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Glenn took the extreme step on radio today to actually demonstrate, on a live pretend human being, what medicine will look like under Obamacare in the near future. Stu & Pat get a lesson from ‘Dr’ Beck and see just how challenging being a doctor can be.

“We’re going to do some Mercury training here,” Glenn said, “We can now share with America the safety tips on how to just take care of some of those things that you routinely have done at surgery centers there at your office. So, we’ve set up a little surgery room.”

Glenn, Stu, and Pat then walked over to a mannequin under a white blanket, which already had a hole cut in it. They then proceeded to perform a mock surgery, removing all kinds of disgusting raw meats – ground beef, sausage, and chicken wings – from the fake body.

“Just to confirm, you’re saying because Obamacare is coming into effect, we’re not going to have enough doctors, you’re going to have to do surgery yourself and the first step in surgery is if they’re coughing, you open up the chest to see what’s going on?” Stu asked.

They then took power tools to the body, amputating the leg with a chainsaw and using a drill to “relieve the pressure of headaches”.

It’s a can’t miss video so be sure to check it out in the free video above!