Really??? Maddow claims she’s an objective reporter

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Last Friday Rachel Maddow was one of the panelists on Real Time with Bill Maher. Typically the panelists on Real Time are chosen because they either lean right or left, not because of their lack of opinion. In fact, that’s kind of the point of Maher’s show – well known media personalities from both sides of the aisle engaging in heated debates on relevant political issues. In other words, they get “real,” they don’t hide behind the mask of things like objectivity.

Friday however, Maddow apparently forgot that, because while engaging in a losing battle with Nick Gillespie, Editor of Reason.TV.

The Blaze Blog posted a video of a segment where Rachel Maddow got a little touchy on the issue of only voting voting for a party instead of on your principals. When the case of Romneycare was used against her Bill Maher even got a little curious and wanted to know if she was or wasn’t for it.

“Romneycare is something that you would agree with?,” Nick Gillespie said to Maddow. “You would say that’s a great Republican policy?”

“Leave me alone about Romneycare,” Maddow responded, before her bold declaration of her (new-found) role as an objective reporter: “Listen, my job is to cover these things, not to tell you how I like them or not.”

Glenn heard the audio this morning, and let’s just say he found it every bit as ridiculous as it was.

“That’s is? That is your job?” Glenn asked. “Well, then you have you’re really doing a really bad job.”

“That’s worth a watch,” Stu added. (The full clip is available below.) “She gets absolutely destroyed in that argument by Nick Gillespie.”

Glenn made sure to point out the bigger question this raises for conservatives. Romney has implemented some programs in the past, such as Romneycare, that have increased the power and size of government. Even if it was on the state level, those aren’t conservative principals. Glenn challenged radio listeners this morning to hold Romney’s feet to the fire and stand your group on your principals.

“I tell you, we’re entering a time where you’re going to be in real trouble,” Glenn said. “The Republicans are in real trouble as well because if Romney gets in, what are you going to do? Are you going to still stand your ground? Because they can’t – they don’t actually mean anything they say. I do, and I think you do. So are you going to stand your ground – even when it’s unpopular?”

Watch the exchange between Maddow and Gillespie below:

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    A person of a divided mind and actions and deeds is unstable in all ways and means; they will not commit to a solid stand anywhere, and thus are cast adrift on the winds of disrespect and dishonor. We all have to take a stand on and for what we hold as our ideals; let them be founded in truth and light, in fact and honor.
    The truth has no agenda, for it is truth.
    Decide where you stand and what you hold to; for the time has come to be secure in faith and grounded in truth, for the storm will cast away all other and the truth consume that which is false, while refining that which is right.
    For me and my house we will stand with the Lord and never willingly bow to any man.

    May January 2013 see the return of freedom, and liberty to the people in full; and justice delivered unto the growing tyranny of Obama in the courts for his continuing crimes.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I completely agree that the  truth… and following the Lord is the answer….but america is the USS Titanic…and we are going down…we will slip into the cold dark seas as sure as the sun will rise tommorow.  It doesn’t matter who is in office, even though a conservative would obviously be better…we are still doomed.  The perfect storm of a failing dollar, bankrupt gov’ts, corrupt politicians and corporations, unmanagable debt, entitlement programs,…and peak oil…mean we are finished.  China will colonize america here shortly and they dont need an army or bullet to do it.  Just legions of lawyers…and it wont get messy until an american court rules unfairly against them.  The Federal Reserve is a cabal of men intent on seeing that thru and NO politician or party..can stop them.  The capital flight Out of america will be the next unreported news headline.  The goodnews= the King of Kings is just around the corner… let not your heart be troubled!

    • james

      Yep, unlike these stinkin things who need to go…just sayin…

    • Christopher B. Wells

      amen, Amen

    • John Webber

      Truth, is a perspective that is unique to every person, a wise person can see the world through the eyes of another and an ideologue thinks they have “the Truth” … Once you think you have “The Truth” you stop growing and are left fighting against all who hold a different truth/perspective.

      America was built around compromise and cooperation, to try and hold on to “our truth” denies all others their say. Sadly that seems to be more and more the driving message that keeps America stuck in a course of recklessness … while everyone joins in the finger pointing blaming someone else. 

      On immigration I stand in the middle … I think immigrants brought here by parents are victims and deserve a lawful consideration; as most “are Americans” by their cultural upbringing. This should be done through legislation and not Executive fiat.I also believe all elected officials should be required to honor our laws on the books. Stopping Illegals from over staying student Visas and crossing our boarders and we should increase legal immigration to relieve the pressure to come illegally.I think most American’s can agree with this middle of the road, reasonable compromise. Why couldn’t Mitt Romney propose such a simple straight forward message?

  • landofaahs

    Who cares what Madcow thinks? 

    • MarsBarsTru7

       Not me. I’d rather listen to a real mad cow bleating (not fun).

      • Anonymous

        You have been chosen, Mars!  Yes you have—by the spammer.  She picks

        the comment made on someone’s post then uses it as her own.  Has done that

        with landofaahs too.   Lucky guys.  : )

        • MarsBarsTru7

          Lol worthy!

  • Austin Jessup

    Why is she on an opinion show if she is not willing to give her opinion?  She gives more opinions reporting news than she did when her opinions were asked

    • Christopher B. Wells

      typical liberal elitist. Maddow that is. hippocritial. afraid to voice her own opinion but expects others to freely give theirs, on her show. i am sick and tired of hippo crats. i think i just coined a new term. Hippo-crats. I like it!!!

  • MarsBarsTru7

    Seriously, who is really surprised by this? Is this really news for anyone? Can anyone name me one single liberal in the MSM that shows any integrity and doesn’t blatantly lie or doublespeak? The closest one that I can think of is Juan Williams, but he has had his moments of open dishonesty too.

    It’s so blatant and so widespread that I expect it and it does not surprise me in the least anymore. I used to occasionally guffaw at the ridiculous nature of liberal talking heads, but not anymore. What would actually surprise me now would be integrity. But I’m coming to the conclusion that integrity is completely incompatible with the liberal mindset.

    • greywolfrs

      Where I agree with what you are saying, it appears that the “right media” isn’t much better. It’s kind of said, the media used to be the unofficial fourth branch of government that kept government some what in line. Today, that is no longer the case…

      • MarsBarsTru7

         Oh, they’ have their dishonest shills alright. But generally speaking you don’t see them caught blatantly lying as badly as the likes of Madcow. Their sin is generally in omission or exaggerating or minimizing the facts. The left just flat out lies all the time anymore. I don’t watch much MSM anymore (as of the spring of this year), but when I do and when it’s any channel but FOX, almost without exception I can’t get through a single segment without wanting to scream “LIAR!” at the television.

  • Right Fielder

    Like The Schultz, The Maddow is meaningless. The only time she gets any attention is when Fox and GB give it to her. Ignore the fool, and one day she will be gone. That day will be uneventful as well.

  • Anonymous

    Rachel Maddow is rather full of attitude and rude and ridiculous in her views of the USA and political parties.  Simply sitting next to Bill Maher on his lil old show , is a prime example of needing to be heard.  It is amusing to see her and Maher and other left wing, spew their hateful and rude attitude toward the GOP.  It was Okay for them to bash former Pres. Bush for 8 years but now when real issues are tossed back at them from the GOP , they can NOT take the heat.
    2013 will bring civility back to the USA.

    • Anonymous

       Just wait, by the end of the summer every white Republican that has a problem or disagrees with anything Obama will be labeled a racist…and it will be nonstop till the election,..

      • Anonymous

        name calling has been happening since before the last election.  and it is just plain Pitiful.  Character Attacks actually show true color.  It is also a form of angry bullies ranting hate.

  • Anonymous

    maddow is objective?? come on folks

  • Anonymous

    I think one of the best gotcha moments for Rachel was when she had John Steward on and was trying to be hip and cool with a format like his show. In all her pomp she tried to aline her show with Stewards. He kinda laughed at her and said that he was a comedian not a reporter. It knocked the smug look off her carpet muncher. She was at a loss for words (very unusual). I loved it……

  • Anonymous

    maher was basically like ” we are getting our butts kicked, cut to commercial”, lol

  • TheMaskedMarauder

    Rachel Maddow and objectivity have never been introduced. She is one of the most subjective persons in media. That’s all that needs to be said.

  • Anonymous

    Typical liberals, they think they know better than the average person, but when they are cornered, that’s when they cop out. It happens everywhere with liberals. That’s why they are destroying countries all over.

  • Joe

    Glenn we don’t live in a conservative state 35 Democratic senators, and a grand total of 4 imagine that 4 Republican senators in the CONSERVATIVE State of Mass.  There are 32 Republican representatives and 128 Democrats.  It is amazing Romney got anything done with the Democrats controlling 10% of the Senate and 80% of the House.  Kind of rough to getting anything done here for a Republican administration with more the two thirds majority in both house and senate.  Come on there Big Glen lighten up, go buy some more gold and other precious metals.  We all can’t be like you,”Thank God”

  • Anonymous

    Rachel Maddow is so full of idiotic comments, she claims she just repports things and doesn’t give her opinion.  Since when??? She goes on Bill Maher’s show who is beyond a doubt a scumbag and thinks she is credible. She belongs with the rest of the “loons” at MSNBC in fact they deserve each other.

  • Anonymous

    When someone talks about the rising cost of healthcare, as the guy with the hornrim glasses did, we need to point out that the democrats passed a bill directly driving up the health care costs.
    John Shadegg said on Hillsdale’s First Principles on First Fridays that the democrats, specifically Pete Stark passed laws to drive  up the cost of healthcare. This happens about 18 minutes in to the video.I am pretty sure this is why some of the Los Angeles hospitals closed.

  • Anonymous

    You really believe that, Glenn?   Stand on your principles?  Does that also mean voting on your

    principles?   If it’s Obama and Romney on the ticket, you would vote for yet another person?

    You must realize that a vote that doesn’t go to Romney is a vote that will go toward Obama.

    Romney was NOT the candidate I would pick, but if he is chosen by the GOP, then he will

    get my vote.  I don’t care if Candidate X is running as a 3rd party, he WILL NOT get enough

    votes to defeat Obama but may jolly well take enough away from Romney and, by doing so,

    will give the victory to Obama.  Is our nation in trouble now—yes or no?  Does the current 

    leadership have to change—yes or no?   If your main concern is voting for the candidate of

    YOUR choice, then you really don’t care if Obama gets another 4 years.  Is that right?

    Your PRIMARY concern should be about what will be best for America.  You may not like what

    Romney has done in the past or may not even like him now.  Ask yourself: Who has shown

    greater love for the US?  Romney or Obama?

    • greywolfrs

      A vote for anyone is a vote for that person alone. Anyone trying to say that a vote for someone other than Romney or Obamao is a vote for Obamao is lying. That is a simple “scare tactic” to get people to vote the way one wants…

      • Anonymous

        OK, wolf, maybe I expressed myself poorly, so I’ll try again.  Of course a vote

        for a 3rd party goes to that person, but it takes away a vote for either the D or

        R candidate—correct?    Do you recall the elections of ’92 and ’96?  (I had to

        refresh my memory on these.)   Do you remember Ross Perot running as a 3rd

        party candidate?   In ’92 he rec’d 18.9% of the vote.  B. Clinton won with 43+%

        and G.H.W. Bush lost.  So, one can easily see the vote was split.  Can’t say

        what the outcome would have been if Perot didn’t run.  Same thing in ’96.

        Perot rec’d 8.4% of the vote, Clinton won with less than 50% and Dole lost.

        Let’s, for the sake of argument, say Perot’s votes would have gone to the R

        candidate.*   Do you, now, understand that a vote for a 3rd party ”steals” a vote

        away from a D or R?  Because there is little likelihood a 3rd party would win.

        *That would have been an extremely close election perhaps decided by the

        Electoral College.

        • greywolfrs

          I understand what you are saying, but to say that any other vote is one for Obamao IS a scare tactic.

          Actually, in 1992 perot got NO electoral votes and his votes could have easily been split between GHWB and William “the Zipper.”
          In 1996, again, Perot got NO electoral votes and his 8.4%, added to Dole’s 40.72% still would not have won over William “the Zipper’s” 49.23%.

          So, in the end, it didn’t really matter. By the way, EVERY presidential election is decided by the Electoral College. That is exactly how we are not a pure democracy.

  • Anonymous

    Principles  (not principals) …  just saying… and that’s what she does not have, principles….

  • MJaneO

    Well we have Nancy P.  Planet of “Dumb” is filling up fast–add this one to it. Over population sooner than expected…lol

  • greywolfrs

    Madcow wouldn’t know objectivity if it walked up, kicked her between the legs and sacked her.

  • Anonymous

    I stopped watching MSNBC because of all of the hate
    talk against the American people who do not like
    their commentators.  Schultz, Maddow, Andrea
    Mitchell, Mika Brezinski and others whose names I
    don’t know.
    What is wrong with these commentators?  Why
    do they want to destroy America?
    I couldn’t listen to their hate speech.

  • Anonymous

    Hatefull Madcow is as far left as anyone on the planet. That is why she fits right in at BSNBC.

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