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Now that the post revolution euphoria has settled down a bit and the media has slept off their drunken celebration of the Arab Spring, the reality of the outcome is becoming a bit clearer. Given there’s a radical Islamist president who, along with instituting Sharia Law and waging Jihad, is also trying to gain the release of a convicted terrorist from a North Carolina prison. Suddenly the revolution doesn’t sound so exciting, does it.

The New York Times reported:

 The overthrow of dictators across the Arab world and the rise of Islamists to new influence or power is forcing Washington to reassess decades-old judgments. The most important is in Egypt, where Mr. Morsi, representing the region’s most powerful Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, won a close election. His move on Sunday to revive the dissolved Parliament had Western experts scrambling to understand his strategy.

In Tunisia, a once-banned Islamist party, Ennahda, won a plurality of seats in elections last year, and Islamists have won new support in Yemen as well. In Saturday’s voting,Libya appeared to buck the trend, when a coalition led by a moderate political scientist seemed to edge out two Islamist parties.

But in a sign of the political potency of religion, the leader of the winning coalition,Mahmoud Jibril, went out of his way to reject the “secular” label for his National Forces Alliance and reached out to the Islamists. “There are no extremists,” he said.

The article also notes that the new Egyptian president has called for the release of Omar Abdel Rahman, now 74, a ” leading figure in the group during its violent days. He was sentenced in 1996 for plotting a ‘war of urban terrorism’against the United States, beginning with the bombings of tunnels and landmarks in New York City.”

“By the way, a new Muslim cleric in England with a group called the United Muslim Nations International has released a new 23‑page pamphlet called the Global Islamic Civilization:  The Power of a Nation Revived.  This had 23‑page booklet a lot of people will dismiss.  Do not be one of them.  The 23‑page booklet calls and outlines the plan for the reestablishment of a Caliphate.  In the 23‑page booklet it explains its goals, quote:  Christianity should be destroyed and wiped from the face of the Earth.  It is an evil demonic and Antichrist system.  All Christians are in complete ignorance.  The only true religion is Islam,” Glenn added.

“We had a Muslim terrorist meet with our president, and our president is now meeting with the head of the Muslim Brotherhood from the new president of Egypt, and he has called for the destruction of Israel.  He has also called for the reestablishment of the Caliphate with its headquarters, its global seat of power, in Jerusalem.  And our president has invited him to the White House.  The president is knowingly involved and in bed with Muslim extremists and terrorists,” Glenn said.

“We will not last two terms with this man. We will not last two terms.”