Rand Paul responds to angry Paul supporters

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Earlier this week, Glenn reported that Senator Rand Paul has been taking some serious heat from his father’s supporters over his endorsement of Mitt Romney for president. Glenn interviewed Rand on radio this morning to get his thoughts on the current backlash, the state of libertarianism, and what is going on in Congress. Read the full transcript below.

GLENN: Rand Paul is a guy who lives the principles and is getting an awful lot of heat, at least this week you were getting heat earlier because of some of the supports of your father, you came out and you supported Mitt Romney and now you’re getting heat from those guys. How is your dad even dealing with this, Rand?

PAUL: Well, you know, the thing about the Internet is the people who are the most unhappy are often the really smallest amount of your supporters. When we look at our supporters overall, my supporters, my dad’s supporters, you know, libertarian conservatives, in general, the vast majority are not, you know, these angry folks, you know, preaching, you know, violence to me and my family because we’ve endorsed Governor Romney. So, I think really sometimes the extremists on the Internet get more credit than really the entire movement and they shouldn’t represent the entire movement.

You know, I try to look for commonalities, areas where we agree and, you know, Governor Romney, I’ve had a meeting with him. We’ve talked extensively about audit the Fed, which is very important not only to me but my father and to his supporters and I think there’s a very good chance we get it in the platform. There has been an announcement in the House that we’re going to get a vote in the House and I’m working with both Republican and Democrat leadership to try to get a vote here, but some of my dad’s supporters don’t realize that if you call people names and call them evil, they’re less likely to allow you to have a vote on something you really want to pass.

GLENN: Hang on just a second. You’re saying that Romney may put audit the Fed into the platform?

PAUL: Well, the Ron Paul supporters are going to be — about 2 or 300 delegates there are going to help him to do that, but he has already said publicly that he’s for audit the Fed. That he has said many times. As far as the specific bill —

GLENN: That’s fantastic.

PAUL: — I would like him to endorse the specific bill but — that my father has introduced that will be voted on, but publicly he’s already stated that he is in support of auditing the Fed.

GLENN: You know, Rand — and I want to talk to you a little bit about drones here in a second, but I know you were a big fan of Broke. I have to send you a new copy of Cowards because there’s a chapter specifically that I would like you to read about libertarian — libertarianism and I would like to have you on just to talk about it and see where you think I might be wrong or might be missing the boat. The chapter is all about that libertarianism, the chair was taken away from the table by the big government progressives in the Republicans and the Democratic party and they are many of the people that are defining what a libertarian is, that you have to be this crazy, you know, We never went to the moon and we should never have a government dollar for absolutely anything kind of people and that’s not – that’s not what libertarianism is.

PAUL: Well, you know, even Ronald Reagan said the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism and many of the people who were in the founding movement in this last century of the conservative limited government movement also embrace the term libertarian. So, libertarian just means believing in limited Constitutional government. There are a lot of people who are libertarians.

GLENN: All right. Let me talk to you about drones because I find this — I find this frightening, not only that the government is doing it but that the American people don’t seem to care.

PAUL: Well, I think it’s incredibly important that we restate what was in, you know, our founding fathers were very concerned about the idea of general warrants, basically that the government could just say they could search anywhere any time without having probable cause or naming who they were going to search. That sort of, if anything, could possibly be general surveillance or general, you know, searching of your privacy would be a drone, because the ability to get information and to do it anywhere, any time is just amazing and it could be used for good but it also can be used for harm and so we need to make sure we have, you know, the Constitutional protections in place and some have said, Well, your bill just restates the Constitution, (inaudible) the Fourth Amendment. Well, I think it needs to be restated because I’m afraid people — you know, I’m afraid Mayor Bloomberg is going to be going over my backyard barbecue, seeing if anybody’s got a Big Gulp or whether or not I’m separating my recyclables correctly. So, we already have a lot of nanny state and all they need is the perfect surveillance equipment to really make it a bad situation.

GLENN: I mean, Rand, there’s a quote from Bloomberg, I have to send this to you. It’s amazing. He was talking about surveillance on New York City and he said — and I — correct me if I’m wrong, Pat, but I think this is almost a direct quote, we can’t have people thinking that they can just go anywhere they want.

PAUL: Well —

GLENN: Really?

PAUL: When you were talking about lemonade stands, I was thinking of Thorough’s essay on civil disobedience and I was thinking, ‘Do you know what? Do you think he could ever contemplate in his lifetime that civil disobedience would someday be putting up illegal lemonade stands by school kids?’

GLENN: I mean, you know what happened yesterday? We had about a thousand people here in Texas at this lemonade stand. We had about 400 of them all around the country and here in Texas, in Texas, we had about 20 Occupy Wall Street people protesting children having a lemonade stand to benefit the homeless. (Laughter.) I mean —

PAUL: Did you — have you heard about the Dollarhite family? They’re from Missouri and the Department of Agriculture fined them $90,000 for selling bunnies with the wrong license. They actually had a license for selling bunnies, but they had the wrong listens. They fined them $90,000 because they fined them for every bunny they had sold and apparently bunnies, you know, reproduce like rabbits and they told them, though, if they didn’t pay on time, it would be $3.1 million if they didn’t pay within 30 days.

GLENN: Did they pay it?

PAUL: They fought it and interestingly, after about a year — and the Department of Agriculture got somewhat embarrassed by this thing, they came back to them and they wanted a consent agreement but do you know what they wanted them to sign after they finally were red in the face and they had discovered that they were embarrassed by this? They wanted them to sign and say they would never be involved with mating and reproducing animals again. These people live on a home in rural Missouri and they want to tell them they can’t reproduce their livestock. And so they wouldn’t sign and this went on and on. I’m sure exactly where it is now. It’s John and Judy Dollarhite from Missouri.

GLENN: Gosh.

PAUL: And it’s just another example of an out of control government.

GLENN: Why do you think this stuff is happening? Do you know — you know, I was thinking about all this regulation and I thought, Okay, in many places now they are — and this is amaze to go me — they are now saying in Philadelphia that you cannot feed the homeless in places where people have done it – charities and ministries have fed people in the open air for decades if not two centuries in Philadelphia. They’re now saying they have to be in certain places and in — I think it’s in Philadelphia, but also, I believe, in California, they’re reclassifying soup kitchens as restaurants and I wonder, you know, A, are they trying to close our heart? Are they trying to get more power and make people dependent on this or is this just a city, state, or Federal Government that needs those tax dollars, needs all that regulation to be able to generate money for the cities? Which is it or is it both?

PAUL: Well, I think what you said earlier kind of hits the nail on the head. We’ve been asleep at the switch. We haven’t seemed to have cared enough. Particularly the people we’ve elected, the people in Washington don’t care about your privacy, your State rights or individual rights. The difference between the Federal Government and the state government, it’s lost on those people. They care about what a majority can pass and if a major can pass something and they want to appear to do good, they don’t care about the nuance of the Constitution or the nuance of State versus Federal rights. So, they pass these things.

You know, George Will has said it many times, we have abdicated, Congress has abdicated our power to these regulatory agencies and literally the position of a U.S. senator or a U.S. Congressman is diminished such that your average ordinary bureaucrat over in the EPA has more power than I do.

GLENN: Well, how do we get rid of the drones?

PAUL: Well, I think what we’ve done with the drones is we have said you have to have a warrant to use them. Now, I’m not against using them for national defense or for border security or for various other reasons. If you’ve got someone who robbed a liquor store, sending down the street a helicopter, a plane, or a police car is fine with me; but I don’t want them crisscrossing neighborhoods and mapping out our every movement if there’s no probable cause that we’ve committed a crime.

GLENN: Rand, I am glad to have you in the Senate. I am so glad that you are there. I think you’re one of the strong voices. You know, you and Mike Lee and people like that, Jim DeMint are standing and I believe you actually have a spine and one of the good guys who just will keep taking the hammering no matter what and hammer back.

PAUL: I might be seeing you. I think you’ve been invited to a Freedom Fest down in July in Texas and I think they said you’re speaking down there and I think Ted Cruz who’s a friend of mine running for the Senate down there is going to be at that event, also

GLENN: Oh. I didn’t know you were coming. That’s by Freedom Works

PAUL: Yeah, Freedom Works and I think it’s in July sometime.

GLENN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. July 26th. Yeah.

PAUL: Yeah. And I’m going to try to help my friend Ted Cruz get elected to the Senate down there, too.

GLENN: Oh. I don’t think we’ve ever met, have we?

PAUL: Yeah. Maybe in the television studio one time, but I think I’ve never interviewed in person with you. It’s always been on the phone. My staff has told me to keep my distance.


GLENN: I believe that to be true and they’re very wise. Rand, thank you very much and I appreciate it. God bless.

PAUL: All right. Thanks, Glenn.

GLENN: You bet. Bye-bye.

  • Crystal R. Pace

     the hammering no matter what and hammer back. http://DemoforFrank.blogspot.com

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    • Anonymous

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  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Nice to see there are more people who embrace the libertarian means of a Constitutionally Limited Government (the smaller the better); governance at any level is best deemed as a necessary evil.
    Necessary in that some structure for law and order of society to exist in; while maintaining the rights and liberties of the individual at the same time.
    Evil for the balancing act between the society as a whole and the individual. Also for the fact that if allowed to grow unchecked, it becomes a self sustaining growth of corruption, consumption and blight until it collapses under its own crushing weight or is reigned in by the people once again.
    This is the best of our Republic, and the most delicate carried forth in each generation:
    It is the constant struggle between the collective (society led by a massive government) and the individual (who in our Republic, is guaranteed rights and the government is constrained).
    May God bless and protect America as we enter the storm at hand and the fiercest portion soon to come.

    • MarsBarsTru7

       Seconded snowleopard.

      This was a good segment.

      • Dorothy N. Nelson

        a very effective, personable, smart, and capable VP...DemoforFrank.blogspot.com

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        • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      I am a National Delegate from Nevada. I have been on my State Platform Cmte twice. I am on the National Platform Cmte & I can tell you unequivocably ROMNEY PEOPLE DID NOT MAKE ANY EFFORT TO AUDIT THE FED ON OUR PLATFORM – 2008 OR 2012. ALL THE EFFORT WAS BY RON PAUL PEOPLE!

      AND, Rand’s dreaming/spinning when he made that remark about the numbers of people who are angry with him.

      Don’t all of you find it a LITTLE ODD that Beck is practically having a LOVEFEST with Rand & yet wouldn’t lift a finger for his Dad? What made Beck change his tune?????

      You can fool some of the people some of the time…….

      • Anonymous

        I too am a Nevada delegate for RP, however I did not go as far as you have. I understand your point, and double your skepticism in regards to Romneys willingness to audit the FED. Just to be clear however if Romney is our only choice beside Obama, then I don’t see anything wrong with Rand pushing him to audit the FR. Politics is a dirty game, and I don’t like it, but I am not ready to condemn Rand Paul just because he endorsed Romney. I don’t trust Romney to do anything he says he’s gonna do because he has flipped and flopped on EVERYTHING, but we NEED people like Rand and Ron Paul to push him into the right direction. This all falls in line with Glenns new book COWARDS. His dedication says “To: Gandhi, MLK, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and all those who emulate their courage in some small way, like Alveda King, Ted Nugent, Jerry Boykin, and M. Zuhdi Jasser…… Agree or disagree with any of them, these people will NEVER say the things they do not believe, no matter the cost. They are the opposite of cowards.”  — I see Mr. Beck, Ron Paul, and Rand Paul as these kind of giants of truth and principle. Let us not be so quick to quit the fight because we may have lost a battle for POTUS. The message of Liberty is alive and well, and growing EVERYDAY. Thank you.

    • http://twitter.com/paoligarcy Paolina Garcia

      No Republic has ever survived the inevitable factionalism and sectionalism that emerges in ALL republics. None survive that storm without a civil war or a dictator. Republics are not “blessed”. The Bible is clear about what form of government is endorsed, Old Testament and New.

      Jesus did say to give tribute to the dictatorship which destroyed the Roman Republic after all, so He clearly didn’t think the form of government the USA copied had any merit, and had PLENTY of chances to say so if He did.

      And since one of God’s names is “King of Kings”, it’s pretty obvious what political structure God blesses. Republics so far are responsible for Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Robespierre, Cromwell, etc. Not a good track record.

      And America’s track record isn’t very good either: Lincoln destroyed a Republic that wanted independence, Teddy Roosevelt genocided the Philippine Republic, etc.

      • Anonymous

        Lincoln destroyed a Republic?  You are nuts, aren’t you?  Quite the contrary, Lincoln SAVED the Republic of the United States by putting down a rebellion.

        • http://www.facebook.com/bluecoat1776 C.v. Wood

          Lincoln did so illegally, it is necessary to have a quorum present in Congress to declare war, a quorum he did not have. 

          Further, there were some things in the Confederate Constitution that should have been respected by the Union…specifically a requirement that all bills have one purpose clearly stated in the title to stop this cronyism that led the South to secession.

          • Anonymous

            Lincoln did NOT do so illegally. Quite the contrary, Lincoln actually DID have a quorum present in Congress to declare war. It was Congress that authorized it, for crying out loud. The cronyism that led the South to secession? News flash, son. That cronyism was non-existent.

  • Anonymous

    The only people that still give me ANY hope are people like Ron Paul , Rand Paul ,  Michele bachmann , and Allen West in office and the likes of Glenn Beck , Herman Cain , and Michele Malkin , and John Stossel on the airwaves .,

    • Anonymous

       Michele Bachmann?  NOT a chance.  she’ll be lucky to hold her seat this election.

  • Nick Riley

    I am a fiscally conservative Republican.  I am leaning more toward Libertarian party every day.  Glenn Beck does not speak for me.   Ron Paul best represents my values and guiding principles.  I know Rand has his reasons for the endorsement, but it seems to weaken the pure liberty movement.  All movements that make it to the top compromise, but we can’t compromise on the big issues.  Let’s compromise on the small issues.

    • jen

      rand also claims to be fiscally cons republican, so you and rand’s gang of cronies are going to have to fight over that title because you cannot be leaning towards lib party and have much in common with rand’s establishment thugs that he rolls with.

      rand’s behavior should make you rethink cons republican and instead go full blown into being an independent libertarian without association with the republican party.  sure, you can still support some initiatives of some politicians, but at best some politicians in gop without thinking/believing you are a republican.

      in my opinion, being republican is dangerous.  and rand is a good example of how gop works on you, along with mike lee and demint who fell in love with loverboy romney.

  • Anonymous

    Rand Paul is a deeply committed Common sense Conservative.  He has been very astute at working for the people and trying to lead us down the Right Path.  He is much more Conservative than his father and would have a better foreign policy strategy along with plans to stop the spending and make us fiscally responsible..It will take a long time but we could do it if the right people are elected in the Fall of 2012.   Romney is also a guy with Know How and experience.  The Left is going to have a rough time getting elected if Romney picks a very effective, personable, smart, and capable VP.

    • Anonymous

      I greatly admire Senator Rand Paul and I support Congressman Ron Paul for POTUS and I do not see any areas of policy discrepancies between them.  Ron is Jeffersonian in his governing philosophy as is Rand.  Smaller, limited government will require a rethinking and re-purposing of our current foreign policy. 

      Paul would balance the budget in three years and keep on cutting thereafter!

      As far as a capable VP is concerned I would like Retired Lt. Col. Allen West on the ticket, that way when Romney goes off mission, and he will, the retired colonel could plan maneuvers to salvage that mission.  -Go Army-

      • Anonymous

         West is a warmonger why would you want him on the ticket?

    • Anonymous

       So when Rand Paul becomes president and ends the TSA, removes all of our troops from the Middle East, Europe and the Korean peninsula and refuses to bomb Iran. What will you think of him then?

      • Lioness

        Perhaps I’m off on the Paul foreign policy thing, but it seems very defense oriented and would almost certainly end up with Iran being bombed if we were at all threatened by them in the same fashion. As far as the TSA, there’s gotta be something better than that? There is no better idea to me than to remove the troops from the Middle East, after all, I would like us completely out of the way when we bomb their ass:)

        • Anonymous

          Who is us being threatened btw when you talk about Iran? If its Israel which has 400 nukes then thats their problem. I would like to see Iran try and nuke Jerusalem they would destroy the dome of the rock. Highly unlikely.

  • Anonymous

    Rand Paul is smart – and his daddy probably agreed with him backing Romney – there was no chance he would win the nomination – and he has the count to force a few planks into the platform.  It’s simply a shame that Rand didn’t run instead of his daddy.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always considered myself a Constitutional Conservative.  Sometimes that lines me up with Libertarians and sometimes it lines me up with Republicans.  I registered Republican so I can vote in all elections, however, I have tended to lean more toward Libertarianism in the past decade. 

    What I care about most is following the Constitution.  In my very humble opinion, it is the greatest document ever written by mortal men, outside of the Bible.  It irritates me when elected officials act like the Constituion no longer matters.  That it was okay for awhile, but it needs to be changed and made into an evolving document.  WRONG!  The furor over reading the Constitution at the beginning of the first Congressional Session this year was a pathetic embarassment to me.  Made me ashamed of how our legislators act toward such an amazing document and the one that this country was founded on.

    I also believe that we need to follow the Constitution more closely.  I think every law, every whatever that Congress sets forward, should have, at the very beginning, a statement as to which part of the Constitution it pertains to, along with an effective start and end date.  That would keep the courts from “evolving” the laws into something that was never intended.

    Just wanted to have my say.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Smith/100003257562513 Jessica Smith

    There is Hope for this country as long as people like Rand Paul are elected to office.  I hate to say, however, that Paul allows a horrible, grotesque injustice in his own state:

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=734726076 Lisa Buchanan

    When I search, it’s only Rand Paul who claims that Romney will audit the Fed. Romney never said it himself.

  • Anonymous

    Rand Paul seems to be following in his fathers foot steps. So far Rand Paul has sponsored 41 Bills and co-sponsored 119 bills – NONE of these bills were passed 0 !!!

    Ron Paul sponsored 620 bills and ONE bill was passed H.R. 2121 a bill to sell an old U.S. Customs building…

    I’m just scratching my head wondering how you can accumulatively sponsor 780 bills (father and son) and have 1 Pass? Somebody please tell me … It ain’t so!

  • jen

    the reason is that virtually all congressman are corrupt or co-opted.  mccain is originally corrupt just like romney, who is the love of glenn beck’s life.  boehner is weak and was easily co-opted, along with rand.  rand is just talk, his handlers wouldn’t let him do anything meaningful.  so rand just does interviews to just talk, but he can’t get those he endorses, like romney, on his side for much of anything.

    so it doesn’t matter if you have a few good people in congress, as there is no way they can get things passed unless they are serious and have non-corrupt handlers who will use media and other means and ohter grassroots to awaken and shake up the people.

    i’m sure all those hundreds of bills from the pauls are exactly what the majority of americns want and expect from politicians.  but the pauls are not good marketers, so they don’t do a good job of communicating to the people as needs to be.  once you tell truth to the people, they would demand those bills pass.  but the pauls and their handlers are not following thru on their job, they are good at starting talk and bills, but do not have the spine to take it thru to the american people.

    • Anonymous

      I really don’t see that… they both have unlimited access to FOX…

      • jen

        unlimited access isn’t the issue, as i already noted in my comment.  the point is that they don’t use media time wisely to convert people or their access to other organizations like corrupt freedom works or other grassroots to actually make change, they just talk and then leave.
        they are in the influencing business, but it is small influence at best.  they are not in the action business.


        SteveNevada wrote, in response to jen:
        I really don’t see that… they both have unlimited access to FOX… Link to comment

        • Anonymous

          If their are not in the action business they need to pack their bags and go home..

          We pay politicians to make things happen.. if i want i great thinker i’ll go ask Stephen Hawking.

  • jen

    dont be foolish and stop telling yourself lies.  rand could care less about ‘planks’, he doesn’t have to endorse romney to get any ‘planks’ in.  regardless, if romney was serious about the audit, he would have said this a year ago in order to get the gop nomination.  but now rand wants romney to flip flop and start a new lie. 

    you are making shocking, unacceptable excuses to justify liking romney thru rand.

  • Angelo S

    The Tea Party was pretty easy to co-opt.

    ~The lemmings always want a leader to lead them.~

    It will never happen with the Liberty Movement.

    Rand will learn real fast once Beck turns on him like He did to Ron Paul.

    Beck does what is good for his wallet. He doesn’t care about the Republic. He only cares about marketing to people who care about the Republic.

    He makes millions to sell out principles.

    • Lioness

      Your obsession with Ron Paul is very similar. “~The lemmings always want a leader to lead them and THINK for them.~” seems to apply here too.  Ron Paul is great, but I can disagree with even the most sensible person. 

  • Anonymous

    You really must have someone proof read the text before it goes out, Glenn.  Thorough? 

     A ”creative” way to spell the name of Henry David Thoreau.

    Rand, darling, you seem to have been hanging with Mrs. O. too much, you know?   Have to

    clean up that phrase, you know?   Or is that what is said in D.C. in certain circles?   (Love ya

    anyway, fella!) Good chat with Glenn.

  • http://twitter.com/Snuffy_Joe Joe Snuffy

    I disagree with the statement that the Senate has lost their power.  They didn’t “Lose” anything. the Socialists in the Senate GAVE IT AWAY to the president. BIG MISTAKE.

    The question now is, can they reclaim it from the president? 

  • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Paulifarians are as annoying as Jehovahs Witlesses.

  • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Question for all ya hardline Paulifarians: should we roll the US Air Force back into the Army Air Corps? After all, the Constitution says nothing about an Air Force. 

    We have a WHOLE  BRANCH OF THE SERVICE that is unConstitutional!!

    /I find nothing in there about a “Joint Chiefs of Staff,” either.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geoffrey-Prentiss/100000704457617 Geoffrey Prentiss

    Rand The internet is a huge highway of people connecting from around the country and the world more over that is watching this election and because of PACs The United States are FOR SALE ! Shame on the Supreme court!I and most of your fathers suppporters wish you or Jesse Benton any harm,and wish the best for you!I wish you did not endorse Romney and hope it was a strategy move I will be voting for your father or Gary Johnson!Mitt Romney should be charged with many crimes/sins against humanity GREED & GLUTTONY 

  • new2la

    What’s happening since we were mandated to recycle is people aren’t doing it.  Common sense dictates we do it, yet because the government says we have to, it isn’t being done.    All these regulations are killing the incentive to do the right thing;  I find for myself, if I’m told to do something….it won’t get done.  Ask or suggest something to me and most likely, it will get done!
    This is but one example of big government the people can’t abide by.

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate Senator Rand Paul’s willingness to come onto Glenn’s radio show.  And do not get me wrong…  I wish NO harm on Senator Paul or his family nor do I wish harm on Congressman Ron Paul and his family.  Having said that, I hope Congressman Paul takes his lumps and learns a lesson that many of us conservatives have learned already: Some libertarians are wacko.  If you so much as dare to disagree with even one of Congressman Paul’s political perspectives, you are labeled: “neocon”, “traitor”, “insincere”, “c–k sucker for Obama”, and other nasty and uncalled for drivel.

    Glenn said it best on the radio a couple days ago: The thing that prevents people from supporting Congressman Paul is some of Congressman Paul’s supporters.

    Please note: I said “some”, not all.  And, yet, it seems from all of the comments I see on this site, YouTube, etc., any “libertarian” who comments on one of those sites seems to spew the aforementioned bile and no sane libertarian will refute the bile-spewing people. This is why, as unfair as it may be, when many think of libertarianism, they think of the wackos who hide behind a keyboard and a clever screen-name.  If you are a libertarian with a good head on his/her shoulders and know bile when you see it, do your group a favor and refute it.

    Okay, I’ll get off my soap-box, now. 

  • Anonymous

    I for one voted for Ron Paul in the Republican presidential primary here in California.  With that being said, I will be voting for the best possible alternative to Barack Hussein Obama in November.  That is Mitt Romney.  I support Rand Paul’s decision to endorse Romney.  Remember, when Ron Paul is no longer in government, his son Rand will continue the fight agaisnt tyranny.  He needs our support.

    This is not a short fight.  There will be many battles (both losses and victories) that will continue to perpetuate politics for many years to come…

  • Anonymous

    would somebody care to post a link to mitt romney publicly stating he’s for an audit of the fed? i’ve never seen it.

    • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        with politicians, i believe what i see. i haven’t seen romney say that…ever…and how famous is he? somebody somewhere would have got that on video. if rand has proof, he should air it. unless…

        • Anonymous

          Well does an audit really matter…. what is an audit going to tell you… if you don’t control the printing and control of flow of the money .. an audit is worthless…it’s only a talking point

          • Anonymous

            yeah, if i thought 16 trillion dollars in secret loans and bailouts of banks and corporations being brought to the forefront is worthless, then i could agree with you.


            and that ^ shows the results of only a partial audit of the fed. a full audit is the only way to eventually end the fed, by bringing public attention to their actions. the fed is stealing the wealth of average americans and spreading it around the world. that’s socialism on a global scale.

            i believe that romney would only use an audit as a talking point, if he says anything about it at all. make it part of the platform, then forget it if he wins…that’s a big if.

          • Anonymous

            Well you make some good points… However, can you just imagine if Obama could control the FED now..

            That should send shivers down everyones spine…… he would have already crashed the country in his first term and we would be begging mexicans to trade a dollar for a peso…(about 7 cents)..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Clint-Brown/542554634 Clint Brown

    Rand Paul is clueless, Romney not only wont win in November, but Paul will have lost the most passionate of all his supporters. He calls us extremists WTF? Yes we are extreme by asking you not to endorse a man you have ZERO in common with.. He might as well have come out and endorsed Obama, there isn’t a dimes worth of difference in the two. Gary Johnson is going to get my vote to hell with the GOP

    • Anonymous

      Clint, you are so misguided.  If you insist on your course, then YOU might as well vote for Obama. And, if this is your position, then I suspect you really are out to get Obama re-elected.  Rand and Ron are non-issues.  But your vote counts.  So, what’s it going to be?  More of Obama?  Or Romney?  I’m beginning to think the Libertarians, those that follow Ron Paul, are trying to sabotage this election.  And that it’s intentional.  Who’s side are you on?  You don’t represent my side.

  • Anonymous

    A GBTV broadcast featuring Andrew Wilkow, LIbertarian, was disappointing.  His round table featured a representative for Atlas Society.  Wilkow defends his libertarian position.  He has one of the Atlas Society representatives present his view. The Atlas Society says that Ayn Rand was Libertarian – Liberal. What a twisted interpretation of Ayn Rand.   In high school, I was already conservative and outspoken.  Someone introduced me to Ayn Rand.  I became a huge fan of her.  Her books should be read by everyone.  They are classics.  From Atlas Shrugged to We The Living.  Incredible books.  They supported my own individualism – my own thoughts.  They did not instill them.  They echoed my thoughts.  I was basically quiet.  I was voted most shy.  But I at times stood up and said what I thought – shocking, gaining popularity.  Because when I spoke, people – other students, teachers – listened. We are not puppets of those we read or watch are we?  We each have our own opinions, based on our experiences and what we have learned on our own or been taught, whether by teachers – whom I challenged – or parents – whom I also challenged.  But at the core we are what we believe. n If Libertarians think Ayn Rand was Liberal, then they really are in the twilight zone.

  • Anonymous

    Logic has been lost.  Ayn Rand’s Objectivism is just the start.  Individualism is just the start.  At the core of any decisions or thoughts is logic.  Simplified, If, then, else.  If this happens, then  – the options – then what will happen.  Options can be many.  Else – what happens – require close examination.  What we lack is logical thinking as much as objective thinking.  Our  core thoughts and values determine what we think should take place in government and all areas of our lives.  More than anyone, my father influenced my work ethic, my interpretation of right and wrong, and my quest to examine all that was put before me.  A highly intelligent man, electronics engineer, he had his faults, but he is who I looked up to.  I challenged him at times.  He, too, was the distant provider.  But his thoughts, his interpretation of God, his political beliefs, his very actions, influenced me.  I had my most memorable conversations wiith him.  He, I would guess, influenced me more than anyone else.  Of course, I struck out on my own and developed different courses than he would pursue, made decisions independently, opposed him, and defended my stance with him. But, he was my hero. That is the establishment of values.  Our parents can be our heroes.  My father is my hero.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn – I watch GBTV.  The Blaze has great debates.  Please highlight the names of Blaze correspondents.  I know Amy – don’t remember last name.  I know Buck Sextton.  These young correspondents are debating and presenting critical information and points.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t believe the hype! Every time I consider the “Pauls”, Rand and Ron, I am reminded of the Bruces in Braveheart! The old and repulsive elder grooming his younger successor in the art of wielding power. Scanning the Internet, I see no mention of any credible threat save a mention in some paulist blog. That blog goes on to say how Paul, the younger, has “served” the Nation in the vastly few months since his election. There is no way Paul senior will ever be elected President; that is a fact! His cockamamie pronouncements on sundry topics relegate his support to the less-than-politically-astute pimply-faced college set and the “tin-foil hat” brigade! Not one person who doesn’t believe that GW Bush and Dick Cheney personally set the charges that felled the twin towers has any regard for Ron Paul. Elder Paul is grooming his idiot son for President, period!

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul needs to step in and stop the agitation by Ron Paul supporters.  Fox News has posted that they plan to disrupt the National Convention.  This is not the time to grand stand. This is not the time to distract from a major election that Ron Paul will not win.  Ron Paul agitators created a fiasco at the St. Charles, MO caucus.  The largest caucus in our state.  Get out of the way.  We need to unite in one direction, one goal and put aside idealistic differences.  Yes, we all want utopia.  That isn’t going to happen.  It infuriates me to watch the Ron Paul, Libertarians create this.  If we wanted to all be Libertarians, all to support Ron Paul, then we would.  But that isn’t the case.  Get out of the way of winning this election.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s a concerted effort by Ron Paul supporters to re-elect Obama.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TT6K3S6TS2IM5SOGLDI7HPP2NM Art s

    If a drone invades the airspace over your property, and there is no warrant presented to you before the drone flies over your property, you could shoot it down in order to protect your privacy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bluecoat1776 C.v. Wood

    Yeah, yeah….go along to get along but seriously, why bother to audit the fed? I know this is Ron’s baby but so was the Competition in Currency Act of 2011 and he didn’t get a single co-sponsor from the likes of Republicans. Romney is a RINO and the media shoved him down our throat by blacking out Ron Paul and misrepresenting his views when they weren’t.

    For Rand to go along and endorse Romney under those pretenses is nonsense, he could have followed his father and just not endorsed, nothing is lost.

    Rand did nothing but demonstrate that he could bend with the establishment, his father’s supporters were weary of Rand before the endorsement of Romney with his endorsement of Ted Cruz over Glenn Addison in Texas. Glenn being the more constitutional libertarian of the two.


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