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No, that’s not a new song – although that would make more sense. Cher recently came out with the ultimate solution to the GOP’s “horrible racism” – revolution.

Cher’s comments came during a radio interview with Randi Rhodes. The entire segments centers around the idea that the Tea Party is racist. The two ladies obviously backed up their statements with by citing specific examples one example of a non-Tea Party affiliated individual.

It’s fairly obvious the two have never really listened to a speech from a Tea Party gathering, much less attend one.

Cher said, “Where are the real people – where are the Latinos, where are the Asians, where are the black people? It’s like 50 shades of white?”

“When you look at what they say, it’s all racist,” Rhodes added.

Cher went on discussing the disrespect she sees towards President Obama saying, “I have never seen such disrespect for a president. There has never been such disrespect for a president, ya know, since back in the day when people were crazy. I’m talking back when Jeffersonian people were running for office – that’s when things were as crazy as they are now. I don’t understand it. I just don’t understand it – where the hatred comes from.”

Cher obviously forgot about how much respect President Bush was shown during his term in office – not to mention the disrespect he is still shown.

Ironically enough, after grouping the entire Tea Party into the racist column with no concrete examples of actual Tea Party affiliated racism, Rhodes responded to share by saying this:

“The hatred comes from propaganda, the hared comes from dog whistles, the hatred comes from outright saying ‘the sources of all evil are welfare queens or the poor people.’ They keep on saying this.”

Towards the end of the segment, Cher seemed to forget that the president is a Democrat because she went on to discuss how much power the Tea Party or Republicans apparently have – close to complete power in Cher’s mind.

“You’ve seen in other countries what happens when there is complete power – you have to have some sort of revolution at some point to overthrow complete power,” she concluded.

Listen to Cher’s statements here:

Glenn took a few minutes this morning on radio to comment on Cher’s recent statements:

“Thank you, Cher. She said that with 12 outfit changes. It was a pretty entertaining comment. It was a 2 line comment but 12 costume changes,” he joked.

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