Two Americas

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On GBTV Monday night, Glenn claimed that there were two Americas. But this wasn’t a rich/poor, religious/atheist, or any of the traditional dividing lines. Instead, there were Americans who believed in common sense and those who were “dumb as a box of rocks”. Common sense America sees a nation that needs to get spending and big government under control, while “dumb as a box of rocks” America looks at the DMV as an example of government efficiency and really believe that food stamps create jobs and act as a stimulus. Sadly, the progressive mindset has a stranglehold on people across the country and they are ignoring common sense.

Glenn went through several warning signs during his show that common sense Americans will recognize for the dangers they are. He explained that Jim Rodgers, a renowned economist, has gone on record saying that financial armageddon is coming.

Meanwhile, the new Egyptian President has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and has promised to institute Shari’ah Law in Egypt.  Nevertheless, President Obama has invited him to meet.

Over in America, George Soros is pushing for new UN gun control laws. Joe Wolverton with The New American explains, “Through his Media Matters organization, Soros is dumping pro-UN gun control propaganda into the mainstream media to coincide with the United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty being held in New York July 2–27.”

Wolverton added, “In the text of the ATT, the United Nations specifically calls for the passage of a legally binding instrument that will impose international standards for the ownership, trade, and transfer of weapons.”

The New American continues:

In order to avoid being labeled a “human rights abuser,” the United States (along with all member states) is ordered by the UN to comply with the ATT. To compel this compliance, the ATT empowers the UN to force Congress to:

• Enact internationally agreed licensing requirements for Americans

• Confiscate and destroy unauthorized firearms of Americans while allowing the U.S. government to keep theirs

• Ban the trade, sale, and private ownership of semi-automatic guns

• Create and mandate an international registry to organize an encompassing gun confiscation in America

Glenn encouraged viewers to sign up for the NRA and urge their Congressmen to rescind support for this legislation.

While many would see these various events as warning signs, many have chosen to ignore the facts. Glenn warned that people need to prepare for possible problems in the future, as the country cannot continue to head down the road it has over the past few years. There are people out there, some close to the current administration, who despise the free market and do not see America as a beacon of hope but as a symbol of oppression. These people do not believe America needs sovereignty, but the nation would be better off handing authority over to a global organization like the U.N. Their philosophy has led America down a road of fundamental transformation, and if things don’t change they will only get worse.

“America – there are two America’s now. One reveres America – recognizes it’s flaws but understands the Constitution. The other does not,” Glenn said. “Which one are you? Which one are your neighbors? How about your friends or family?”

Glenn closed out his monologue saying that you need to be around like-minded individuals.

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So it has come to America: ones who care for freedom, and those who will sell their freedom for assurances and security, and thus achieve neither. Free or slave, which will you chose America, which one?

    • Anonymous

      They keep taking freedoms away one by one…
      1. Bicycle Helmets required by law (at least your head is protected when you are broadsided by an SUV).
      2. Seatbelt Laws (enough said here).
      3. Auto Insurance Laws (too much said here).
      4. Mandatory Fees when you buy a car, sell a car, renew tags, any many more things like that…
      5. Plus, the other 1.7 million other Laws needed to protect us from Ourselves…

      *Note: there should only be one major law the Fed Gov’t should Not Own Anything or have Rights to Anything but Keeping us safe from Foreign Invasion (but that only goes so far when we are being invaded at home already).

  • Anonymous

    Yes the DMV is a horrid beaucratic hell hole, but so is the US healthcare system of insurance.

    I don’t believe that any American or Politician believes that food stamps create jobs and act as a stimulus.

    Shame on you for being just like any other Media outlet or Political Ed and making that statement.

    The constitution was written on paper not carved in stone.  And as humans we evolve over time.  Biologically, politically and spiritually.

    Imagine if Great Britain still lived by the exact ruling of the  great charter 1215.

    I believe the founding fathers, wanted to start a new country of greatest and to plant a seed that would grow.  They were great thinkers and debaters, I can’t imagine if they were living in our times they wouldn’t want to make changes.

    I now await the hail storm of rage from everyone :)

    • Anonymous

      Any Insurance is a Pyramid Scheme, there has to be more putting in than taking out, if Not then the insurance company pays executive wages, then managerial wages, then line worker wages, and then pays out anything left to claimants on a pro-rated basis because of lack of funds, and finally file bankruptcy with the couple thousand left in the banks (if any).  Being forced to buy any insurance is a scam, auto, life or health; because the bigwigs/shareholders get paid first, and the person needing the money always gets paid LAST…

    • Lioness

      We do need a strong foundation to work with, and the constitution is that foundation. Multiple interpretations by those who wish to push their own agenda has made that foundation weak. I like the idea of debate and logic but I hope we haven’t lost that opportunity when we nominated Romney instead of Newt or Ron Paul. As far as food stamps creating jobs? Sure most don’t think that way, in fact they don’t think of anything, it’s free food and they just hope it keeps coming. We have taken for granted all the comforts we currently have, advancements in medicine and technology that most could not imaging living with out. Diseases that are non existent today were a death sentence a century ago, and can you imaging living without indoor plumbing? I have a hard time remembering what it was like with out the TV remote. Future generations grow more detached from the hardships this great country was founded upon, but we need to remember. We need to preserve our core beliefs, and the freedom it preserves. We are beginning to justify socialism by excessively distorting our constitution.

  • Anonymous

    I tend not to waste too much time telling the truth to those who are unwilling to grasp and accept it.  There are indeed two Americas at this point in time.  I’ll take one example, the health care debate.  Common sense would tell us that each state should balance its budget individually so that each and every state can provide adequate health care to the unfortunate and disabled.  This kind of thinking is what keeps the Commerce Clause intact.  The MANDATE should have been for all of the states to balance their budgets.  There is a common sense solution to every problem.  All Americans should take a good look in the mirror and ask themselves, “Are my political views based on my own actual knowledge?  Or are they based on my emotions and pre-conceived notions?”  When you read a lot (i.e. do your own research) and rejoice in the truth, believe me, you’re on the right track.

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

    Maybe what eye said in the past was not so far off…. I mentioned in the past that the reason why the November election may not happen is because a crisis may happen and martial law occurs and obamas tyranny comes to light… (eye said it different back then, dont have that with me on hand) A tyranny that will NOT allow the election to happen if obama knows he will lose… (under martial law, and what Glenn Beck was saying in second video about the executive order)

    • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

      Uploading Project Light 2012 11 on youtube:

  • Bonnie Somer

    Like i’ve been saying if Soros is happy w/the UN Gun Control Treaty Obama, Clinton and the o/s are not far behind.  Holder and the prez plan in fast and furious failed so this is now their way to rid us of the 2nd amendment.  Of course how stupid are we to even think that the govts guns would be taken away, Hitlers plan was pretty similar YES.  Take private citizen gun rights away then remove them.  This is the Obama UN Agenda 21 global govt green energy population control plan save the planet get rid of his sheep/slaves of people.  WE as Americans did not lay down and die after 9/11 and must not now.  When we stand aside and let a man who has violated the constitution over and over remain in the presidency and not be impeached, i still can’t get over that, and Harry Reid is a mormon by the way, WE MUST STAND UP FOR AMERICA now or have to fight for it again.  To say we must surrender our guns and sovereignty and give up our freedoms and rights to the likes of the UN is disgusting anyone who believes that is anti American

  • Ricardo Davila

    I think Beck definately belongs to the “dumb as a box of rocks” camp. 

    • Anonymous

      test time…. what does 3 + 7 x 2 = ?

      please provide an answer to see where you belong

  • Ricardo Davila

    Pretty much anyone who actually believes in what this idiot Beck says, belongs in the “rocks” camp.

    • Anonymous

      At least he’s not a communist

  • Anonymous

    “Two Americas.” what a gross oversimplification of this country’s cultural composition. GB’s argument basically boils down to “I have it all figured out and if you disagree with me you are not only wrong but ‘dumb as a box of rocks.'” Such sophisticated analysis. 

    • Anonymous

      you sir belong to the “dumb as a box or rocks” America clearly.

  • Anonymous

  • w. Parker

    There are (3) Americas:  (1) Liberals, socialist/communist, law breaking amoral freaks who use, abuse and tear down the system, (2) Ignorant, unsure, unknowingly brainwashed followers with limited common sense who call themselves conservative but who share a 50/50 – conservative/liberal belief and who look for a leader to guide them and give them direction, (3) true conservatives who see the world and situations for what it really is and need minimal reinforcement of their beliefs. Their objective is not so much conformity as much as to exercise their individualistic God given brain and right to think, feel, vote, rent, and sell what is theirs to whom they want – without being chastised by those who think they know better

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