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S.E. Cupp, Real News panelist and commentator, found herself in a very scary situation over the weekend as she was aboard a plane forced to make an emergency landing after a severe mechanical malfunction.

ABC News reports:

The Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation after a mechanical problem on a JetBlue flight from Las Vegas to New York this weekend led to an emergency landing, grounding 135 rattled passengers.

JetBlue confirmed to ABC News that the captain of Flight 194 declared an emergency landing on Sunday because of a “mechanical indication” in the cockpit. Officials at Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport said the aircraft had hydraulic problems in the air and had to return to the airport.

S.E. tweeted upon landing back in Vegas (read from bottom to the top for proper chronology – Social Media is FUN!)

Throughout the flight plane continuously moved from side to side and went into steep turns, causing at least one passenger to become sick and vomit. Meanwhile, a flight attendant attempted to keep passengers calm by walking through the aisles and tell them to “look at her smile to see she was not scared.”

Based on passenger comments there appear to have been problems starting immediately after takeoff. Some said they heard screeching and felt a lot of bouncing.