Cher: “Revolution is the only answer”

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No, that’s not a new song – although that would make more sense. Cher recently came out with the ultimate solution to the GOP’s “horrible racism” – revolution.

Cher’s comments came during a radio interview with Randi Rhodes. The entire segments centers around the idea that the Tea Party is racist. The two ladies obviously backed up their statements with by citing specific examples one example of a non-Tea Party affiliated individual.

It’s fairly obvious the two have never really listened to a speech from a Tea Party gathering, much less attend one.

Cher said, “Where are the real people – where are the Latinos, where are the Asians, where are the black people? It’s like 50 shades of white?”

“When you look at what they say, it’s all racist,” Rhodes added.

Cher went on discussing the disrespect she sees towards President Obama saying, “I have never seen such disrespect for a president. There has never been such disrespect for a president, ya know, since back in the day when people were crazy. I’m talking back when Jeffersonian people were running for office – that’s when things were as crazy as they are now. I don’t understand it. I just don’t understand it – where the hatred comes from.”

Cher obviously forgot about how much respect President Bush was shown during his term in office – not to mention the disrespect he is still shown.

Ironically enough, after grouping the entire Tea Party into the racist column with no concrete examples of actual Tea Party affiliated racism, Rhodes responded to share by saying this:

“The hatred comes from propaganda, the hared comes from dog whistles, the hatred comes from outright saying ‘the sources of all evil are welfare queens or the poor people.’ They keep on saying this.”

Towards the end of the segment, Cher seemed to forget that the president is a Democrat because she went on to discuss how much power the Tea Party or Republicans apparently have – close to complete power in Cher’s mind.

“You’ve seen in other countries what happens when there is complete power – you have to have some sort of revolution at some point to overthrow complete power,” she concluded.

Listen to Cher’s statements here:

Glenn took a few minutes this morning on radio to comment on Cher’s recent statements:

“Thank you, Cher. She said that with 12 outfit changes. It was a pretty entertaining comment. It was a 2 line comment but 12 costume changes,” he joked.

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  • landofaahs

    Gypsies tramps and  thieves you make my stomach lurch and heave.  I never could stand her.  Cher and share alike I guess.  Hey Babe, that revolution may not turn out the way you like.

    • Paolina Garcia

      Why not find a middle ground with them? We all hate the government. Nobody likes it, disapproval is like 80%. So why not just get a divorce? We can never be happy together since we both obstruct each other from achieving our desired government form.

      So let the North have their atheist, socialist democracy.
      We in the South can form a capitalist, christian country.

      Personally I think there should be no legislature, only a judiciary. I have never seen one act of Congress that I thought was ever necessary. And the judicial branch should be selected by seniority, not political appointees as our current courts are, which breeds cronyism.

      • landofaahs

        I’d rather see a president with only military powers and a congress with the only responsibility to fund the military. I think taxes should set at 3% and it would take 100% to change it. No judges of the federal govt. If states have a problem with each other, they just figure a solution on tnheir own. No legislator serves more than 1, 2 year term. I can think of all kinds of restrictions on those bas—-.

  • Kimberlee Swartz

     It was a 2 line comment but 12 costume changes,” he joked.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Hatered is self perpetuating; when someone has such a narrow look on the world, and is filled with hate for themselves they seek to project it upon one object they deem to be the ’cause of all my problems’ or ‘the evils of the world.”

    Thus in the case of the leftists, it has to be the previous President Bush to try and make their self annointed god-king on earth Obama look flawless.

    Hate builds upon itself, the object becomes seen as more and more evil, and if destroyed, the memory of it is transfered onto something larger or newer, and the cycle perpetuates once again. Ultimatly this cycle will consume the hater in the end, with madness or personal destruction.

    • Anonymous

      They are crazy. Bill Ayres Need I say more

  • Kevin

    I hate stupid elitists.

    • Russell Parker

      No she is right. We do need to stop Mr O from getting his way and having total power.

      • Anonymous

        Mr King Obama!

  • B.P.

    I think all that gook she’s had pumped in her for plastic surgery has seeped into her brain, not that she was a giant intellectual before. A gem of collosal ignorance. When all pigs do is hang around other pigs, they don’t realize they stink up the place.

    • Anonymous

      Or they become ham.

  • Anonymous

    Cher’s followers are always revolting- have you SEEN a gay pride parade??

    • Richard Firth


    • Mark Grandstaff

      Funny how you put the words revolting and gay pride parade together.  Typical t-bagger comment.  Oh but wait…you guys arent racist or prejudice. Silly me.

      • Harry

        “Gay pride parade”? Are you sure the militant gay agenda is good for children to have to see? Or for society as a whole? Is nothing private anymore? Is there no room for even an iota of modesty? 

        • Mark Grandstaff

          Would I bring my children to SF for a pride parade?  Of course not.  The fringes of any group are always exploited by the media. My gay brother, gay friends and coworkers agree with me, yet they unfortunately get lumped into a group thats called “revolting’ in knee jerk comments like the one above.  If I had to choose between bringing my kids to a pride parade or a dinner with Rush Limbaugh we’d be in the car on our way to SF in a heartbeat.  I would rather my children see freedom of expression than be around hatred… ANY DAY.

        • Anthony S.

          Wait, so we’re all militant? This is news to me! I agree that there are a group of us out there that go a bit farther than necessary, but we’re not all like that. I’d love to be happy one day with a man who loves me and with whom I love whole-heartedly. I’d like to be able to have a family of my own, with kids who grow up to be successful and happy and supported in every way possible. And whether it’s called a marriage or not, I just want to be able to have all of the same rights a heterosexual married couple would have, and have those same rights in every single state. And I don’t want to be criticised or shamed whenever I go somewhere with my husband and children. Yes, I disagree with the “mainstream” gays that think they need to be flamboyant, overtly sexual, wild, and out there. I agree with you in that we should all be more modest. But I also disagree that homosexuals should be treated any differently from all other human beings.

          Now, I’m sorry for the rant, especially since it has nothing to do with the article (and because it really only feeds into the people who would believe that I’m trying to push “my agenda” on others), but I don’t think it’s necessary to say that the gay agenda is militant, or even that it’s an agenda. It’s not like we’re recruiting people to become homosexuals. Hell, I know I didn’t choose to be, and I wouldn’t wish anyone else to be homosexual. It’s not exactly an easy life. I just wish people understood that we’re not all like those flamboyant gays, and that most of us just want to live normal lives like everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    Cher has fans?  Are you sure?

  • mudslide

    One too many Botox injections methinks….

  • Travelling Mann

    Can Cher be any more Progressive? The more she speaks, the more she shows her ignorance and lack of understanding.

  • Anonymous

    Why would I not be pro white????? Why am I criticized for being pro-white???? I was against Bush and Obama. They are all on the liberal side, which are unsustainable ideals. As long as people have a sin-nature, the bullies will strive to run us all against our wishes – against our individual liberty. The fact is that white people are the majority & Obama was elected via some massive sick idea that we owed the black people a black president at any cost. Bull. Obama has done nothing for black people except run up their unemployment numbers, and increase their food stamps. The Tea Party is about the original ideals this nation was founded on which will give all people a fair shot at pursuing their own idea of happiness, as long as they are law abiding citizens. Cher doesn’t live in the same world as most Americans, and her opinions are very shallow and perhaps innocent. The framers of the constitution did not all believe in slavery & made sure that it was worded in a way to come back and fix it. At the expense of many white lives, we as a nation did fix it. There was no way an uneducated black class was going to all be successful – just like the white class took a long time to be successful when the country was started. More white people believed in educating the entire population than did not. Guess who won?????? There are many successful black people . . . but those who cling to the Ghetto Pimps in the Democratic party will never evolve until they figure out who it is that is really keeping many down. No society will work as long as the working class are taxed to death to give others a free ride. I know this for a fact – I met many after Katrina who came to Houston who bragged about their health, their section 8 housing, food stamps, social security checks, etc. Those people believe their lives are bad!!!!!! While I was working my butt off for 45 years and raising kids and making ends meet, they were living off of my taxes. Two wrongs never make a right. Don’t even get me started on illegals – and the U.S. not upholding it’s own laws!!!! Until everyone carries their own weight, the country and it’s hard working people will suffer. And don’t go down that road about government charity. Provable fact is that there are no greater charities given in the entire world than what comes from the Christian Conservatives in this country – NOT including all of our tax dollars given away. Recently Hillary gave billions to the radical Muslims in Egypt – I KNOW we didn’t work hard to give our money to our enemies!!

  • Ciaran

    Send Cher to live, alone, in Detroit, or East St Louis.

  • Ronald Dawson

    Cher has never seen such disrespect for a President . . . “since . . . Jeffersonian days.” I thought she was going to say . . . since Bush days. Seriously, I thought she was going to acknowledge that so that she would have some veracity or credibility in her statement. Does she really think Nick Nolte is Jefferson? Does the accuracy of history come with a movie ticket? Rhodes a knowing purveyor of lies and disinformation and Cher a typical dupe.  This is a joke. The notion of the Tea Party being racist, with isolated and rare instances of racism, disavowed by all other Tea Party members and leadership goes unnoticed in their “progressive” view of the world. How easily they (and perhaps their viewers) buy into the lies.

    • Anonymous

      She apparently was around to personally observe the disrespect in Jefferson’s day. 

  • Anonymous

    When I care what Cher says thats the day I blow mydamn head off. I want a President that loves America the hell with race. When your stupid all you know is racism.

  • Anonymous

    Who’s Cher??? Oh, that Cher, I thought she died a long time ago!! Isn’t Cher a capitalist??? I mean she capitalized on her voice, and her body.. her bad marriages.. What a phony.. So tell us Cher, why don’t you want others to be able to capitalize maybe on their voices and their bodies…A capitalist is a capitalist.. you and Moore need to get together, both of you have big mouths and are inciting a fight amongst the races.. What a evil despicable person you have become! Here is a definition of a capitalist.. cap·i·tal·istsplural1.
    investor: an investor of money in business for profit2.
    believer in capitalism: a supporter of capitalism, or a participant in a capitalist economy3. somebody rich: somebody who is wealthy, especially somebody made rich by capitalism and considered to be greedy ( informal ) I think Cher, you are #3…

  • Heather Hamby

    Obviously, she has no idea what a revolution would be like if she’s “calling” for one.

  • Right Fielder

    No doubt, she could use her face to start one.

  • Anonymous

    Well I guess she would know about the “Jeffersonian people”, after all she was there.

  • Anonymous

    How stupid a comment this is lol. She may get the revolution she calls for .but I’m afraid she won’t like the outcome

  • Anonymous

    Coming from a woman who has never had a happy day in her life. Have you ever seen a happy liberal?

  • Joyce S

    She quit  schooll at 16 and I  bet she has never  read a history book or anything else that tells about the founding Fathers but she got a dig in about Thomas Jefferson. I think she has been sniffing something other than fol California air and her brain cells are saying get me out of this empty head

  • Anonymous

    This is so laughable.  She doesn’t have a clue.  Tea Party people are racist? I don’t think so.,  It doesn’t matter what color the current President is- I still think he is ineligible and is trying to destroy America.  George Soros controls all the Democrats and some of the republicans as well.   She needs to get her head out of Hollywood and actually talk to main street people in small towns across the country! 

  • Anonymous

    Cher….go and be a mama to that fat she-man you brought into this World.  Had  you brought her up the right way to start with, Chastity would not have lost her belt.

  • Anonymous

    Cher is Cher.  Randi Rhodes is on the same path.  Being in the Tea Party does NOT make people Racist.  These women apparently talk and listen to mentally ill liberals and thus they conclude insane rants.   If they could find the positive in Anything, it would be in their best interest.  Until then, I will boycott her sponsors.

  • new2la

    Cher..go back to your bong.

  • Anonymous

    I never realized how dumb Cher is, not because her views differ from mine but because she is barely able to construct a sentence in a cohesive manner.  She is absolutely out of touch with the world around her.  I guess for a simple mind, crying racist is much easier than disecting an issue or getting to the root cause of a problem.

    I own most of her early music but can’t see myself buying another tune or attending a concert, ect.

    This was a sad tape to listen to, how disappointing.

  • S. E. Roberts

    Cher suffers from short term memory, she can’t remember the prior 8 years. In fact she like Obama needs a teleprompter when she sings because she can’t even remember the lines to her songs when she’s performing. I think she doesn’t even remember she was married to Sonny Bono who turned Republican on her, of course I think they were divorced at the time which she probably doesn’t even remember that. Like most celebrities they are a blank slate that pay people to fill their heads with things, even if it is non-sense.

  • Peggy Coston Nevill

    Just more liberal junk talk. Republcans are not like this. Bill Mahar says way more evil things than than Republicans have ever said. They spin things like they want. No OBAMA 2012

  • william

    Cher, I voted for this 10% brown man.  Boy, he lies, cheats, spends has no clue who worked for him in 08.
    our group can not believe what he is doing.  He is off the wall and has surrounded himself with thugs. Holder is a weak clown in uniform. Axerod is a commie.
    Gosh we have be duped

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what Victor Tiffany will have to say about this? This should be entertaining…

    • Anonymous

      It will be interesting to find out if he is a fan or not. You know who her biggest fan base is, don’t you?

  • Marie Woodruff

    Cher is stupid.  Her singing is voice-enhanced.  “Thrown out by a black man….”  It was the whaites who elected him into office.  Any time blacks don’t get their way to their tantrums, they call it racism.  Cher doesn’t deserve time to listen to her.

  • Jodi Morrison

    You know someone is full of poopie flavored ice cream when the first blast from a mouth fed ammunition from a brain that has been either, A- Brainwashed or B- living with enough wealth to be able to preach one thing but lives well above it all themselves, they charge racism.
    It’s the most feared salvo a Republican politician runs away from. And Liberals know it. I won’t say Democrats because their are no Democrat politicians. Well maybe a handful, but they’re mostly the local types without any say and still have to keep in line or they’re abandoned, set up for scandal rather than protected by the power these Socialists* control, the ‘media’.. Real Democrats would be considered Conservatives these days.    

    * The “American” Socialist is also a loose term. Remember, these are very , very wealthy people who do not live under the same laws and restrictions the ‘common American’ live under. It’s the do as I say, not as I do mentality. Don’t believe what I say here, find me a hollywoody or a ‘caring’ Liberal politician (one who is not a local level dupe) who lives in a local area, with average people and in a home with less than 4,500 sq feet of living space. They spend more on their weekend party that the average worker makes in a year or two.   

  • jewel maskal

    she is a junkie twit.. she raised a daughter who could not deal with her reality so she had a dildo attached to her.. what??? this is a used up has been and if she hadn’t run around naked on stage, she would just another crack ho.

  • Gerald Allen

    Sonny dumped her for a reason. Too bad , she should have hit the tree not him.

  • Stanley W. Sloan

    Typical   ugly liberal socialist commies.

  • Anonymous

    I preferred her exposure as an entertainer,her loveliness pre botox and other procedures? and fab singing and dancing.  The navy video and song “If I could turn back time” was memorable. I liked her in Moonstruck.   I would not pay good money to see,hear any movie,book whatever now.  I avoid supporting the entertainment set entirely now.

    This interview shows she knows little of issues or people, just parrots what she hears the media saying.  

    I am puzzled as to her “Jeffersonian” reference, that sounds a bit of history reading.

    Ya think?

  • Anonymous

    Well, what you do expect from a “theatre” person.  Unless it is written, it is very hard to “think”.

  • Anonymous

    Tell Cher to take her tired-out Commie philosophy to Cuba, her rhetoric increases with stupidity ever time she opens her mouth.  Her career is over, the only talent that made her famous belonged to Sonny!!!

  • Tonto

    Wow!  You mean she actually came out of her drug induced fog long enough to actually articulate something coherently?  Now that’s amazing!

  • Rocky Vnvmc

    I just lost any respect, that I had for Cher !
    It’s sad that all of these ‘Entertainers’ education levels are so low, that they believe the bunk that they spout… They should all stick to entertaining & leave the politics to those more versed in the issues. All except for that Traitor Jane Fonda, who should be imprisoned, for her treachery , 40 odd yrs. Ago… There’s no Statue of Limitations for That !

  • Anonymous

    If I Could Turn Back Time, I’d hope Cher’s mother would have a miscarriage.

  • Anonymous

    Sonny and Cher were entertaining when their show was on TV a long time ago, until I became aware of her extreme left wing views. That was the end.

  • Carol Magee

    Cher, The one who thought that Mount Rushmore is a natural  phenonomenon,says it all.        

  • Marc Conder

    I am a tea party movement supporter. I actually have had to work for a living, pay my bills and worry about my future, unlike this entertainer.  I worry about my overwheening government, the reach it has grasped, the taxes it levies against ‘We, the People’.
      While Cher was running around half naked, I was a kid with a paper route. While Cher was consorting with more men then a cartoon of eggs, I was in school, studing chemistry. While Cher was having kids with a heroin addict, I was entering college. While Cher took of more clothing, and charmed las Vegas, I was in te military. My point is this, Cher has never led a life one might call average or normal. Look at the pictures of her, her past, her men, her kids. Now, she presumes to pontificate about white people as thought we did not make up 65% of this country. She belittles people who are fiscally responsible and concerned with our gi-normous debt, she has no worries. She is old, has a transexual (sort off) for a daughter/son. and walks around in  chinese wigs and tells the tea Party we are racist??? Lets get this old woman out of her newest mansion, uncover those sunken eyes and let her see what its like to mow your own lawn, pay your own light bills, shop at your local wall mart, and then get back to me about how Americans must be racist because she has not seen enough color in her vast Tea Party exposure.  If there is going to be a revolution, I recomend we start wih this vulgarian who lives in a bubble, unknowing, uncaring, and every dime she has came from, “We, the People.’  Talk about ungreatful! Pah!

  • mdkrause

    Cher is still alive?  I thought she OD somewhere????   Must have been some other F grad celebrity. Shouldn’t she be on a reserve somewhere?

  • Anonymous

    Most of Cher’s fans are in their 60’s now and know better then to listen to anything she say’s. They know what the national debt is. And have worked hard for the money that is being fritterd away by this administration…. 

  • Sandie

    Cher certainly has a short term memory problem. She can’t remember the last time she ever heard such terrible attacks on a president ….. hello!… the left excoriated GW Bush constantly!.

    • Nut Romney

      That was not the ‘Left’. That was two shoes throw at him from the left by an Iraqi Reporter protesting the mass deaths in the 100’s of thousands on innocent Iraqi civilians.

      • Sandie

        So those 8(+) years your head was … up your butt? in solitary confinement?…. LOL how comical – clownish actually..

        • Nut Romney

          I, unlike the Iraqis, are not in denial about what America is. I know America is a self-fish bully with a shtload of guns, a chip on her shoulder, and lots of money. But this bully works for me, day and night, and that is how your supposed to use America. America is like my personal assasin, fighting for my right to do whatever I want.

          • Sandie

            Good for you and speak for yourself

    • TheMaskedMarauder

      I never saw her name listed on the MENSA rolls.

      • Sandie

        Neither have I.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yes, Cher is absolutely right… people are angry and have alot of hatred everytime one of these Hollywood cretins open their imperious mouth.  Go home and read a book, then maybe you can articulate something more than the lyrics of a song someone else wrote……

    Will somebody comeback with a lift dolly, were done with the Cher mannequin!!!!

    • Anonymous

      “Cher mannequin”…lol…she’s probably more plastic today than ever before!

  • Anonymous

    Cher is such an idiot. She’s the one full of hate. Listen to her. How much of her money has she contributed to the poor people?

  • Anonymous

    Now I can see why Sony had to slap her around. He just had to shut that obnoxious mouth.

  • Anonymous

    Since when do we listen to celebrities?  Does their “talent” automatically give them some kind of political intelligence to tell everyone else what or how to think?  Who cares what she or any other (Clooney) thinks?  Ask her what she thought of “The Amateur” or “The Harbinger”, to name just two recent books, and I’ll bet she doesn’t have any idea what your talking about. 

  • Schteveo

    As usual, when the lefty’s talk about revolutions and uprisings, my attitude is the same.  They have signs and petitions and lawsuits and the media.  We have MOST of the guns and ammo.

    Go ahead Cher, start the revolution that removes ‘complete power’.  Something tells me she wouldn’t like the outcome, nor her place in the world post any revolution.

  • Dawn Brayton

    Cher IS right about the Tea Party rallies being attended by mostly white people. If that was racist there would be people working to keep everyone else out which doesn’t ever happen. So who knows why there isn’t more of a mix. But even though she seemed to have switched sides at the end of the interview she did admit to there being Revolution. A Tea Party revolution. Nowhere in the story was there any talk of violent revolution, she just said revolution. It’s wondered if she “could turn back time” what Sonny would have said about all this.

  • Anonymous

    Obama has not earned any respect!!

  • Anonymous

    Respect has to be earned.

  • Anonymous

    Only from polywood. 

  • Anonymous

    Cher kinda reminds me of Octomom.

  • Anonymous

    What a fool – the hatred and intolerance come from her side of the fence. Oh yeah, they were so respectful to Bush. He was treated much worse than BO, get real. The left are the name callers, they don’t have intelligent arguments so that is what they resort to. Show us the Tea Party racism Cher…

  • Anonymous

    Cher wants the revolution so that Chaz can lead the way.  That is the only way they can make it on camera or television.  They all need to disappear and fade into the woodwork.   I am ready for those people, bring them on!!!

  • USA4Ever

    FUGLY Obama Lap Dog with the ‘brain’ of a piss-ant!

  • Joe Tomei

    This president could have changed this racist condition. Instead he fueled the flames of racism. he has done nothing kless than divided the country instead of uniting us. He has demonstrated how the first black president could have changed things and united the masses and instead he raised rascism bar so high to the ultimate level since the 60’s. When he was elelcted those that believed him had the highest hope ever! I think people expected him to work some miracles and unite a country seprerated from centuries of division and racism. I have become more sensitive today than in the past. Obummer has raised the bar of fear and protectionism. He has isolated Whites seperated and once again isolated Blacks, Latino’s, Asians, Christian’s and simply divided the country more than ever. Why! I think someone once said “Divide and Conquer” America Unite. Get him out and then find another leader! We must at least try Romney for this next term. Give him a try and if he does not work. lets find the right leader! America needs to unite not fight each other and become more devisive. Obummer has accomplished this. Maybe that is why he received the Nobel Peace prize with that hope in mind! Wow were they fools….Oops, I mean fooled! 
    Just Saying! 

  • Marie

    I was reading a story on WND today about the highest ranking officer to ever defect from the Soviet Union and I had an idea about a book  The story I was reading was partly about how the Na zi Party was pretty well destroyed through public trials, etc.  The same was never done with the Communist Party.  Sure, we had some congressional hearings but it was only good enough to make the pie shell, not the whole pie.  Anyway, I thought you could write a book, doing a mock trial of sort, but this time, set the trial in America, with characters such as Uncle Joe’s favorite useful idiot, President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Woodrow Wilson could be Tsar Nicolas.  You could end the trial with a finale, with all the Obama officials and their friends and supporters in a sort of Nuremberg style trial.  I wonder who you could imagine Cher reflecting…..perhaps Propaganda Minister?  Bill Clinton would absolutely have to play Yeltsin.  Anyway, I have faith that you could write this sort of satire and do an awesome job of it.

  • Loran

    Wow!  That’s is totally despicable.  I have never ever heard one person call Obama a “tar baby.”  As far as throwing a revolution, that is something the libs always accuse republicans of.  So who is Cher, a lib or a republican?  Good thing no one listens to miss Rhodes or to Cher.  I will, however, continue to watch her acting.  She is good at that.

  • Richard Firth

    You know what Cher’s body is?   A life support system for her voice.  Brain is not included.

  • Anonymous

    Cher would make a very realistic Madam Defarge (Charles Dickens: ‘The Tale of Two Cities’), the ‘revolutionary’ who attended all the executions of aristocratics while she sat knitting as one condemned unfortunate after another had their heads chopped off by ‘Madam Guillotine’

  • Dave Lukasek

    What the frig was Sonny Bono thinking back in the day? Maybe he was stoned.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see…terrible actress, lousy musician, poor historian.  I can’t wait to see how she leads the revolution.  It will be as successul as the rest of her endeavors and various facelifts

  • Anonymous

    Who are the real capitalists? Corporate CEO’s or celebrities who are willing to say anything in order to be considered “cool” so they can bilk people out of their money for a few more years as they desperately try to hang on to a career by appealing to a generation of young people who are uneducated, yet still nauseated by her “music”? Cher’s voice is gone. Just watch one of her music videos if you don’t believe it. She uses nearly as much sound dubbing and synthesized voice enhancement as Millie Vanillie (sorry if the spelling’s wrong, but I only learned correct English in school). She’s a washed up, worthless hag who couldn’t reason her way out of a third grader’s history class discussion much less compete with the big boys on facts and competence. Celebrity stupidity is crystal clear in the “me too” crowd who are oh, so willing to take the easy stance in which they will be praised for “standing with the poor”, and being the saviors of the masses simply for knowing nothing but spouting the party line. Not a single celebrity that I have seen challenged on facts has been able to come up with a coherent argument. Remember Barbara Streisand’s press conference to support President Clinton’s policies, and when a Fox News reporter challenged her on the facts of what she was schilling, she became angry and screamed at him that she may not know much, but at least she knew that what she was supporting was right! I laughed for weeks after that. Cher would be in the same boat as are every celebrity who makes the mistake of actually trying to think their way out of a paper bag. Being a conservative in Hollywood is the fastest way that I know of to be frozen out of work. You know why…liberals are the only TOLERANT people on earth and it’s their job to deprive the rest of us of our rights in order to punish us for not being tolerant enough. I’ve never lost an argument to a liberal because liberalism simply cannot tolerate the light of FACTUAL truth and always, always, morons like Cher are forced to resort to name calling and mudslinging. The only other alternative would be to admit you are a total moron or totally lazy. Like THAT’S ever going to happen. Liberalism is the easy way out. You don’t have to think, the kids will all think you’re cool because they have been brainwashed by Marxist teachers and administrators all the way up to the head of the NEA and Obama himself. These are the same people who, with a Mac laptop under one arm, an iPhone in hand and designer duds to match, spout off about how it isn’t fair that they can’t expect as much out of life as their parents so someone else should have to pay for whatever they want. Cher is not a thinker-she’s a washed up cheerleader for stupidity, and she is GOOD at her job.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sorry I ever bought her recordings, attended her concerts…… I am so sorry she ever got a dime from me. I am a registered republican, she hates me for that reason. Well now I guess I hate her for hating me. GEEEE obama sure has brought everyone together, YEA RIGHT ……… Liberals are the most INTOLERENT people in the world but they try to convince us it is the conservatives, I’ve seen this same thing 40 yrs ago when hippies used the vietnam vets as the enemy in order to have their excuses not to serve their country. LIBERALS are hate mongering bigots, conservatives have the real compassion for others, conservatives actually make the physical effort to help others while liberals just talk about it.

  • Anonymous

    I look to Cher for direction in politics.   She is soooo wise.    Her silicon and Botox injections have created a new chemical in her brain that allows her to make these insightful proclamations.  I await her next cycle of dead brain babble.

  • the crazy betty

    revolution is right – against the commies.  cher is a real moron.  we are supposed to take advice from a woman who has a child who is full of so much self hate, that she had to change her sexual orientation.  poor chastity, I always felt like somebody did something to that sweet little girl… don’t know if it was one of cher’s creepy boyfriends or what but something happened to her and now she is chaz.  breaks my heart.  cher is an asshole.

  • Anonymous

    “Mark Grandstaff”- isn’t he a gay pornstar? And why assume I am a conservative, just because I make a joke about Cher and a gay pride parade? I am, but why assume it? That is HUMOR- everyone knows Cher is a gay icon… So, if Cher’s fan base gets agitated, they don’t march, they hold a PARADE! What is this, ‘Joke Writing 101’?
    And tea bagging is something that gays do isn’t it? Using a derogatory comment like that to insult someone when you have no argument shows your immaturity.

    And it was a joke! It was not meant to stereotype anyone… That is so typical of the gays to react like that.

  • Porphyry

    Revolution? Yes we can, Sarkissian!

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