DETAILS: GBTV and to merge into single, multimedia media company!



  1. Merger Builds on the Quick Success of both GBTV and TheBlaze Which Receives Over 7 Million Unique Visitors Per Month 
  2. Combines GBTV’s Line-up of Programming With’s Growing Team of More than 25 Journalists Into One Powerful Brand 
  3. Mercury’s E-Commerce Site The Marketplace by, Will Also Be Integrated Into New Entity 
  4. The Merged Network, Called TheBlaze Will Be An Online News, Information, Entertainment and E-Commerce Destination Spanning Video, Radio, Publishing and The Internet

(New York, NY and Dallas, TX June 18th) Mercury Radio Arts, Glenn Beck’s multi-media production company, announced today that it is merging GBTV, its streaming video network with TheBlaze, its news and information website to create a single multiplatform media company. The new entity, which will be known as TheBlaze, combines one of the world’s largest subscription streaming video networks with a website that generates over 7 million unique visitors per month into one powerful multimedia brand. TheBlaze, which will soon offer video content on a 24/7 basis, will be a news, information, entertainment, and e-commerce network, spanning all media including video, radio, publishing, and the Internet.

Glenn Beck said: “I said from the very beginning that I did not want to call the network GBTV, and a year later I finally got my way. We have ambitious plans for this network and combining the power of GBTV and TheBlaze will help us build upon our success.”

The Marketplace by will also be integrated directly into, giving small businesses that participate in the marketplace access to an even larger audience of potential consumers, and rounding out TheBlaze’s revenue mix to include e-commerce.


TheBlaze will offer a mix of premium subscription video content and free content:

  • The premium subscription content will be what is currently known as GBTV, a streaming video network featuring Glenn’s weekday show. Since its launch in September 2011, the network has already added a wide range of original programming, including the reality show Independence USA, the kid’s show Liberty TreeHouse, the news show Real News, and the comedy news show The B.S. of A, totaling over 34 hours of original programming per week. The network will soon provide video content on a 24/7 basis. Beginning later this year, existing subscribers to will be automatically redirected to The network will also continue to be available on iOS devices, Roku and Boxee.
  • The free content will be available at and will continue to include a mix of original reporting, curated content and opinion pieces.

Christopher Balfe, President and COO of Mercury said: “TheBlaze and GBTV have each proven to be incredible success stories in a very short period of time. Combining them will help us accelerate future growth by focusing on one world-class brand that offers the best of everything we produce in a single destination.”

TheBlaze’s executive team, which will report to Balfe, brings years of experience from leadership level positions in television, radio and digital media:

  • Betsy Morgan, formerly President of TheBlaze is being promoted to President & Chief Strategy Officer of the combined company. Prior to joining Mercury, Morgan was CEO of The Huffington Post and a Senior Vice President at CBS News.
  • Joel Cheatwood, formerly President of Programming at GBTV is being promoted to President & Chief Content Officer of TheBlaze. Prior to joining Mercury, Cheatwood was a Senior Vice President at FoxNews and CNN.
  • Kraig Kitchin, formerly Director of Ad Sales at TheBlaze is being promoted to President & Chief Revenue Officer of the combined company. Prior to joining Mercury, Kitchin co-founded Premiere Radio Networks-the top radio network in the country and the distributor of Glenn’s radio show.
  • Carolyn Polke, formerly Senior Vice President of Digital at Mercury is being promoted to President & Chief Operating Officer of TheBlaze. Carolyn has helped spearhead Mercury’s recent digital growth. Previously, she was a consultant at Accenture.

Scott Baker, who has been with since its launch, will continue in his role as Editor-in-Chief.

TheBlaze will be fully integrated with The Marketplace by, a curated marketplace platform to help local small businesses reach consumers across the country. Keith Ferry, former President of Markdown joins TheBlaze as Senior Vice President of Digital.

TheBlaze also includes a monthly magazine and news updates delivered each morning on Glenn’s radio show.

Original Story:

CNN is reporting that, one of the world’s largest subscription streaming services, is going to be merging with, one of the leading news and information websites. Look for more on this story as it develops…

From CNN:

Hugely successful and often controversial, Glenn Beck is a man full of complexities.

He points the finger in his new book“Cowards” but calls for “Restoring Love” in his upcoming rally. He jokes about being“Unelectable” on his comedy tour, but hisnew studio in Dallas includes a replica Oval Office for his mock presidential addresses.

Now, the media mogul is dropping his name from the online TV network based on his personal brand. GBTV will be merged with, the Beck-owned but independently operated news and opinion website. The entire network will be called TheBlaze.

“I didn’t like the name GBTV from the very beginning for a couple of reasons,” Beck said in an exclusive interview with “One, it’s a little egocentric, and two, it’s television, which doesn’t describe necessarily what we do.”

Beck and Chris Balfe, president and COO of Mercury Radio Arts (Beck’s company), said they planned to change the name once the online streaming network was more established but the early success of GBTV precipitated an earlier name change.

The latest estimate is that GBTV has more than 300,000 subscribers. While the numbers are strong, that is still a significant reduction from Beck’s nightly audience when he worked at Fox News and talked to millions on the traditional media outlet.

“We are out of the comfort zone for a lot of Americans,” said Beck of GBTV.

The online network that airs Beck’s program also has shows such as “Real News,” a news roundtable show; “The B.S. of A,” a comedy show; “Liberty Treehouse,” a children’s program; and “Independence USA,” a reality show. Much more programming is on the way, and it will soon become a 24/7 channel.

Read the FULL article here and look for more information shortly!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Congradulations Glenn. The future is now being made by many of us; each has our part to play, and God willing, the best years for America are still to come.

    CNN had to eat a lot of crow over this one, I guess their expectations of a ‘end game’ for Glenn was, as usual, too little and too late for them.

  • Sean

    “He jokes about being“Unelectable” on his comedy tour, but hisnew studio in Dallas includes a replica Oval Office for his mock presidential addresses”    Yes, your point is?

    You know it would be awsome to have your own oval office in your house just for kicks lol

    Also, keep up the good work Glenn

  • Anonymous

    It is about time you put everything under one umbrella. I hope everyone knows the reason Glenn named it the Blaze last year. Glenn used Moses and the Lord as his basis for the name. 

  • Anonymous

    I guess I just always assumed they were already together.

    • Eve

      Me too and to tell the truth, I don’t think the liberals will notice the difference.

  • Anonymous

    Meg—You are the best Glenn Beck. Don’t ever let the liberals get in your way. We get more of what’s going on in this messed up world today, in a week from listening to you, and others on your network, than all the others put together in a month. The best part of it is–It IS THE TRUTH. Even much better than FOX NEWS. Keep up the good work. The best to you, and the others, that will be working with you.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for my ISP (Internet Service Provider) to finish Tower Upgrades to 4G so I can finally access ‘The Blaze’ in real time. Just doing my part to increase Glenn’s audience numbers. An Honor it will be !

  • DarkHawke

    Not to pee in the punchbowl, but how is this going to drive the lib-tards nuts?  Glenn’s great, The Blaze is great (y’all should have a space between “The” and “Blaze,” ya know), but this seems like it’s just a structural reorganization.  If it works better for the company (which is still Mercury Radio Arts, right?), cool beans, but what really changes for us out here?  Do I have to add a new channel on my Roku?  Does “GBTV” not count as a verb anymore? 😉  Not to say “who cares?” but I think a Breitbart-esque “so?” is in order.

  • Debbie Robinson

    Forget the left…..I’ve been waiting for Glenn to get back on cable news, WE miss you out here!

    • Paolina Garcia

      Glenn’s got a great strategy of avoiding being owned by the cable moguls like Rupert Murdoch. Support him 100x more for doing this.  If every major name would do this, it could crush the stranglehold of the media moguls who collude with the government against us.

      What we need is for Glenn to get the remaining big names to sign over to his network, now called TheBlaze which means other names could be signed up to it!

      I suggest Glenn attempts to get Sean Hannity or any other big name friend he has over there to quit Fox and maintain what integrity they have left by joining Glenn. Or maybe getting some big talk radio names on.

      I mean there aren’t THAT many big conservative names, and Glenn is positioned now where maybe he could help “free” them all of their “owners” and help them be free to speak out.

      Fox especially as Murdoch’s wiretapping scandal has led to a sort of strange situation where he has stopped most of the criticism of Obama to win over points and prevent his own prosecution by the cronies at Holder’s DOJ.

      • Patricia S. Berrios

        Glenn used Moses and the Lord as his basis for the name.

        • Anonymous

          SPAM ALERT   Flag this.   Patricia, take your spam and go away.

      • Anonymous

        So agree with you!

      • Kenneth Lee

        I can see Sean going to THEBLAZE but not oreilly.  oreilly does not know what he believes nor where he stands.  He makes claims he is a conservative but time and time again he proves he is not.  I just hope Glen does not invite that simpleton juan williams.

    • Janika Skembo

       I don’t miss my cable at all.  I cancelled cable and watch Glenn’s show
      and all the others on Demand for only $14 a month.  That beats the heck
      out of what I was paying for all the trash that was available to my
      children on cable.  I also have more time to be active in my community
      since I am not glued to talent-based competition shows.  Instead, I am
      creating talent sharing opportunities in my community as the theater
      director in the arts council.  We are creating genuine 3D programming. 
      When I get around to it, I can watch whatever shows I want without
      having to program my box or worry about storage space.  Just get a
      stinking subscription and figure out what you have been missing.

      • Sherry Kampa

        Tell me more about this option. I had no idea I could watch shows “on demand” is it available everywhere?

        • Anonymous

          With the premium subscription you can watch Glenn’s radio program, the 4th hour, Glenn’s tv program, Real News, BS of A, the other programs and specials any time you want and as often as you want. All you need is a subscription and a Roku. The Roku is cheap and has no fees once you buy. I am frugal but the GBTV subscription and the Roku are the most worthwhile things I have spent money on.

          • Archangel01

            I do agree on all the BS on cable TV, but you still need to have that internet connection from whoever is the provider in your area, be it Verizon Fios, Comcast or satellite.

  • Ardith Mers

    Glenn, it was such an honor meeting you in Columbus and hearing you vibrantly speak truth that is swept aside almost everywhere else.  We are grateful your decisions are based on the leading of the Lord and you share those connections and “God-incidences” with your viewer family.  We thank God for you and pray “may truth prevail as the lies fail”.  God’s great blessings upon you, your family and staff.  You have given us a renewed hope.

  • Anonymous

    I read TheBlaze every day, and send the link to my contacts.  Spread the word!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Glenn! This is going to be SO great! I will continue to subscribe and telling my family, friends, co-workers about you and your work.
    I can hardly wait!!
    Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      We need more anchors like Glenn who are really great investigative reporters, he has uncovered so many truths that really put the spotlight on the actions of this administration and their connections!

  • Anonymous

    I have to respond on at least two levels immediately:
    ” . . . details
    that will surely drive the left nuts” speaking about the merger of GBTV & The Blaze.

    First, the Left has no cahones anyway, left or right.
    Secondly, if we’re talking mentally, the Left is already off the deep end anyway. There are no appreciable degrees of insanity: you are or you aren’t. And they are . . .

  • Ragnar

    You know a company is ripping it up when it needs four presidents. Best wishes for driving the left even crazier.

  • Anonymous

    Great Move, People are looking for a Freedom Website where they can express their true opinions and get reliable information, along with Fox News and their blogs.

  • Anonymous

    Best of luck with the new consolidated venture. Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    We Have Your Back Glenn Beck!  God Speed Sir!

  • Judith F Nossol

    This are very good news, congratulations to Glenn Beck!

  • Anonymous

    We knew from the beginning that this form of news would be hugely successful…..For two very good reasons, first, God is on his side and second, the Truth has no Agenda…………..Best of luck to all involved, may God continue to bless and protect those who strive for the free will of Americans.

  • Phillip

     Glenn, I don’t have cable or DSL so I can’t get your streaming video. Sorry,

  • Anonymous

    It’s smart to make all these endeavors self-contained and not dependent on Glenn for viability.  I’ve always worried that something might “happen” to him….(?).  Glenn now has his legacy entrenched, taking on a life of its own.

  • Pablo Rivera

    God is with your mission and will bestow blessings on  all who assist in it. Pablo Rivera Flores 

  • LeAnne Bryant

    There is one thing that God’s people always did before defeating the enemy–they “scouted them out” and they found out all about them before striking up a battle.  If you want to win for the Lord, you must know your enemy and all their capabilities and their weaknesses.  And, the common folk have to know the truth.  The enemy already knows that they can be progressive in their aims if they distort, cover up, lie, and prevent the truth from being told.  Big fat media that we have today–is Prince of the Power of the Air powered.  Satan is defeated in the end!!  We already have won the battle in the end!!!!  Pray  +++

  • Anonymous

    Always thought that they were the same

  • Anonymous

    Good hope we can get the new channel easily.

  • shellymic

    Merger – great. Fine. Good deal.

    Can you please FIX some of the problems with your websites before taking on larger/more projects?  I can only view TheBlaze w/ Google Chrome. The main 4 headlines don’t even show up in Firefox.  I use Firefox most often. I emailed TheBlaze about this about 6 months ago & received a response telling me they were “working on fixing it.”  It still isn’t fixed.

    Also, the video player on GBTV leaves A LOT to be desired. I’m assuming that the “MLB technology” that was supposed to be implemented never came to fruition, OR “MLB technology” stinks.  I can’t fast-forward the player, can’t pause the player, anytime I try to do ANYTHING except PLAY the video, it re-starts from the beginning – this occurs in Chrome AND in Firefox.  

    And, what happened to GBTV being “a totally interactive experience?”  We were supposed to be able to pause the live show and click on links that you were going to provide us as the show progressed (this was a part of the MLB technology that you talked about, Glenn).

    I love the programming of GBTV, but it is a major pain to try to watch.  I know who your sponsors are.  I patronize your sponsors.  That doesn’t mean I want to HAVE to waste my time watching their repetitive ads when I’m SUPPOSED to be able to fast-forward thru them.  You said we’d have complete control over the video player.  We don’t.  At best, we can press play and hope the entire 2-hour show finishes before the player gives out.I’ve spoken with others who have Roku or Boxee because I was wondering if all these problems may be specific to my computer.  They’re not.  Those who have Roku or Boxee have these exact same problems playing the show.  That player is exasperating to use.  Please fix it before taking on MORE projects.  Thank you.  Fix TheBlaze so that it’s compatible w/ Fifefox, too, please.  It would also be nice to have more than a 30-day archive of your show on GBTV.  Thank you!  

    • Anonymous

      You must have too many firewalls/anti-virus/registry machanic programs running. I had the same problems, just had to get a local youngster to run a few diagnosis programs (from the operating system) and the problems went away and the streaming doesn’t hang up anymore. Firefox won’t even run my network printer properly, try another program. I found that Microsoft Internet Explorer works fine, don’t like it on principle but it works.

      • shellymic

        Well, I’d buy into that if I had any problems anywhere else on the internet.  I don’t.  TheBlaze is the ONLY website that I have trouble with. Also the fact that TheBlaze replied to me telling me they were working on fixing that specific issue (w/ Firefox not displaying the 4 main headlines) tells me that it’s not a problem with my computer.  

        I refuse to use IE but, that aside, I shouldn’t have to switch browsers.  IE is only the most-used browser (barely – it’s actually a pretty even 3-way split – according to the stats from the users that visit my blog) because so many people don’t know how to use (or even download) or are afraid of the other browsers because they didn’t come installed on their computers.

        If you’re telling me that you have zero problems with the video player on GBTV, you’re the 1st.  I’ve talked to probably 20 or so people about it.  Everyone has problems.  Believe me, I’ve spent countless hours researching this – it’s not my computer.

        I don’t have any problems with streaming anywhere but on GBTV.  I stream a ton of live events & watch hundreds of videos each month from various websites.  None of them give me any of the problems I have on GBTV…and, I’ve had these same problems with GBTV since it’s inception.  The OLD video format (not this HD joke) used for us old-time “Glenn Beck Insiders” was much more user-friendly and actually WORKED.  I wish they’d switch back…but, who cares what I want.  LOL  

        Thanks for your response.  :)

        • Anonymous

          Shelly, also having problems, whether I watch from iPad, or laptop. I sometimes have to restart the program up to 9 times, before getting it to finish playing; in sync & without a black screen. I called them several times & have downgraded my subscription to the $4.95 until they get it fixed. If they would allow us to download the videos, we’d have more control, AND, wouldn’t have the constant connection problems!! (freezing screen, blurring, and the black screen). I had to give up on several episodes, I was just tired of rebooting and starting all over again!!
          FIX IT BLAZE!!!

  • Albert Gonzales San Miguel

    Now I’m convinced “The Truth will prevail” Nothing will hold us back now that Glenn has put us on “Active duty” to do the right things through Faith, Hope and Charity. Good always overcomes Evil. That’s no fairy tale — It’s simple TRUTH! Full speed ahead for the righteous and sincere. Buffoons always speak for themselves.

  • doug s

    I am a regular on Feeders Feed and am delighted that GBTV is such a great success. I and my wife will be attending the Restoring Love event in Dallas,Tx in July. which is something I am greatly looking forward to and meeting all the wonderful friends/extension of f family I have had the pleasure talking to on Feeders feed over the past few months.These same people mirror what Glenn and GBTV is all about. No where else can I get news, information, a dose of spiritual fulfillment and humor that I get from GBTV/Glenn Beck and staff. Great job Glen and keep it coming

  • Anonymous


  • doug s

    Doug is an avatar of: hint: author of moon bat on ff 

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed Glenn on Fox and not being much on the subscription internet way to cover costs, never joined but missed the program, especially the history lessons with David Barton on GW.

    I have enjoyed catching up on some news on The Blaze and hope Glenn will be able to put his TV show out so it can be picked up, making the money to cover costs from marketing & products, knowing it has to be paid for but a private sucscription just didn’t seem the best way.

    • Anonymous

      ”Gent”, one of the smarter things I did was tape Glenn’s history lessons.  Visit his

      website and check to see if he still has any of them there (perhaps in archives?)

      They were there at one time, but may have been removed by now.

  • Nancy

    wish we all had the money to get u on regular comcast channel 

    • Anonymous

      I’d rather pay for GBTV than give one cent to comcast. Comcast, and all cable companys suck. No one in the country has the ability to choose from different cable companys, There is one company per area, and no competition, and they are maintain a huge profit margin. I look forward to more programming, Independance USA was fun to watch.

  • John R. Lancellotti

    This is okay but I’d rather see Glenn on a broadcast TV channel,  With this terrible crooked lying man in the Oval Office, his country needs Glenn bu he just doesn’t seem to care about anything but his own business ventures.  Too bad. I once considered him a truly patriotic American.  Best always, John R. Lancellotti

    • Anonymous

      Aw, really?  I appreciate your comment but must disagree.  The country definitely needs Glenn, and so does the world, and he is doing is level best to make his message reach out as far as it possibly can.  For him, it isn’t about the money.  It’s about getting the message out there to as many as possible.  I believe he is truly an American patriot in every way.

      Glenn is on my side, and he’s on your side, too!  Be of good cheer.  Thanks to Glenn and others fighting with him (including yourself, I’ll wager), I believe we will win in November!  :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Glenn! May God continue to bless you and all those around you.

  • Judy Vines Stavropoulos

    YOU GO, G. B.

  • Judy Vines Stavropoulos


  • Anonymous

    Good job !  Hit the ground running and leaped over the rest of the so-called media !

  • Anonymous

    Question:  With these changes will this site still be around as or will it, also,

    be incorporated with/into The Blaze?

  • Bryan Lee

    Keep up the hard work Glenn. Someone needs to do it. Gods hand is upon your movements. 

  • HUNTER Comstock

    Give those Commie rascals hell Glenn.  Still having withdrawal symptoms from your show on Fox.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats! Glenn, keep up the great working, and keep up the growth!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope you go from TheBlaze to the Firestorm of truth, justice and the American way.

    God bless you and yours on this journey.

  • Steve Martelli

    Mr. Beck:
    Thank you so very much for merging both GBTV and The Blaze.  I am a disabled vet and my wife has to work to make ends meet.  I always wanted to join The Blaze, but could never quite justify it with the “boss”.  So, I do appreciate you combining the both of them together.

    Thanks again!!


    Steve Martelli

    • Anonymous

      Well, I can’t believe I have found you — and on Glenn Beck’s site!  I saw that you had a posting on FB and that you are a Christian — a bold one and I got so excited!  I saw a picture of your precious family.  I tried to become a friend of your on FB but couldn’t figure out how to.  My youngest daughter just got married at a ranch  in CO two days ago.  I live in Frisco, TX.  I hope you and your family are doing well.  I turn the Big 6 0 Friday—-how did it happen?   K. Krieg McFarland

  • Derry Lounsbury

    Miss you very much on cable.  Look forward to more Glenn Beck!!  America needs millions of Glenn Beck’s!!  Stay the course – we will prevail and hopefully save America.  Thank you for your courage, Glenn and co.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Too bad, between the Blaze/Disqus the censorship is going to be rampent! 

  • Leatha Goldsmith

    Why?  He’s been the owner all along.  

  • Anonymous

    When Beck starts taking the issue of Obama’s probably ineligibility seriously I’ll really pay attention to what he and Blaze are doing!


    Get ” The Blaze” on some cable network , if had a  one hour cable program it would grow the Blaze subscribers quickly.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Lads, what’s the big news about? I though all was part of the same Beck conglomerate. Can someone explain it in plain English (or Texpanish) 

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Glenn and all the team at Mercury One and The Blaze. Your organization is a breath of fresh air in the world of media bias.

    I agree with your recent comments that the Left has a head start but you are catching them fast. George Soros has poured hundreds of millions into the Journalism pipeline to rig the system and spread his perverted views. You on the other hand, have balanced the scales with sheer determination, honest reporting and incredibly accurate research. Furthermore, your insistence on including a Godly influence in everything you do has served you well. While every other information provider is running away from God and His Word, you are running toward Him and we are grateful.

    Standing up for Israel, the Catholic Church and Christianity has shown the world it can be done, even in the age of political correctness.  The Left has been vicious in it’s attacks on people of faith, while you have embraced good people of all faiths. I long for the day that you, through love, peace and hope, reduce the influence of those in the Media who distort  facts and push  radical agenda’s versus reporting the news accurately and fairly.

    Thanks for coming to Texas, now you know how we Texans have felt all along about the New York media establishment. Quite frankly we are sick of it and the Hollywood elite. I believe that the Resorting Love Rally in late July at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas, will send a message around the world that there are those who believe in doing good for their neighbor is still possible without government oversight. Kudos on the Lemonade Stand idea. A blast from the past, when life was much simpler. Our prayers for you, your family and your enterprise shall continue.  


    • Anonymous

      You have said so well what I think and feel about Glenn Beck.  I am on record on  my daughter’s IPhone saying “mark my words, like him or loathe him Glenn Beck is the CANARY IN THE COAL MINE, ignore him at your peril”. As matriarch of a very large family, my words carry some weight despite some resistance.
      All that said, I have been unemployed for 3 years now and since I am old and on Social Security I must squeeze every nickle until it makes quarters, no money left over for a paid subscription to anything.

      So sorry Glenn, I wish, I wish but I simply cannot afford another anything that is not already in the budget.  

  • Anonymous

    I hope TheBlaze has a great insurance policy. As we all know most of its success has been around GB. Major risk, for any enterprise, to be based on one person, I may say. 

  • Tom Joseph

    i can see making money, but what you need to do is give the news free, I wont come back untill i see what you give  out free, you taught a lot with the news and thats what the people need i see it in the kids growing up yo have to show them, NOT SELL IT TO THEM because they can get that from msnbc, nbc, public radio, fox, tons more but they dont teach it like you do, you bring it back i can start telling others again. you can see it in your loss of viwers

  • Anonymous

    Glen just signed a 10 year deal with Clear Channel for $100,000,000 and it will be involved with promoting merchandise he sells. I would not be surprised if a deal is cut to put him on cable or dish as an ON-Demmand feature subscription. Many don’t have fast enough internet service to support his streams

    • Right Fielder

      I keep waiting for him to get his own “traditional” channel. Will be surprised if he doesn’t have one before the election. We’ll see.

      That said, as things stand, “streaming” gives him a good bit more freedom and flexibility. Don’t see him dumping that infrastructure.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I loved Glenn when he was on Fox… I found it offensive when he asked his loyal followers to pay up in order to watch him on GBTV.  No matter how small the fee, I found it arrogant.  Sorry, but I will not join TheBlaze UNLESS it is free.  Glenn is very very wealthy and is starting to look more and more like the filthy-rich do….

    • DAVE

       Get lost the you anti capitalist! Go join your Obama Mao mao minions.

    • Right Fielder

      Yep. Another scoundrel that has no clue, whatsoever, when it comes to the costs associated with running a business, much less a legitimate news organization. You’re a moocher.

      I may not agree with everything Glenn does, but he’s made sure a substantial number of people have steady jobs, relatively speaking, and that is more than Obama has done. In fact, that is more than Obama will ever do.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.  Where else do you PAY for COMMERCIALS and programming riddled with ‘sponsored’ messages and live-reads??  And whats with all the self-promotion??  I’m paying for your PITCH.  Loved the research and the educational material, but the credibility sufferes because of all the selling.  Come on!  Charge more and lose the commercialism or lose the fees and make the advertisers pay more. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn: You need to hire David Horowitz who with you exposes the demonic leftists for what they truly are and he has credibility since he crossed over from the wrong side to the right side.

  • FedsMadeSarahPalinProofHere

     Welcome to the police state where the government controls the media while following up with PSYOPS comments for the illegal domestic spying operation.

  • Anonymous

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time! Thank you Glenn Beck! I am so sick of switching back in forth and have only fox news to watch 24 hours. I’m on board all the way!!

  • Right Fielder

    Hotter than Hell TV!

    Smoke some real news today.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, You need to do a show free. Im sorry but Im not paying for a subscription. I agree with your perspective 99% of the time but Ive reached melt down and have to ration how much news and talk I actually consume lest I become violent. If I paid for a sub Id have to watch! Ill keep buying your books and support some of your advertisers but you are from my perspective… loosing so many people who need to see and hear what you have to say. You did not open my eyes. They were right there with you. What you have done is give me hope that I was not crazy and that so many others see what I see. I am actually a small town politician. Active in the community and believe myself a force for conservative values representing for the people in my municipality. I communicate with so many people, many of whom are quite conservative. But who lack some of the perspective you can provide. Please… Please Glenn, return some of your programming to the free sight and reach millions rather than hundreds of thousands. I do what I do for my community income free. Both myself and my colleagues are volunteers. I put incalculable time and effort at my own expense into doing what I think is right. In fact one of your producers is or was among my residents. I hope you actually see this and consider it. If I didnt know I would be bombarded I would give you my email address so we could talk about it! Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    Thinking I’m looking forward to the new network but disappointed now that there is no programming schedule to check for program content. The Blaze (new name) network definitely needs to post a guide especially since it’s going to 24/7. Searching to find out the content of tonight’s program (Glenn’s) is difficult.  A link to programming is requested to include program name, date, time, and program content.  Access to to this on Sundays would be perfect!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Glenn and all who are with you.  I been there on the computer in the first few days and had to run out to get a roku.  How nice not to sit on a uncomfortable chair.  I thank you for being on Fox and to show that I did not stand alone expecially with the picture you had made up.  I love the programing you have on the internet.  I wish I could get rid of cable but hubby still watches. 
    Thank you Glenn for all you do and have done.  Without you my head will still be in the sand.
    God bless you and your family and all that work with you and keep you safe and in his care.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Glenn and all who are with you.  I been there on the computer in the first few days and had to run out to get a roku.  How nice not to sit on a uncomfortable chair.  I thank you for being on Fox and to show that I did not stand alone expecially with the picture you had made up.  I love the programing you have on the internet.  I wish I could get rid of cable but hubby still watches. 
    Thank you Glenn for all you do and have done.  Without you my head will still be in the sand.
    God bless you and your family and all that work with you and keep you safe and in his care.

  • Gert Kaiser

    Good luck o your new endeavor ! Because you always seek divine guidance,
    the Lord will continue to bless you !

  • Ramona Robert

    The only reason I would want Glenn to be on cable is that there are a lot of older people who are unable to figure out the ROKU and still have desktops, so it is inconvienent for them to watch his program on either. I would buy GBTV for my parents but do not know of anyone who could help them when issue arise with the roku and we have enough issues ourselves with our Roku. Unfortunately his message is being missed by many of the older people.

  • Bill Steward

    I like Beck, watched him every day on Fox, but I won’t pay to watch him on the internet now or after the move.. I wish him luck and success and will keep track of his stories but… Just can’t justify spending the money…

  • Anonymous

    Wow…The Blaze is drawing numbers!!!  Great!!…Although, GBTV is successful , I am wondering why it is not drawing the same…Too many who love Glenn Beck are missing out!!..I guess the money may be the reason….Although, I pay $9.95 freely…I treat it as if I had ordered HBO from my Cable Company,  and in comparison, I’m more entertained, more knowledgeable, laugh more, learn more and I N S P I R E D.  



  • Anonymous

    How much would you pay for the truth ? Remember the truth has no agenda !
    Here it is !
    Not for us tired of the lie’s
    Bless  Beck& the Blaze

  • Allen Thompson

    love it

  • ohmicron

    I’ve tuned Beck in several times on AM radio in the mornings. He seems to now run a comedy show w/ all the blather and giggling that goes on. Picking out the points of the topics is a chore I’d rather not deal w/. Is this the new forum?

  • The Master

    I am glad he is back on dish it was impossible to watch the online content due to the bandwidth limits placed on our phones and satellite internet services.

  • The Master

    In order to get on cable systems the blaze must have a satellite feed does anyone know if it is and what satellite it is on?

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