Glenn predicts what could happen in November

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Yesterday on the Fourth Hour, Pat and Stu mapped out the 2012 election using the website This morning on radio, Glenn added his own predictions, which had Romney winning the election pretty handily.

“At one point, I had [Romney] at 700 to 3,” Glenn said. “And I think it could happen that way.”

The website allows you to play with the electoral map to predict potential election outcomes. You can then share the maps via social media. 270toWin also shows maps that reflect current poll data and the 2008 election results among other things.

Pat and Stu had pretty realistic results, giving Romney a slight edge over President Obama. Stu has Virginia as the swing state, and if Romney wins Virginia, he would beat Obama 272 to 266. Pat has Romney winning 278 to 260, despite a couple of swing states going to the President.

Glenn’s latest map, on the other hand, has things much more simplified. Basically, he has Romney winning every state except Colorado and Hawaii. In Glenn’s world, Romney also wins Canada and Mexico.

“Alright, try my scenario,” Glenn said. “[Romney] wins Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois…”

Pat and Stu had trouble understanding how Illinois, arguably a home state type situation for Obama, could go to Romney. But Glenn wasn’t finished.

“Hear me out,” he continued. “Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, I’m undecided on Mexico.”

At this point Stu jumped in to clarify whether Glenn meant New Mexico, the state, or Mexico, the country. Glenn had an opinion on both. “I am undecided on New Mexico, but he’s already won Mexico handily,” Glenn decided.

Glenn also has Romney winning Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington.

“And let’s say that Obama takes Colorado,” he conceded. “And Alaska and Hawaii, I’m not sure.
Alaska, [Romney] wins, but Hawaii might go to Obama.”

So what is the final tally?

“So you have it at about 509 to 510ish” going to Romney, Pat said.

“And look, that could happen,” Glenn joked. “That could happen.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Here is the crux of the matter: Obama has to be defeated if we are to have any chance at restoring the nation, along with defeating the Democrats in the Senate, retain the House and deal a ‘your fired’ to any of the old DC Guard who refuses to do what the people want.

    I still say the odds are better than even that by the time Nov is here, Obama will have declared martial law and negate any elections that may happen. If he is somehow defeated, after the expected massive fraud, intimidation and legal challenges, he never will leave office willingly.

    • Anonymous

      yea obama is definitely way to conservative for this country! we need some real liberals in office or our country will fail

      • Annette Mennella

        Really ? It will fail! What planet are you on! It has failed! He goes in November by fair votes! If he cheats or has his thugs intimidate us we the people will know and fight back!

        • Annette Mennella

          He is a narcissist thug who thinks he can tell us what’s good for us! We the American people are on to him!

  • landofaahs

    Glenn is not a good person. I will explain in one post later this evening.

    • Joshua Marner

      Obama is not a good person. I will explain in FIVE posts at random points in the space-time continuum.

      • Anonymous

        face it you don’t like him cause he is black

        • Annette Mennella

          You are nuts!

          • Annette Mennella

            He’s damn half white! Get the hell over it!

      • landofaahs

        It’s a good thing that I already know why obama is not a good person so I will not need to follow your 5 posts. But thanks for the enlightenment, I am sure others will gain a lot from it. Good luck.

        • Joshua Marner

           It may be difficult to follow those 5 posts, as they may be at any point at any time in the entire continuum. I promise that they won’t be in any alternate universes, so those who do wish to follow have THAT going for them….

          Once you have collected all 5, you simply need to arrange them each into square matrices and find the correct ordering such that when they’re all multiplied together the resultant will be valid little-endian Unicode with the context and reasoning to exactly why Obama can be considered “not a good person.”

          As a bonus, I will explain why Glenn Beck, Kobe Bryant, and Sam Mullet can be considered good people using that same context and reasoning.

          • landofaahs

            LOL. Any formula that says Kobe is a good person needs quite a little need to do some more rearranging of your columns and rows.

      • landofaahs

        Beam me up Scotty!!!

    • Angie

      i am going to go out on a limb and say your a person who likes sticking their head in the sand so you don’t have to hear the truth?

      • landofaahs

        You may need a saw.

  • Anonymous

    The calculus involved in this election is simple, if we as a nation vote for Obama we deserve exactly what we get.

    • Anonymous

      That is the thing with the electoral college popular vote means nothing…hence the point of the second-to-last line where the electoral votes were so close and President Obama has only “taken” three states in Glenn Becks mind. The electoral college is rigged, if we were to have gone with popular vote last election we would not have had President Obama take seat, it would have been McCain. 

      • Nancy Luckhurst

         With NPV middle America doesn’t get a say.  Roughly 11-13 states on both the west and east coast because of the population would go to Obama nullifying the rest of the votes.  For God’s sake do your homework. 

  • Mikey Silbaugh

    Wisconsin won’t go to Obozo…Not this Time !!!

  • Jaque Indabaux

    I’ll take the Mormon…

  • Holly Munford

    Well I don’t give a flying crap what the polls say for who will “win” Colorado, this is one voter who is NOT going for another 4 years of Ohbummer.

    • Anonymous

      ron paul!

      • Anonymous

        The ‘OLD MAN’ would probably die in office.  He would never win a damn thing. He was just having himself a ‘good ole time.’

    • Anonymous

      please spread the word in your state to vote him out!

    • Sharon

      Something is going on because alot of people are moving to Texas…

  • Joseph Delli Gatti

    I think Romney will take Oregon, Washington, and Florida by a landslide.  I live in Vancouver, WA bordering Portland.  I don’t know who these people are polling, but I’m physically seeing a lot more support for Romney in these areas than some might expect.  

    • Jack Frost

      Except you forget that the bulk of the population in WA State reside in Kings and Pierce counties and are heavily liberal.  They will never vote conservative.  I hate this area with a passion…

      • Tim Bruner

        King County, yes. I don’t think the same applies to Pierce County. They voted Rossi in 2010, and I’m pretty sure they went to Bush and Rossi in 2004. I’d call them swing, but when King County is a guarantee to go 60% liberal (usually more like 75%), it overrides a narrow victory in Pierce. If the Electoral College awarded by district, I would be in a swing district and I think Joseph would be in a Republican district.

  • Steve Dayonchik

    Hmmm, what a choice, the Moron vs. the Mormon.

    • Kelley Eidem

      There’s nothing like a little religious bigotry to get your day going.

  • Angie

    I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t want another 4 years of a president who feels like trampling over my civil rights and literally saying “screw the constitution” by not following proper order. Obama is an idiot and a man with no morals or care for the american people. i want my children to have a bright future.

    • Anonymous

      I wish you luck if obama gets back in.

      • Anonymous

        Luck has nothing to do with this outcome.  The entire election will be a carefully orchestrated chess game, each side moving ahead purposely.  The primary problem for Romney in the swing states is the illegitimate voters.  There are many hundreds of them and our Eric Holder doesn’t want an honest vote.

        Should Obama win, I’m certain that opposing states will unite, and populations will shift to live among persons of similar morals.

        • Anonymous

          If 10% of it is Illegal Voter Fraud, Romney still wins. Too many prior Obama Lovers, have lost the passion for the ‘Bummer’. Now, they are holding on to their wallets. 20%% of Blacks are disillusioned this time around. Watch and see.

          • Richie Tipsy Kariuki

            Do you have a link clearly showing that voter fraud is anywhere around 10%? I’m genuinely curious as to where you pulled this figure from and if this place has light.

      • Fred Rose

        It is possible for Obama to buy enough votes with his promises to all the special interest groups to be re-elected.  I am concerned being a fairly well- educated, christ-loving northern midwestern consevative citizen who can actually think for myself.  You promise enough  to the right people and scare the rest of them with constant bombardment of adds on tv.. I am hoping you guys are right about a landslide, but don’t be too sure.  

        Get out to vote and make sure all of your friends get out to vote.  Educate yourselves on local issues as well as national ones.  

        secession only works if the grass roots are together.  We still have a long way to go with the generational well-fare group and several other groups. Not to mention many of the “well – educated – liberal folks ”  I work around on a college campus.  

        Scarry how smart and confident they are that they are right and the rest of us are stupid.

        • Anonymous

          The great book ever written says “The Bible says in 2 Peter 2:19
          New International Version (©1984)They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity–for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him.New Living Translation (©2007)
          They promise freedom, but they themselves are slaves of sin and corruption. For you are a slave to whatever controls you.Isn’t it a coincidence or a deliberate act that a lot of those who call themselves liberals/progressives encourage immorality so that those who lack self control would vote for them in order to stay in power indefinitely if possible? 

    • Paolina Garcia

      So WHEN Obama wins by having ACORN/SEIU fraud the vote, will conservatives finally accept that Secession is the ONLY solution to preserving our way of life and restoring state’s rights?

      The truth of the matter, whether Glenn likes it or not, is most of the Yankee territories and California are too brainwashed to ever return to common sense. They will have their atheist socialist utopia one way or the other.

      The question is: is Texas and the rest of the South going to stay along for the ride into communism? Or will we separate and become a shining example to which all lovers of freedom can immigrate to? (imagine no IRS, no Unions, I can just see all the northern conservatives stampeding to the South).

      • Justin Nelson

         Speaking as a proud atheist socialist, I wish you all the best of luck in your new freedom-loving nation. If I had my way, this time we’d let y’all go.

        • Paolina Garcia

          Thank you! Southern conservatives and Northern atheist socialists should be the best of friends in achieving our desired results: an atheist socialist North, and a conservative, christian South.

          The presence of the South prevents the North from getting what they want, and vice versa. So we should separate peacefully and let our economic systems compete.

          And if your socialist experiment fails, you’ll just have to sign a nice pledge that you recognize it’s a failure when you apply to immigrate to the South. 😉

          • Anonymous

            I just clicked “like” and wish it could have been “likes ALOT!” … Good reply!

          • JAMES W

            I like the pledge idea for re-entry. I would also add a modest fee for re-entry to reduce the deficit, say around 150,000.00 per person.

          • Anonymous


          • Paolina Garcia

            No need for that fee! If we secede our deficit will be ZERO.

            Historically speaking governments that secede do not have to take on the debt of the government they secede from.

            So want to get out from that $15 trillion? SECEDE.

            And technically it’s a way out for the North too, if they dissolve the US government and form their own new state they can also technically nullify the debt.

            Either that or we share the debt balance proportionally, but since the US dollar would become worthless after we leave, it’d be EASY to pay off.

            Imagine using Texas gold dollars to pay off US dollar debt that loses 90% of it’s value, so our $2 trillion portion of that becomes only $200 billion which could be paid off in the first year since we’d run a government surplus in the beginning since we wouldn’t be offering so many services.

          • Anonymous

            The South, that’s us, as gun-toting, meat loving, God-loving, residents.  And proud of it.  And you know what?  We would be generous enough to keep those other folks in our prayers with the hope that they would find God and love for their brothers and sisters. But they would find tough love along with that philosophy. Create your own work and you will create work for others. That’s how you would connect to this society.

          • Andrew Oakes

            Thank you Paolina Garcia, for your kind words, although I do think it’s unfair to label all them northern folks as atheist socialists. Being a Northern, God-loving, Christian person myself, I know that there are a few of us that are plenty conservative. I mean, not all of us are without religion. I bet some of us might even move down to the South, except maybe  it might be a little too hot…

          • Anonymous

            This here Yankee moved to South Carolina, as a Conservative from Mass. Lots of us Yankees are Conservative and detest those stupid Libtards from our State. I was raised Democrat, but early on said “something is wrong with this picture”. However, now that I am here, I find so many Southern Democrats as well. Just as stupid and dumb. They do not keep up with Conservative news, but park their fat asses on a sofa and watch, Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, Oprah, and idiot Dr. Phil etc. If you do not know History it will repeat itself. They know NOTHING.If POTUS prevails, they  will be the first to cry and scream as Libtards do!! The Dems have taken the Black American and made him into a ‘Victim’. It worked. MLK, Frederick Douglas, and Lincoln, heroes to our Black Americans, were Republicans. Ironic isn’t it. Whatever!

          • Anonymous

             Be a mistake to let any dmyankee come on down, unless he’s self-employed & he brings his company with him.
            And when they do go bankrupt, ZERO help… unless they indict, try, convict, & imprison Every Single dmyankee Democrat member of Congress – present or past, in office or out.  Every Last One, or No Deal – ya’ll just go broke & sit in the cold dark!

          • Omegaomni

             And if your society devolves into a christian theocracy with witch  burnings and crusades. Well gladly take your women

          • Anonymous

            no true believer in god could vote for someone who stands for gay rights and for abortions. as for you to think that you could take are women they would die first.all you want to do is take,take,take.can ‘t you find your own women.there are no nonbelievers in god just those that are mad at him and those that don’t like his laws. No one comes to me but through my son. His name is jesus and you can call on jesus to save you at any time this side of hell.

          • C.v. Wood

            I like the idea of a constitutional republic, you guys can keep the atheist socialist North and a Christian South…neither respect a constitutional republic.

          • Quinton

            Do we have to become puritanical morons who can’t enjoy the simple things in life like smoking weed, having sex, and not going to church? I mean after all, our Founding Fathers did all those things.

          • John M Spezeski

            I happen to be a Conservative Christian Pastor who lives in New Hampshire. New England is not New York yet. There are still many conservatives who live in this state. Our last election was a Republican land slide in both the House and Senate. 

          • Cold War Gunner

             Lets see, If all the “blue LIBBIE” states go their way and all the Conservative “RED” states go their’s, that means New England, and the West Coast are BLUE” and the rest of the country is Conservative, Why don’t we call it the Conservative Republic of America? 
            If you don’t want to live where you must believe in GOD, and his son Jesus, and accept the Constitution as written by the Founding Fathers, then go live “blue”

        • Andrew Ritter

          The truth is that we’re still fighting the Civil War.  Not ours.  The Brits.  There were two groups in England when they had their Civil War.  There were the aristocrats who, when they lost power, colonized Virginia.  Then there were the Puritans who, when they lost power, colonized New England.  The Virginia folks had peasants and, looking for someone to do their dirty work for them, turned to slavery.  The Puritans believed in self-reliance and free markets.  The Civil War from England simply moved here when the New England ideology moved south, the Virginia mentality moved north, and the two collided.  If you think about it, we have the same two groups fighting each other today.  The Libs want to control everyone because they think we’re all idiots (just like peasants and slaves).  Once they take over, all there will be left will be the ruling class (1%) and the 99% will be composed of poor people whose every move will be governed.  And then there’s the Conservatives who believe in freedom and self-reliance.  The two groups cannot co-exist.  The answer is to split the country in two, much the same way the Asian Indians did with the Hindus and Muslims.  The Hindus had to leave what became Pakistan and the Muslims had to leave India.  The Red States should stay the USA while the Blue States should become the Communist States of America.  The purple states can vote which one they want to belong to.  People should then move so they’re living with the ideology they can agree with.  Hopefully, the two can co-exist on the same continent.  Personally, I would be happy if we Conservatives had our own country and am sure the Libs wouldn’t lose any sleep over the split, either.

          • Anonymous

            Of course they would be coming to the Conservatives to borrow money.  You know where that would go….

          • Ryan Simosnon

             So our new constitution should have a clause that we cannot loan money to the old USA.

        • Anonymous

          You are in the wrong country, you should be living in China, North Korea, Venezuela, France, Greece or Russia. They love you socialists. I lived that life and G-d Help You All

        • John Sorger

          The result would look like North and South Korea in no time flat. Enjoy starving in your slave labor gulag Mr. ‘proud atheist socialist’

        • Anonymous

           It’s a vicious circle and people like you keep it that way. You are apparently a young person. Most youth have no clue where this Country is going. Also, I am sure you would not give 1 day of Military Service to your Country under ANY circumstance. You must truly believe that this Obummer will ‘provide and care’ for you. Should he prevail, on 2014, you will be driven to horror and shock at what happened and what world you are suddenly living in. The soft glove will come off his Marxist fist and you will be in the way.Please move to China, North Korea, France, Russia or whatever. BET you would not. BUT, you may not have too!
          From a proud VET and Conservative who saw the light, Good Luck!!

        • Anonymous

          Are you kidding? As an atheist, you believe that something comes from nothing. Which shows that you are delusional. You will not have your way because your “utopia” cannot and will not happen. It has already failed. Get real to get rid of the ideology that resulted in the destruction of resources and millions of people around the world.

          • Anonymous

            they believe that it rained and all life came from that puddle of water  on that rock. yet they also believed that there is no way on earth that a male and female dog could produce all the different breeds of dogs that we have today 

          • Richie Tipsy Kariuki

            If you have a genuine interest in Abiogenesis and Evolution (or science in general), I will gladly point you in the write direction. However, if your point was just to throw out misinformation in the hopes that you might receive praise from people who know even less than you do on the subjects, I would probably stay out of the realm of science. You might come out looking…how you say…Not so sharp.

        • Zack T. Graybill

          Oh please do that way when the US crumbles we can charge you guys as immigrants 😉

        • plurb

          tired of turning the other cheek we have a Constitution and we are a Nation of Laws…Obey or Submit your choice Judeo Christian values or lets see your atheist butts when you’re bowing to Mecca you idiots!

          • Richie Tipsy Kariuki

            I mean, don’t these people know the exact reason America came about was to establish a Christian theocracy. You won’t read about it from any credible sources, because they’re all part of the conspiracy, but if Glenn Beck says it, that’s all the evidence I need.

        • Anonymous

          Justin, have your way and move to say…. France…Greece….or anywhere in the socialist European Union; we will not miss you.  By the way, do you work or are you part of the Nanny State Socialists who just take, and take, and take, and take….get the picture?  Go away

          • Justin Nelson

             I do have a job, I work around 60 hours a week. Don’t get enough for it either. Anyway, I’d love to move to Europe- will you arrange the airfare and relevant immigration visas?

          • Ryan Simosnon

             NO, because spending our hard earned money and time on you would be against everything we believe in.

        • Jim

          Justin, you are a moron and there are a lot more of us than you God hating commie. Why don’t you go to Cuba where you would fit in well.

        • Susie Cochran

          America is the only country for our way of life.  If you enjoy being atheist & socialist, I recommend you go to where you can be the most happy.  Maybe France?  We let you go.  Please feel free to enjoy our way of life here, but please let us have our founding father’s dream & not make it into something that is less.  Thank you for your time.

        • Wendy Dooley

           then leave and don’t come back..THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!!!!

        • Lia

          And we’d be happy to have you LET us go – on to clean up the mess too many welfare babies and gov. intervention has left for hard working Americans that take pride in their efforts.  They’ll be the next generation for building a real foundation based on ACCOUNTABILITY!

      • Rick Kocher

        i totally agree with yah there. i live in PA and people still think that blubber brain is doing a good job! its amazing the idiocracy found in northern states actually in the US in general. we as a people have lost our moral compasses and have decided that Uncle Sam knows best for us in when reality BIg G dont know what is right or wrong only what will make them richer and more powerful. I say we are on the brink of a civil war, basically itll be the regular guys versus the freeloadfing commi obummer followers. 

        • Paolina Garcia

          No need for a civil war: just secede peacefully. Texas has nukes, so whenever a Yankee tells you that “we can’t secede”, just say “we have nukes”.

          It was the same with the Soviet Union, so there was no big civil war.

          • Michele R Karger

            I think I wanna move to Texas.

          • Anonymous

            No you don’t want to move here….full of “poor poor illegal aliens, just come to work ” and we all know that is baloney…they come so American taxpayers can support them and they can have an anchor baby every 9 months& an hour

          • Xiccarph

             Texas has its tyrannical issues as well, including Dilusions of Grandeur” police departments/sheriffs, better known as Austin, Houston, and the like, which are bastions of libralism/progressivism.  TX needs to clean its own house before creating an “indpendant” one (again).  Oh, and TX has the right to secede anytime they want without going to war with the fed  gov’t…it was in their  statehood agreement.  Montana has the same pre-agreed right. Don’t spout nonsense that all states have the right…the feds don’t recognize anything anyway from the founding of this country, particularly states’ rights.  They most likely won’t care about TX or MT written right either.  Feds are feds and they make the rules and laws and hold the highest Power of Ultimate Force. Do what we tell you to do, or else. Just ask Obambi.

          • Anonymous

             That’s true, BUT, do you really see the US  going along…oh, that’s right, Texas was part of the Confederacy…the US did not let TX just leave nicely. No matter how many weapons we have, and how GALLANTLY we sacrifice ourselves, we still can’t hide from infra-red…not place to hide.

          • Greg Williams

            Actually I wanted to reply to mustang75.  You really can hide from infra-red, and it’s pretty cheap to do so.

          • David

             I like what Mike Church has to say about secession.

          • Anonymous

             Paolina…There are nukes in Texas, but Texas does not have nukes, and I don’t think that even if we could take them away, we still need those little codes.

          • James Cumber


      • Anonymous

        I live here in one of those yankee territories, here in New England, and everyone i know hates ovummit, so i dont know what you are talking about. I wish the whole new england could recede if he becomes elected. No one really likes him here. Not only the south hates him, but alot of the mid-west. He isnt too popular.

        • Paolina Garcia

          Just because you live in a GOP heavy district doesn’t make the fact that New England (with the exception of the small in population areas of New Hampshire and Maine) is made up of a majority of either socialists, atheists, or moral relativists.

          How about you help us out by seceding first! We need a Union state to go first, it’d help us out in the South to get the ball rolling.

          • Anonymous

             NH will be turning Red in November!  Live Free or Die, baby!

          • Jeffrey Alan Öser

            Funny Paolina, I quess I could be called a athestic socialsit and yet I live in Kentucky. Wait my mom is from Connecticut plus her parents from Quebec so maybe your right and its in the Yankee blood, could be worse I could be a mindless religious sheeple like everyone else in the South.

          • Bill Morgan

             Jeffrey; your mindless enough you would follow a sheepdog if he had your food stamps in his mouth

          • Anonymous

            Those sheeple in the south will die trying to help save your life.  The brilliant folks in Connecticut would walk on by…

          • Anonymous

            I have a die hard sister in law in Providence RI who will vote for whoever runs against Obama.  I expect the pigs to begin flying any moment…

        • Karie

          It’s only the liberal purchased Media that “likes” Commi-Obami….they lie and say many like him, but as I am speaking to Americans everywhere, I hear across the board, that NO ONE likes Obuumer. They see him for the purchased puppet/fraud/treasonous fake president that he is. Thanks to the digging and work of people like you and me and Glenn Beck.  We all know this dividing of our Nation and huge struggle is the smelly work of despots such as “Emperor” Soros at work, trying to divide our Nation. He hates all things God, hates all things religious, hates all things free–he is evil.  We MUST imprison all those guilty of Treason IN our Government–NOW!  I KNOW there are more FOR U.S. than against U.S.!   The whole world is cheering U.S. on.  They know that if we fall, they will have no chance for true liberty for years to come.  WE MUST FIGHT. Peacefully first, and not so peacefully if it comes down to it. Do it for our children!   IN GOD WE TRUST.  We The People take back this Nation–NOW!  

          • James Cumber

            Please go to INFOWARS.COM and pick up a copy of the DVD, “Dreams From My Real Father.” It’s less than $15 each.

            It appears that the “Birthers” have been “barking up the wrong tree.” The real question is NOT “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” But rather, the REAL question is: “Who’s the Real Father of Stanley Ann Dunham’s bastard child?” Who is the present resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Turns out that he is Frank Marshall Davis, a black member of the Communist Party of the United States, Stalinist, poet, pornographer, pedophile, propagandist, and admitted “mentor” of Obama-Soetoro!

          • Anonymous

            I got my video last night , WOW. People if you have a friend or relative considering to vote for Obama , this is the perfect EARLY Christmas present , Birthday present , GET IT NOW. Help save your country.

          • Sofia McNabb

            Karie – I am with you.  So, long that we put God first in everything that we do.  I am with you.  Amen!

        • Cindy Koestler

          I am in Alaska and no one here wants him.
          Why doesn’t anyone talk about Dr Paul he is not out of the race by any means. 

      • Anonymous

        I think ACORN/SEIU voter fraud and the Democrat Media complex are worth about 10% of the vote. In a close election they would make the difference.
        I don’t think this election is even going to be close. With their voter fraud the DemocRATS will still lose handily.

      • Laura

        Ayn Rand was an atheist and the biggest opponent against socialism, she warned us a long time ago about socialism coming to America. She fought for capitalism way beyond any one else.

      • Jeffrey Alan Öser

        Yeah have fun with that Paolina, we both know if the south does just as you say it could, it will become a Fascist evangelical toletarian regime. Purging itself of all atheists, minoritys, homosexuals and liberals. In essence it will be like the south in the 1950’s except hopefully this time the north will let you all go to hell, plus if the south were tyo try to rise again us socialist yankees will just burn Atlanta again.

      • Marc Lamphier

        OH, great idea…please please seceed. We communists up North are getting so tired of listening to you guys whine about freedom and self-reliance.You welfare queens are sucking us dry. Almost all of the Blue states are net contributers to the federal budget and almost all of the Red states are net recipients. It is time to cut you off! Outside of the two or three Red states that have natural resources (oil or shale), most of the US economy is centered in the Blue states. Please go away and let us get rid of trickle-down that only seems to trickle-up, let us reward labor the same as capital, let us institute universal health care, and then for God’s sake, let’s close the borders so you guys don’t try to sneak in illegally and take our jobs.

        • Richie Tipsy Kariuki

          They took your joooooobs!

      • Anonymous


        The Muslim B’hood will not win Arizona. We’ll become the Republic of AZ first!

      • Anonymous


        The South tried that once…didn’t work out too well. What makes you think now would make a whit of difference?

      • Anonymous

        i’ll start packing now!  except…. i am still believing obama is gonna lose!!!

      • Mike Hodges

        To me, it’s not a matter of whether we leave or stay to get dragged down – it’s a matter of whether we leave or stage a takeover.

        At some point, if the communist cabal that is driving the United States into ruin continues its underhanded and illegitimate attack on every value that made this country great, we’re going to do more than just sit on our couches and say we’re not going to take it anymore, we’re going to do more than just wave signs and clap politely at rallies – as great as rallies are – we’re going to stand up and fight for our homes.

        The only question is whether we embrace a narrow, parochial vision of what “home” is, or whether we say that this country is ours and we’re not going to let anyone stab us in the back and take it any longer.

        • Richie Tipsy Kariuki

          So you’re going to go through the US military and stage a take-over of the government…YOU…I don’t think you really fathom what you’re saying. You will be utterly annihilated. If you want to start talking about real solutions to problems, at least have the sense to base them in the realm of reality. I think you have a Rambo fetish.

      • Cold War Gunner

         There are many patriots who feel that Texas will secede first, as they have it written into their constitution, and then every state that is not democrat controlled will join.

      • sheffield

        If the south would’ve won America would be very different, to the good. This is bs letting these left liberals take over. 

      • Anonymous

        Texas should sucede back to Mexico where it use to be,  California next. I need to be where plenty of clean water is for my kids future

    • Anonymous

      ” 700 to 3″ HILARIOUS. Hey Glenn – in order to be able to predict outcomes, one must understand underlying process. And I’m betting you are once again blowing smoke up you fans, um, smoke holes, as is strongly suggested by your past “predictions.” Can’t wait to see how you weasel your way out of this one!

    • Anonymous

      No other president has ever trampled on your civil rights? You don’t actually think Romney is going to defend your civil rights? He supports the Patriot Act and NDAA! He is no better than Obama.

    • C.v. Wood

      So we’ll vote for Romney and get the same….America has gone plain stupid…

      Iceland looks better by the day…

      • Anonymous

        bye -bye

    • James Cumber

      If the Communist-in-Chief wins another term, without another Election to win, THE GLOVES WILL COME OFF! We can expect to see the U.S. “fundamentally changed” into a Communist State. We can also expect to see Islam become the “de facto” STATE RELIGION of the USA, as Obama-Soetoro openly admits his “MUSLIM FAITH” and ABOLISHES THE FIRST AMENDMENT by Executive Decree! He might even call for UN “PEACEKEEPERS” TO ENFORCE HIS COMMUNIST-MUSLIM DICTATORSHIP!

      • Cold War Gunner

         Blue helmets make for easy targets.

    • Steve P Makinson

      Remember GOD is in CONTROL !!!!!!  Tune into …. 

      • Sharon

        Alright !   Arnold Murray He’s getting very popular. He’s a great teacher. 

      • Sharon

        Shepherds Chapel is Great…Arnold Murray is a Bible Teacher not a preacher… I wish everyone would listen to him.. Lots of people do Listen.

    • andy alvarado

       Where the hell were you when Bush was president?!?!

  • Joseph Delli Gatti

    Try this out: all states with homosexual marriage, heavy illegal immigration, and Hawaii go to Obama.  Romney ends up with 325.

  • Anonymous

    This was hilarious!!!
    President Obama is going to win re-election!
    What glenn beck won’t admit to is that he needs President Obama to win because his racist and bigoted hatred of the President are the only reason that he gained popularity in the first place.

    • Max Allen

      Explain how it is that Beck has been popular far longer than four years? No way is Beck a racist. Lets be honest, there are very few true racists left and those that are do not have popular radio station programs. Becks “hatred” of the President has nothing to do with his skin color, but everything to do with his questionable past and political record.  I’d be willing to bet everything I have that Beck doesn’t hate the President.

      • Anonymous

        You sir have the right oppinion on this idiots (strtlk) statement.

    • Anonymous

      I thought Kevin was an idiot but I stand corrected, YOU HAVE HIM BEAT!

    • Anonymous

      What makes Glenn a racist? for how long have you watched his programs? “…the only reason he gained popularity in the first place”? Your last statement by itself makes you shameless liar!!!! If you donot want to be truthful, you donot have to post on this website.

  • Leo Pacheco

    Hate to tell you, Mr. Beck, but Colorado will go to Romney.  There is a major grassroots movement taking place and Romney’s ads are getting 2-3 times more airplay than Obama.  While the liberal city and county of Denver will go to Obama, I wouldn’t count the entire state to go that way.  The majority of Coloradans who voted for Obama are now disgruntled and abandoning the Obama joy ride.  So, Colorado is well underway for a Romney win.

    • Anonymous

      One can only hope you ar right.

  • William McNair

    What about the swing vote in Europe? Or has he written them off too?

  • Linda Decatmomma

    this person that lives in colorado is voting for Romney

  • Anonymous

    BO and his administration/co-horts are like cancer to all of us and they reckless spending orgy is bleeding us dry. So the first step, is to stop the bleeding by voting him out of office in November. Once we stop the bleeding, we the People can proceed to remove the cancer (crook and weasel politicians out of office)

    • Brandon Dodge

      Barack Obama is B.O.; as in an unhealthy, sickening, stinking funk that he has spread all over our country!

    • Sam

      I so wish the people of San Fran would wake up and give the boot to that idiot Pelosi

      • Anonymous

        Yes and I also hope majority of Californians would repudiate BO and vote him out of office in November too. I think Gov Romney has a good chance of winning CA.

  • Anonymous

    Best case scenario for Romney is something pretty close to the Bush 04 map with a few adjustments like losing New Mexico and winning Wisconsin or Michigan. I think worst case scenario for Romney is the McCain map + Indiana.

  • Mark Weiss

    Here’s what’s going to happen: Obama will get another 4 years in the White House. People will threaten civil war, but will be too sissy to actually organize and do it. Things will continue to get worse, with a full Argentina-style collapse by 2014.
    Unfortunately, 50% of the population is below average intelligence and they vote. Then you have the illegals and welfare folks who also vote, then Obama’s plan to mandate voting to get more minorities and poor to vote for more Socialist government. It’s too late. We’re past the tipping point. No one listened 40 years ago about the dangers of progressive education. Now we reap the results with no way to go back.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, I  feel you may be right but I continue to pray you are wrong!

    • Arthur W Harris

      The good news…50% of the population is above average intelligence. And those are the ones that vote!

    • Anonymous

      Unless you pay federal income tax,  and can pass a basic history test as well as an IQ test, you should not be allowed to vote in national elections. Oh  yeah, and you should also be required to be alive and a legal citizen!

  • Anonymous

    From Glenn’s mouth to God’s ear.

  • Brian Jensen

    Glenn’s a sell out. Picking a moderate, and one he bashed for that matter, solely because he has the same faith. Romney isn’t conservative at all. I’m done. Unsubscribing. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m quite sure you don’t even actually listen if you believe it is because of Romney’s faith… Romney IS the Republican nominee, Obama is the incumbent and pretty surely is the Democrat nominee… those are the two choices, every other choice Glenn wanted was taken away. To not vote at all is just stupid and a vote for the Libertarian party is a vote wasted. Since you (and so many others) see the backing Romney move as a bad one can you tell me what you would have him do? Also mind you while a said “so many others” that list isn’t big enough to actually say vote in a third party or anything like that – just enough to be a vocal block on the internet…

    • Dale Hogue

      Goodbye, don’t let the door hit you in the butt as you leave.  Have you noticed: when the going gets rough for any of the liberals, progressives, socialistis and communists, they tend to insult everybody within ear shot and claim that they are done and are going to unsubscribe?  Neither have I, but some of them are this way, so I thought I would start today’s post with that comment.  It’s hard to figure out who is winning in the polls because the Democrats can’t use any of the comments by dead people to answer any of the questions the polling person asks.  Okay, so that was a jab at the Democrats and how they tend to steal and fix local elections whenever they get the opportunity. 

      Really, and I’m not kidding this time, I expect Romney will win and win big, but that’s because I’m a hard nosed Republican and I don’t like Barack Hussein Obama or his politics.  I’ve had conversations with the Punahou teachers who had him as a student when he was living with his grandmother in Hawaii.  Quite frankly, I was surprised that these teachers were surprised that Barry Soetoro even wanted to attend a college after graduating from high school.  They were even more surprised that any college would accept him as a student with the academic record he rolled up at Punahou. 

      I’ve been told that the Administration at Punahou asked — demanded politely — that no teacher or fellow student of Barry Soetoro — Barack Obama — take part in any type of conversation where his name is mentioned or that he is the main topic of the discussion itself.  I wondered why, so I asked some of the teachers who are now retired from any connection to the school and they seemed a bit reluctant to answer the questions I asked about Barry.  Other teachers – who were on their death beds – talked freely about their days at Punahou and talked freely and at great length about him.  I could write a book about him, but I’m not that enthusiatic about tackling the subject, so I’m not going to write a book about this character. 

      That’s my post for today.  It’s not much, I admit, but it’s summer time and the living is easy.  So I’m not going to waste any more of today than is absolutely necessary.  Any typos are my fault and I readily admit to them.  Bush didn’t have anything to do with my inability to construct sentences or spell words correctly or put thoughts together in a cogent manner.

  • Anonymous


    • Guest

      SSSH!  I can hear you shouting all the way over here!  I can’t decide which impresses me the most:  your bigotry, or your creative spelling…  

      • Anonymous

        :-) …. good post, Guest!

  • Anonymous

    I found this morning’s discussion about the % of voters who would not vote for Romney simply because he’s LDS.  At least we’re sure what his religious beliefs ARE and where his loyalties lie!  I’d rather have a moderate conservative, Mormon or not, than a lying, incompetent egomaniac!  I recall when Kennedy was running for POTUS…there was a lot of chatter about his Catholocism, fear that the country would be run from the Vatican. 

  • Kevin

    I wish we had a leader like Putin.

    • Anonymous


  • Tim Bruner

    Face it, you are clinging to that because you don’t have any good arguments and you think name-calling is the best way to intimidate. Accusing others of being racists because they disagree with or don’t like a non-white only promotes racism. There are plenty of blacks who understand that, but I bet you think I’m racist because I assign the race card to stupid thinking.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really know a lot of people in other states, but I seriously doubt California or Oregon will go for Romney.  I’d love it if they did, but I doubt it.  :-)

    I will say that, being a West Coaster, it’s more than a bit irritating when the polling places have barely closed and multiple stations announce a winner. I can’t tell you how many times I sweat and stress (and do my research) over who to vote for, place my vote and at the dot of 8:00 Pacific Time, learn the election was won by the other guy. VERY FRUSTRATING!

    • Kevin

      Lol. You’re right. There’s no way.  Stalin would beat Romney in those states.

      I wish this country would abandon both parties. Oh well.

    • Anonymous

       Yes, that happens to me too in Caly…. I wish California would vote for Romney but, they won’t and you know why they believe in his lies and his lies about Romney. Romney said he wasn’t going to hurt the poor or undocumented workers but, “he’s” over here constantly spewing all “his” lies about Romney.
      I wish California would wake up and see what is about to take place in this country.  The immigrants don’t run from their country to ours to live under the same conditions as theirs so why don’t they wake up???  These people will be the down fall of this country and they are the ones that  shouldn’t even be eligible to vote in the first place. 

      I don’t like it when I see in all the polls and articles that “he” has California all wrapped up, that isn’t true I’m not voting for him..

      And these pathetic hollyweird actors and singers they’ve got to be mentally ill, they have to be this is serious stuff happening.  Don’t forget we are all boycotting any support what so ever to all actors and singers they need a wake up call a serious wake up call from us…

      I’m so so SO sorry for us, the ones that didn’t vote for “him” in 2008 ….our families, children, grandchildren were all gonna suffer terribly if he’s re-elected.

  • Anonymous

    I have not seen anyone mention on Fox, or elsewhere about our voting systm being purchased by an Obama supporter (I believe he is from Spain) that will be counting our votes.   What is to keep this new sytem from electronically “counting” the vote in Obama’s favor?  I hope someone investigates this and it’s brought out in the mainstrem media BEFORE the election.  I can not imagine what our country will look like if we have to have four more years of Obama.  I think the time is now to turn our country around, as if he is elected, we may never have another chance at getting a conservative in the White House ever again in the future.  I have never donated to a political campaign in my life, but I did send money to Romney’s campaign, to help in his elecion, as I think there may be no turning back for us, if Pres. Obama gets re-elected.

    • Anonymous

      And…doesn’t George Soros own that company in Spain?  We need to be on top of this.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know TexasGlenda if Soros owns any of the company or not. When I looked it up this spring I did not see  his name mentioned, but it is possible. The system is called SCYTL with it’s headquarters being in Barcelona Spain. They also have offices in Washington D.C., Singapore, Bratislava and Athens! Doesn’t say much of the people running the sytem with offices in D.C and Athens! Some of the states already had this system I guess before the big purchase this spring. In 2008 Florida’s Department of State commissoned a review of SCYTL’s remote voting software and concluded  in part:

        The system is vulnerable to attack from insiders.

        In a worst case
        scenario, the software could lead to (1) voters being unable to cast votes; (2)
        an election that does not accurately reflect the will of the voters; and (3)
        possible disclosure of confidential information, such as the votes cast by
        individual voters

  • Anonymous

    The story is told of three powerful US Government officials who had gone to a luxury hotel for dinner. The bill was $250.00 and each official came up with a $100.00 bill. The waiter brought back 5 ten dollar bills. They gave $20.00 to the waiter and each received a $10.00 back. Thus, the contribution made by each official is $90.00, the three of them contributed 3X$90.00 = $270.00, the waiter was given $20 to make a total of $290. What happened to the missing $10.00?
    Using this advanced technique of accounting it has been found the National debt was never increased by five trillion dollars during the time that President Obama was in office. It has also been determined that Solyndra never lost any money and it also explains how MFS Global cannot account for the billion or so missing dollars.  Just like the $10.00 these monies did not exist to begin with.
    Ridgeway Weerackoon   29th May 2012

  • Anonymous

    This one as well!  I was surprised at my “liberal” inlaws mostly talking against the things Obama is doing, when we got together last Christmas, so hopefully there is hope here in Colorado that the state won’t go to Obama. 

  • Anonymous

    We have to vote for freedom or Government take-over of

  • Anonymous

    It will not be that close. Romney will win by a landslide. We, the People are tire of lies and blames. Tire of negativety, feeling poor, fear of the future and angry of the present. Enough with Hope and Change. Let’s go back of our OLD AND BEAUTIFUL USA

  • Barb/CO

    I am from Colorado. I have been sporting my Romney sticker on my car for months. I hope that Coloradoans wake up and think about what 4 more years of hope and change will bring. One good sign is that attendance has been pretty sparse when the Great One has spoken here recently. 

  • Anonymous

    Is Glenn and his friends out of their mind? I can only find one way Romney wins this and at least 7 Obama wins.

  • Karen McCown

    I am so tired of the big “CHANGE!” he promised.  All it has done is destroy our nation from the inside out, seems like the only change is Obama’s family vacations have increased tenfold as well as their quality of life while ours has gone downhill.  Our nation has been sold out to others and the illegal immigrants are enjoying a better way of life nowadays than the legal born-in-the-USA residents and now being a patriot has suddenly become a crime instead of the correct way to raise your child.  Where did these people come from that think his ways are the right ways?  It certainly isn’t from the south.  And why is he ashamed of his mothers roots all of a sudden he sure was quick to claim his white grandparents when he was running for election.  And by the way his mother did allow him to be adopted by his stepfather (re:Barry Soetoro) from another country before she sent him home to be raised by said grandparents :) nuff said there folks

  • Victor Tiffany

    What happened to Beck hatred for the Republican Party? That was as sincere as his claim to be for free speech, religious freedom and any number of principles that he turns around and takes a dump on if he thinks YOU want to hear it.

    • Doodaddio

      Beck is for free speech – you are back here after your posting privileges were revoked in September 2011 for threatening to kill and mutilate me. You of all people should understand Beck is for free speech – especially since you apparently got yourself re-admitted to this site.

      Your hypocrisy is only exceeded by your sheer stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    We are leaving the State of Illinois for a few reasons.  It is one of the most corrupt, if not the most corrupt State in the nation and we cannot afford to live here once we retire on a fixed income. We are moving to Branson Missouri and sadly will be leaving children and grandchildren. We leave it up to them to recognize the principles that we hold dear.  
    To the person who mentioned that we should charge a modest fee of $150K to immigrate back to the Southern States, we love your idea.  BTW we would also like to mention that we WILL protect our border.  

  • Anonymous

    Morons who will vote for a crook like Obama will get the misery that they deserve,  The only bad thing is that the honest folks that vote for Romney will also suffer tf Obama wins. 

    Romney may not be the first choice to go against Obama and his band of thieves, but he’s 100% better than Obama the Dictator,  None of us are perfect except God our Father.  Romney will repeal Obamacare and create jobs, even if the Democrats in the senate try to stop him.

    If the Republicans can gain control of the senate in 2012 Romney will have the help he needs to quickly stop the damage caused by Obama and the Dems.  This would be a win-win for the American people – so vote smart and vote for a Republican Congress as well as a Republican President.

  • smiley

    I am ever amazed as to what people will strive to identify with to rebel against any order of society.  This morning, I am hearing the identifier “atheist socialist”.   I did not have any part in writing the dictionary.  But looking at these words, the people who claim to or wannabe that has no belief in a higher power, therefore they are just red meat.  They also claim to desire no property which means they have no rights.  Under socialism, the state owns all the property. 

    Our Constitution was clearly established to protect those rights of man, God and property. God and property is the basis of all men’s freedom.

  • Anonymous

    It will be an historic landslide. Romney will win 47 states.
    You know how the media says we on the right are angry.
    Watch Obama leading up to the election. You will see anger unhinged.

  • Anonymous

    Please keep your heads.  We need to get past November first.  “There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.”

    I am so looking forward to November.  We need to rid ourselves totally of the government officials we have now and get new, truly conservative stock that will uphold the Constitution, our Liberty and our RIghts.

    Pray there is no political hanky-panky that lets the upcoming election be compromised in any way.

  • Cheri Doleshal

    Lies, treason,
    illegal activity, corruption, lack of transparency, anti-capitalism,
    anti-American, class warfare, race warfare, anti-Constitution, turning
    his back on our allies; especially Israel, anti-God, covert and overt
    disregard for the will of the American people, compromising our national
    security, constantly playing the blame game, never taking
    responsibility for the damage he has done, blatant disregard for
    Congress, The Supreme Court, and checks and balances, his Socialist and
    Marxist practices, lack of leadership, gangster-style thuggery, lack of respect for life, egotistical, self-centered, arrogant attitude, and the list goes on.

    These are only the things we know about. I shudder to think what he has done in the cloak of darkness that we don’t know about.  What more evidence we need to get him out of office? Obama and his administration should be IMPEACHED and sent to a federal penitentiary at the very least.

    • Sharon


  • landofaahs

    Wow Glenn, a year or so ago I was expecting the Caliphate.  I know you are good at prediction but suck on timing but I will ask you point blank, Are we in the end times?  Yes or No?  I can answer it, can you?

  • Robin Riordan

    My prediction is that there will be no election. Obama will declare marshal law and suspend elections. Out here in the western states, NV etc, the runways of small  airports have been lengthened to accommodate military transports. 

  • Robin Riordan

    I forgot to mention, there are over 700 FEMA detention camps in place and ready to go. 

  • Anonymous

    Glen Beck explaind the importance of keeping Newt Gingrich out of the
    presidency and Ron Paul in…. back in January. “We are headed to communism” Beck stated,
    if we go for Gingrich(and Romney). If we want to keep our Constitution
    alive and ourselves and all other US citizens out of slavery, Ron Paul
    is our ONLY hope. What happened now or do you say this never is what was said by Glen Beck back in January.  Remember, this is concerning small government and national policy, eh. Thanks for you comments as I rarely come here as much as I would like. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn looks like a grandma in that wig.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps an over simplification of the real problem here in the States is warranted.  Is it possible that there is a consensus that a majority of our politicians do not do a good job?  Certainly ALL of the polls reflect that, so why don’t we do something about that?  Here’s a suggestion, but first the why we should do this! 
    Be it resolved that ALL Congressmen jobs and benefits shall be limited in the following manner:
    1. No Tenure / No Pension.
    A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.

    2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.
    All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social
    Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social
    Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It
    may not be used for any other purpose.

    3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

    4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will only rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

    6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

    7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective
    1/1/13. The American people did not make this contract with
    Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress
    is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen
    legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back
    to work.
    THE BOTTOM LINE:  Maybe it is time to see THAT THIS IS HOW YOU FIX CONGRESS!!!!!

    If you agree with the above, pass it on. If not, just ignore the very
    real problem regarding professional Congressmen. You can make a change
    in the United States of America. Please participate by passing this on
    to your friends and relatives and later be sure to VOTE for this
    as a Constitutional Amendment . Please help keep this movement moving forward
    and take back Congress from the hands of those who would buy their
    votes, ie vested Special Interest Groups (SIGS), the Political Action
    Committees (PACs) and those would destroy these United States of

  • Rose Vincent

    Oblama…will be crushed in Nov 2012.  He is way over his head and killing the American Dream.  National Security means nothing to him that’s why leaks are everywhere, fast/ferrous cover-up, high unemployment over 8% real number is closer to 15-18%, $3.50+ gas, green energy flops, oil pipeline halted, taxpayer stimulus failed, the list is endless.  People if you re-elect him we are all idiots! 

  • Victor Tiffany
    • Doodaddio

      This just in from the translation department at Google:

      “I am a liar, a flat out, no holds barred liar.”

      Source: Victor Tiffany.

      • Victor Tiffany

        At least you don’t pretend to be anything but a low-life, sleazy and dim character assassin. (Pretty much what is expected from people dim and ignorant enough to follow the yellow propagandist, Glenn Beck.)

        • Doodaddio

          This just in from Google Translate:

          “At least I don’t pretend to be anything but a low-life, sleazy and dim character assassin. (Pretty much what is expected from people dim and ignorant enough to believe the pack of lies I have been peddling for years.)”

          Thank God for those Google cloud apps!

          • Victor Tiffany

            Yes, I’m sure god had everything to do with Google.

            Actually, you turn reality upside down (again) because actual reality does not compute in the sorry excuse of a mind you claim to have. How the hell did you ever graduate from grade school?

        • Doodaddio

          Victor, even you have to admit your story about your life of crime is pretty unbelievable. 

          Here’s your criminal record, what you had to say about it, and what SergeantRock provided as the most likely analysis of your answers:



          “1) I got an ACD, no longer on my record”. “*Note –
          this is still not revelatory – there is nothing here he will confess to doing,
          but to be able to be granted an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal, you
          have to have been charged with a criminal offense. The charges were not
          included in his explanation”.


          “2) I had to fill out an affidavit for a false
          claim”. “Again, non revelatory. He doesn’t want you to know what his false
          claim was, or about whom it was concerning”.


          “3) I had a car accident ”  “As before, there were
          criminal charges filed, and there are three main categories of charges that are
          filed in relation to auto accidents – 
          for offenses of driving under the influence, and leaving the scene of an
          accident, or vehicular manslaughter or murder, successful or attempted. Charges
          were filed. No real admission of the status of the charges. The probability of
          his being acquitted of the charges is low since he didn’t say so when given the
          opportunity. In all likelihood he was convicted”.


          “4) I committed civil disobedience to get in front of a
          judge and lodge a complain against neighbor’s dogs that were driving me crazy
          with the incessant barking”.

          “He again ducks the issue of explaining what he did as civil
          disobedience, and whether he was convicted or cleared of the charges. I don’t
          think he dressed up like Mahatma Ghandi and went on a hunger strike, so it had
          to be something that results in him getting arrested and taken to jail. He
          doesn’t want you the readers to know what he did, or what he really is. He
          would prefer you watch and accept his little show at face value”.

          “This individual is not honorable, wise, or moral, and isn’t
          a role model to be admired by decent people. Nothing is beneath him as behavior
          is concerned, and all his claims and proclamations should be judged by his
          character, not by the things he writes. I pointed out earlier how he is liable
          to say anything to persuade people to believe he is being victimized, and that
          he is always correct in his accusations, allegations and assessments of others.
          If you want to waste the time you can read his comment history and judge for
          yourself, but in the interest of saving you the ordeal of that, I am telling
          you he is more often wrong than not, and isn’t an authority on much of anything
          no matter what he writes. He is a hypocrite and a delusional self absorbed
          malcontent who’s only real goal in life is to get attention. Don’t be taken in,
          he is all of what I am saying and more. Regardless of the politics, this man
          isn’t about anything but himself. He will say/write/do anything to get the
          attention and respect he craves, except the one thing that counts – actually be
          honest and sincere about improving the human condition.”Somedays, Victor, you are the bear, other days the bear eats you. Looks like you are the bear chow this time. Take your lumps and your liberal rear out of here.


          • Victor Tiffany

            Not a fan of free speech, are you?  That’s not surprising. Beck embraces free speech unless the speaker is saying something that Beck does not like to hear.

            It’s pretty typical on the fascist, far right.

          • Doodaddio

            Yet he continues to allow your personal attacks and threats. How tolerant of him. If it were me you were treating this way, You would have been sued out of financial existence a long time ago.

            You have only been kicked out of this site one time last fall for threatening to kill me. The only reason you are still above the daisies is because I am really a very tolerant person.

            I respect free speech as long as the person speaking is a responsible individual and isn’t infringing on the rights of others. You are neither responsible nor respectful of the rights of others and you are a contemptible boor.

            Your criminal past is the kind of behavior I expected to find about you. I can also state that you lied about most of your misdeeds, and you know you did. I have connections in places that apparently have better records than you do, or at least than you are willing to admit. You should be honest for once in your despicable life and confess to the people who you have been lying to for several years about the true nature of your iniquities. You aren’t getting away with hiding behind half truths and lies on this deal. You are a criminal and as such deserve to face consequences for your actions.

          • Sandie

            Gee Vic that describes you to a T. You embrace free speech unless the speaker is saying something that you do not like to hear. It’s pretty typical of you and your socialist buddies.

          • TheMaskedMarauder

            That’s why we hold him in such high regard. The same high regard we give to vermin of all species.

        • Doodaddio

          You are a failure and you may as well accept that and get on with your life. 

          Did you figure out that nobody really cares about your vendetta here? You are about as welcome here as a hole in the sidewall of a tire on the expressway during a thunderstorm. 

          Do us all – that includes you – a favor and forget about your petty little self for a minute and drop the smear campaign; it’s obvious to all that you are getting no traction here or elsewhere and you are only succeeding in making a complete jackass of yourself. 

          Be gone like you promised – nobody here is going to be saddened by your absence.

        • Sandie
    • Anonymous

      Hahahahahaha WOW.  Thank you for the link. I was laughing hard for about the next hour after i read it.  I love how they “prove” Romney is a liar.  Here is a couple quotes from the link for those of you who didn’t take the time to look at it.  They’re pretty funny.

      “Romney on Fox News…’I’ve still got the same positions on the issues I had four years ago…'” (and the article proves for a fact he is lying by saying the following) “That’s not even close to being true”
      (WOW you got us there! Way to state a reference and facts to disprove Romney!)

      This next one is the best by far! “Romney talking about his jobs record…’we helped create over 100,000 new jobs.'” (And of course the very credible combats that falsehood short and simple by easily stating the following)  “no he didn’t”

      Is this a joke? Let me help you out a little Victor, try not using a Liberal source for your statements.  I’m a conservative, and when i wanna prove that i’m right, i quote LIBERAL sites! (Just like i did here) to show how completely ridiculous their claims are.  Please give us a new link to a more credible site and i will happily debate with you why Romney is not any bigger liar than any other typical politician is and news flash for you, Obama lies too A LOT!

  • Sylvia Lora Valdes

    I am a 82 year old Cuban American that came from Cuba in 1961. At the time we had a six year old boy and Castro has already announced the nationalization of the Education. We just threw the door and flew to Miami where my son  later he became an MD. We were 32 and 33 years old and in that year there was no work for Cubans or Blacks in Miami. I had a Pharmacy degree from University of Havana and my husband was the owner of his parts business in Havana. My husband began working for a dollar an hour and I found work at University of Miami.
    They were hard times for us back them but it was worth every minute of our freedom.
    I hope the young people of this great country rebel peacefully against President Obama’s Socialist/Marxist government by voting Republican next November.
    Sylvia Valdes 

  • Anonymous

    Glen,I read that George Soros company in Spain had received the contract to count the votes from the Nov. elections.. Is there any truth in that or has someone made it up?????

  • Kim Hansgen Granger

    We need a Third Great Awakening… SOON.

  • Anonymous

    I seriously doubt he will step down even if Romney wins ALL the states. He has grown to like the feeling of power. His wife has enjoyed spending our money like a welfare queen with a bottomless wallet. There will be some kind of “conflict” set up where it would be “silly” for him to step aside during our moment of conflict. I also think the blacks who feel “oppressed” will riot if he is not in office. They don’t want to be slaves of the white man any longer.They fail to realize it was the white man who has been carrying them for the past 50 years. They degrade the black people who make it and call them names. There is no reason ANYONE can’t make it even in the miserable economy we have today. You just jave to get off your butt and keep trying. Look at where the baker’s son is now!

  • Susie Cochran

    For me, the problem lies in the RINO Republicans.  We expect this behavior from the Democrats & that is not meant as a slam.  They stay pretty true to their beliefs.  Shame on the RINOs.  We didn’t learn from McCain?  Why, oh why, didn’t the RNC realize that Sarah Palin was the one who was carrying the water & was giving a definitive message to choose from? It wasn’t confusing.  Like it or not. It’s because the RINO’s don’t believe in our message. Let the people decide between Democrat & Republican…not Democrat & democrat lite.  I am a
    [r]epublican.  I now understand on a deeper level, what President Reagan meant when he had said he didn’t leave his party, but that his party had left him, although, at that time, he was referring to the Democrat party.  Thus, the TEA party is born, out of the frustration of our voices falling on deaf ears….both parties.  Obama will probably win because the blind will always be blind & our primaries got cleverly positioned to make sure the RINO candidate got in.  Romney is Obama lite & I really have little use for him.  I held my nose when I voted for McCain because I was really voting for Palin.  I’m not doing that for Romney, even though folks say he’s still better than voting for Obama. I’ll write in Santorum, or Gingrich or someone who represents my ideals.  Maybe then, the RINOs will get it?  They seem to be a bit dense.  And, people are choosing the easy path more & more because the reward of hard work to earn your possessions has been exchanged with this entitlement generation. I’m not judgmental of a wealthy person.  I am grateful to them for showing us that we can do it too.  Not by taking what is theirs, but by working for ours.  Then we are not dependent on the fat cats in Washington.  Just sayin.

  • srsndguru

    no matter how the news pundents and the conservitive news media discuss dissect and opinionate about how this administration is completely dissregarding the constitution ,bypassing  congress and going against the will of the people. GUESS WHAT. it doesen,t matter because this president doesen,t care. while everyone is astonished, dissmade and outraged. this president is going to do what he wants regardless. the people waching the poles, counting swing states added today,  adding up electorial votes, and describing how this president is having a bad month. well i think to this addministration that NONE OF THESE THINGS MATTER. why, because this justice dept. and this president are doing everything within there power to see that the election is stolen by letting millions of people vote that aren,t legally allowed. they are stopping the states from investigating the voter corruption which will ensure obama,s re-election. that,s why he appears so cocky and confident.HE IS INTENT ON A SECOND TERM, NO MATTER WHAT. the congress needs to stop him now, before it,s too late and they completly loose there legitimacy. because i believe this is how this president will steal this election OR somehow make it so that there is NO ELECTION AT ALL.

  • debbie

    Have you ever heard of Project Endgame?  Is it a hoax or should we be worried?  Theres info on internet but how do you know it its true?

  • mnjd

    Marshal law-will be put in place when O”Barry the spoiled brat loser, loses the election. then he’ll NEVER leave the whitehouse!!
    Anything the king doesn’t like he overrides whether it be our constitution ,civil rights or the gum we chew. November can’t come soon enough. What a sad 4 years it’s been. Pray for the US, Pray for Israel   

    • Tor Gonzalez

       pray for israel? who are they to us? we could do fine without them. We should just get out of the middle easy let them fight their own wars.

  • Liz Kelly

    I wish California could be counted on to vote Romney – but were are infested with lunatic lefties out here.  If his Highness get re-elected I truly think our consitution and way of life is toast, that is unless congress stands up to this guy and protects what they are sworn to protect!

  • Evan

    I object to that picture of Colorado being a Blue state.   Even if we
    have a Democrat Governor he flew down to Colorado Springs when the Waldo
    Canyon Fire went from bad to worse.  He did not wait till morning.   Unlike President Obama who is out fundraising. Oh and he calls Florida that everything they need will be taken care of.  WHAT ABOUT COLORADO!!! 37,000 evacuations due to one FIRE!!! 

  • Maribeth Bricker-Ferguson

    if i have my say, Obama doesn’t take Colorado either

  • Archie Bunker

    There is a good chance Obama can win after he passes a balanced budget. HAHAHAHA.

  • Victor Tiffany
    • Bill Tilghman

      I am starting a blog

      The life and criminal times of Victor Tiffany, the talking jackass.

      • Victor Tiffany

        Suing someone in NY is sooooo much less expensive than it is to go after anyone out of state.  We’ll see what my lawyer thinks of your blog.

        Lucky for you, you’re lying (again).

        • Anonymous

          Looks like you’re going to rack up some major attorney fees. The posters on your enemies list ALL live out of state.

          Luck has nothing to do with YOUR lies. Your LIES are intentional and deliberate.

          Another empty threat, Sanduskyman.

        • Bill Tilghman

          You are the supreme idiot of all time. Here’s my IP address so you have a clue –

          • Anonymous

            Guess he’ll find out soon just how expensive it will be for him with all the attorney fees he’s incurring. Besides you and me, how many others is he suing? And he thinks everyone lives in New York? What an idiot.

    • Bill Tilghman

      So your new hero is another nutty professor skinhead. Good for you, maybe you two can meet and have some long showers together – don’t drop the soap too many times, he will think you are a slut.

      • Victor Tiffany

        Let’s see: that’s anti-intellectualism, defamation of character and sleazy, baseless smears.  You must be a Beckerhead.

        • Bill Tilghman

          Nothing at all was correct about anything in your comment. You are all of those accusations and more. I think it’s a wonderful job of projecting you are doing there, but it’s too bad you can’t act like an adult and get off this anti Beck crusade of yours.

          • Anonymous

            Oh the hypocrisy that is Victor Tiffanny! He uses the very same
            “anti-intellectualism, defamation of character and sleazy, baseless smears” in his many responses, especially to the women and the ones he thinks are women!

            I’m surprised he didn’t post a link to his sharethisURinaL page with a thrill down his leg homage to his new hero Beckosexual.

            Vic, the Sanduskyman, Tiffanny: the hypocrite of the Internet blogoshere! LMAO

  • Anonymous

    God help us!


    I am concerned that King Obama will not even allow an election in November.  Maybe I am one of those terrible pessimists, but I don’t trust Obama for anything other than evil.  He has nearly 200 executive orders expanding the executive power beyond what was ever intended Constitutionally.  Of those there are 10 to 12 associated with “governmental control” related to “peace time martial law”.  And now a latest one signed on June 25 which went under the radar (as usual) of the media where he has now declared US in a state of “National Emergency” (  lays the ground for “justifying” declaration of martial law.  I also believe that Obama will do everything in his power to incite unrest rather than unite a nation.

  • Robert
    Glenn, I ran across this guy’s take on today’s Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare.  Does this even sound logical to you or maybe it’s John Robert’s deep dark secret of overturning Obamacare, muahahahah.!!  Blessings, a faithful listener in Palm Bay, Florida

  • Anonymous

    If California goes Republican, I will GLADLY be a monkey’s uncle!!

  • Geraldine Martinez

    Illegals with insurance, next comes amnesty and right to vote in time for November. This is a planned move by Obama. Not to mention the IRS agents with Union benefits 
    that will be hired now to go after non insurance payers.  .

  • Anonymous


  • Patricia Lockwood

    people,”WAKE” up. obama is a marxist socialist that wants america to be like other european socialist countries. means we will loose “OUR FREEDOM”, that our forefathers gave us as a gift,230 years ago. your life will be run by government,is this what you want?  if,so,don’t “BITCH”,later. those that look this way,no respect for forefathers ,who came here to get way from that kind of live. feel sorry for you. this dictator,president is out to destroy our freedom,he has no real love for usa.he can’t even come clean,about birth record, as he real father is frank davis,and his mom posed nude and had a illegal affair. he has lied constantly about birth record,afraid to show real one. is this the kind of president,you want,that wants to get rid of our freedom??    pl,orl,fl

  • Anonymous

    Romney we want you to win

  • Ron Depue

    When did your home become part of your health care?

    Your vote counts big time in 2012, make sure you and all your friends
    and family clean the white house. It is critical.

    I thought you might find this interesting, — maybe even SICKENING! The National Association of Realtors is all over this and working to get it repealed, — before it takes effect. But, I am very pleased we aren’t the only ones who know about this ploy to steal billions from unsuspecting homeowners. How many realtors do you think will vote Democratic in 2012? Did you know that if you sell your house after2012 you will pay a
    3.8% sales tax on it? That’s $3,800 on a $100,000 home, etc. When did this happen? It’s in the health care bill, — and it goes into effect in 2013. Why 2013? Could it be so that it doesn�t come to light until after the 2012 elections? So, this is �change you can believe in�? Under the new health care bill all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% sales tax. If you sell a $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 tax. This bill is set to screw the retiring generation, — who often downsize their homes. Does this make your November, 2012 vote more important? Oh, you weren’t aware that this was in the Obama Care bill? Guess what; you aren’t alone! There are more than a few members of Congress that weren’t aware of it either.

    You can check this out for yourself at:


  • Anonymous

    Hey Mitt,

    We like you!


  • Anonymous

    don’t be counting chickens before they hatch.  Americans ARE asleep at the wheel and Obama and company are steering with their foot jammed on the money pedal

  • Judy Jarrell

    Gosh why arn’t there more choices for president. I dont believe that either one will help this country, empty promises will never materialize, both are sold out to corporations who support their campaign $$$$$$. The same corporations who outsource jobs to third world countries, sad because most of these jobs like telemarketing, customer service for example need very little training and that would help out our unemployment situation here, but i dont see these companies bringing back these jobs. Insurance companies are some of the biggest culprits who outsource jobs, i know im on the phone everyday speaking to someone in Pakistan and India. The very same companies who provide our health care. Its a shame that minumum wage jobs are exported so that CEO’s can have ridiculous bonuses and salaries they make more money in a month that most of us working class wont see in our lifetime…….Something is really wrong with this picture………the ugly truth.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is the worst excuse for a president this country has ever had.  How can he sleep at night knowing he has told so many lies to the American people?

    • Victor Tiffany
      • Guest

        Your ignoring Obama again. Why would you ignore the lies of he who you think ought to be impeached over someone who hasn’t even been elected? You need to work on your objectivity.

      • Anonymous

        So now you have taken to spamming your lies and left-wing socialist-progressive links.

        Wake up, VT! You can’t hold a candle to Barry’s lies. Barry can’t hold a candle at all. He needs a Kleig light to find his way out of the pit of darkness, lies and felonies he’s committed.

      • CaptainAmerica

        You wake up – or at least put the crack pipe down. All the libtard links you can post are not going to offset the record of this president or his administration. Every democrat in the Congress, this president, and his cabinet are all crooks and liars, and you are the only person here who can’t see that. There is an entire list of big name liars in that group that you ignore with your special brand of ignorance. 

        That is why you have earned the title of Nostradumbass, and why you shall henceforth be known by that name. 

        Romney isn’t perfect, but a dead walrus would be better than Obama and could probably do just as well as president. If it’s a choice between Romney, or a man who has been lying since his admission to college as a foreign exchange student, I will vote for Romney. 

        Democrats created all of the problems we face now, then when your man took over he failed to succeed in any aspect regarding the economy, jobs, taxes or any of a number of other areas he promised to fix. He’s an abject failure, a crook, a liar, and unworthy to hold the office of president. 

        So, Nostradumbass, who doesn’t hold a candle to who? 

        • Anonymous

          Here’s a list of Barry’s lies…by year!

          Refuting those should keep him busy for a few weeks…long enough to shut him up, don’t you think?

          • CaptainAmerica

            He will simply dance around and ignore all of it because he is still a dyed in the wool libtard. When they get into trouble they all run John Lennon’s pigs in the song I Am The Walrus. (koo-koo ka-choo!) – damned allergies!

          • Anonymous

            LOL 😀

        • Sandie

          LOL … a dead walrus?

          • CaptainAmerica

            A fetid, decomposing, walrus carcass, beached for a week could do a better job.

          • Sandie

            Would stink the same though…LOL

          • CaptainAmerica

            Why, how bard-ish of you!

          • Anonymous

            A barb from the bard! lol

      • CaptainAmerica

        Here’s a few Obama lies. Try to keep up – All on one website!

        From the site, List of Obama’s Lies,  

        Commence to refutin’ Jethro, Nostradumbass, Bodine!

        • Anonymous

          That will keep him busy since he’s not used to doing research.

  • Pat F

    Oboma is not an idiot. He is a shrewed operator. I believe he dosen’t want to be President for four more years. Neither does Mrs. Oboma. He is doing everything he can not to get elected He is also doing everything he can to make it seem he is doing everything he can for the poor and middle-class. He wants his legacy to read that he did his best but was rebuffed at every turn by an obstructive Congress. In the meantime his followers are praising his efforts, His supporters are risking their careers and their creditability trying to sell his flawed policies and ideology to the rest of us.

    • Anonymous

      Oboma? What’s the meaning of the “o” for “a” switch? (it stinks of racism)

      • Anonymous

        So now the letter “o” in a word is racist. Maybe you should call Sesame Street and have them remove the letter “o” from all shows.. After they stop laughing they’ll probably tell you:  your remarks a bunch of “Codswallop” (Guess that makes me a double racist :-(  …)

        • Anonymous

          Oh, I know you are a racist. No need to prove it. You are also a homophobe and a coward.

          • Anonymous

            No i’m a minority…. Lol… i’ll let your assumptions speak for themself..

      • Victor Tiffany

        This whole site reeks of racism. I used to defend Beck against charges of racism, but he race-baits too often to be the anti-racist he pretends to me. 

        • Anonymous

          So do you, Sanduskyman! You’re the biggest race-baiter here! And the biggest liar.

          • Sandie

            Right on both counts.

        • Anonymous

          “….but he race-baits too often to be the anti-racist he pretends to me.” He pretends to you that he’s anti-racist??? Just you??? Wow. Does he email you personally or are you lying again?

          You are so stupid, Sanduskyman.

        • Guest

          Just as you do.

        • CaptainAmerica

          You have no idea what racism is. You are a fat old white guy with a head full of nonsense and you’ve never seen or been subjected to racism in your entire sheltered life, Nostradumbass!

  • Mericus FAartist

    It doesn’t matter really Obama will not ‘leave’ office after the election regardless of any vote popular or electoral, no King ever has left office quietly.

  • Anonymous

    I am soooo laughing out loud here – Canada and Mexico!  hahahahaha, Glenn,  you are adorable!  I MUST laugh about this right now as I cannot carry the weight of fear and dismay that builds as we get closer to the election.  Thank you for the laughs, Glenn.  Keep ’em coming!

  • Jerry Kountz

    This is freaking me out! Is there any way we can save America or have we lost it already? I am thinking this is the beginning of the NEW WORLD ORDER! I know in my Heart it is getting close to Jesus return and maybe this is why this is going to happen. God is the only thing that’s letting me keep my sanity! It’s going to be tough in the last days! All they can do is kill this body. Knowing Heaven is right around the corner and Jesus love is waiting to take us home where there will be no more Obama type freaks anymore and NO more Death! Reading all these comments and reply’s freaked me out but, Typing what is next when Jesus comes……I am now at peace again!  Thank you Jesus! Amen! This is scary stuff you guys are saying here!

    • Ma

      How can you speak of killing this “body” while hoping that G-d brings you no more death? Pick one. Would Jesus really want Obama dead? Is that the kind of G-d you believe in? Isn’t the First Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill”? or I am mistaken and it really says “Thou Shalt Not Kill Except For in the Name of G-d”? Oh boy. Crusades anyone? 

      • Drifanwulf

        Actually the correct translation from the Hebrew is “murder”. Ask any Rabbi.

  • Monte Leonova

    My father is a board certified attorney (with brains) and somehow he is totally BRAINWASHED by O’Bama. He refuses to watch any other network than ABC, the one Peter Jennings used to be on. He’s a Democrat and thinks O’Bama did the right thing with Obamacare because “all people deserve good health care”… I don’t get it. How can he be smart and dumb at the same time?! I don’t dare talk politics with him. I just wish there was something I could do. 

    • Anonymous

       He needs to think of your future. Does he want you to be free to do what you want ? Does he want you to have to do what the government tells you to do? Ask him.
       Some people are weak minded and fall for smooth talkers. Sorry, you need to make him understand hes being lied to. He needs to get informed and the internet is the place to look for the truth.

  • Ma

    Angie, I don’t know if you read the news or not, but the individual mandate in Obama’s health care reform was declared CONSTITUTIONAL by the Supreme Court. Therefore one can conclude that he did follow “proper order”. But wait! There’s more! Although you may argue that he “lied” about the individual mandate being a tax, four of the five justices who declared it constitutional did so using the Interstate Commerce Clause. When it comes down to it, the Constitution is not a document that is to be taken lightly, and therefore we must respect the long and arduous process that comes with the responsibility of interpreting our laws rather than flipping out when things do not work out our way. When I think of it, the “bright futures” I envision are the millions of Americans who before this could not afford health insurance, or were dropped from their coverage unfairly–many of whom were children by the way. 

    And would you people please stop talking about secession and socialism and atheism and gun-toting and all of that ridiculous banter. All it does is make people take you less seriously and embarrasses people like me who actually try to look at issues from all sides before making my own decisions. Stop treating Obama like an enemy who is hell bent on destroying your life. You are allowed to disagree with him–that is your right, as it is mine and all other Americans (I am not particularly fond of his drone strikes but still need to read more about it)–including conservatives, liberals, Southerners, Northerners, Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahai’i, atheists, agnostics, socialists, centrists, libertarians, LGBTs, immigrants, pacifists–you get the point. There is never one side to anything, as no one person is exactly the same and experiences life in the same way, it is important to consider this when you speak openly on the internet. For the most part this message board seems to read “Americans have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion, unless what you say is not what I say and what you believe is not what I believe–in which, case go somewhere else because we do not want you.” Well guess what, you are no more American than the rest of us so get off your high horses and remember that this country has never been about everyone thinking exactly the same way. If that were the case than any of you happen to be of Irish, Italian, Jewish, African, etc., descent would probably not living your life enjoying the same “freedoms” you exercise today. Here are some interesting links to consider: never hurts to read the actual contents of the law you guys oppose. Just saying. article available in TIME Magazine written by a journalist who is an educated patriot, pays his taxes, and also happens to be an illegal immigrant.

  • SEO Seattle

    Same / Same.

    Who cares about who wins the 2012 election. I will vote for Romney not because he will make a difference but simply because Pres. Obama needs to be fired. But Romney needs to be fired too, it’s ridiculous that we have two candidates that are so similar yet the media acts like they are so different.

    – Health Care Requirement – Check
    – Ship Jobs Overseas – Check
    – Sign More Bills That Take More Rights Away From USA Citizens – Check
    – Tax More / Spend More – Check
    – Keep Inflation High To Monetize Debt – Check
    – Keep Federal Reserve In Power – Check
    – Communist / Socialist / Choose Winners & Losers – Check
    – Oil Boom In North Dakota But Record Oil Prices At Home – Check
    – Bigger Government – Check
    – Huge Inflation (lower wages / higher costs) – Check
    – Green Energy Penalty, Insane Energy Costs, Even Though We Have Ability To Lower – Check
    – Elitist – Check
    – War, War & More War – Check
    – Bottom Up / Middle Class Down To Poverty To Be Equal – Check
    – World Government / World Dollar / World Agenda – Check

    When you have the FED (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc.) backing both sides, the destination is the same. Sadly, I don’t believe it’s possible to beat the system, both parties have been on a one way track to socialism / communism for many years now. Watch the left hand while the right hand knocks you out and visa versa… So who freaking cares!

    • Perry Wall

      they both are carry out agenda 21

      • Drifanwulf

        WE can stop Agenda 21 by getting our respective States to pass legislation forbidding its implementation. 

  • Anonymous

    Dearest Glenn, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE change yor radio show’s sign on music!!!! I love the We are the key words, but at the end of the sign on,  it sounds like somebody is THROWING UP! I am choosing to bring this up now because I am hoping the new music folks you are introducing will continue with the  lyrics and write new melody.

  • Anonymous

     So is everybody on here ok with Romney being our next President?

    • Drifanwulf

      So are you OK with Obama continuing to be President?

  • Susan E Owens-Allen

    The more Obama talks off tele-prompter the better chance we have of taking back the Country. His attack on small business this week is a great example. I dont think a lot of people are real excited about his big partnership with Mexico to advertise food stamps either. He just keeps digging that grave a little deeper. Thank you for all you do Glenn. I was inspired at 8/28 and enjoyed your recent show in Phoenix. God Bless you and your staff/family.

  • mark

    The big problem:  I talked with an old friend, he is 59 years old…He’s not political, but when I started talking about Nov. and obummer, he really wasn’t interested.  When I mentioned Solyndra, he didn’t even know what I was talking about.  Why!  he doesn’t watch Fox or go to Glen for info.  He said he watches ABC…THATS a big problem!!!!

  • Anonymous


    What concerns me most and no one is talking about is Obama Care. If our government gets control of the health care even though we tweek it and get get rid of the pork and garbage. Our government will own over 50% of our commerce. By owning the health care industry having control over Dodge and Chevrolet we will be a socialist country and America is no more.

    You would think that America would boycot Dodge and Chevrolet to make a make a point or for that matter turn off the mainstream networks. We need to hurt out government in the wallet to show them who is in charge. But we are too stupid to see.  I truely believe God has put blinders on the American people because we have streyed so far from our foundation of Christainity.
    And when… we distroy of freedom this country and in Christ, He will then open the stupid people eyes and they will say: ” what have we done ? “.  The good thing is God is still in control and these things must happen.. sad but true.

  • virginia

    Trust God.
    Do not fear what man can do to you.
    Jesus Wins.

  • Tom

    Could Romney sweep all the states if he said he would remove all Obama’s illegal “czars” ?
    I have not heard anything about there removal ! America would surely look forward to that news !!

  • Anonymous

    I tend to believe that the nearer we get to the election, the more disenchanted the American people will be with Obama.  I tend to like Glenn’s view, it could easily be a landslide away from Pres. Obama in favor of Gov. Romney.  The more people learn about the President’s nefarious ways in every aspect of his political maneuvering and “Chicago-Style” henchmen and women, the less any of his administration fit in what I believe is the American way.  We have to get rid of Obama, his Czars, and all of his Cabinet.  We have a major housecleaning to do, and along with the President, Harry Reid is near the top of that list.  We must take the Senate in order to move ahead in any real way, but I believe that is going to happen.  Americans are not dummies; they know we have just about decimated our children’s and grandchildren’s futures by reckless and pay-back spending.  It has to change, and now!

    Ralph Malph

  • Greg Williams

    You weren’t doing too bad, until the second sentence.  Didn’t you ever learn “better to let other think you are stupid, then to reply and prove it”?

  • Abe Bird

    Let Romney bit Obama and save America and the whole world!

  • Anonymous

    I did not
    want to vote for McCain, and I began to realized towards November that Obama
    was a ‘front’ for a larger machine hidden in the background – so I withheld my
    vote for either party, or better yet, expressed my ‘no confidence’.

    I suppose
    this is the best time to offer a quote I have found in the follow years and it
    has become my favorite quote when someone expresses dismay regarding the choice
    we have in political elections:

    punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the government is
    to live under the government of worse men.”


  • Anonymous

    You republicans are such idiots and so closed minded that it makes me sick. You want your country back?. You idiots!!!! back from whom, and give it back to who? to the same people that put us in this situation, and brought the country to its knees. You want to give the country to the top %1 percent? Look who Romney surrounds himself with. Really just look at him. Does he look like a leader??? Wow. I feel sorry for the U.S if he wins. Mr. Beck and others like him could not stand him a few months ago, now they love him. Where did your love for the country go Mr. Glen. How could you really live with yourself with all the lies you say about Obama. You call yourself Christian, how could you lie and judge. You guys making Millions of dollars from the Idiots who listen to you, never look for the truth. You poor and close minded people, Wake Up.  These guys are using you. Sit and think for a minute, what really has Obama done that is so bad?
    1. Got the country out of the biggest financial melt down.
    2. Fighting for Poor and Middle class. (when he says, rich people did not get rich on their own, Is he wrong? No. … Every successfull person had some one behind them. Rich father, well known friends, Look at Mr. Romney, who gave him his first Million… For god’s sake who the hell is his father)
    3. Giving you affordable health care. Is this so bad. They call him a socialist, no way. Take a moment and think, what is so bad about him? Is it really right to have such an imbalance between the top 1% and 90%. Only 90% of the top 1%,  maybe make some thing, most of them are playing wall street, they produce nothing but money for themselves, have you asked yourself why they are paying millions of dollars to the republican party to win this election.
    Please don’t let Mr. Beck, Bachman, Rush, and so on….play with your mind. for last 20 years they made your decision in politic, stop listening to these guys. Since Sarah Palin and her idiot mind, there has been such a division in this great country, and these guy keep fueling the division, it is not healthy. The only thing that will bring this country down is “we the people”. Go read the constitution for yourself, don’t let Mr. Beck define it for you. 
    Have you asked yourself, why my time and your time at work is worth so little, compared with the %10 of the top who make Millions, and they are not willing to give 3% of their income just from the interest they make on their money. Money we help them to make. All it takes for us to stop spending, then we will see how rich got really rich.
    By the way I am an Independent. I listen to both sides, conservatives are the most heartless people I ever have come across. They are not what they say, they are using you poor close minded people. Obama is on your side,  Vote for Romney YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY, HEALTH CARE. But you will have your Guns, and they will make you use it on each other if you will not wake up. COME TOGETHER SAY HELL WITH Beck, Bachman, Rush. They got rich enough out of you guys, think about yourself and your neighbor. These guys are from the top 1%, they don’t care about you or the country.You have heard them so many times say “If this or that happens we will leave the country”. Someone who cares for his or her country does not talk this way. Tomorrow turn off the radio,turn off Fox News, work with your president, come together give him a chance to finish his job, he is on the right track, he is on your side, work with him. Just look at Romney, do you really want to go back to what brought us here. Think, with all the opposition Mr. Obama had for the last 36 months, really, he has done so much, take your glasses off and see it. Sorry for my writing English is my second language. I love this country. It is the greatest nation.

    • Jim Goetze

      I truly feel sorry for you…..I could give you all of the facts in the World and you still wouldnt understand….God bless you

  • Anonymous

    You can’t trust the dems, they are corrupt and will manipulate the system in anyway they can.
    That’s why Holder is fighting against photo ID cards.  He’s trusting he can get enough corrupt union and acorn disciples to drink the kool-aid and vote many times to push BO to victory.

    Don’t trust them.  They have no conscience!

  • Lori Patriot

      FYI, this is why Mitt had concerns about security in the UK. The media
    killed the story. The UK gov called in 3 K troops last minute. THEY WERE

  • Jane Smith

     Glenn, explain how MR wins CA?  Serious question. 

  • David

    Nukes or no nukes thats not the issue. The issue is the ONLY way we have left to save what is left of our nation of loosely nit states called America is SECESSION. I know this isn’t a popular idea; but where has all our efforts to correct the wrongs in our government got us? The Supreme Court has turned against the Constitution which is a contract between the People, the states and the government, and some how these communist liberals still keep getting elected to public office to serve themselves.

  • Anonymous

    There is a contingency plan in place…if it looks like Romney even has a chance of taking the election, “they” will make sure the big man stays in office for another term. 

  • Anonymous

    uh huh, and when the U.S. defense system crumbles under commie rule,  when we are attacked by a crazy, powerful Muslim, will Texas have a glass shield over it, protecting its state from an eminent Nuclear attack on American soil? WILL Texas be exempt from a war against our land?
    So long as we all live within the confides or our borders tucked neatly in between Canada and South America,  we are connected and we are ALL in this together.
    Texas is not an island in the gulf, it is AMERICA, and as long as its connected to this country, it will go down with this country. So Texas is in it for the long run, like it or not! One country under God.

  • Anonymous

    The primary win of Ted Cruz is a small indication of the way this country is going to vote…The liberal MSM and the Dem machine would want you to think that Obama is ahead in the important states..  Not true…I see a landslide just like 2010…it is in the stars…I think God is watching and he won’t let this happen…I believe if we all pray to him he will decide this election for us…with a divine guiding hand in the voting box…

  • Barry Ramer

    Just as the German public were led to the slaughter by Hitler in 1939, the American people are doing exactly the same thing. We have a nation of narcicists who will swallow anything.  The wise are doomed by the dumb.

    • John Daniels

      Barry, that’s exactly what I have been saying, and iIam afraid we will.

  • Gary R. Murphy

    Your voice to God’s ear, Glenn

  • Barbara Peterson

    Who cares about Hawaii?  They’re nothing….all for Obummer.  I suggest we boycott Hawaii and  let them go back to living in their little grass shack.  Maybe then they’ll appreciate freedom as opposed to communist.

  • Anonymous

    If pro life Romey takes Canada that is a plus.. and then add in the UK…that would be another place.. both these once fine countries are now being ran as socialist countries, where the Voice of the People is being squashed as ‘the leaders.. relentlessly refuse to now listen to the people who elected them … instead these Prime Ministers are being fed and led… ‘  The taxpayer in these once democratic countries now has ‘no voice’..– In my book this is called dictatorship.. and that is what it is _Harper and Cameron will both disagree – but it is true. So which song book are they reading from ?  the same one as Obama … 
    The TeaParty movement must grow internationally …. if we are to defend our christian morals, principles, freedom in the market place.   Wake up world and thank you Glen Beck .. but mostly I thank the TeaParty Movement who never gave up!!! They are truly the new international freedom fighters. God bless them esp. Todd C..   

  • Linda Lyons-Bailey

    If this really does occur it will only prove, once again, that Americans really are the stupidest, stupidest, stupidest, stupidest people on the face of the entire planet.  The reason our economic problems can’t be resolved is that every time
    the public is in danger of reconsidering the value of allowing the
    richest few to multiply their unprecedented share of the nation’s
    wealth, our attention is carefully redirected to incite outrage over the
    few crumbs that still trickle down to our (now desperately) poor. The
    middle class keeps shrinking, yet we refuse to consider what happens to
    all those who are no longer in the middle class.  A massive number of
    jobs have shut down while others continue to be shipped out of the US,
    yet we punish people for being jobless. We dare not impose disincentives
    on job outsourcing, of course, and the tragic reality is that there
    simply are not jobs for all whose survival requires one. We actually
    embraced policies that have created a rapidly-growing jobless and poor class, while we a.) spit on them, and b.)
    cut off the steps of that proverbial ladder out of poverty. The
    middle class has made choices that ensure the end of the middle class. And you people are here worshiping it yet again.

    If Romney wins you people will get exactly what you deserve.  Too bad the rest of us will have to suffer it with you.

  • Linda Lyons-Bailey

    reposted from elsewhere: 
    This country’s #1 problem is political corruption. MONEY!!!  CORRUPTION!!! POLITICIANS!!!

    It’s called “stave the beast,” where the paid-off politicians give
    tax breaks and subsidies to the Fat Cats that fund their elections;
    drive the government’s revenues to a terrible deficit; refuse to
    increase taxes to compensate, and starve the economy (schools and etc).

    We wonder about all of these wars, but ignore that the defense
    industry has paid big (in campaign bribes) to keep the wars going. They
    fund hawks; not doves.

    We are at a point where taxes are at a 30-year low, corporations have
    more excess cash than ever before, and $20-30 Trillion is residing in
    foreign tax havens, NOT creating jobs and NOT paying taxes, all because
    they spent a portion on campaign bribes! And we want MORE!!!

    Our trusted politicians have sold us out, and we are about to
    re-elect them again. Obama is blamed, all while the Tea Party and
    right-wing wackos are blocking government progress, and the Dems are not
    making it an issue. (And *I* am a center-right Republican!) 

     Jack Lohman

  • Anonymous

    Its about time Texas sucede, Actually other states should follow even without Nukes, or balls. USA is to big and when politricktions are so philosophically different what to do other than take care your community.  I got lots water and agriculture land where i live, Texas however gonna have to Nuke for water rights

  • Anonymous

    “AMERICA TRIBUTE” Jordan Sax

  • Yj Draiman

    When enough is enough – Israel it is time to take off the gloves and defend your citizens – no holds barred.
    No sane country in the world would stand for hundreds of missiles fired at her citizens in a few days without an extreme response.  The hell with world opinion or the leftist distorted Media. People respect a country that defends its citizens and not put it citizens in harms way.
    This is the results of years of concessions by Israel. To the Palestinian Arabs a concession is a sign of weakness.
    When Israel had the policy of retaliating with a heavy hand many years ago, this escalation would have never happened.
    I would like to see us Americans tolerate hundreds of missiles coming at us across our borders and bombing our territories our schools and our homes.
    The outcry by the American population would be respond with extreme power and stop the missiles, no matter what the cost.
    In 1962 the Russians put missiles in Cuba without firing on the United States that almost started a nuclear World War 3.
    At what point will Israel and its leaders realize that no matter what they do, it doesn’t matter in the world’s eyes and they need to stop trying to please the world and do what is necessary for the security and safety of its own people?At this point I for one think that Israel needs to just take off the gloves and treat those who want war with exactly what they want. It’s called survival.
    Israel must complete the mission and destroy all terrorists arms along with the terrorists, no stopping until the mission is complete.

    Let the cleanup begin.
    I strongly support an extremely strong action against terrorism and missiles.
    YJ Draiman. Los Angeles, CA

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