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Earlier this week, President Obama sat down for a Father’s Day lunch with military veterans, but after chowing down on pork ribs and posing for a photo-op, Obama and his staff left the restaurant without paying the tab. The $55.58 bill for four at Kenny’s BBQ on Capitol Hill went unpaid.

The irony of this particular situation is incredible considering the President’s recent remarks about Republicans running up the tab.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: They [Republicans] baked all this stuff into the cake with those tax cuts and a prescription drug plan that they didn’t pay for. So all this stuff’s baked in with all the interest payments for it. It’s like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, martini, all that stuff and then just as you’re sitting down, they leave. And accuse you of running up the tab.

Nice going, Mr. President.

“That’s exactly the scenario that he puts out three days ago, is exactly what he just did to our servicemen,” Glenn said.

“That’s fantastic,” Pat joked. “I love that.”

Representatives at the White House ultimately settled the bill, but not before the President proved (once again) that he is not as fiscally responsible as he claims to be.