What will the fallout be from Obamacare ruling?

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Towards the end of Thursday morning’s radio show, Glenn spent some time discussing the fallout from the Supreme Court ruling. What does it mean for future laws and regulations? And how is this going to be a blessing for conservatives going forward? Watch the clip above to find out!

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    It means in the simplest of terms the future of the nation will hinge on the November elections; for good or bad, WE the PEOPLE shall determine with our votes, or lack of them, the future of all of us for generations to come…

    Freedom or Serfdom.

    Choose well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1319323121 Andy Finch

    I am so saddened today and part of this is my own fault. I will correct my actions November by GOD I will make my actions pure with my vote.

  • MarsBarsTru7

    Don’t just blame this on Justice Roberts Beck. He is the traitor, yes. But not one single Justice that supported the Affordable Healthcare Act is exempt of the guilt of betraying this country. This law was clearly unconstitutional. No one that actually advocates for a Constitutional government has any delusions about it. Every single one of them is culpable and they are representative of what “compromise” is going to bring us.

    And saying that much, I’d just like to thank all of you for helping to elect Mr. Mitt “Compromise” Romney. He’s the best hope we have?! Really???


    God grant me the serenity…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4HAW7OERGSC7VZM72V7IGDJ3B4 Sharmane

    The only solution is to go to the polls in November and vote out just about every arrogant, delusional, corrupt, inbred, incompetent incumbent from the top on down.   We cannot afford another four years of this train wreck.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3CA3OTDL5IKKQ5Y7GIMV5OFSKU Joe

       hell yeah!!  Let’s replace him with a corporate pillager who enriched himself putting people OUT of work, and hides his millions in offshore accounts to avoid paying tax. He will cut taxes again costing the country even more that the $1.3 trillion the Bush tax cuts cost the country. Let’s put in a respectable man caught up in not one, but TWO massive frauds involving BILLIONS of dollars who will make sure the the richest people in the country pay the least taxes.

      I mean we can trust a guy who was caught lying about the NRA endorsing him, can’t we? Sure we can trust a guy who wants to start ANOTHER war (Iran), but his sons won’t be fighting because , as he so rightly says, they already served their country by driving around in luxury Winnebago campaigning for him.

      Yup, we really need a man of this integrity and honor to run this country……….. even deeper into the toilet

      • Anonymous

        Romney put more people to work when with Baine than Obama will ever think about doing. Yes, some companies failed but many more succeeded. That is what a venture capital company does. They take THEIR money and try to save companies – like staples and all the others they saved and grew. The government takes our money and thinks it is monopoly money and gives it to friends. The government does not care whether the companies they give millions to will succeed because they can always raise taxes to cover the loss. Baine capital had to cover losses with their own money. This is how capitalism should work, not the crony capitalism that Obama and the government practices.
        Romney did not “hide” his money and yes he did pay taxes on that money. Before you start making stupid statements you should check the facts. 
        I will gladly compare lies from Obama vs lies from Romney.  There is not enough space on this blog to list Obama starting with his “this is not a tax” Obama Care.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to start off with a message for anyone who is able-bodied enough to hold a job and pay for their own health insurance yet chooses not to do either of these things…If you want me to pay for your health insurance through compulsion and not of my own will, then let me punch you once.  That way you actually have a reason to go to the hospital and since I’ve hurt you, it’s NOW (but not before) my responsibility to pay for your health insurance (oh and I have a job and pay for my own health insurance).
    Obamacare isn’t simply unconstitutional, it’s also theft.  It’s taxation without representation, codified by John Roberts and Barack Obama. I think that everyone who is fairly healthy and has health insurance should drop their insurance for one month.  Obamacare and Medicaid will be defunded immediately because the resources (the hard earned money from working people’s pockets) that back them up will simply vanish.  Believe me, everyone who did that will be able to get a GREAT deal from any private insurance company at this point.  The market will dictate that notion.  
    I want to say all of this now, because I guarantee you, in less than ten years, statements like this will land you in jail.

    • http://ufil.ms/bK6Pk Patricia J. Dubois

      It’s all in their blueprint.  But our GOD reigns.  They just don’t know Him. http://FoxGetPositionWork.blogspot.com

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3CA3OTDL5IKKQ5Y7GIMV5OFSKU Joe

      Bert, youre HILARIOUS!!!  So you can afford to buy health insurance, and decide not to, a get hurt in a car wreck, you would be quite happy to use our money (we the taxpayers) to pay for some damned expensive EMS help and hospitalization. Forget it pal. You don’t buy insurance, then you sure as hell can contribute to the cost of your medical bills via an added tax. I am perfectly happy with that.

      I find it amusing that you think it is unconstitutional when a conservative dominated Supreme court has just found the opposite

      And last but not least, for someone who chooses NOT to be smart and get health insurance, and will probably end up leeching off the taxpayer when you do have an  emergency, you have the arrogance and audacity to tell people who do have insurance what they should do to support your ridiculous agenda. You crack me up

      • Anonymous

        You must have missed the part where I mentioned that I work and pay for my own insurance, and I AM A TAXPAYER.  Everything else you’ve put in here is fine, because it is your opinion, except for one thing…”For someone who chooses NOT to be smart and get health insurance…”  If anyone voluntarily decides not to buy him/herself health insurance, that is their own conscious decision and it doesn’t necessarily make the person NOT SMART.  Usually it’s because they simply can’t afford the coverage.  It’s a CHOICE!  Why doesn’t the party of pro CHOICE get that?!

      • Anonymous

        Bert does have a point, although conveys it badly.  Healthcare is not EMS. Healthcare is a personal, between you and your doctor relationship, and between you and your body.  Your information isn’t even your mother’s knowledge to know, let alone your govt. 

        EMS is only used when called by you or on your behalf, not demanded to be used by your govt..  You pay the EMS bill not the taxpayers.  Mine was $2,000.

        Ron Paul has always been right.  Liberty has nothing to do with a progressive agenda, which promotes the kind of social programs that enslave people to their govt.

        In this country, you have a choice of what to purchase.  If a person doesn’t have medical insurance and ends up in the hospital, it will be a very large bill to that person.  It is only illegals that get paid for.

        • Anonymous

          I understand to a T why you felt I conveyed my point badly.  But I don’t hide behind my own feelings.  When someone comes up to me telling me that I have to do something, and I disagree with them, it all goes back to the second amendment.  It’s not a sin to express your anger to your enemies.  

    • Bonnie Somer

      I feel that the obama war on America started when he was growing up.  I believe in personal responsibility and if u r sick then it becomes your responsibility not the entire countries to pay for your care no matter what.  We the taxpaying public pays for illegals, welfare and are the ATM of the govt that must end.   The market must dictate and freedom must reign.  We must stand up now and FIRE obama in November or whats next.  if the govt can do this and the SCOTUS can do it then it is up to the people to vote in November and make the tought choices now our freedom is at stake and I won’t loose it now.  CHOICE is a gift the 9th amendment gives private citizens we are not sheep and if u want to be there are communist countries u can move to but take obama w/u please.

    • Brian Skrocki

       Bert be careful relying on the market place.  There is no fair competition in this marketplace.  That is the reason that this industry got out of hand.  And to rely ignite your fire, look at inner city/urban trauma centers that saved the lives of more than one person shot and severely injured in drug deal shootings.  Intensive trauma care is expensive and drug dealers aren’t usually covered by insurance.  They often have lots of money on them when they come in, and I’m pretty sure they don’t respond to the bill collectors.  Frustrating to say the least.  In case you are ever in Philadelphia and find yourself a gunshot victim, make your way to Temple University Hospital, they were the best in the business.

      • Anonymous

        Took me a few days to reply to you. By pointing out that the health care industry isn’t entirely included in free market conversations, because it is a need like milk or gasoline, so private insurance companies have the ability to manipulate the market based on need. You’ve reminded me of this which makes my comment, the one on top of this web page, relatively myopic in scope.  Thank you for that :)  
        Obamacare is the only thing more insidious than private health insurance companies in it for the profit.  Obamacare desires to be the only health insurance company around, and sugarcoats and/or sanctions itself through corrupt legislation, the most evil and arrogant of all manipulations.

    • cathy thomas

       I like your post. We are taxed enough already!

  • Anonymous

    It looks like Roberts finally took a hard look at his career and conscience as a justice.  A little late, but well done.

    • http://www.Liberals-Suck.com/ SoThere

      A short while ago you made death threats against Roberts.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Moyer/100001599747785 John Moyer

    This is a tax on the american people.Whats going to happen to the poor when they can’t pay for this fiasco.We gonna build jails to hold them all.The IRS is coming after the ones that don’t pay up.

    • Anonymous

      How is it a tax?

      • Anonymous

        Boy, you are indeed a moron.  I know this’ll be very difficult for you, but THINK buffoon.  If possible, read the bill; assuming you’re not a functional illiterate, but since I fear that’s the case, have someone with some intellect, read it to you.

  • Anonymous

    The talk of many people I know, including myself, are saying they are extremely angry with the government, this country.  Personally I now do not support the federal government anymore.  And I will not recognize it’s authority.  They have overstepped their power.  And I’m tired of the tax burden and the destruction of the Constitution.  This ruling has likely ignited a sh** storm with many in this country.

  • http://twitter.com/SirTigAlot SirTigAlot

    Anybody got a Fork????  I think we are about done! LFOD DTOM to the End!

  • Anonymous

    Listen to Mark Levin’s take on Justice Roberts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.young.75098 Kenneth Young

    It’s no wonder the United States is not mentioned in end time pophecy. Next comes the financial crash, martial law….We haven’t seen anything yet.  It’s all in their blueprint.  But our GOD reigns.  They just don’t know Him.

    • Anonymous

      Which is your god?  Zeus,  Thor,  Apalonius, 

      • Anonymous

        And who is your’s? Obama? Me thinks so.

  • Anonymous










    We need to come together and pray like we never have before…………..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/N3227WYYSQISY6ZIFVR2LHOCD4 cherylp

       I agree.  We are in the last days; our Jesus said not to worry but watch and pray

      • Anonymous

        The baby jesus and the 99% love president obama healthcare. Why don’t you pray, to thank him, for everything he’s done for you

    • Anonymous

      Which god are you praying too?  I don’t want to pray to the wrong god.

  • Anonymous

    The fight will go on until this UNAMERICAN travesty is dumped into the
    trash can of history, along with all the other socialist democrat

    There is a positive side however, a bright silver lining:
    obamacare continues forward, those who will be hit hardest are the simpletons celebrating today. Kids graduating from college and looking for
    their first new car or home is ignorant OF THIS TAX AND WILL BE HIT
    FIRST. They will be forced to buy obama’s insurance. Those who are
    indigent, old or conically ill will find the care available to them
    collapse into a form of filthy “public clinics” they enjoy in the UK
    after a decade of socialized medicine. Care will no longer be discussed
    – COST will determine your future.

    The big winners today are the multi generational poor who have no intention of ever working and who’s only wish is that you work faster so maybe they get more benefits next year.  These people are not hard to find.  Maybe this year they will be so grateful they will send a Christmas…. I mean holiday card to obama for the great gifts of your money he will lavish on them. 

    But the obama worshiping kids – not so much.  They can celebrate now but better be ready to PAY BIG and don’t ever get sick!  

    ….more good news?  The “carbon footprint” of most Americans is going to get even smaller in the decades to come!! LOL 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3CA3OTDL5IKKQ5Y7GIMV5OFSKU Joe

       The ignorance of your comments knows no bounds. You go ahead and vote Romney into power, and I guarantee you in 4 years, you will be running to the polls like you did in 08 to get rid of him like you did Bush Jr


  • Anonymous

    And maybe you should take a hard look at yourself. Then again, self reflection and actually thinking critically isn’t a strong suit of you Lib-toons.

  • Anonymous

    At some point we move on.  Those who have embraced Evil have embraced their Free Will Choice.  They will receive that which they desire — their choice.  We do and continue to do our best to reveal Truth to those who will hear.  Some will not hear, others will not listen, still others will try to stop the Revelation.  We pray for them all and move on.  While there is life there is Mercy, when there is Death there is Judgement.  We cannot save ourselves.  Trust in the Lord that His Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

  • Anonymous

    Labor rights and Health care is terrible for America, we hear you Glenn. You need Step # 2 yourself, to activate your brain.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone knows Glenn is a fear-mongering spokesman for borderline retarded Neocons.  That being said.  Listen up Dummies.

    They are not going to fine you for not going to a gym.  The fines come in the form of not having insurance.  Now, if that is against the Republic then so is any ticket or fine you may get for not keeping your lawn mowed or drunk-driving.

    The terrible tax increase was a horrifying 0.9% on people making over $200,000 a year… Ohhh.

    Finally, I know a lot of you Glenn ‘the historically inaccurate’ Beck fans have not read this but here you go:

    The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts
    and Excises, to pay
    the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but
    all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United
    States;  that is in the constitution.  In case of a stalemate between the Executive and Legislative branch occurs it becomes the Supreme Courts job to pass or reject the law.  It is a balance of power to avoid Tyranny.

    I’ve done my Civic Duty of educating you retards that take Glenn at his word.  Apologies to the people who listen to Beck for sheer entertainment purposes.

    P.S.  I’ve been giving money to the Obama Campain for two months now… EAT IT!

    • Anonymous

      “They are not going to fine you for not going to a gym.”  Really?  Why?  What in the present interpretation of The Constitution can stop them from doing so?  Common sense?  Doesn’t matter. Fairness? REALLY doesn’t matter.  It’s stupid?  That’s never stopped anyone, including the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court, in effect, said so.

      The last few decades have been rife with “There is no way that this will lead to that”.  Guess what?  Someone, somewhere thought that “that” was a good idea because it “would lead us out of the stone age” or “be good for us” and rammed it through the Supreme Court.

    • Anonymous

      While you pretend to be intelligent, your lack of it is obvious.  You are not educated. Sorry for the bad news.  Apparently you’re incapable fo critical thought.  While you thump your chest and shout ‘I’ve been giving money to the Obama Campain??  freudian??? I have to really wonder what your logic is.  Are you a kid?  Are you employed?  Who provides for you?  Do YOU?  You see, it’s transparent when someone posts like you do that that person is immature.  When you get a job.  When you pay taxes.  When you understand the fact that what you proclaim to support, Obama, is in fact going to take all of your rights from you…well, then you’re an adult.  No one cares about your opinion otherwise.

      • Anonymous

        Chest-Thumping? Oh, the giving Obama money thing… that was purely for my own entertainment to rile people up, an immature jab I’ll admit. I mean, we are discussing health care reform via Glenn Beck, so we should count it as entertainment purposes.

        That being said, you ‘pretend’ to know my entire background based off of a post I made. Although, I owe you no justification I’ll choose to enlighten you.

        I’m 35 and have been working/paying taxes since I was 15. Obviously you mistook me for the teet-suckers in college passing out communist pamphlets because someone gave them a copy of ‘The Communist Manifesto’ and now they think it’s a really good idea if only we do it the “American Way” whatever the hell that means.

        I’m college educated and the primary people I discuss politics with are far right Libertarians who believe in NO TAXATION, and a History Major who is convinced Obama is Anti-Capitalist. To me, I see politics as usual and, I do view the ruling by the SC as constitutional, for good or bad… it was within their power that we, as a people grant them.

        It’s obvious we would disagree on most things political, but then again, so did our founding fathers, that’s what made us strong.

        I will be the bigger man and say it is still a free country and Glenn has every right to make money off of fear. Understand, the guy makes my blood boil. We live in a society where students are filmed in hallways, we live in a country that seems to be on a slippery slope to a police state…I’ll grant all these things. Which is why the LAST thing we need is an idiot like Beck spreading more hate and fear. You know how Nancy Grace would have you believe there is a kidnapper/pedophile on every street corner, Glenn is doing the same, the subject matter is just different. In a country where our rights are being whiddled away, I just don’t think we should be more scared… we should be brave. Most Americans are raised on the idea of bucking the system, it seems to be in our blood, as if somehow the founding fathers words have meshed with our DNA. Long-winded, I apologize. We do not need to listen to fear-mongers in uncertain times… that leads to fascism.

        Oh and for the record, besides paying taxes for twenty years, I’ve been raising a son on my own for thirteen years and helping my sick parents when I can. My tax-paying, responsible citizen credentials are in good order sir. Contrary to what Beck may have some people more easily lead than you believe… the sky is not falling. Obama is as Corporate as they come. Just ask the true Socialist who adamantly say, “He is not one of us.” Business as usual, my friend. That’s all it is.

  • Brian Skrocki

    I truly believe that this will be the nail in the coffin of Pres. Obama’s re-election.  His admin pulled the greatest bait and switch ever on the people, and I don’t think the majority of folks like being fooled in this manner.

  • R Woolley

    Glenn: Re the Singularity, I suggest that you read Bertrand Russell who suggests that if we develop cleverness without wisdom will result in the end of civilization.
    Dick Woolley 

  • R Woolley

    Glenn  I suggest that you read Bertrand Russell who suggests that if we develop cleverness (information) without wisdom, that we would end civilization, 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HKUF7NWAZFBMCDZBUG3K3OU52E Austin

    @ 10:54 Glenn Beck says, “voting needs to be a mandate.” If Glenn Beck wants voting to be a mandate and I don’t want to vote, isn’t that unconstitutional? And if he is standing behind libertarian ideas is he okay with the unpopular ideas, i.e., gay marriage and drug legalization; even if those ideas don’t fit in to his religious beliefs?

    • Anonymous

      Austin, why don’t you want to vote?  Is it because you don’t want to stand up for what you believe in?  Whatever you believe in, isn’t that your one and only right to uphold?  I cannot understand the decision not to vote.  Do you want more of Obama?  Do you understand the implications of re-electing him?  Are you old enough to understand that by voting for Obama, you vote for more taxes – if and when you work. Are you old enough to understand that by voting for Obama you really have no future?  That eventually your employer will be some foreign country who is loaning money to our government in order to keep IT in business?  Is that why it’s hard to vote?  Or is it because you’ve swallowed all the lies about Romney and find it difficult to make a decision?  One step in the right direction will help all of us.  Several steps in the right direction will really help.  If you and I vote for – yes, Republicans – then we can begin to correct the desperate direction our country is moving in.  This isn’t about me.  It isn’t about Romney.  It’s about you and those like you having half a chance to live the American dream.  What is that dream, you ask?  Well, don’t you have a vision of what kind of life you’d like to live?  Is it to conform to a government, like the current administration, who will tell you how you HAVE to live?  Or is it to live your life the way you want to?  Which is what the right wants.  Don’t believe the lies.  Yes, we’re all sick of corrupt politicians.  So let’s all get out and vote – research the candidates – for those who believe what we believe.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/HKUF7NWAZFBMCDZBUG3K3OU52E Austin

        I am old enough to vote and do vote. I was wondering if something is a mandate and a person doesnt want to vote, is that unconstitutional. I feel that with every election, who ever the candidates are, it is the end of the future, that is the truth for both sides. Countries have bonds, and those bonds do get bought by foreign investors, yet China is not going to come over here and take over our country. I think that a step in the right direction is not voting for politicians on the far left or right. This inability for Republicans and Democrats compromise in congress is what is tanking the economy, not the president. The money must get out of politics for there to be change. I find it mind blowing that Newt Gingrich had most of his campaign financed by one person. Also, their needs to be amendments passed to stop people in congress from serving as long as they want, Pelosi and McCain included. This is unfortunate because these people who can make all these decisions about money in politics and term limits in congress, will not make these decision, they would be signing themselves out of a job. I do have a vision of a life I’d like to live. Every president has introduced some legislation that has been unpopular and seen as the government telling them how to live, in fact thats what laws are. I cannot speed if I choose, even if I am the only one in danger, and I get ticketed when caught. I do not view the right as the party of civil rights, I’m sorry. I do research the candidates and the watch the debates. I am an informed voter, without watching MSNBC or Fox. I do not think that Glenn Beck’s paranoia will help this country become unpolarized. 

  • Anonymous

    Another apparent fallout from this ruling seems to be Obama is taking his campaign to Europe.  To Switzerland and France to be exact.  Hmmm.  No money here?  You’d think the left and those that support him would be falling over each other to throw money at him, like he’s a stripper.  Gee.  What is wrong with this picture?  I can even hear the stripper music.  What will the great O do next?  And he has his tagalong George Clooney with him  The great Gay President.  Clooney, the actor who can’t keep a relationship.  Going to Europe with O to collect money.  Wow, what a team.  The great O and the Great George.  Forgive me my lack of worship.  So, now the direction of our country is determined by France and Switzerland?  Is that even legal?  And why would France or Switzerland want to re-elect an American president? 

  • Anonymous

    There is a reason the SCOTUS is supposed to stick to the Constitution.  They are supposed to realize that the decisions that they make now will affect Americans for generations to come.  Now say later down the road the Republicans get in there and decide that because there are not enough police officers out there to protect us, therefore we are mandated to purchase a firearm or face a tax(or penalty-it’s still the same freaking thing)??  Do you think the liberals(mostly against guns) will be happy about that??  And it is the same damn thing.  If this does not get repealed, this is a possibility for the future.  There will be NO LIMITS on the politicians.  They can tax us for NOT purchasing a particular product-do you realize how ridiculous that sounds????  I’d rather be dead than to live like this.

  • Anonymous

    And another thing, the illegals in this country will not be subject to this tax since they are not American citizens, so why should they continue to get free medical care??

  • Anonymous

    My sister lives just outside Oklahoma City.  Last sunday her minister (Baptist Church I believe) reported they have been informed they are no longer a tax free organization as a church because they employ more then 50 people.  So they are asking for volunteers to play the organ/piano etc.  This has something to do with obomacare.

  • w. Parker

    Like any corrupt Chicago politician, Obama would frequently go the cemetery to register voters. One night he came across a grave so old and worn that he couldn’t make out the name on the tombstone. The staffer holding the flashlight got impatient and suggested that they just move on to the next plot. Obama angrily exclaimed, “This person has as much right to vote as anyone else here!”

  • Anonymous


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