThere

      You’re an ignorant hatemonger. You should have stayed away. Your STD’s have affected your brain.
      Folks, have you had enough of this IDIOT yet?
      Visit, no fools, no fooling.

    • SoThere

      You’ve been caught in your lies and have no credibility here. You’re a Wikipedia sailor and a lying puke.
      1. As mtclayboy you claimed that you served on a BOOMER. As strtlk you claimed not to know what a Boomer or a SSBN was “I don’t care” were your exact words. You also stated that you didn’t know where Bangor, Wa. was which is where Boomers (submarines) are fitted for duty.Any real Submariner would know that. You didn’t!
      2. You then changed your story and claimed that you were on a BOOMER. You lied.
      3. As mtclayboy you claimed that you had damaged your ears while serving on a Submarine. As strtlk, you claimed that you damaged your ears while serving on a submarine.
      4. As mtclayboy you claimed that you joined the Navy and served for five years on a submarine but according to the timeline you gave that was proven to be a lie. You lied.
      5. As mtclayboy you said that you were a Fireman. As strtlk, you claimed you were a Fireman.
      6. As mtclayboy and as strtlk, you posted the same bigotry and hate against Glenn Beck almost word for word even using the same spelling and grammatical errors and focusing on the children. I’ve posted many of them here already.
      Are you catching on everyone? He’s a liar plain and simple and nothing he claims can be believed. Take your bigotry and hate and Phony Soldier ID and leave us honest people alone? 

      Your Sexually Transmitted diseases have gone to your brain and please stay away from the children and the prostitutes on the corner or I’m going to tell your Mother.

    • Anonymous

      You still have that problem with projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea I see. You are of course aware that some people with the right skillset can find out who you are and then provide that to others who might hire them, don’t you? The libelous trash and lies you spread can get you in a lot of trouble – as in a judgement in civil court bankrupting you for life.

      No one thinks this is cute, funny or entertaining when you show your self in public like this.

  • Anonymous

    Remeber how much CRAP President Bush recevied when he stated that he did not like broccoli

  • Anonymous

    at least Romney has a good sense of humor. good chocolate goodie donuts. 

  • Lana Leitner Butler

    The perfect chocolate donut IS a chocolate goody! If this is the worst they can come up with against Romney, I look forward to being in much better shape as a country come January. Geez

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