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After months and months of the Obama administration selling Obamacare to the American people by saying it was definitely not a tax, the Supreme Court has ruled Obamacare and the individual mandate constitutional by saying that it is a tax.

“22 new taxes are coming your way now,” Glenn told listeners this morning.

Glenn pointed out that it is no secret that the American people would have rejected Obamacare had it been introduced to them as a tax, which is exactly why they didn’t.

Nancy Pelosi, an expert in progressive deception, was a champion at dancing around the issue of “is it a tax?” Glenn played audio of an interview of Nancy Pelosi “answering” that very question.

Interviewer: “The President has said himself on numerous occasions that the individual mandate is not a tax. Do you think the individual mandate in the healthcare law is a tax?”

Nancy Pelosi: “The Court has upheld the legislation. I think — and I have to see the specific language – that they identified with how we wrote the bill in the House as part of the decision, their documentation for the decision. Call it what you will, it is a step forward for America’s families and you know what? Take ”yes” for an answer. This is a very good thing for the American people. What you’re talking about here is Washington talk. What is happening out there is children, families with a child with a preexisting medical condition, which means for a lifetime they will be discriminated against in terms of insurance – not anymore. Same thing with when the bill is fully implemented. That’s what’s really important to people. Technical terms, that’s for us here. What means something to the American people is what it does for them.”

“The word “tax” means nothing to the American people?” Pat questioned.

Americans only deal with taxes every day when they buy something, get paid for something – there’s even a “death tax” now, thanks to this administration. So, like Glenn, Pat, and Stu pointed out, it’s highly unlikely the “Washtington talk” of taxes is something the American people don’t care about. After all, that is why the Obama Administration didn’t pitch the individual mandate to the American people as a tax.

One of the main topics Glenn points out in his book Cowards is how progressives change language to present laws, bills, etc to the American people that they would never go for if they were upfront and honest about what they were pushing.

“They’re shape shifters,” Glenn said. “They become whatever they have to become. Words become whatever they have to become. Shape shifting. Well, okay. I’m not going to play that game and I’m not going to be embarrassed and I’m not going to be coward.”