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President Obama has finally come out and decided he wants to talk about the economy. But rather than say the government needs to make tough choices and cut back on spending – he simply says “we” need to do better. He is clearly trying to put the blame at the feet of the American people rather than on his administration. After all, the American people need him and his big government programs. The American people need him to help make good choices. The American people even need him to tell them how often to eat ice cream. On radio this morning, Glenn played some of his latest comments and explains the choice the country is facing in just a few short months.

“The hypocrisy is unbearable with this guy,” Glenn said.

President Obama became leader of the free world despite being born into a broken home, raised by grandparents, being mentored by Communists, and never having held a real job – the rest of the country needs big government to take care of them. President Obama believes that the the American people have to have government programs.

“Sadly when Obama says that Americans are tougher than whatever tough times bring us, what he really means is that the government is tougher,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that Obama believes that “you can’t make it without these government programs. You can’t decide how much of a sundae to eat. You’re not tough. You don’t have control to say no to ice cream. How could you possibly say no to something tough?”

“This President gives me a reason to be committed to freedom every single day. I’ve never known my country better than I do because of Barack Obama. He forced me to learn about my country. He forced me to learn about progressivism. He forced me to look at what I really believe about Manifest Destiny. I didn’t know about manifest Destiny other than what I learned in school – which is nothing. He forced me. I’m a better American today because of Barack Obama. I’m a more enlightened American because of Barack Obama. I’m a more charitable person today of Barack Obama. I’m a better entrepreneur today because of Barack Obama. I don’t need a bailout. I got Barack Obama. He’s the anchor around my neck. It forces me to be a stronger swimmer. It’s fantastic,” Glenn said.

“Thank you Barack Obama.”

“I’m committed because I now know what I believe,” Glenn said.

Glenn then asked the American people if they were ready to take their newfound strength and get the President out of the White House.

“Are you committed? Have you activated yourself. Are you registered to vote? Have you looked at your list of friends and said are they all registered to vote?”

“We’ve changed Mr. President. You’ve woken us up. We’ve actually looked. We’ve seen all of the things that your friends hate America for,” Glenn said. “We’ve considered them carefully. We’ve put them into perspective. And we realized that sometimes anchors around our necks make us stronger swimmers.”

“Others will try to divide. it’s not going to work,” Glenn said. “That’s not what Americans are.”

Let’s show Barack Obama that being positive is in fashion. Demonstrate that positivity is alive and well in America by sending a true capitalist to Washington. Somebody that doesn’t apologize for America and all of its deals.”

“That’s the real debate in America. Do you need somebody to help you because you’re not capable of figuring out how many calories to eat? Are you so incapable you can’t stop yourself from eating a sundae that the President of the United States the most powerful man in the world needs to use eating a sundae as a teaching moment for America?”