The Left vs. The Right: It’s all about context

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This morning on radio Glenn went through two stories that were recently in the news, both have to do with anti-patriotic protests from the left.

The first is a story out of New York City. Last week, reported on a Brooklyn principal who banned children from singing ‘God Blass the USA’ during their kindergarten graduation program, claiming she didn’t “want to offend other cultures.”

This week those same children were heckled for singing the song at a protest in a nearby park. reports:

Parents, outraged by Principal Greta Hawkins’ decision to ban the song, organized the protest and invited Rep. Bob Turner (R-NY) to attend (he’s running against Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand). But the event, which was assembled to allow the children and families to make their opposition to Hawkins’ stance known, went terribly wrong when some adults chose to shout over the children in protest.

“The left shows up, and what does the left do? They decide to scream at the schoolchildren. I mean, we’re talking little kids, scream at the schoolchildren,” Glenn said.

In the audio clip of the protest you can hear the children in the background singing “God Bless America,” and the protest trying to shout over them screaming, “Burn in hell! You’re all going to burn in hell!”

“They’re all going to burn in hell for singing “God Bless America”?” Pat asked.


Glenn quickly jumped over to the other story – this one of a flag burning out of Oakland, California. In this clip far left protesters are burning an American flag and singing. As they sing, you can hear them saying “America, F* you”.

“They won’t burn in hell, the flag will just burn. But when you sing “God Bless America,” that’s when you’re going to burn,” Pat said noting the left’s hypocritical logic.

The left has been protesting America, capitalism and the Constitution for years. It was the same story in the 1960’s, just different characters. But, what Glenn points out next is the ultimate irony of the left. The shameful parts of American history that the far left loves to highlight, the reasons they burn the flag in anger and yell at children singing songs like “God Bless America” is never put into context.

Van Jones likes to highlight the horrible history of what America did to the Native Americans, but ironically little attention is ever put on progressive Andrew Jackson, who was operating under the guise of “Manifest Destiny”. The far left calls conservatives racists, even President Obama has made comments about rounding people up off the streets, but which Presidents actually did these things? Woodrow Wilson and FDR.

Glenn went on to ask Pat who he had learned more anti-American history/stories from, Barack Obama, Van Jones or him.

“Definitely you,” Pat answered.

While many on the extreme left say they hate America, they rarely provide substantive history or facts as to why. On the other hand, Glenn, who loves America, is willing to tell the truth, both bad and good, about American history – in context.

“MSNBC and their hosts are always bashing America, but they’re not putting it into context. They’re not telling you why the bad things happened the way they did. They are just telling you that they happened, so you think it’s a bad country,” Pat said. “They are not telling you it’s their own compatriots who share the ideology they do on those things. They don’t say ‘that was my hero, FDR.’ They don’t say ‘that was my hero, one of the founders of my movement, Woodrow Wilson.’ They never say that.”

Glenn added that the difference between the left and the right is that the right doesn’t want America destroyed – the same thing goes for libertarians, and the crazy extreme libertarians that will protest with Occupy because they agree on one point. The difference is that the left is preaching destruction, while the right is for construction. The right typically stands for something, while the left is only standing against something.

“We’ve [America] got serious issues, but we can deal with them – we can fix them,” Glenn said. “They want to destroy it. And that’s the difference between us. Do you want to destroy it, or do you want to say, “We can be better than this”? Because that’s the thing that all of our founders had in common. That’s the thing that all of our great presidents had in common. Not the revisionist history progressive but the true great presidents, they all had something in common and they believed in the American people, they believed in the individual, and they believed that we could be better tomorrow than we are today. I believe that. I think you do.”

  • landofaahs

    If the choice is between destruction or separation to gain liberty, liberty wins out for me.  I don’t want to suffer hell on earth just so I can stay together for the group.  That is asking too much.  It’s good for marriage but bad for politics.

  • landofaahs

    As John Adams said about a week before the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence said in reply to passers by what he had to say for the evenrt. “Independence forever”  When asked if he wanted to add anything else, he said “Not a word”.  That was his last public statement before his death on the 4th.
    We don’t call it Independence day much anymore.  It’s called the 4th of July etc.  But the word Independence is important because of it’s emphasis on our being independent as a country and as individuals.  Not dependent.  INDEPENDENCE FOREVER.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)


  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Life or death, blessings or cursing, freedom and liberty or eternal serfdom; that is the choice we have to make. Now that the admin is burning at all ends, his growing desperation is causing the progressives to become more and more dangerous; and all too soon, unless God restrains them, Hades will be unleased by them upon all of us.

    • jen

      the choice you have to make is not right vrs left as beck says.  right is equally for destruction as the left.  beck just wants to divide americans and cast them against each other. 

      truth is most people don’t want destruction, but leaders like beck need that for their own power.  most on both sides, the illusionary left and right, both want construction and do not want destruction.

      so beck is teaching wrong that 50% of americans who classify themselves as liberals politically want destruction.  meaning at least half of your neighbors and colleagues/bosses want to destroy their own homes and companies and children.  how stupid is that.

      instead people like beck put on a good act and deceive in order to gain chaos, division, and then destrucion, like the soros ways.

  • Anonymous

    Among the commandments:
    1 Do not
    worship false gods.
    2 Do not dishonor your father and mother.
    3 Do not kill.
    4 Do not steal.
    5 Do not lie.

    What do
    liberals support?
    1 No recognition nor symbols of God in public. The Gaia philosophy. “No” to
    Intelligent design.
    2 Societal parenting.”You know things your parents don’t know” It takes a village”
    3 Abortion on demand. Euthanasia.
    4 Forcibly taking from one to give to another.
    5 Making false or exaggerated statements that support their views:
    is bad. Israel
    is an oppressor. Man made global warming. Che and Mao were patriots among

    This is not a
    matter of right or left. It is a matter of right or wrong.

    • Margaret Price

      The 10th Commandment: Do not covet what is not yours.

      The left is all about covetousness and envy. It’s the heart and soul of Marxism.

    • Anonymous

      As you convey, this isn’t a battle of left vs. right.  Never was.  This is a battle of good vs. evil.

      Ultimately, what we have behind the vast smokescreen of grandstanding, protests and rhetoric is a battle for souls.

  • Anonymous

    When I was in School I got the federal grant money as $50 bills with US Grant on them.  Talk about symbolism

  • Anonymous

    The 10 commandments were great because
    1 they were given by God
    2 Everybody lives under them
    The Constitution is great because
    1. It limits government
    2. Everybody lives under it.

  • Anonymous

    you left out jefferson — was he so big government?  adams?  jefferson was an amazing writer of our founding documents.

  • Anonymous

    What really amazes me as I read these kinds of stories is how docile the American public is, no real outcry, no indignation, essentially not a peep….. guess the ball game is more important.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn gets his history from David Barton, who has an unabashed ideological( i.e. evangelical christian)agenda to his historical revisionisim. It’s a wonder the only presidential candidate who attends a Christian church–the incumbent–isn’t more popular with this crowd.

    • Anonymous

      The lack of popularity is understandable, there is a difference between attending church and faithfully executing what the church teaches.

      Using our present example: the incumbent attends the White House.

    • Anonymous

      HayMkt,  You say B.O. attends church?   Wanna bet how often that would be?

      What a person says has to match what that person does.  He says he is a Christian.

      So?  Prove it.  Demanding Christian churches/organizations offer abortions in their

      health coverage to those who work for them?   Declaring he is in favor of gay marriage

      thereby redefining the very meaning of marriage as it has been known for eons?

      Oh yeah. Well known Christian teachings. Death of the unborn and same sex marriage.

      • Anonymous

        There is no monopoly on what it means to be a Christian. Plenty of Christians are pro-choice. They don’t want the federal state telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. plenty agree with same-sex marriage. And many of those same people are politically conservative.

        God hasn’t left the schools. He’s in every child of God who attends. He doesn’t need symbols and songs sung with his name in it before he bell rings to be appeased.

        • Anonymous

          “attending Church” vs. “living what the Church teaches”. Churches are not to be social organizations where right and wrong is held up to democratic vote.  Planned death of an unborn child is a Lie. Doing whatever one desires with their bodies is a Lie.  So-called “same sex marriage” is a Lie.

          Lies are not from Christ.

          • Anonymous

            Guess you’ve got it all figured out.

          • Anonymous

            I “figured” nothing. Truth is eternal, Lies are nothing.  If you have an issue with Truth, take it to the source of all Truth.

    • greywolfrs

      The only one who attends church? When has he attended church? You mean Rev. Wright, if you want to call that a “Cristian church.” Dunce.

      • Anonymous

        Trinity United church of Christ? Part of the united church of christ, a mainline Protestant denomination? More than 6,000 members? If it walks like a duck…

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you guys are spot on!!!   The left is a very sad group.  I would like to know how many profit off the GREAT Nation, also without the military keeping us free – so far- they are able to mouth off.  If that had been my son or daughter singing and some crazy got up and started yelling at them, there would have been a fight!  I am not that kind of a person and I live by God’s law each and everyday, but no one is going to yell at my child or grandchildren.  We have to start speaking out and being heard, unfortunately, we can’t be the silent majority any more.   God help us all!!!  Come quickly Lord Jesus!!

  • Beckoning_Cat

    Disgraceful. Where is the phone call to these kids from the Obama Administration? 

  • greywolfrs

    More evidence of the “tolerant” left wing idiots. Just one question, how could these morons say “America, fuck you” and still be here? If you morons hate this country so much, please feel free to leave at any time, the sooner the better. There are plenty of countries that would take you idiots, Canada being one. GO…

  • Anonymous

    This discussion cannot become any more clear, the socialists attack children, God and the American flag while Conservatives support and protect children (born and pre-born), God, the Constitution and the American flag as well as everything for which it stands.

    Any questions?

  • Ling Ling

    There are people on the right who fail to learn from history as well.  Even there are those who refuse to look at it.  For example, integration was forced on the majority of Americans, and right wingers don’t like talking about it.  They call you retarded for being a racist, and then you wonder if that is how they actually treat the real mentally challenged people.

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