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Not many people saw this one coming (unless you listen to Glenn). As the media gushed during the Arab Spring, few bothered to think about the unintended consequences. This is the worst case scenario – the Brotherhood win the election but the military seizes power. Pretty much a lose lose scenario.

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate has claimed victory now. His party is now in control in Egypt. Now at least you might be saying, ‘Well, that’s, you know, that’s great. At least the military won’t be in control.’ And that’s true. Now it’s just an Islamic extremist group that’s in control,” Glenn said.

Many of the critics of Mubarak’s regime felt that he was supported by military power, and that the winner of yesterday’s election would be the first democratically elected leader.

The Blaze reported “The Muslim Brotherhood has declared that its candidate, Mohammed Morsi, won Egypt’s presidential election” last night. “The declaration was based on returns the Brotherhood reported from 95 percent of the more than 13,000 polling stations nationwide. The returns showed Morsi with 52 percent of the vote, his opponent former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq with 48 percent. A million votes separated the two, which a Brotherhood spokesman said the remaining votes could not overcome the difference for Shafiq.”

“I’m sure it’s all going to work out,” he joked. “This might be a case where the least pessimistic wasn’t pessimistic enough.”

“Now Bill (Kristol), what I said about this so‑called Arab Spring, if you’ll remember, was that it was extremely dangerous. Extremely dangerous that it could lead to an Islamic Caliphate. I didn’t say that elections would never be held. I said that we should be very concerned about what’s taking place there because it could be very bad for the United States and Israel. Yes, the other guy was closely tied to Mubarak and the military, and people were rightly troubled that if Ahmed Shafik would win, it would be more of the same. But what do we have now? Definitely not more of the same. Now we have a battle for power between the military and a new Islamic regime that wants a Caliphate with its headquarters based right there with chaos, not to be confused with control. With chaos in Jerusalem. By the way, it kind of goes hand in hand with the destruction of Israel, but who’s counting at this point?”

Despite winning the election, the military has made moves to retain their leadership and control in Egypt.

The Blaze reported on the struggle between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military, saying, “As vote counting began in Egypt’s election for the successor to Hosni Mubarak, the ruling military issued an interim constitution Sunday that handed themselves the lion’s share of power over the new president, enshrining their hold on the state and sharpening the possibility of confrontation with the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“With parliament dissolved and martial law effectively in force, the generals made themselves the country’s lawmakers, gave themselves control over the budget and will determine who writes the permanent constitution that will define the country’s future,” the news site continued.

“Instead of pulling off, as Bill Kristol said, a democratic peaceful removal of a dictator, the removal wasn’t democratic and it wasn’t all that peaceful. Then he said we have pretty seemingly stable situation. ‘Seemingly’ and ‘pretty’ being the operable words,” he added.

“What we have then, Bill, is an absolute mess, and here’s the good news: It’s been a year since your antiprophetic message and we can see pretty clear who was sadly, horrifically, possibly to the peril of our own countrymen, mistaken. But congratulations. Congratulations. You’re doing a great job. And there’s no ‑‑ there’s no chance of you stopping anytime soon.”