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Anyone who tries to pull a line on Michelle Malkin like Juan Williams did the other night on Hannity isn’t thinking clearly. Michelle Malkin, conservative commentator, new media journalist and founder of, blasted Juan Williams for saying “I’m a real reporter; I’m not a blogger out on the blogosphere.”

As soon as it came out of his mouth, those who are familiar with Malkin’s work and boldness knew this wasn’t going to end well for Juan.

“The American people are sick of the kind of snotty condescension from liberal elite journalists like Juan Williams who tell us that the rest of us are not doing our jobs, when the point is that when Eric Holder was shamefully approved and nominated and approved to be Attorney General, he had already had a long record of bastardizing national security and the rule of law,” Malkin fired back. “People like Joseph Connor, whose father was murdered by an FALN terrorist said at the time, and I quote, before this nomination, warning Republicans, that Eric Holder did not have the judgment, values or character to hold that office. We have been proven right, even though we are non-professional journalists.”


Williams started to launch into the same argument, before Hannity cut him off and Malkin got the last word.

“So real journalists are apologists for corrupt-ocracy, we got it,” Malkin said.

Watch the exchange below:

This morning on radio Glenn noted that while he disagrees with Williams on almost everything, he’s not a bad guy – he’s normally reasonable – but the arrogance in his comments to Malkin were ridiculous.

“These people are lying to you and he knows that most of them are lying to him. They’re just so far out of touch with absolutely everything now,” Glenn said.

Glenn recalled what the media was like before the Soviet Union fell. The American media was where you went for truth, and now American media is looking more and more like Pravda. The only thing keeping us from really going that route are journalists and bloggers like Michelle Malkin who know how to spread the truth through the internet.

“We have the one advantage right now that they didn’t,” Glenn told listeners, “the Internet.  We can talk to each other but we have to figure out what the difference is between propaganda, conspiracy theory, and reality.”