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Read the full SCOTUS opinion here.

The country is eagerly awaiting a decision from The Supreme Court of the United States on Obamacare – and it turns out they are going to have to wait until next week. But that doesn’t mean there is no news coming from the SCOTUS as they did decide that in the case of Knox v. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) that the First Amendment gives state employees the right to decline to pay dues used for political advocacy by the union.

“The issue is whether a state can require its employees to pay a special union fee, require the employees to pay a union fee that will be spent for political purposes without giving them any information about the fee in advance.  So we can require people to just pay the union’s political bills without even telling them that they’re going to pay the union’s political bills,” Stu explained.

The decision was a 7-2 vote.

” Let’s take a minute and just mourn for SEIU,” Glenn said before almost immediately saying, “Okay, I think that’s enough time.”

“It’s starting to shape up to be a very bad summer for the unions, is it?” Glenn added.

Mark Mix, President of National Right to Work, issued the statement below following the ruling :

Today, the United States Supreme Court upheld workers’ First Amendment rights and struck down another union boss scheme to confiscate and spend state workers’ hard earned money for politics without their permission.

Attorneys from the National Right to Work Foundation…argued, and the Court agreed, that the workers should not be forced to subsidize union officials’ political spending, even for a short period of time.

The Court closed a giant loophole that allowed union bosses to confiscate money from workers’ paychecks for political spending sprees – and sent a message to union officials, once again, that forced political conformity is unconstitutional.